1CSU Supplemental ApplicationsFor Fall 2014 AdmissionCSU Bakersfield Nursing: The fall 2014 Nursing application will be accepted January 6 through March 5,2014. Applications must be received in the Department of Nursing no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. This website will be updated with the fall 2014application in November 2014. No late applications will be accepted. Incompleteapplications will be returned to the applicant.o Channel Islands Nursing: Please review instruction and supplemental criteria for the NursingDepartment. ly.htmo Apply to the Nursing department Nursing Application will be reviewed fromFebruary 1 - February 28. Applications will not be accepted after February 28. Ifyou have any questions please email us at [email protected] You will receivenotice of status of application by April 30.CSU Chico Music: students must audition/interview prior to acceptance into the program. Theseauditions/interviews are conducted the week prior to the beginning of classes dergraduate/general music.shtml Recording Arts: Must apply during application filing period as “Pre Recording Arts” andsubmit supplemental criteria including a written essay. For all supplemental dergraduate/recording arts.shtml Nursing: Please fill out supplemental application and submit February 1 – March ply.spring.shtmlo The nursing application will be posted on the School of Nursing website during thefirst week of January. The application due date is March 1st, and you will receive noticeof status of application by April 15th.CSU Dominguez Hills Clinical Sciences, Cytotechnology Option: Admission to the Clinical Scienceinternship is restricted to students admitted to the University and enrolled in the preclinical component of the major. Applications are handled through the department andare accepted March 1-31 for the following July n.htm Clinical Sciences, Medical Technology Option: Admission to the Clinical Scienceinternship is restricted to students admitted to the University and enrolled in the preclinical component of the major. Applications are handled through the department andare accepted October 1-31 for the following July n.htm Health Science, Radiologic Technology Option: Please fill out supplementalapplication @ (included in brochure) andsubmit by March 1, 2014. Health Science, Orthotics and Prosthetics Option: Review information by visitingthe link below. (This is actually a post- BA option. Students have an option between a M.S. andearning a certificate however both require that the applicant possess a bachelor’sdegree prior to applying).SBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

2CSU East Bay Business: Review supplemental information and application in the link business-admissions.html. The BUADSupplemental Application is available at Nursing: Please refer to the following link for detailed information about the applicationprocess, requirements, and supplemental application tml submit by November 30, 2013.CSU Fresno Athletic Training Education, Department of Kinesiology: Please fill outsupplemental application-it will open January 1 and be due by February 1, 2014. Pleaserefer to s-programs/athletictraining/admissions.html Pre-Nursing: Supplemental application will be available starting March 1st, 2014 andwill be due March 31st, 2014. Please refer to: htmlCSU Fullerton This campus is impacted campus wide. Kinesiology, Athletic Training Education Program: Please fill out supplementalapplication @ Link to download ATEPapplication; Application must be submittedby February 1st 2014. Nursing: Transfer students may not transfer directly into the EL-BSNprogram. Transfer students must first transfer to CSUF in a different major and becurrently enrolled in coursework in order to be eligible to apply to the EL-BSN programduring the application window (Jan. 15-Feb 15). For more information please ent/elfreshmen/progoverview.asp Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Musical Theatre or Bachelor of Fine Arts(B.F.A.) in Acting: Juries (Auditions) occur in May and are required for formaladmission into the B.F.A. degree programs. May is the only time that any student mayjury (audition) for formal admission into the B.F.A. degree programs. MUSICALTHEATRE students must audition in THREE areas: singing, dancing (tap, ballet, & jazz),and acting. ACTING students must audition in one area: acting. Please note thatstudents require all prerequisite coursework (or the transfer equivalent, as determinedby the department) before they may jury (audition) for either B.F.A. program. ALLtheatre students must ALSO have their transfer credits evaluated by Professor LarryPeters well in advance of auditioning.For more information please rospstudents.html Bachelor of Arts in Music & Bachelors of Music: All students desiring to be musicmajor must be admitted to the University AND be accepted into the music program onthe basis of a successful Entrance Audition. To access the dates and online registrationfor entrance audition & scholarship auditions please ons/welcomeclosed.aspxHumboldt State University Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): Program has been discontinued. No newstudents will be admitted into the program. Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

