Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility Program ManualNote: Not for consumer use. For internal use only.

Contents01. Overview and BenefitsCustomers and Collision Repair Facilities realize significant advantages.02. Enrollment and Implementation ProcessesThe steps involved in joining the program.03. Standards for Audi Authorized Collision Repair FacilitiesClear guidelines help ensure optimum performance and customer satisfaction.04. OperationsTools to facilitate seamless operations.05. Training and Equipment RequirementsStaff skills and the physical plant must meet strict Audi standards.06. Frequently Asked QuestionsProviding the answers to help you make decisions and move forward.P. 1 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MC O N T E N T S P. 2

01. Overview and BenefitsBenefits to Audi Customers ConvenienceEveryone stands to gain. One-stop shoppingThis carefully planned, comprehensive program offers a clear path to world-class collision repair and increased customer Eligible customers receive complimentary towing to your Audi Authorized Collision Repair facility viasatisfaction for dealerships, collision repair facilities and customers alike. It promotes solid profits and reducedAudi Roadside Assistancecomebacks for collision repair facilities by using Audi tested repair regimens for “fix it right the first time” results. Repair process and facility standardization help produce safe repairsThis brochure outlines the considerable benefits of the program. It also summarizes the collision repair facility First-quality repairs help maximize repaired vehicle valueselection process, as well as the standards, operations, training and equipment, and enrollment requirements. OEM-authorized program assures the vehicle owner receives parts specified and approved by Audi Audi approved parts meet technical performance standards Limited lifetime warranty for paint repairs through OEM suppliers1 Reduces cycle times (downtime) of vehicle repairs by following recommended processesBenefits to a Collision Repair Facility Assurance of repairs to Audi standards and specifications OEM affiliation Eligible customers receive complimentary towing to your collision repair facility viaAudi Roadside Assistance Prestige as an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility Marketing to customers as Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility Audi affiliation can provide increased revenue Access to professional services through Audi business partners Less comebacks and better cycle times Productivity improvements Proven path toward better profitability Easy access to OEM standards and recommended repair procedures OEM-authorized training Technical training for Audi collision repairs Shared tool and equipment requirements across brands can lead to a better andfaster return on investment.1 Refer to individual paint suppliers for warranty details and information.P. 3 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MO V E R V I E W A N D B E N E F I T S P. 4

02. Enrollment and Implementation ProcessesStartAASM/PAC accesses Collision Program Requirementsat Program Manager providesaudit to AoA for reviewAASM/PAC contacts Audi Dealer and explains thecollision program and identifies nominated facilitiesAoA reviews facility audit with AASM/PACand addresses any outstanding questions forcompliance of the standards with the facilityAASM/PAC reviews the full program requirements tothe nominated facility and the facility confirms theirdesire to participate in the programAASM/PAC supplies facility with requirements,contract, and New Shop Entry Form. AASM/PAC sendscompleted form to [email protected] must meet all program requirements priorto asking for facility auditIs the shop 100% in compliance with the Standards?AoA makes rulingNOYESCOMPLIANTAoA sends a letter of non-compliance tothe facility stating that they have 90 days tocomply with 100% of the StandardsCOMPLIANTAoA sends a letter of congratulations tothe facility and plaque to field for deliveryAoA enters the shop into the approved statussystem/programIs the shop 100% in compliance with theAoA Standards?NONOT COMPLIANTAoA sends a letter of congratulations to the facilitythat they have successfully been renewed for 1 yearRe-certification is set for 1 year from original auditRENEWALAoA enters the shop into the approved statussystem/programRenewal billing conducted by AoABodyshop mails the signed contract to AoA forapproval and completionYESAnnual re-certification is set for 1 yearNOT COMPLIANTBodyshop remits non-refundable payment forprogram participationFacility works with AoA to achieve compliancewithin the 90-day deadlineAoA provides renewal assignments toAxalta Program ManagerAoA enters shop information in to New Shop Profile and emails NewShop Entry Form to [email protected] Business Consultant is assigned andcontacts the repair facility. First visit is scheduledfor facility audit within 30 calendar daysRENEWALBodyshop remits non-refundable payment forprogram participationIs the shop 100% in compliance with theAoA Standards?NOYESAudi Authorized Collision Repair Facility Enrollment FormPlease fill out the information below, and either email the PDF, or scan the printout and email it to [email protected] Dealer InformationAxalta Program Manager sends renewalassignments to Axalta Business Consultantincluding a copy of latest audit on fileDealer NameDealer NumberContact PersonPhone NumberEmail AddressCollision Repair Facility InformationFacility NameContact PersonStreet AddressCity/State/ZIPPhone NumberFax NumberEmail AddressWebsiteOwner’s NameWhat type of frame bench does your repair facility have?Axalta Business Consultant conducts facilityaudit and provides the facility with a gap reportof their deficienciesAoA drafts a termination letter to notify the facilityof their removal from the programAxalta BC conducts audit within 30 days and providesa gap report to the facility and a copy of the audit tothe Axalta Program ManagerShop Manager’s NameCelletteCar-O-LinerIf a need arises in the future, does this facility have an interest in the Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Program?Axalta Business Consultant emails auditto Axalta Program ManagerNO LONGER IN PROGRAMAxalta Program Manager provides AoA,AASM/PAC and RASM a copy of the auditModel #Why should this facility become an Audi Authorized Collision Facility?Referring AASMYESNODateRev. 09/13Enrollment formP. 5 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MI mplementation process P. 6

