Program &RegistrationNGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation14-17 June 2015National Convention CentreCanberraREgister

NGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation2PresidenT’s:WelcomeDear Colleagues,I invite you to attend this year’sNational General Assembly of LocalGovernment (NGA) at the NationalConvention Centre in Canberra from14-17 June 2015.Invitations have been extendedto the Prime Minister, the DeputyPrime Minister and the Leader of theOpposition to address the sector.We will also be joined by otherministers, shadow ministers andleading public figures presentingkeynote addresses, which will helpto focus discussions at the NGA.The theme for this year’s NGA is‘Closest to the Community: LocalGovernment in the Federation’.The Australian Government iscurrently working with all stateand territory governments andALGA to develop White Paperson reform of the Federation andTaxation. The NGA presents localgovernment as a whole with anopportunity to consider the rangeof issues being raised and to ensurelocal government’s aspirations areaddressed in the White Papers. Ihave been clear that I want to seelocal government strengthened asa result of any reform and we needyour input to advance that objective.The NGA program will cover awide range of issues, reflectingthe diversity of local governmentand our interests. There will beopportunities for delegates tointeract with not only invitedpolitical and keynote speakers,but with panels of subject-matterexperts and local governmentrepresentatives.The ALGA Board recently called forNotices of Motions for the NGA andthese will set out the framework fordebate. I would encourage you andyour council to think through ideasor initiatives you would like to seedebated at the NGA and to submitthese as motions.Your council’s involvement in theNGA is important in assisting ALGAto maintain the Government’sengagement with local governmentand to drive improved outcomes forthe local government sector at thenational level. A number of crucialpolicy motions will be debated atthe NGA and it is essential thatevery council is represented inthese debates to actively contributeto the dialogue as we strategicallyposition the sector within ourFederation.I look forward to seeing you inCanberra.Mayor Troy PickardA L G A P r e s id e ntContentsPresident’s Welcome . . . . . 2Regional Cooperation andDevelopment Forum . . . . . . 8Partner Tours . . . . . . . . . 12Provisional Program . . . . . . 4Motions for Debate . . . . . . 9Coach Transfers . . . . . . . 14Associated Events . . . . . . . 5Registration Details . . . . . . 10Car Parking . . . . . . . . . . 14Speaker Profiles . . . . . . . . 6Social Functions . . . . . . . 11Registration Form . . . . . . 15Closest to the Community . . . 3Accommodation . . . . . . . 12

32015 theme overviewClosest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the FederationThe 2015 NGA is being heldat an important time, not onlyfor local government, but theCommonwealth, states andterritories and the Australianpeople. It is a time when theCommonwealth Government hasinvited all interested parties toconsider potential reform of theFederation and of taxation.While the Government recognisesthat the current Federationhas given rise to ‘ a vibrantdemocracy, a strong economy anda cohesive society that millionsof migrants have chosen to join’,it also suggests that over time,it has ‘ increased the overlap ofroles and responsibilities betweenspheres of government and reducedaccountability to voters, createdduplication and blame-shifting’.The Prime Minister has frequentlyalluded to this problem, and hasestablished a White Paper processon the Reform of the Federation,and a White Paper on Taxation toaddress these issues.The White Paper on the Reform ofthe Federation will ‘ seek to clarifyroles and responsibilities to ensurethat, as far as possible, the Statesand Territories are sovereign in theirown sphere, so that voters knowwho is responsible for what’.The Prime Minister, in his Sir HenryParkes Commemorative Dinneraddress at Tenterfield, on25 October 2014 said that ‘ theGovernment is determined to makethe case for change’. But he alsoacknowledged that consensusis required for rethinking theconventions about which level ofgovernment is responsible for thedelivery of a particular service, orthe revenue measures to whichparticular levels of governmentshould have access. He said, ‘ Without a measure of consensus,any change requiring legislation isunlikely to secure parliamentarypassage and the whole exercisecould turn out to be futile’. He wenton to say, ‘ Without an elementof consensus, any change that’sactually achieved could be reversedat the earliest opportunity andtherefore hardly worth doing’.Local government is an essentialpart of the Australian system ofgovernment. Local governments aredemocratically elected and providefor the ‘good governance’ of localcommunities throughout Australia.As part of that role, councils providecrucial local planning, services,programs and infrastructureincluding local roads, communityhalls, sports, cultural and recreationfacilities that underpin the life ofevery local community throughoutAustralia. In this way localgovernment is indeed the level ofgovernment that is ‘closest to thecommunity’.It is therefore an important partnerand stakeholder in the developmentof a national consensus on anyreform proposal and should helpshape this debate and make itscontribution to the White Paperprocess. The Australian LocalGovernment Association (ALGA) hashad input to these papers, and inconsultation with state and territorylocal government associations hasmade submissions on relevantmatters. ALGA also intends tomake substantial submissions tothe Green Papers expected to bereleased on the Federation andTaxation during this process andencourages all councils to becomeactively involved in this process.The NGA debate on motionsand associated discussions willhelp to inform the ALGA Board informulating these submissions.

NGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation42 0 1 5 N at i o n a l G e n e r a l A s s e m b lyProvisionalProgramSunday 14 June 20155:00 pm7:00 pmTuesday 16 June 2015Welcome Reception9:00 amD e bat e on motion s10:00 amLeader of the Opposition,The Hon Bill Shorten MP (invited)10:30 amMorning teaOpening Ceremony:11:00 amD e bat e on motion s 12:00 pmLeader of the Australian Greens,Senator Christine Milne (Invited)12.30 pmLunch1:30 pmP an e l s e s s ion :Afternoon TeaMonday 15 June 20159:00 amNational anthemWelcome to CountryBoard introductionPrime Minister, The Hon Tony Abbott MP(invited)Getting the job done – Council solutions9:45 amPresident’s Welcome3:00 pm10:00 amKeynote Speaker3:30 pmKeynote Speaker10:30 amMorning Tea4:00 pmD e bat e on M otion s11:00 amF acilitat e d di s c u s s ion :5:00 pmClose Day 27:00 pmO f f i c i al D i n n e rIs local government a real partner?12:30 pm1:15 pmParliament HouseLunchC onc u r r e nt s e s s ion s :Wednesday 17 June 2015Your Council, Your Challenges9:00 amAdapting to climate riskProf Jean Palutikoff, National ClimateChange and Research Facilities9:30 amD e bat e on M otion s10:30 amDeputy Prime Minister and Minister forInfrastructure and Regional Development,The Hon Warren Truss MP Governance and Ethics Financial and Asset Management Innovation and CommunityEngagement2:45 pmPresident of Local Government NZ,Mayor Lawrence Yule3:15 pmAfternoon Tea11:00 amMorning tea3:45 pmKeynote Speaker11:30 amSp e ak e r :4:15 pmD e bat e on motion s :12:00 pmKeynote Speaker5:00 pmClose Day 112:20 pmPresident’s Closing remarks7:00 pmBuffet Dinner12:30 pmCloseDeclarationNational Convention CentreCommunity services

5associatedeventsAustralian Local GovernmentWomen’s Association BreakfastRegional Capitals AustraliaNetworking BreakfastMonday 15 June 20157:30 am-8:30 amWednesday 17 June 20157:30 am-8:45 amThe ALGWA National President ispleased to invite members, friendsand colleagues to our 5th AnnualNetworking Breakfast as part ofthe National General Assembly.The breakfast will be held on Monday15 June from 7:30 am-8:30 am.Regional Capitals Australia (RCA)is an alliance of local governmentassociations and councils fromaround Australia. The alliance isworking to create a strong networkof regional capitals that are at theforefront of federal policy and thenational identity.Seating is strictly limited, so bookearly. Details will be available will be holding a networkingbreakfast on Wednesday 18 Juneat the National Convention Centreduring the ALGA conference.To register for the event andfor enquiries about RCA, pleasecontact:Email [email protected] 0422 067 858Visit our website

NGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation6SpeakerProfilesPrime MinisterThe Hon Tony Abbott MPTony Abbottwas sworn inas the 28thPrime Ministerof Australia on18 September2013.Mr Abbott was first electedas Member for Warringah inMarch 1994. Prior to the electionof the Coalition Government on7 September 2013, Mr Abbott hadbeen Leader of the Opposition since1 December 2009.During the Howard Government,Mr Abbott served as a ParliamentarySecretary, Minister, CabinetMinister, and Leader of the Houseof Representatives. As Minister forEmployment Services (1998–2001)Mr Abbott oversaw the developmentof the Job Network and a majorexpansion of Work for the Dole.As Minister for Employment andWorkplace Relations (2001–2003)Mr Abbott boosted constructionindustry productivity through theestablishment of the Cole RoyalCommission.As Minister for Health and Ageing(2003–2007) Mr Abbott oversawthe expansion of Medicare rebatesto allied health professionals suchas dentists and psychologistsand introduced the reforms whichdelivered record levels of bulkbilling for patients. Mr Abbott alsointroduced the Medicare safety netfor people with big out-of-pocketexpenses.Prior to entering parliament,Mr Abbott was a journalist with TheAustralian and The Bulletin. He waspress secretary and political adviserto the Leader of the Opposition,Dr John Hewson, before becomingExecutive Director of Australians forConstitutional Monarchy.Mr Abbott holds Economics and Lawdegrees from Sydney University.He is a Rhodes Scholar and holdsa Master of Arts (Politics andPhilosophy) from Oxford University.Mr Abbott is the author of four books.

7The Hon Bill Shorten MPBill Shortenis the FederalMember forMaribyrnong andwas elected leaderof the AustralianLabor Partyand Leader of the Opposition on13 October 2013.Mr Shorten completed a Bachelorsdegree in Arts and Law from MonashUniversity, as well as an MBA fromthe Melbourne Business School.Bill has since worked as a unionorganiser, union secretary, as amember of the ACTU executive, asa Member of Parliament and as aMinister in a Labor Government.As a senior member of the Rudd/Gillard Labor Governments, Billplayed a key role in securing anumber of historic reforms includingestablishing DisabilityCare andincreasing universal superannuationto 12 per cent.As Minister for WorkplaceRelations, Bill continued the LaborGovernment’s ongoing commitmentto a fair and productive workplacerelations system and during histime as Minister for Educationhelped secure the Better Schoolsreforms.Prior to entering Parliament ,Billworked at the Australian WorkersUnion, holding key leadershippositions including State Secretaryof the AWU Victoria Branch from1998 to 2006 and the NationalSecretary from 2001 to 2007.Bill has an enduring interest in socialjustice issues such as domesticviolence, equal opportunity atwork, and as a father of three and astepdad, the increasing diversity offamilies in Australia.The Hon Warren Truss MPThe Hon WarrenTruss MP is DeputyPrime Ministerof Australia andthe Minister forInfrastructureand RegionalDevelopment.He became Leader of the Nationalsin 2007 and is the longest servingfederal leader of any political partyin Australia today.A third generation farmer from theKumbia district near Kingaroy inQueensland, Mr Truss first won thefederal seat of Wide Bay in 1990.He was a Minister in the HowardGovernment for 10 years, servingas Minister for Customs andConsumer Affairs in October1997, and a year later, Minister forCommunity Services. In July 1999Mr Truss became the Minister forAgriculture, Fisheries and Forestry,where he served for six years. Hebecame Minister for Transport andRegional Services in July 2005 and,in September 2006, was appointedMinister for Trade.Before entering Parliament, Mr Trusswas a Kingaroy Shire Councillor(1976 to 1990), including sevenyears as Mayor. He was DeputyChairman of the Queensland GrainHandling Authority and a member ofthe State Council of the QueenslandGraingrowers Association for morethan 10 years.Mr Truss is also former State andNational President of the Rural YouthOrganisation and President of theLutheran Youth of Queensland.Senator Christine MilneChristine Milne,Senator forTasmania andLeader of theAustralianGreens, is one ofAustralia’s mostexperienced andrespected environmental andcommunity activists, with a careerspanning 30 years. After leadingthe successful campaign to protectfarming land and fisheries from theWesley Vale Pulp Mill, Christine waselected to the Tasmanian parliamentin 1989, and became the firstwoman to lead a political party inTasmania in 1993. She was electedto the Senate in 2004 and to theLeadership in 2012 following theretirement of Senator Bob Brown.Christine’s vision to address climatechange and her unparalleledexperience with power-sharingminority governments led to theestablishment of the Multi-PartyClimate Change Committee and itssuccessful negotiations to designthe Clean Energy Future package.The package placed innovation,opportunity and clean energy atthe forefront of the transformationof the Australian economy for the21st century.As spokesperson on food security,Christine put the issue on thenational agenda by calling for thedevelopment of a national foodsecurity plan during the 2010election. She continues to advocatefor reform of Australia’s food andagricultural systems to ensuresustainability and prosperity nowand into the future.

