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WelcomeWelcome to your Audi Complete driverguide. It’s designed to explain your newplan, as well as what to do when yourcar needs servicing or maintenance.ContentsWelcome2What your Audi Complete plan offers3Looking after your Audi4Service schedules5A step-by-step guide to using your plan 6Your plan in detail7Main exclusions8How we make the Audi difference9Watch your tread10Terms and conditions112

What your Audi Complete plan offersAudi Complete is a convenient way to ensure your Audi stays in good condition withthe care of Audi Trained Technicians using Audi Genuine Parts . Your individual planhas been tailored to you and your needs – just read on to find out how.You will get a fully documented Audi service history, making your car more desirableif you ever part exchange or sell it. Audi Complete is also flexible, meaning the plancan be transferred to a new owner if your Audi is sold during the contract term.If you have any questions about your plan, please contact your local Audi Centre or theCustomer Services Centre on 0370 010 2007. We’re available between 8am and 8pm,Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), 9 am and 5pm Saturday.3

Looking after your AudiTo get the best out of your plan, and your Audi, there are a few things youcan keep an eye on in-between services. These are: C heck tyre pressure, tread depth and condition(refer to page 11 for guidance on tread depth)4 Check all lights and indicators Check the engine oil and coolant levels, refilling if necessary Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on oil refills and the quality of oil to useIt’s also your responsibility to: Ensure your car is serviced at the recommended service intervalsat an authorised Audi Centre Ensure that your car is in good repair and condition at all times Ensure your car is roadworthy and its safety is satisfactory at all times P ay any costs arising from any damage or deterioration caused toyour car other than through fair wear and tear4

Service schedulesSome vehicles have the technology to allow a choice of service schedules betweenFixed Inspection service schedule and Variable LongLife service schedule.Fixed Inspection service schedule:This schedule means that the vehicle is serviced at a set mileage and/or time.The current schedule equates to one service every 12 months or 10,000 miles,whichever comes first.Variable LongLife service schedule:This schedule is dictated by on-board technology that monitors service requirementsand oil usage. It is possible that some vehicles can go 24 months or 20,000 milesbetween services, meaning your vehicle spends less time in the garage and moretime on the road for your enjoyment.Audi along with Audi Financial Services have analysed which schedule is best suitedfor you so you get the best driving experience possible.If you tend to travel 10,000 miles or less per year the Fixed Inspection serviceschedule has been activated on your vehicle from the information that youprovided when choosing you contract term and mileage.If you travel 10,001 miles or more per year the Variable LongLife schedulehas been activated on your vehicle.5

A step-by-step guide to using your plan// Step 1When your car requires a service or any maintenance, please contactyour local Audi Centre to book your car in. Please book in advance wherepossible to ensure your appointment isn’t delayed during busier periods.To find your nearest Audi Centre, visit When you’remaking your booking, remember to mention that you have an AudiComplete plan. Service or maintenance under this scheme can onlybe obtained from an authorised Audi Centre or Repairer.// Step 2The Service Advisor at your Audi Centre will contact us for authorityto carry out the work required and you will be asked to sign only whenthe job is complete.// Step 3Make sure you have your service book stamped, or digital service recordupdated by the servicing Audi Centre before you drive away.If you have a Service, Maintenance and Tyres plan, please refer to page 8for further guidance on tyre replacement.Please note: If you ask the Audi Centre to carry out any work not included within your plan,you will have to pay for it when the work has been completed Any services not carried out before the contract end or mileage limit cannotbe claimed for afterwards Damage caused to the car as a result of neglect of service requirements willbe charged to you6