3CSU Long Beach Beginning with the Fall 2013 admission cycle, all CSULB undergraduate majorsbecame "impacted." As a result, all majors will have major specific admission anddeclaration requirements. The supplemental application submission period for Fall isJanuary 3rd through February 3rd. Please use the following link for SupplementalRequirements for Admission to the following sions/impacted major upper.htmlSupplemental Criteria for Admission Art (BA in Art with Option in Studio Art and all Department of Art BFA issions/transfer-major-criteria/COTA.html#q g0 Biology - All options including /admissions/transfer-major-criteria/CNSM.html#q g0Business Administration (All majors and issions/transfer-major-criteria/CBA.html Communication ssions/transfer-major-criteria/CLA.html#q g1Communicative missions/transfer-major-criteria/CHHS.html#q g1Criminal ssions/transfer-major-criteria/CHHS.html#q g2Design (BA in Design, BFA in Interior Design or the BS in Industrial ssions/transfer-major-criteria/COTA.html#q g3Film and Electronic ons/transfer-major-criteria/COTA.html#q g4 Applicants to the Option in Film and Video Production must also receive a positiverecommendation following review of a portfolio submitted by the applicant and an inperson interview.Kinesiology: Option in Exercise ssions/transfer-major-criteria/CHHS.html#q g17Liberal transfer-major-criteria/CLA.html#q g8Supplemental Application: (HIGHLY IMPACTED MAJORS) Athletic Training: ransfermajor-criteria/CHHS.html#q g0 -Applicants must submit a supplemental application tothe CSULB Department of Kinesiology by February 1 for the fall semester or by October1 for the spring semester. See the CSULB Department of Kinesiology website for thesupplemental application. The supplemental application must be accompanied by threeletters of recommendation; one letter must be from the athletic training setting rtments/kin/ Kinesiology: Option in nt/admissions/impacted major upper.html#kinesiology3Applicants must have completed a minimum of 100 hours of observation or activeparticipation in a therapeutic or rehabilitation setting. Applicants must submit asupplemental application by February in/degree options/Kinesiotherapy.htmSBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

4 Nursing (Basic): ransfer-majorcriteria/CHHS.html#q g21 Candidates must complete a General Assessment Test andshould contact the department to learn how to take the Test. In reviewing applications,a personal profile is developed for each applicant based on GPA in pre-requisite coursesand the General Assessment Test. Nursing artments/nursing/application/index.htm Social Work: ransfer-majorcriteria/CHHS.html#q g24 Applicants must submit a supplemental application to thedepartment by the third Friday in February for the upcoming fall semester. Downloadthe BASW Information Booklet for detailed admissions log//chhs/social work/sw ba01.htmlCSU Los Angeles Impaction-Refer to link- The following are impacted undergraduate programs/majors at Cal State L.A.: Child Development: See for coursework. Academic Programs acad BA.php Criminal Justice: Admissions /crim jus/ Nursing: Supplemental program admission requirements as outlined on the CSULASchool of Nursing website:o BSN-Basic: B adm.phpo N ADN adm.php Psychology: See for coursework. Program ch/BA%20Program.html Social Work: See for coursework. Program /sw/California Maritime Academy Marine Transportation: Recently impacted program, students can submit anoptional resume including leadership and seamanship experiences before January 1,2014 to [email protected] or by mail CSUM Admission Office 200 MaritimeAcademy Dr. Vallejo, CA 94590. tion1CSU Monterey Bay No additional Supplemental Application, check missions/applications/undergraduateCSU Northridge Film Production: Once admitted to the program students will have to submit aportfolio for review; ion/cinema-television-arts/film-production-option Music: Must be classically trained and know how to site read. Students will have toapply for an audition from October 17th 2013 to February 5th unication/music/auditionplacementSBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