82015 Regional Cooperationand Development ForumBenefits of local and regionalinfrastructure InvestmentSunday 14 June 2015Includes the launch of the 2015-16State of the Regions ReportNational Convention Centre CanberraThe 2015 Regional Forum is theopening event of the NationalGeneral Assembly of LocalGovernment. It is a great opportunityfor mayors, councillors, RDAmembers and other key decision andpolicy makers to gather together,share contemporary knowledge andexperience to strengthen the abilityof Australia’s diverse regions tocompete in the global economy.This year’s Forum and reportexamines the critical role played byour regional infrastructure assetsand models the productivity benefitsarising from strategic investment ina range of asset classes.The Forum will allow the sharingof ideas and opportunities throughboth a mix of practitioner andacademic insights, as well ashearing the latest positions frompoliticians, senior officials and otherkey regional stakeholders includingrepresentatives from EconomicDevelopment Australia, the RegionalAustralia Institute and the Australianand New Zealand Regional ScienceAssociation International.The official launch of the 2015‑16State of The Regions Report alsotakes place at the Forum. The Reportis commissioned by ALGA andprepared by National Economics andpublished with the support of JardineLloyd Thompson. All delegatesreceive a hardcopy ExecutiveSummary of the Report.Provisional Program9:30 amWelcome and Introduction: ALGA President, Mayor Troy Pickard9:40 amDebunking regional development mythsand re-imaging the Region, Dr Paul Collits, Adjunct Professor,University of the Sunshine Coast and Economic DevelopmentAdviser, Gosford City Council, NSW10:10 am2015 National Local Government Award WinnersBoosting Productivity through Infrastructure andContributing to Regional Growth10:45 amMorning TeaK e ynot e A dd r e s s :State of the Regions Launch: InfrastructureDr Brain and Dr Manning of National Economics12:00 pm Economic Development AustraliaMr Steve Chapple, National Chair of EDA and Director SustainableEnvironment, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Vic (invited)11:15 pm12:30 pmLunch1:30 pmOpposition spokesperson for Regional Developmentthe Hon Julie Collins MP (invited)1:50 pmP A N E L D I S C USS I O N : The Role of Regional Collaborationand Governance in the Federation:T E C H N I C A L W O R K S H O P : Exploring this year’s State ofthe Regions Report, National Economics (Dr Peter Brainand Dr Ian Manning)2:45 pmAfternoon Tea3:15 pmDeputy Prime Minister, the Hon Warren Truss MP (invited)3:55 pmOfficial Closing, ALGA President4:00 pmCloseRegional Forum Registration is 395 (inc GST) or 195 when youalso register to attend the National General Assembly.For more information or to register for the Regional Cooperationand Development Forum, go to