Your plan in detailThis schedule confirms the events that are covered in your plan. For the exact dates andmileages when servicing is due, please consult your local Audi Centre and your servicebook. If your Audi has its own service reminder system and this tells you that a serviceis due earlier than expected, please contact us for advice.What the plan includesAll routine servicing as appropriate to your car asdetermined by the vehicle manufacturerEngine oils and fluids required within the service schedule rake fluid change when appropriate as determined by theBvehicle manufacturerServiceOnly Service andService,Maintenance Maintenanceand Tyres Other oils and fluids required within the service schedule–Brake repairs (including: calipers, cylinders, discs, pads)– ooling system repairs (including: coolant, heater components,Choses, radiator, reservoir, sender units, thermostat, water pumps)– lectrical system (including: alternator, battery, bulbs, central locking,EECU, fuses, instruments, standard alarm, standard immobiliser,starter motor, window regulator, wiper motor, wiring)– ngine repairs (including: catalyst, exhaust, fuel pump, gaskets, injectors,Eoil pump, seals, turbo. Drive belts, cambelts and tensioners will berepaired in accordance with manufacturer’s schedule)– uspension repairs (including: anti-roll bar, bushes, shock absorbers,Ssprings, wishbones)– ransmission repairs (including: clutch CV joints, flywheel, gaiters,Tgearbox, differential, driveshafts, torque converter, wheel bearings,fluid renewals)– iscellaneous items (including: adjustments, key batteries,MMOT, wiper blades/refills, air conditioning service –maximum 1 per contract)– oadside assistance cover for the full period of theRAudi Complete contract– Replacement tyres, where necessary due to fair wear and tear––Tyres changed at one of over 900 approved outlets across the UK––Wheel alignment and geometry check, where necessary due tofair wear and tear––Valves––Wheel balance––Repairable punctures–– I ncluded7– Not included

Main exclusionsService Only plan– Maintenance– MOT– Roadside assistance– Cambelts and drive belts– Tyre replacement or puncture repair– Oil and fluid top-ups between services– Fuel and engine additives including AdBlue– Gearbox service and All-wheel drive oil changes– Any other work outside the manufacturer’s recommend schedule,including normal wear and tearService and Maintenance plan– Any repairs not deemed reasonable fair wear and tear– In-car entertainment (including audio, communications and navigation systems)– Internal and external trim and bodywork– Any maintenance or repairs to diesel particulate filters and catalyticreduction systems– Warranty work– Tyre replacement or puncture repair– Oil and fluid top-ups between services– Fuel and engine additives including AdBlue– Wheel alignment and trackingService, Maintenance and Tyres plan–––––––––––––Any repairs not deemed reasonable fair wear and tearIn-car entertainment (including audio, communications and navigation systems)Internal and external trim and bodyworkAny maintenance or repairs to diesel particulate filters and catalyticreduction systemsWarranty workMisuse or vandalismWheel alignment as result of damage or negligenceAccidental damage and irreparable puncturesAnything other than standard fitment and manufacturer recommended tyresTyre sealant, repair equipment and tyres that have been repaired usingsealant or additivesOil and fluid top-ups between servicesFuel and engine additives including AdBlueWinter and all season tyresGeneral and further exclusions apply.8

The Audi differenceAt Audi, we don’t think our relationship with you should end when you drive away yournew car. It’s why we offer a range of services to take care of your Audi throughout itslifetime. And because we believe you should expect the excellent service every timeyou see us, we’ve agreed a set of standards with our teams across the UK. We call itthe Audi difference, and it’s one way we’re helping to ensure we deliver a consistent,helpful and stress-free experience for every customer.Just contact us to take advantage of any of the services shown here.Complimentary MOT ProtectionOne-Stop ShopHave your MOT carried outWe can provide whatever yourwith us for 49.99 to receiveAudi needs and it may surprise youcomplimentary MOT Protection ifto discover that we’re often lessyour Audi doesn’t pass first time.*expensive than our competitors.Audi-Approved TyresMonitoringWe stock and fit a wide rangeWe observe your vehicle, mileageof competitively priced tyres forand driving style and we’ll letany know when key service andmaintenance events may be due.Free Health CheckWe offer a free Health Check –Unique Expertiseany time – to help ensure your carWe are the experts in Vorsprungperforms as you would expect.durch Technik and we have accessto the latest software updates forDirect Receptionyour Audi.Watch your car whilst it’s in ourworkshop, live and close-up.The Extra MileWe’ll always provide an attentive,personal service. This includesservice while you wait and collectionand delivery of your Audi.* For full terms and conditionsvisit

Watch your treadThe legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm (however our standard is 2mm)throughout a continuous band – comprising the central three-quarters of the breadthof the tyre and around the entire outer circumference of the tyre. The minimumstandard of 2mm not only ensures driver safety and comfort, but can improvevehicle grip and road handling especially in wet weather conditions.The Service, Maintenance and Tyres plan includes the provision to replace tyres,excluding winter tyres, when necessary due to wear and tear. This means that,if required, brand new tyres will be supplied and fitted during the contract periodand we will specify an appropriate make, tyre and supplier if necessary.This cover applies to the standard or manufacturer recommended upgrade tyrefitting for your car and we only use premium brand tyres.Please call our approved tyre supplier on 08000 855 552with any queries or to arrange your tyre replacement.10