03. Standards for Audi Authorized Collision Repair FacilitiesFacility The facility premises must be kept reasonably clean and be well-maintainedGeneral Management—Program The facility must use an Audi approved paint brand that has technical approval from AUDI AG. Paint brandsinclude Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker, Glasurit and RM Diamont, Sikkens, PPG and Nexa Technologies The facility must refer all aluminum vehicles to an Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facility for allnon-cosmetic repairsGeneral Management—Personnel A trained estimator must be employed and on-site during all business hours A receptionist must be on-site during business hours The facility must have state-level-certified/-trained collision repair technicians at all times The facility must have clean, well-supplied, well-lit, and clearly identified customer restroomsseparate from shop personnel The facility must have an on-site working media player and monitor for DVDs, CDs, etc., in order to access and usetraining materials and other repair systems The facility must use the Audi logo in accordance with strict Audi marketing guidelines The facility must agree to only use and display pre-approved materials that utilize the Audi logo, trademarks andreferences, including, but not limited to, interior/exterior signage, apparel, advertising, stationery, websites,billboards, etc. The facility must have a clean, well-lit vehicle customer delivery area, or repaired vehicles must be delivered tocustomers at the dealership(minimum of two for body and one for paint)Note: The Paint and Body Technician may be the same person The facility must appoint someone who is responsible for resolving all customer complaints within24 hours of receiptP. 7 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MS TA N D A R D S P. 8

Facility (continued)04. Operations The facility must have at least one work stall with a working hoist The facility must have a dedicated paint mixing room with extraction available(air sinking speed should be 0.2 m/s air change) The facility must have a fully enclosed downdraft paint spray booth dedicated for painting The facility must have a well-maintained service write-up desk and/or estimator workstationFinancial and Insurance The facility must be a registered entity LLC, partnership incorporated The facility must maintain a minimum of 1 million liability insurance—insures vehiclewhen driven by personnel (care and custody) The facility must have a vehicle wash area The facility parts account must be current within dealer credit requirements Vehicles awaiting repair must be assigned to a secure area away from customer-facing or parking facilitiesCustomer Relations The facility must have an undercover storage area, or appropriate protection must be used when thevehicle interior is exposed to the elements The facility must be well-lit The facility must be enrolled in the Audi of America Performance Feedback CSI program and must use theAudi of America customized survey The facility must communicate the progress and status of the repair to customer at the customer’srequirements and time frames All customers must receive a detailed invoice of work completed as well as a thorough explanation of the work The facility manager must be responsible for a solution and/or communication of solution to customer complaint(s)within 24 hours Audi Corporate customer complaints must be addressed within 48 hours to customer, corporate or corporate designee The customer service representatives must dress appropriately in business or business casual attire relative tothe work areaFacility Office Automation The facility must have a minimum of one computer workstation with an Internet connection for service technicians The facility must have terminal access to the Audi Technical Information System(ELSA [dealerships only] and ERWIN [independents]) The facility must have and maintain a dedicated business email address (not a personal email account) The facility must have an up-to-date electronic estimating system The facility must have an after-hours emergency with Audi Roadside Assistance number or other towing service The facility must have a process for callers to leave a messageP. 9 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MO P E R AT I O N S P. 10

