CONTENTS About UsVision, Mission & Key ValuesProducts, Services & SolutionsFire Detection Fire Suppression PYRO-SAFE Firestop Products & SystemsFire Prevention PYROGEN Fire Suppression System PYROGEN EXA Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System PYROGEN EXA-M Heavy Duty & Marine Application PYROGEN IPEX Impulse Podwer Extinguishing Module PYROinert Inert Gas Fire Suppression SystemANGEL FIREFIGHTER Fire Extinguisher AFF Throw Type Fire Extinguiser AFF Pack Cooking Oil Fire Extinguisher AFF 400 Spray Type Fire Extinguisher AFF 200 Double Nozzle Spray Type Fire ExtinguisherClean Agent Fire Suppression System HFC-227 FM200 Fire Suppression System FK-5-1-12 Novec1230 Fire Suppression SystemANSUL R-102 Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression SystemFoam Fire Suppression SystemFire Hydrant SystemAFF Auto Focus Fire Extinguishing SystemFirestop - Passive Fire Protection POTTER Releasing Fire Alarm SystemNOTIFIER Fire Alarm SystemSYSTEM SENSOR Fire Alarm ProductsPYROprevent Hypoxic Fire Prevention SystemDocumentationsReferencesHead Office & RepresentativesABOUT USTVPN - PT. Trinitas Victori Pyrogen Nusantara Total Fire Protection Products Services - Solutions was established with the purpose "To Protect Lives, Property &Environment" in entire Archipelago. And for this purpose TVPN has been providing anintegrated range of environmentally friendly and user friendly Products, Services andSolutions.TVPN have a team dedicated to customer support, complete with more than 15 yearscombined practical experience of serving wide range of industries. We are committedto constantly evolving and safely providing valuable fire protection services for ourcustomers.Being the distributor for the world’s largest and technically advanced productmanufacturers, together with our technical capabilities enables us to to provide thehighest quality products, services and solutions.Our philosophy “Innovative Solutions for Every Applications” drives us to continuesearching the world for the highest quality products to combine with our existingproduct range in order to provide the best possible innovative solution for yourintended applications To Protect Lives, Property & Environment.

VISION, MISSION & KEY VALUESVISIONTo Protect Lives, Property and Environment in entire archipelago with environmentallyfriendly and user friendly products, services and solutions.MISSIONProviding customers with the highest quaility products, best possible services, and theinnovative solutions To Protect, Lives, Property and Environment.PRODUCTS, SERVICES & SOLUTIONSA specialist fire protection company focused on Total Fire Protection. with ourextensive expertise, we strive to provide innovative fire protection products, servicesand solutions.PRODUCTSFire Detection Products : KEY VALUESIntegrity : Highest ethical standards in our actions.Quality : Advanced world class products, services and solutions.Service : Professional after sales service and warranty.Innovation : Constantly seek innovative ways to Enhance our Products, Services andSolutions. POTTER Releasing Fire Alarm SystemNOTIFIER Fire Alarm SystemSYSTEM SENSOR Fire Alarm ProductsAFF Auto Focus Infrared Detection & Extinguishing Water Based SystemFire Suppression Products : PYROGEN Fire Suppression System ANGEL FIREFIGHTER Fire Extinguisher Clean Agent Fire Suppression System ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System Foam Fire Suppression System Fire Hydrant SystemFirestop - Passive Fire Protection Products : PYRO-SAFE Firestop Products & SystemsFire Prevention Products PYROprevent Hypoxic Fire Prevention System

PRODUCTS, SERVICES & SOLUTIONSPRODUCTS, SERVICES & SOLUTIONSSERVICESSOLUTIONSWhen Maintaining Business Continuity is Critical You Can’t Afford to Lose : Assets – Equipment, processes, products or operation, vital to your business. People – Protection of your workforce is paramount for productivity, peace ofminds Data – Both electronic and hard forms of stored data, servers, networks andcommunication equipment are critical to the success of all businesses. Continuity – Companies and their customers depend on uninterupted operationsand services. Fire related downtime has severe effects on capital equipment,inventory, and opportunity losses from not meeting customer needs. Choose us, TVPN - PT. Trinitas Victori Pyrogen Nusantara to provides a solutions foryour intended Fire Protection System : Integrated Range of Solutions ; We provides integrated range of high-qulityproducts solutions from detection, suppression, compartmentalization andprevention for all your intended application. Risk Assessment & System Design ; We provides free-of-charge risk assessmentand system design for your intended application. After Sales Services ; We provides monthly and annually regular inspection andmaintenance services. Vast Industry Experience ; In addition to many years of experience, our team arealso cross trained in different areas of fire protection. Quality in Compliance ; We provides high-quality products solutions and services.all products solutions comply with international standards and third-partyaccredited. We Protect Your Lives, Properties and Environment. Environmental & Ethical ; Accordance to company visson and mission, all solutionswe provided are environmentally friendly and user friendly. Industrial Fire ProtectionElectrical Fire ProtectionPower Generation Fire ProtectionMachinery Fire ProtectionRenewable Energy Fire ProtectionUPS & Battery Fire ProtectionBuilding Fire ProtectionBank & Financial Institution Fire ProtectionTelecommunication Fire ProtectionData Center & Support Facility Fire ProtectionWarehouse & Logistics Fire ProtectionTransportation Fire Protection (Ships, Bus, Rolling Stock, Aircraft)Mining Fire ProtectionOffshore Fire ProtectionTunnel Fire ProtectionConstruction Fire ProtectionKitchen Fire ProtectionWith an integrated range of products, services and solutions allow us to remaincompetitive with ever-changing demands of the markets we serve. Our notablemanufatures and principles continue to maintain research and development programsin research centers around the world to ensure the products, services and solutions weoffer remain at the forefront of technology.