Terms and conditionsThe Agreement is made between VolkswagenFinancial Services (UK) Limited trading as Audi FinancialServices of Brunswick Court, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands,Milton Keynes MK14 5LR (“We/Us/Our”) and theperson named in the Application Form (“You/Your”).The Agreement is made on the date of Our signatureon the Application Form.1. DefinitionsThe key words in this Agreement have thefollowing meanings:Agreement – These terms and conditions andthe Application Form together constitutethe Agreement.Annual Mileage – Means the Annual Mileage ofthe Vehicle as specified on the Application Form.Application Form – Means the Audi CompleteApplication Form signed by You and by Us.Audi UK – Means Volkswagen Group United KingdomLimited of Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes.Centre – Means a Centre in the United Kingdomauthorised by Audi UK and named in the list of Centresprovided on supply of the Vehicle to You, or in anysubsequent list of authorised Centres issued by Audi UK.Audi UK may amend such list from time to time and thelatest version of such list is available upon request fromAudi Customer Care.Contract Period – Means the period commencing onthe date of this Agreement and continuing for thenumber of months specified in the Application Form.Fair Wear and Tear – Means the wear pattern thatwould normally be associated with any brake,suspension, clutch, and tyre components asdemonstrated for the majority of vehicles of asimilar age and mileage within the VolkswagenGroup portfolio.Maintenance – Means subject to the exclusions in clause4, parts needing repair or replacing due to Fair Wearand Tear during the Contract Period. Maintenance mayonly be chosen as an option if Service is also chosen.Manufacturer’s Service Schedule – Means the schedulesrelating to the servicing of the Vehicle contained in thehandbook supplied to You by Audi UK.Service – Means subject to the exclusions containedin clause 4, the parts and labour charges needed tocomply with the Manufacturer’s Service Schedules,including all oils and fluids and brake fluid change.Single Payment – Means the Total MonthlyInstalment multiplied by the number of monthsin the Contract Period.Total Contract Mileage – Means the total mileagespecified on the Application Form; agreed by Youfor the Contract Period.Total Monthly Instalment – Means the amount thatYou will pay to Us each month, as specified on theApplication Form.Tyres – Means, subject to the exclusions contained inclause 4, the repair or supply and fitting of standardtyres due to Fair Wear and Tear by a Tyre Specialist.Audi Financial Services will choose these standard tyres,as appropriate for Your Vehicle. Tyres may only be chosenas an option if Service and Maintenance are also chosen.Tyre Specialist – Means the nominated third partyselected by Us for the purpose of providing Tyresand notified to You from time to time.Vehicle – Means the Vehicle detailed on theApplication Form.112. Agreement(a) The provisions of this Agreement are valid forVehicles operated and located in the UK only.(b) We reserve the right not to enter into anAgreement where more than one month has passedsince the date of first registration of the Vehicle.3. Our obligationsWe will accept all agreed costs associated withthe Service, or Service and Maintenance or Service,Maintenance and Tyres for Your Vehicle, depending onthe level of Your plan (as detailed on the ApplicationForm) and subject to the exclusions in clause 4, forthe duration of the Contract Period.4 (a) General exclusions(i) The cost of any works that arise, directly orindirectly, as a result of accident or impactdamage; misuse; vandalism or negligence byYou or any third party (including any failure byYou to have the Vehicle Serviced in accordancewith the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule);failure by You to comply with Your obligationsunder this Agreement.(ii) Any form of corrosion to the Vehicle, includingbut not limited to damage caused by: frost,water, chemical, salt, weather, food and drink,cigarettes, oil, fuel or the Vehicle not beingused for long periods.(iii) Repair, replacement or alteration of non-factoryor non-standard fitted items, accessories,components or other parts fitted to the Vehicleafter manufacture; car telephones or any otherform of in-car entertainment, including audiocommunication and navigation equipment;windscreen or other glass in or on the Vehicleincluding all light lenses/units; trim, seating,head linings, fascia and all other interiorfittings; body repairs.(iv) Fuel and any costs arising from using fuel ofthe incorrect specification for the Vehicle orcontaminated fuel.(v) Any costs arising from using oil of the incorrectspecification for the Vehicle or contaminated oil.(vi) Oil, air and fluid top-ups between Services.(vii) Any repairs that have not been carried outat an authorised Centre or Tyre Specialist.(viii) Any work requested outside of theContract Period.(ix) Any work that is subject to themanufacturer’s warranty.(x) Any associated maintenance or repairsto diesel particulate filters and catalyticreduction systems.(xi) Damaged or broken aerials.(xii) Any Vehicle or subsequent repairs or work,which is or has been used for racing, trials orrallying, carrying of goods or passengers forhire or reward; including buses and taxis or fordriving school purpose.(xiii) Any repairs not deemed as reasonable FairWear and Tear.(xiv) All wheel maintenance.(b) Service excludes(i) The items described in clause 4(a).(ii) Maintenance and Tyres.(iii) All non-standard service work (includingadditional operations).