5Cal Poly Pomona Review Impaction ed programs.asp?setactive pageArchitecture: Student may submit a portfolio for placement in design. Reviewimpaction information here arc/barch.htmlMusic: Students will have to audition or submit a recording to the department, aswell as submit the supplementary application Sacramento Graphic Design: Please fill out supplemental application with portfolio d.html#MajorNursing: Fill out supplemental application available February 1 - March 1, s.htmlNursing program information: Business Administration: NOTE: supplemental application for Fall 2014 has notbeen posted yet, please continue to check the following web site for l Criminal Justice- SupplementalApplication for Fall 2014 has not been posted yet, please check the following .html Photography- A formal supplemental application for the upper division program isrequired. Please contact the Department of Design office for a copy of the applicationand for the application submission phot.html Psychology- Click on the department link and look for the impaction link. Interior Design- #Major Health Science- Student must complete supplemental application .htmlCSU San Bernardino Nursing: Please fill out supplemental application will be available January 2 and must be submitted by March 3, 2014. Formore information please refer to this site: Social Work: Supplemental information can be found /admissions.htm Pre-Physical Therapy: Students major in Kinesiology and then when they are atthe school then they pick a concentration – Physical Therapy. Supplementalapplication is available through the department at that time Diego State UniversitySBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

6 Currently this college is under campus wide impaction.All transfer applicants must submit an additional online supplemental nsfers/applied/supplemental.htmlo The deadline to submit the supplemental application is February 7th, 2014for all applicants.Nursing Majors must submit an application to the nursing department. Pleasecheck the link below for deadlines and additional information for Nursing applicants.o lication/o ied/index.html#UDo Nursing Major must submit the Department Nursing application betweenOctober 1 - November 30, 2013. There will be a January 31, 2014 deadline tosubmit the Nursing Packet.San Francisco State University Refer to the link for all impacted majors and details. prospect/apply/transfer.html#impactedo For full list of supplemental ed.html Apparel Design and Merchandising: Please fill out supplemental application and submit between January 2 and January 10, 2014. Industrial Arts, Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design: Pleasefill out supplemental application dergraduate-students and submit by November 30, 2013. Please read carefullyremaining deadline for materials. Dance/Music: Students will have to . Dietetics: Please fill out supplemental application andsubmit between January 2 and January 10, 2014. Interior Design: Please fill out supplemental application and submit during either:Round 1; January 2nd to January 10th 2014Round 2; May 12th to May 16th 2014 Nursing: Please fill out She etApril222013 0.pdf students will be notified late January/late February with moreinformation. Social Work: Please fill out supplemental ted.html be aware of deadlines.San Jose State University Currently this college is under campus wide impaction. Fall 2014 impaction: ml Transfer Impaction Results by major for Fall 2014: 1012.html Dance: After admittance students will have to audition students/auditions/ Music: After admittance students will have to audition in January/ February 2014 students/placement auditions/ Nursing: Students must complete and refer to the “BS Information Packet” on thewebsite; ndex.htmlSBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

7Cal Poly San Luis ObispoTransfer Selection Criteria criteria.html Currently this college is under campus wide impaction. The Transfer Supplemental Questionnaire is embedded in the regular CSU applicationonline. The Transfer Supplemental Questionnaire will ask you to list grades and unitsfor GE and major related courses.CSU San Marcos Impacted mpactedmajors.html Go to the x.htmland then click on “Fall 2014 information” for some comprehensive informationfor Fall 2014. Business: Applicants admitted as "Pre-Business" and apply to a competitive processat junior standing based upon GPA in pre-business core courses. If you havesuccessfully completed the Pre-Business -2014-g-b-supplementalcriteria revised.pdf Communication and Mass Media: Students who have not finished the requiredcourses will be admitted as “Pre-Communication or Pre-Mass ion/index.html ion/index.htmlo Once you are admitted to the program you will then submit KinesiologyDegree Program Application. on/tbsn/app-instructions.htmlPlease fill out supplemental ts/2013-2014-g-b-supplementalcriteria revised.pdfo You must apply to the School of Nursing between Oct. 1 - Nov. 30, 2013 forentry in Fall 2014. The link to the online application is above and will provideyou with detailed instruction.Sonoma State University Impacted Majors Criteria: l Kinesiology- Supplemental department questionnaire will be required of allapplicants to be sent by department after application period closes. x.html Supplemental application will be available late Fall 2013 and is due by February28, 2014 Stanislaus Nursing: Please review supplemental criteria for Nursing and complete thesupplemental application for Nursing by going to the link ation.html the application filingperiod is during January 2nd to January 31stSBCC Transfer Center Updated 10/14/13

Nursing: The fall 2014 Nursing application will be accepted January 6 through March 5, 2014. Applications must be received in the Department of Nursing no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. This website will be updated with the fall 2014 application in Novembe