Sales Process The customer must be greeted and acknowledged upon entering the facility and offered assistance The facility must track vehicle “comebacks” and must have a quality assurance process to ensure that repairsare done right the first time The hours of operation must be clearly posted for customer convenience The facility must have qualified staff available to test-drive the vehicle with the customer, if requested The facility must capture and input full customer data into an electronic database The repaired vehicles must be delivered clean, washed and with presets returned to their original positions The facility must inform the customer of the estimate of repair, repair process and repair timeline The vehicles must be visually inspected for condition/damage upon arrival, and customers must be invited to The shop technicians must be dressed in appropriate shop attireService Process The facility must have a process in place to schedule repair appointments suitableto controlling the workload All additional work required must be authorized by the customer before commencement The facility must begin repair work on the day of the appointment The facility must offer shuttle service or an alternate form of transportationP. 1 1 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A Mparticipate in the walk-around inspectionGeneral The facility must utilize Audi Genuine Parts purchased through the customer’s sponsoring dealer In case of back orders, Audi offers an option for expedited service with a surcharge (red orders). The facilityshould be aware of the process and be willing to support utilizing this process to reduce cycle time Once authorized, the facility must agree to prominently display Audi promotional materials supplied bythe program (signage and plaques)O P E R AT I O N S P. 12