(iv) Safety inspections and other legally requiredinspections such as MOT.(v) Cambelt and drive belt.(vi) Roadside assistance.(vii) Air conditioning.(c) Maintenance excludes(i) The items described in clause 4(a).(ii) Tyres.(iii) Warranty work.(iv) Any repairs we do not believe are reasonableFair Wear and Tear (as defined in the termsand conditions).(v) Damage caused by: in-car entertainment (, communications and navigation systems),internal and external trim and bodywork.(vi) Anti-theft devices.(d) Tyres excludes(i) The items described in clause 4(a).(ii) Accidental damage.(iii) Repair or replacement as a result of kerbdamage or any other negligence.(iv) Irreparable punctures (including the use ofa tyre sealant or additives that renders thetyre irreparable).(v) Tyre sealant and repair equipment.(vi) Anything other than standard fitment andmanufacturers recommended upgrade tyres.5. DisputesIn the event of any dispute concerning work beingundertaken on the Vehicle and/or Your failure to meetYour obligations under this Agreement We will (whereappropriate) arrange an independent inspection, ifrequested by You. In the event that the independentinspection finds in Our favour You will be liable for thecosts of the repairs and/or work and the subsequentcost of the inspection.6. Your payment obligations(a) You shall pay to Us either the Single Payment orthe Total Monthly Instalments.(b) The Total Monthly Instalment is based upon theTotal Contract Mileage.(i) If the term of the Agreement differs to theContract Period, the Total Contract Mileageshall be adjusted pro rata to represent theactual length of the Agreement.(ii) If the Annual Mileage is exceeded We reservethe right to charge You immediately thereafterfor every mile the actual mileage exceeds theAnnual Mileage: this amount will be equal tothe excess pence per mile charge specified inthe Application Form.(iii) If during the Contract Period the ActualMileage exceeds the Total Contract MileageYou shall pay Us for every mile by which theActual Mileage exceeds the Total ContractMileage: an amount equivalent to the excesspence per mile charge specified in theApplication Form. If You have already made apayment under clause 6(b)(ii) above, We shallreduce the amount payable under this clauseby that amount.(c) If you have elected to pay by a single payment,you must pay us when you sign the agreement.(d) Total Monthly Instalments due under theAgreement are inclusive of Value Added Tax at therate in force on the date of the Agreement. If therate of Value Added Tax changes We shall havethe right to vary the amount of the Total MonthlyInstalments to take account of the change. Allother payments to be made under the Agreementshall in addition bear Value Added Tax at the ratefrom time to time in force.7. Your other obligationsYou shall:(a) Ensure that all Service, Maintenance, repair andreplacement work to be paid for by Us under theAgreement is carried out by Centres or in the caseof Tyres, by Tyre Specialists.(b) Ensure that the Vehicle is serviced andmaintained in accordance with the Manufacturer’sService Schedule.(c) Ensure that all possible claims under themanufacturer’s warranty are made at theappropriate times and that any appropriaterecall instructions are complied with.(d) Inform Us of any fault or breakdown of theodometer in the Vehicle and ensure that theodometer is repaired as soon as practicable.(e) Record the mileage travelled by the Vehicle atany time where the odometer is not functioningcorrectly. If in Our reasonable opinion We arenot satisfied that You have provided Us with anaccurate figure then We shall estimate the mileageto reflect Your average usage of the Vehicle. Theestimated mileage will form part of the AnnualMileage and Total Contract Mileage.(f) Ensure that the Annual Mileage is a minimum of5,000 miles and a maximum of 40,000 miles, witha Total Contract Mileage limit of 120,000 miles.8. Termination by you(a) You are entitled to terminate the Agreementupon 28 days’ notice to Us.(b) If We are in breach of Our obligations under theAgreement You shall be entitled to terminate theAgreement in writing to Us.(c) If You terminate this Agreement, the amountsalready paid by You are not refundable as theseare reflective of Our costs incurred in providingYou with Service or Service and Maintenance orService, Maintenance and Tyres and other costsassociated with the administration and set-up ofthe Agreement.9. Termination by usWe may terminate the Agreement on written noticeto You or suspend performance by Us under theAgreement for so long as We shall see fit, andthen We may terminate the Agreement if:(a) You default in the payment of any Total MonthlyInstalment or other payment due under theAgreement; or(b) You fail to perform or observe any of the terms orconditions contained in the Agreement; or(c) Any distress is levied or threatened to be levied orany other mode of execution takes place upon Yourproperty; or(d) Any meeting of Your creditors is called or You enterinto any voluntary arrangement with Your creditorsor You have a receiver appointed for any of Yourassets; or12

