Valve InsertsWhat is a Valve Insert?Placement of a valve in-line, under pressure, withno interruption of service.ApplicationsValve inserts are most commonly used for: Installation of additional shutoffs Replacement of defective valves Used as a line stop where a permanentvalve is desired. For example: Line relocationDead ending (abandoning)Temporary bypassInstrument installationMaterial testing Leak repair2

THE HISTORYValve Insert Conception by ProductRomac - QuikValveMueller Valve Insert1991 - PresentComing 2021AP Smith / US PipeMueller – H-800AVT – EZValve1905 – 1990’ish1957 - 1990’ish2010 – Present1900190519101915 op1995 - PresentTeam – Insert Valve2003 - Present3

Pipe Cut Out &Seat ConfigurationHydra Stop ValveMueller H-2361AVT EZ ValveRomac QuikValveTeam ValveSlot RemovedHole RemovedSection Removed4

AVT EZ ValveStep 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Prepare Insertion SiteAssemble Ductile IronCastings with IntegratedIsolation ValveAttach Milling Tool and Mill120⁰ Insertion SlotClose Isolation Valve,Replace Milling Tool withvalve Bonnet. OpenIsolation Valve and EZValve is Now Operational5

Hydra-StopStep 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Install the Valve BodyCut Coupon Out of PipeInstall Valve CartridgeValve is Now Operational6

Romac QuikValveStep 1:Step 2:Step 3:Install the QuikValveSleeveDrill the Pipe Wall andRemove CouponReam the PipeStep 4:Insert the Valve7

TEAM InsertValveStep 1:Tapping Machine RemovesComplete Section of PipeStep 2:Insert Bonnet into theValve BodyStep 3:Valve is Now Operational8

Mueller H-2361Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Install SleeveTapping Machine RemovesComplete Section of PipeInsert Valve into the ValveBodyValve is Now Operational9

Key FeaturesKey FeaturesRomac QuikValve & InsertaValve Hydra-StopAVT EZ ValveTeam Valve InsertMueller H-2361Size Range4-12" (100-300mm)4-24" (100-600mm)4-24"4-12"4-12" in 2021Pressure Rating150PSI250PSI (150PSI for 20 & 24")250PSI250PSI350PSIBodyFusion Epoxy Coated A36 Steel304 SST (D for 20" & 24")Epoxy Coated DIEpoxy Coated DIEpoxy Coated DIRestraint Mechanism Clamp (Similar to tapping sleeve)Clamp (Similar to tapping sleeve)Clamp w/ Centering PinsMechanical JointMechanical JointStemManganese or NDZ Bronze304 SST304 SSTBronzeBronze - ASTM B138HardwareAlloy or 304SST304 SST304 SSTAlloy or 304SST316 SSTCostMost AffordableMid Range - 4" -12"Mid Range - 4" - 12"Mid Range - 4" - 12"Most ExpensiveWarranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year10 YearNotes:Reamer processMust know pipe ID prior toordering gate cartridgeMilled slot (Not tapped)Geared valve for inserts 8"Not available in 18"Only valve that guarantees seal.10

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AVT EZ Valve 5 Step 1: Prepare Insertion Site Step 2: Assemble Ductile Iron Castings with Integrated Isolation Valve Step 3: Attach Milling Tool and Mill 120⁰ Insertion Slot Step 4: Close Isolation Valve, Replace Milling Tool with valve Bonnet. Open Isolation Valve and