Georgia Gwinnett CollegeThe GROW ProgramAn Alternative to Academic SuspensionDr. Karen Jackson - Director of Advising Programs, [email protected] Anderson – Student Success Advisor, [email protected]

Seeds We Will Sow Today§ What is GROW?§ Who are the Students?§ It’s A GROWing Process§ Here We GROW§ Here We GROW Again§ Reaping the Benefits of GROW

Grizzly Renewal Opportunity WorkshopsProgram§ The GROW Program is a second chance program for students whowere placed on academic suspension that provides them theopportunity to enroll in classes the following semester. Instead ofsitting out, the student:– Enrolls in no more than 7 hours of coursework;– Completes an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP);– Attends bi-weekly meetings with an academic advisor; and– Participates in a series of workshops and other interventions asidentified in the Academic Improvement Plan.

Grizzly Renewal Opportunity WorkshopsProgram§ Must earn at least a 2.0 semester GPA at the end of the semester.– Students who earn a 2.0 semester GPA AND a cumulative GPA in goodstanding will successfully exit the program.– Students who earn a 2.0 semester GPA, but have not reached academicgood standing will remain in the program for the following semester.– Students who do not earn a semester GPA of at least 2.0 may beacademically dismissed from GGC for 1 year.

Who Were the Students?§ re:Freshman:1135§ Admissions Status– Conditional admits: 12– Transfer students: 12

It’s a GROWing Process4 G’s of GROW1G - Pilot GROW Program–––––ContractAcademic Improvement Plan (AIP)Resource ReferralsWorkshopsMentor Meeting

IT’s a GROWing ProcessEnd of Term Status after Spring 2014Number ofparticipantsNumbereligible tocontinueNumberexitingTotal numbereligible toreturn thefollowingsemester50151025Percentageeligible toreturn thefollowingsemesterNumberenrolled thefollowingsemesterPercentageenrolled thefollowingsemester50%2040%

IT’s a GROWing ProcessStudent Testimonials“I would just like to thank you so much for pushing me harder and harder every day I came in to your office. I'mpraying I have good grades after the grades are posted because for Ethics I made an 85% on my Final and for Itec Imade an 104% on my Final. So, I'm hoping for good final grades so that I can get back on track. I still don't want tostop coming by your office though. Because I feel everyone needs an extra push so they can get back up on theirfeet. Thanks Thanks * 1000 Thanks for being a great advisor/mentor I couldn't ask for anyone better to lead me inthe right direction.”“My experience with the grow program helped me continuously focus on class and kept me up to date”“The GROW program has seriously changed my entire outlook on my academics. Before the program, I wasskating on thin ice that cracked many many times. I was a student who did poor in school and didn't understandwhy. I wasn't working to my full potential and lacked interest in nearly all my subjects. Since I began GROW, Istarted to be more proactive and really engaging in my studies. This program guided me to take advantage of myeducation and it allowed me another chance to see that success in school is attainable for anyone and can surely beachieved with dedication, work, and a focused mind.”

IT’s a GROWing Process2 G - What Needed Cultivating?––––Structure of the Mentor MeetingsStreamlining Student’s Time with WorkshopsRelationship Building ActivityIncrease of Student Engagement

Here We GROW§ Structured Meetings–––––––––AIPKnowing Campus ResourcesVision BookSMART GoalsTime ManagementStudy SkillsNote-Taking SkillsDegree WorksPreparing for Finals

Here We GROW§ Streamlining Student’s Time with In-House Workshops– SMART GOALS– Time Management– Study Skills– Note-Taking Skills– Access to all In-House Workshops via D2L

Here We GROW§ Relationship Building Activity

Here We GROW

Here We GROWStudent Engagement§ Structured Meetings– AIP – Work one-on-one with student to develop an individualized academicsuccess plan– Knowing Your Campus Resources – Scavenger hunt– In-House Workshops Smart Goals – We work through the SMART Goals worksheet guiding thestudent in setting a realistic academic goal for the semester. Time Management – Interactive Puzzle demonstration Study Skills – Interactive workshop with activities sown through the workshop Note Taking Skills – Take home module with Ted Talks embedded– Degree Works – Online tutorial with quiz and hands-on practice duringmentor meeting.

IT’s a GROWing Process2 G – After We Nurtured the GROW program with:––––Structure of the Mentor MeetingsStreamlining Student’s Time with WorkshopsRelationship Building ActivityIncrease Student EngagementWe experienced GROWth!

Reaping the Benefits of GROWTotalnumbereligible toreturn toGGC thefollowingsemesterTotalpercentageeligible toreturn thefollowingsemesterNumber ofparticipantsNumbereligible tocontinue intheprogramNumberexiting tageenrolledthefollowingsemesterFall 20145824103457%3052%Spring20158632185058%------

Here We GROW Again3 G- What Needs Cultivating?§ Add A Mid-term Motivational Workshop§ Continuing GROW students– Additional In-House Workshops Knowing Your Learning Style Back on Track This Isn’t the 13th Grade Remembering What You Read Becoming an Active Reader Math Anxiety Virtually Speaking: E-mail Etiquette for Students Career Exploration

Here We GROW Again4 G – Future Cultivating§ GROWTH Mindset§ Development of New In-HouseWorkshops– Procrastination– Emotional Intelligence– Using Critical Thinking to Become A BetterStudent– Time Management in the Digital Age– Bloom Where You are Planted

§ What is GROW?§ Who are the Students?§ It’s a GROWing Process!§ Here We GROW§ Here We GROW Again§ Reaping The Benefits of GROW


Dr. Karen Jackson - Director of Advising Programs, [email protected] Wendy Anderson – Student Success Advisor, [email protected] An Alternative to Academic Suspension . Seeds We Will Sow Today ! . – Degree Works