FIRE DETECTIONFIRE DETECTIONPOTTER IPA SERIESReleasing Fire Alarm SystemMulti-ConnectThe MC-1000 Multi-Connect Module allows up to 62client fire panels to communicate with aremote/central station through a single control paneldesignated as the host. This can eliminate the need ofmultiple phone lines and monitoring accounts. EachMC-1000 module includes terminal connections fortwo client panels.ClientHostDesigned & Assembled in the USAPOTTER IPA SERIESReleasing Fire Alarm SystemPotter prides itself on offering a full line of fire alarmequipment assembled in America. Potter continues toprovide the latest innovations direct from America’sheartland.PotterNetQUALITY is the first order of business. Since 1898, we have served the fire andsecurity industries on a worldwide basis. Today, we produce a wide array of productsincluding the most innovative IP-based fire alarm control systems and monitoringdevices. At Potter, we supply our customers with products that provide real worldsolutions for their unique needs and strive to provide them unequaled service andtechnical support.The newest and most innovative graphical monitoringcontrol software in the industry. PotterNet Fire and FacilitySupervising Station is a graphical desktop application thatfacilitates the monitoring and control of IPA, AFC/ARC,and PFC-4064 fire alarm control panels. It utilizes adistributed client-server model for communication in orderto reduce or eliminate single points of failure.IP ConnectivityWith today’s ever-expanding means of communication, it’simportant to be able to incorporate the same technologyinto your fire control system. We took this technology intoaccount when we designed IP connectivity within our newpanels. Every Potter IP-enabled fire alarm system has anon board IP communicator that is listed to communicatewith the SurGard III IP receiver.Email & Reminders NotificationsPotter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are email ready.History and Detector Status reports can be sent ondemand as either a text/Excel file. The status events ofpanel can be immediately emailed. Reports andconfiguration file can be requested from the panel at anytime by sending an email directly to the panel.Dipswitch ProgrammingPotter Protocol devices are now programmed througheasy-touse dip-switches. This makes it easier than ever toaddress SLC devices on-site and requires no externalhardware.Voice Evacuation & Mass NotificationEvax by Potter has been a global leader in voice evacuationand mass notification systems for the past twenty years.Evax provides a wide array of products for use incommercial, institutional, high rise, military and industrialmarkets. Product lines include large head-end bulkamplifiers, distributed audio, small side-car voiceevacuation systems, fire fighter telephone systems andmass notification systems.

FIRE DETECTIONFIRE DETECTIONNOTIFIER ONYX SERIESIntelligent Fire Alarm SystemNetworking and Integration - Uniting Multiple Systems into One with ONYXWorksONYXWorks gives you total control over your life safetysystem. Whether you need to monitor a single building, acampus, or a citywide or global enterprise, ONYXWorks is OTIFIER systems over a single network.NOTIFIER ONYX SERIESIntelligent Fire Alarm SystemFor over 60 years, NOTIFIER Fire Alarm System has been in a leadership position inthe fire alarm industry. Today we are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarmsystems with over 400 distributors worldwide and regional support operations onevery continent helping to ensure we provide the flexibility and options your businessneeds.ONYX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm System New UL 864 standard 9th editionCapacity 1 to 10 SLC / Loop, 318 devices (159 detectors and 159 modules)Full QWERTY keypad ;160 character LCD display for NFS2 3030 ELCD Remote annunciator up to 32 unitACS annunciator 32 address x 64 points 2,048 pointFlashscan protocolMaintenance warningSensitivity adjust ( 9 level)Field Programmable (not hardlock keys)Optional Verifire software for data back upHigh capacity battery charger : Up to 200 AH (minimum 18 AH)Network capacity 250 nodes (high speed ncm)Graphic user interfaceHigh level interface : BACNET (BAS/BMS) MODBUS (Industrial market / scada) NFN-GW (Remote monitoring / IP)Speak Locally, Act Globally, with NOTIFY-IPWhen responding to an event, a coordinated response can save lives and preserveproperty. NOTIFY-IP, a plug-in to ONYXWorks, broadcasts encrypted, real-time voiceinstructions to a single facility or to multiple location worldwide using an IP networkconnection. With NOTIFY-IP, the network connection is continuously monitored toensure system integrity and reliability.Advanced Detection – Speed, Stability, and ReliabilityNOTIFIER’s ONYX Series respond rapidly to incipient firesignatures with unmatched precision. At the same time,they significantly reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms.It’s all made possible by NOTIFIER’s ONYX AdvancedDetection technology. ONYX Advanced Detection iscomprised of two key elements: a set of complex softwarealgorithms found in all ONYX Series fi re alarm panels and asuite of advanced, specialty detectors. From mission-criticalapplications where even a trace amount of undetectedsmoke is unacceptable, to environments where thepresence of dust, moisture, or theater smoke is the norm,ONYX Advanced Detection is the answer.SYSTEM SENSOR CONVENTIONAL DEVICES Conventional Detection – a complete line of smoke detectors, heat detectors,carbon monoxide detectors, beam detectors and accessories.Audible/Visible Notification – the SpectrAlertr Advance line, the industry’s mostrefined series of notification devices for fire alarm and ECS/MNS systems.HVAC Systems Monitoring – the InnovairFlex line and other specialtydetectorsdesigned to detect smoke in air duct networks.