(e) Where You are a limited company; anadministrative receiver is appointed over the wholeor substantially whole of Your assets, or You pass aresolution for winding up or a winding up petition ispresented to the court; or a petition is presented byYou or by any of Your directors or creditors for anadministration order; or(f) Where You are an individual, a petition is presentedfor Your bankruptcy; or(g) Where You are a partnership the partnership isdissolved, or any of the events referred to aboveoccur in relation to any of the partners; or(h) False information has been given by You inconnection with the making of the Agreementwhich We have relied on.10. Our liability(a) Our obligations pursuant to the Agreementto accept the cost of Service or Service andMaintenance, or Service Maintenance and Tyres(as the case may be) shall constitute the full extentof Our liability and We shall not be responsible forany delay by a Centre or Tyre Specialist in carryingout Service or Maintenance or Tyres; or for any loss,injury or damage, direct or consequential in respectof defective Service or Maintenance performed bya Centre or in respect of defects in or failureof goods (including Tyres) supplied by a Centreor Tyre Specialist.(b) We do not exclude liability for death or personalinjury arising from Our own negligence or that ofOur employees.(c) Nothing contained in this clause 10 affects Yourstatutory rights as a consumer.11. Transfer of ownership(a) You may assign this Agreement to any subsequentowners of the Vehicle, provided that both partiesadvise Audi Financial Services in writing withina period of 21 days following the transfer ofownership and that the purchaser of the Vehicleagrees in writing to Us to be bound by the termsand conditions of this Agreement in every way.(b) The Agreement is not transferable to anotherVehicle.12. No waiverOur failure at any time to enforce any provision of theAgreement shall in no way affect Our right to requirecomplete performance by You after that nor shall thewaiver of any breach of any provision be taken or heldto be a waiver of the provision itself.13. Matters beyond reasonable controlNeither party shall be liable for any delay or failure tomeet its obligations (other than a payment obligation)under this Agreement due to any cause outsideof reasonable control including an event of forcemajeure (without limitation) an Act of God, war, riot,terrorism, vandalism, civil commotion, strike, lock-out,industrial dispute, Government control, restrictions orprohibitions or any other Government act or omissionwhether local or national or any natural catastrophe.1314. VariationNo modifications or variations to this Agreementsuch as addition or removal of levels of plan; mileageamendments; contract term extensions; cover forimported Vehicles; product amendments is permissiblewithout Our prior written approval.15. JurisdictionThis agreement shall be construed and interpretedin all respects in accordance with the laws of England.Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited is registeredin England (number 2835230). Audi Complete isadministered by Audi Financial Services, a tradingnam e of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited,Brunswick Court, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands,Milton Keynes MK14 5LR.

Audi Financial Services is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited,Brunswick Court, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5LR.Registered in England number 2835230.FIN-COMPLETE-03-19

Audi Complete driver’s guide Audi Complete . and driving style and we’ll let you know when key service and maintenance events may be due. Unique Expertise We are the experts in Vorsprung durch Technik and we have access to th