05. Training and Equipment RequirementsTools and EquipmentThe facility must have two Body Technicians and one Refinish Technician that meet the I-CAR training requirements. The facility must maintain an inventory of general workshop equipmentThe Body Technician and Refinish Technician may be the same person. All requirements must be completed within theeffective dates of certification. Mixing of technicians to complete the requirements is not allowed. The facility must have a downdraft paint spray booth that meets the minimum specifications of:Structural Repair Body Technician (Steel Body Structure Vehicles) Hazardous Materials, Personnel Safety and Refinish Safety (WKR01)and Materials Codes, NFPA 33 and 70, OSHA and all applicable local, state and federal codesdirect-fired burners must have a minimum 1.5 MBTU capacity Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding (WCS04) Steel Uni-body A, B, C and D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels (SPS02) Air handling and heating requirements: Exhaust system to be capable of 125 ft./min. measuredat the face of the vehicle shell, and up to a minimum of 19,000 CFM. Heat supply system with Structural Straightening Steel (SSS01) Steel Uni-body Front and Rear Rails, Floors and Front Structure (SPS01) Lighting is to be an adequate minimum of foot candles at the center of the booth. Provide upper andcorner color-corrected fluorescent lamps (at the full discretion of the auditor acting on behalf of Audi) Corrosion Protection (CPS01) Measuring (MEA01) Equipment to be designed, constructed and installed in accordance with the BOCA Building The facility must have at least one of the four approved Inverter Welders, meeting AUDI AG hardware and softwarespecifications/programs and purchased through an approved Audi of America supplier: Stationary Glass (GLA02) VAS 6545Wielander Schill Resistance Inverter Spot Welder Either Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Series (WCS03) or VAS 6535Elektron Resistance Inverter Spot Welder VAS 6530Tecna Resistance Inverter Welder Advanced High-Strength Steel Overview Materials (AHS01) (Online Training Program) VAS 6755Car-O-Liner CTR12000 Welder Automotive Foams (FOM01) Required collision repair tools and equipment: Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair (SPS07) Cosmetic Straightening Aluminum (STA01)VAG 1731/2Vario Weld Breaker and Replacement Breaker for High-Strength Steel, or equivalents RAE 512001Body Separation Chisel with Handle, or equivalent VAG 1523BPneumatic Sabre Saw, or equivalent such as VAS 6780 VAG 2005BPneumatic Adhesive Gun for the 50 mL cartridge of DP490 VAS 6453Pneumatic Adhesive Gun for the 400 mL cartridge of DP490 VAS 5237Double Cartridge Gun, or equivalent (optional)I-CAR Structural Parts Steel Welding Series (SPS05)Audi High-Strength Steel Requirement One structural repair technician must attend AUD01–Audi Ultra High-Strength Steel and be certified at the facilityat all times. The same technician must complete AHS01 as a prerequisite for this course This course is 3.5 days and counts toward credit for I-CAR WCS04 and SPS07Refinish Technician Requirements Hazardous Materials, Personnel Safety and Refinish Safety (WKR01)1 Corrosion Protection (CPS01)1 Color Theory, Application, Tinting & Blending (REF03) Note: If the Refinish Technician has completed paint supplier training for their current supplier and it is by theexpiration date, the I-CAR classes are not needed. Paint supplier training must be an advanced course that coverscolor theory and blending techniques.1 I-CAR requirements may be substituted with a training program from an Audi authorized paint supplier that covers the same content, as listed in the I-CAR course description.For approval, all class documentation and certificates must be sent to the Audi Program Manager for review and approval.P. 1 3 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A M VAG 1731 and The facility must have one of the three approved Bench Alignment Systems: SVN.05.3112Sevenne Composition (includes Griffon or Griffon XL) VAS 6527Car-O-Liner—Professional Measuring and Alignment System VAS 6528Car-O-Liner—Professional Plus Measuring and Alignment SystemThe facility must have a current year certification (within 12 months), and upon re-certification, a compliancecertificate from the Bench manufacturer. A copy of the certificate must be given to the auditor. One of the optional pieces below may be required in the future: VAG 1959A Welding Unit, or equivalent VAS 6388A Welding and Brazing System, or equivalent VAS 6741 Welding and Brazing System, or equivalentT R A I N I N G A N D E Q U I P M E N T R E Q U I R E M E N T S P. 14

If the shop has a Car-O-Liner System, the items below do not apply:06. Frequently Asked Questions 955.9602Celette Set of (6) Universal Crossmembers MZ450.400Celette Set of (22) MZ Towers and (4) Wedges MZ450.905Celette MZ Towers Storage Trolleycustomer satisfaction, while also providing Audi customers with repair solutions that meet MZ2500.000Celette MZ SetAudi specifications. 9113.063Celette Side Portal Gantry 9121.523Celette Multi-Function Support ATD.149Celette Pulling Flange ATD.01.149Celette Kit for Flange ATD.149 How much new work will the program bring into my shop? SC.40014Celette 4-Ton Super Hydraulic Kit VAG 1438Celette Mechanical Door Brace (Celette: ATS.1802)retailer. Non-authorized collision repair facilities will not be recognized by Audi of America, Inc., and will not SN99.00Celette Pulling Straps, Set of 2be recommended by our field staff. Customers calling Audi Roadside Assistance for collision repair will be ATD.165Celette Pulling Accessoryreferred to the nearest Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility. Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facilities ATD.01.801Celette Pulley Blockcan use this affiliation to market their services to customers and insurers. 918.920Celette Orientable Engine Holding Device CSK15.111Celette Kit for Multiple Pulling CAT500Celette Pulling Setdisplay along with other program signage for marketing to vehicle owners and insurance companies. If at ESP.MP.02Celette Work Standany time you fall outside of the program requirements, Audi of America, Inc. reserves the right to ownership ROLL.100Celette Trolleyof the plaque and the plaque must be returned. Why is Audi establishing a network of body shops? To increase parts revenue, improve overall performance of the collision repair facility and improve Will I be able to market my facility as an “Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility?” Yes. Marketing materials are provided on the Audi Collision Repair Facility website. Audi of America’s collision repair strategy is to align a minimum of one collision repair facility with every Will Audi provide signage identifying my facility as an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility? On completion of the program requirements, Audi of America, Inc. will provide a plaque for you to proudly Audi Dealerships can use trademarks and corporate signage. Authorization does not permit independentcollision repair facilities to use Audi trademarks or corporate signage. Authorized repair facilities will bemailed a certification document upon successful completion of required training and site evaluation. Marketing materials are posted on the Audi Collision Repair Facility website for members to use in localadvertising and inside facility displays. Audi will also be inserting information on the program in all new Audivehicle glove compartments to ensure customers are aware of Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facilities. Can I market my Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility to other dealers(Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, etc.)?P. 1 5 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A M Yes.F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S P. 16