9KeyDatesSubmission for Motions for DebateFriday 17 April 2015Early Bird Registration on or beforeFriday 1 May 2015Standard Registration on or beforeFriday 29 May 2015Late Registration on or afterFriday 29 May 2015Motionsfor DebateThe NGA is your opportunity tocontribute to the development ofnational local government policy.The ALGA Board is calling formotions for the 2015 NGA under thetheme Closest to the Community:Local Government in the Federation.To assist Councils in preparingmotions a Discussion Paper hasbeen prepared and is available viawww.alga.asn.auTo be eligible for inclusion in theNGA Business Papers motions mustfollow the principles:1Be relevant to the work of localgovernment nationally;2 Be consistent with the themesof the Assembly;3 Complement or build on thepolicy objectives of your stateand territory local governmentassociation;4 Propose a clear action andoutcome; and5 Not be advanced on behalf ofexternal third parties which mayseek to use the NGA to applypressure to Board members, togain national political exposurefor positions that are not directlyrelevant to the work of, or inthe national interests of localgovernment.VotingProceduresMotions should be submittedelectronically via the online format and shouldbe received by ALGA no later than11:59 pm AEST, Friday 17 April 2015.Motions submitted will be reviewedby a committee of the ALGA Board aswell as by State and Territory LocalGovernment Associations to determinetheir eligibility for inclusion in the NGABusiness Papers. When reviewingmotions, the Committee considers theimportance and relevance of the issueto local government.Please note that motions should notbe prescriptive in directing how thematter should be pursued. Any motiondeemed to be primarily concerned withlocal or state issues will be referredto the relevant state/territory localgovernment association, and will notbe included in the Business Papers.Motions that are agreed to at theNational General Assembly becomeResolutions. These Resolutionsare then considered by the ALGABoard when setting national localgovernment policy and when theBoard is making representations tothe Federal Government at MinisterialCouncils, during meetings and in ALGApublications. The ALGA Board is notbound by any resolutions passed atthe NGA.Each council is entitled toone voting delegate in thedebating session. Councils willneed to determine who theirvoting delegate will be. Votingcards can be collected at theAssembly. Councils do not needto advise ALGA of the nameof the voting delegate prior tocollecting voting cards.

NGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation10RegistrationDetailsGeneral AssemblyRegistration FeesSunday Regional DevelopmentForum (Sunday 14 June 2015)Early bird registration 899Forum OnlyNGA Delegate 999Accompanying PartnersRegistration FeesPayment received byFriday 1 May 2015Standard registrationPayment received on or beforeFriday 29 May 2015Late registration 1,200 395 195Accompanying PartnersRegistration Fee 240Payment received on or afterFriday 29 May 2015Accompanying PartnersRegistration IncludesGeneral Assembly RegistrationIncludes 1 ticket to the WelcomeReception, Sunday 14 June Day tour Monday 15 June Day tour Tuesday 16 June Lunch with General AssemblyDelegates on Wednesday 17 June. Attendance at all GeneralAssembly sessions Morning tea, lunch and afternoontea as per the General Assemblyprogram One ticket to the Welcome Drinks,Sunday General Assembly satchel andmaterials.Day Registration FeesMonday 15 June 2015 470Tuesday 16 June 2015 470Wednesday 17 June 2015 260Day Registration Includes Attendance at all GeneralAssembly sessions on the day ofregistration Morning tea, lunch and afternoontea as per the General Assemblyprogram on that day General Assembly satchel andmaterials.Payment ProceduresCancellation PolicyAll alterations or cancellations to yourregistration must be made in writingand will be acknowledged by post,facsimile or email. Notification shouldbe sent to:Conference Co-ordinatorsPO Box 4994, Chisholm ACT 2905Fax (02) 6292 9002Email [email protected] administration charge of 110will be made to any participantcancelling before Friday 1 May 2015.Cancellations received after Friday1 May 2015 will be required to payfull registration fees. However, if youare unable to attend, substitutes arewelcome at no additional cost.By submitting your registrationyou agree to the terms of thecancellation policy.Payment can be made by: Credit card – MasterCard, Visaand American Express Cheque made payable to ALGA Electronic Funds Transfer:Bank: CommonwealthBranch: Curtin BSB No: 062905Account No: 10097760NOTE: If paying via EFT you mustquote your transaction referencenumber on the registration form.Privacy DisclosureALGA collects your personal contactinformation in its role as a peakbody for local government. ALGAmay disclose your personal contactinformation to the sponsors of theevent for the purposes of commercialbusiness opportunities. If youconsent to ALGA using and disclosingyour personal contact information inthis way, please tick the appropriatebox on the registration form.Importantly, your name may also beincluded in the General AssemblyList of Participants. You must tick theappropriate box on the registrationform if you wish your name to appearin this list.