Why did Audi select Axalta Coating Systems as the facilitator for this program?Notes Audi of America, Inc. has contracted Axalta Coating Systems, our original equipment paint supplier, to assist inthe certification and business improvement process of the collision repair facility. Our strategic alliance willensure that our authorized collision repair facilities provide high-quality and reliable services that meet Audistandards. What is my total initial investment? Upon initial evaluation of the collision repair facility, a gap report will be provided to the facility managementand Audi of America, Inc. to determine areas of the collision repair facility that require additional attention. Thismay ultimately require some investment by the repair facility to become compliant with Audi requirements. Will I have to change my paint line? No. Audi of America, Inc. has contracted Axalta Coating Systems, our original equipment paint supplier, toassist in the certification process of the collision repair facilities. Audi of America, Inc. has selected Cromax,Spies Hecker and Standox as the preferred worldwide paint brands for refinish materials for our collisionrepair programs. These products have been fully tested by AUDI AG and consistently achieve the high qualitystandards we demand. It is optional to utilize Axalta Coating Systems products and services; however, Audiof America strongly recommends their use for collision repairs to ensure the quality standards achieved inour production facilities are maintained. It is required that a factory-approved paint material is used. Theapproved paint brands are listed in Section 03 of this brochure, and on the website under RepairInformation, Audi Paint Approval Letter. How will my people obtain training? Training can be obtained through I-CAR, Axalta Coating Systems training (or other Audi approved suppliers’OEM paint training courses), Audi of America, Inc. and other AUDI AG approved paint suppliers. How long will my facility be authorized? Authorization will last 12 months. Re-authorization will be required at the end of the 12 months. Is there a charge for re-authorization? There is a fee for initial authorization and there is a yearly fee for re-authorization. Can my current paint company authorize my facility for the Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility Program? No. Audi and Audi designees will be the only mechanism for receiving authorization. Your current Audiapproved paint supplier can provide the necessary OEM paint training required by Audi of America, Inc.P. 1 7 A UDI A U T H O R I Z E D CO LLI S IO N R E PA I R F A C I L I T Y P R O G R A MF R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S P. 18

Audi Collision Repair. Expect Excellence.Audi of America, Inc. believes the information in this document to be correct as of November 2013. However,all information is subject to change. Please contact your Audi of America representative with questions. 2013 Audi of America, Inc.   Printed in the U.S.A.“Audi,” “quattro,” “Singleframe” and the Singleframe grille design, the four rings logo and all model namesare registered trademarks of AUDI AG. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.BR-13-623-US

03. Standards for Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facilities General Management—Program The facility must use an Audi approved paint brand that has technical approval from AUDI AG. Paint brands include Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker, Gl