11SocialFunctionsPhotographsDuring the National GeneralAssembly there will be a contractedphotographer, the photographer willtake images during the sessions andsocial functions. If you have yourpicture taken it is assumed that youare giving consent for ALGA to usethe image.Images may be used for print andelectronic publications.Welcome Reception andExhibition OpeningGeneral Assembly DinnerSunday 14 June 2015The Great Hall, Parliament HouseNational Convention Centre7:00–11:00 pm5:00–7:00 pm 130 per person. 44 per person for day delegatesand guests.No charge for full registereddelegates.No charge for registeredaccompanying partners.D r e s s cod e :smart casual.Buffet DinnerMonday 15 June 2015The Ballroom, NationalConvention Centre7:00–11:00 pm 100 per person.D r e s s cod e :smart casual.Coaches will depart Assemblyhotels (except Crowne Plaza)at approximately 6:45 pm withreturn shuttles commencingfrom 10:15 pm.Tuesday 16 June 2015D r e s s cod e : lounge suit/collar andtie for men and cocktail style forwomen.Tickets to the prestigious GeneralAssembly Annual Dinner atParliament House are always highlysought after. Due to the size of theGreat Hall, places are limited andtherefore booking early is highlyrecommended to ensure your place.Coaches will depart all Assemblyhotels at approximately 6:45 pmwith return shuttles commencingfrom 10:15 pm.Note: Bookings are accepted in orderof receipt.Canberra Weather in JuneWinter days in Canberra arecharacterised by clear sunny skiesbut the days are cool at around12-15 C and temperatures do dropto 1c on average in the evenings,so be sure to bring a warm jacket.Mornings can be foggy so keepthis in mind when booking flights.It is best to avoid early arrivalsor departures in case of delaysdue to fog.

NGA15Closest to thecommunity:Local Governmentin the Federation12PartnerToursAccommodationVenue and Dress CodeMonday 15 JuneExhibition Opening andWelcome ReceptionRegional Canberra: Wineryand ChocolateNational Convention Centre,Constitution Ave, Canberra City.Today’s partner tour will experiencetwo regional areas located justoutside Canberra. Our first stop isGundaroo which is home to severalboutique wineries including thevenue for the day—Capital Wines.The group will enjoy wine tasting atthe cellar door followed by lunch.To book your accommodation atthe rates listed below completethe appropriate section of theregistration form. Bookings aresubject to availability and should bemade prior to Friday 15 May 2015.VenueDress codeSmart casual.General Assembly BusinessSessionsNational Convention Centre,Constitution Ave, Canberra City.VenueAll plenary sessions will be held inthe Royal Theatre at the NationalConvention Centre.ExhibitionThe group will then transfer toMurrumbateman to visit Robin RoweChocolates, here the group will begiven a short demonstration withtime to enjoy some samples andview the merchandise.National Convention Centre,Constitution Ave, Canberra City.Tuesday 16 JuneDress codeSmart casual.VenueThe exhibition is being held inthe Exhibition Hall of the NationalConvention Centre.Dress codeSmart casual.Buffet DinnerVenue:The dinner is being heldin the Ballroom at the NationalConvention Centre.Dress codeSmart casual.General Assembly DinnerVenueParliament House.The General Assembly Dinner isbeing held in the Great Hall.D r e s s c o d e Lounge suit/collarand tie for men and cocktail stylefor women.Canberra ExhibitionsThis morning the group will visit theAustralian War Memorial and viewFirst World War Galleries, which havebeen redeveloped to commemoratethe centenary of the First World War(opened December 2014).After lunch the group will be able toexperience a new local exhibition,further details will be provided asthey are confirmed.All cancellations or amendmentsmust be made in writing toConference Co-ordinators and willbe acknowledged by facsimile.Please note your credit card detailsare required to guarantee your room.Neither Conference Co-ordinatorsnor the hotel will make any chargesagainst your credit card unless youfail to give 21 days notice in writingof your cancellation. Full payment ofyour account will be required at thetime of your departure.All Canberrra hotels have acomplete non-smoking policy.NoteCrowne Plaza1 Binara Street, CanberraThe Crowne Plaza is adjacent to theConvention Centre and only a shortwalk from restaurants, bars and themain shopping district. Featuring acontemporary design, the CrownePlaza provides guests with anoutdoor pool, sauna, health/fitnesscentre, 24-hour reception, concierge,undercover parking and onsite diningat the RedSalt Restaurant. All roomsare non-smoking and include iron/ironing board, tea/coffee makingfacilities, hairdryer and room serviceis available. 295 per nightsingle/twin/doubleSuperior room: 345 per nightsingle/twin/doubleDeluxe room:

13Avenue HotelMantraNovotel80 Northbourne Avenue, CanberraA brand new property which recentlyopened in November 2014, theAvenue Hotel is Canberra’s newestand only 5-star hotel in the CBD. Thehotel has an onsite restaurant andbar, 24‑hour reception and roomservice, gymnasium, undercoverparking (charges apply per night)and guest lounge with free wifi.Offering hotel rooms, 1 and 2 bedroomapartments, all rooms have king sizebeds, rainfall showers, balconies andmini bar. The apartments also havefull kitchen facilities, the Avenueis a 15‑20 minute walk from theConvention Centre.84 Northbourne Avenue, CanberraMantra on Northbourne is centrallylocated and approximately a 15‑20minute walk from the NationalConvention Centre. The hotel featuresa heated indoor pool, sauna, fullyequipped gymnasium and the Zipprestaurant bar onsite. All rooms offervoice mail, individually controlledair-conditioning, pay per viewmovies, mini bar, tea/coffee makingfacilities, hairdryer and complimentarytoiletries. One and two bedroomapartments also offer a separatelounge and dining area, fully-equippedkitchen and a laundry with washingmachine, dryer, iron and ironing board.65 Northbourne Avenue, CanberraLocated on Northbourne Avenue, oneof Canberra’s main thoroughfares,the Novotel is a 15 minute walk fromthe National Convention Centre. Thehotel offers 24-hour reception androom service, an onsite restaurantand bar, gymnasium and undercoverparking (charges apply per night).In‑room facilities include mini bar, tea/coffee making facilities, broadband(for a fee), Fox Sports and News, payper view movies, climate control airconditioning, hairdryer, iron and ironingboard. Executive rooms have a kingsize bed. 225 per nightsingle/twin/doubleHotel room:1 B e d r o o m Apa r t m e n t s : 275 per nightsingle/double1 b e d r o o m a pa r t m e n t :Hotel RealmMedina Apartment HotelJames CourtHotel Rooms:18 National Circuit, BartonThe Hotel Realm is one of Canberra’s5-star hotels and is located walkingdistance from the popular shoppingand restaurant villages of Kingstonand Manuka. The Hotel Realm hastwo restaurants, a bar, day-spa,hairdresser and health club locatedon-site. The rooms are modern andhave king sized beds, high speedinternet (for a fee) LCD TV, paymovie channel, Foxtel and 24-hourroom service. 230 per nightsingle/twin/doubleS ta n d a r d r o o m : 209 per nightsingle/twin/double 249 per nightsingle/twin/double74 Northbourne Avenue, CanberraThe Medina Apartments Hotel JamesCourt is approximately a 15‑20minute walk from the NationalConvention Centre and is closeto

degrees from sydney university. He is a rhodes scholar and holds a Master of Arts (Politics and Philosophy) from Oxford university. Mr Abbott is the author of four books. 7 the hon bill shorten mP Bill shorten is