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONPYROGEN EXAAerosol Fire Suppression SystemPYROGEN EXA-MMarine & Heavy Duty ApplicationsThe PYROGEN EXA aerosol fire suppression system is a solidaerosol generating compound contained in a non- pressurised metalcanister. The PYROGEN EXA fire- extinguishing aerosol is a mixtureof dry chemical Particles and gasses – which, when electricallyactivated, produces combustion of micron-sized dry chemicalparticles and gas to extinguish fire.Pyrogen EXA-M Marine Application is Pre-engineered aerosol fire suppression systemspecifically designed for protection of engine room / compartments, machinery spacesand fuel room, has been our prime market in Asia, Australia, US and Europe for manyyears. We have protected thousands of vessels including Sydney Ferries, Cruises,Police Boats, Yachts, Fishing Boats, Fuel Barge and many other small to mediumvessels worldwide.Products Ranges & System DesignsPyrogen offers a choice of applications systems ; TotalFlooding (protection of the entire premises) or Direct-ToSource (protection of individual enclosures within thepremises). In case of a bank of electrical cabinets located ina large room, such individual protection of each cabinet ismore effective both fire wise (targets fire at its source andtherefore extinguishes fire at a very early stage) and costwise (a fire incident requires a fire system replacement inan affected cabinet only, not in the entire premises).Pyrogen Marine Kit is a complete aerosol fire suppression system kit specificallydesigned as a low cost, simple solution to the difficult task of protecting your vesselfrom ravages of fire.Key Features : Non-Pressurised CylinderNo Piping – Easy to Install & RetrofitHigh PerformanceLow Maintenance CostCompact & VersatileEnvironmentally FriendlyLong Lifespan : up to 10 YearsTested & CertifiedPyrogen Marine Kit consists of an EXA-M extinguishing module and accessories withan option of a automatic and manual electrical operation or manual pull-ring operationKey Features : Electrical ; Transformer, Sub-Stations, Generator, Switchgear Room, ElectricalCabinet, Cable TunnelIndustrial ; Machinery, Equipment, CNC MachineData Center Facility ; UPS, BatteryCommercial ; Warehouse, Storage, Garage, Raised Floor / Above Ceiling AreasMarine ; Engine Spaces / Compartments Resistance to Vibration, Corrosive,High Humidty and Salty AtmospheresEasy InstallationMinimal Maintenance (only electrical)Environmentally FriendlyProven Performances :Telecommunication Room - Malaysia Appications :Rapid System DischargeNon Pressurised CylinderNo PipingNo Liquids, No Gases, No LekaedAmbient Operation Temp up to 95OCFire in communications equipment room.Air-con cable shorted - causing the mains blowerunit to combust.Fire activated and discharged all 3 Pyrogengenerators which successfully extinguished the fire.No collateral damage nor downtime was reported.Costal Guard Patrol Boat - Singapore Fire outbreak and spread caused by overheating portside engine and combust exhaust manifold anrubbersealSuccessful activation of installed Pyrogen EXA-MEffectiveness of Pyrogen EXA-M in extinguishment offire

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONPYROGEN IPEXImpulse Podwer Extinguishing ModulePYROINERTInert Gas Fire Suppression SystemPYROGEN IPEX module is a non-pressurised selfcontained metal canister delivering a gas-powderextinguishing medium into a fire zone withinseconds from activation.The PYROGEN IPEXmodule is a non-pressurised self-contained metalcanister delivering gas-powder extinguishingmedium into a fire zone within seconds fromactivation.The impulse discharge is achieved due to a special non-pressurised solid gas generatorincorporated into the canister containing a special extinguishing powder. Uponactivation of the system the gas generator operates releasing gases. The gases rapidlybuild up an internal pressure and aerate the extinguishing powder resulting in animpulse gas-powder delivery through a specially designed outlet.PYROGEN PYROinert Inert Gas Fire Suppression System is aClean Agent system comprising Nitrogen and Argon. It is nonconductive, non-corrosive, colourless, odourless andchemically inert (non-reactive). It is the environmentallyfriendly fire protection solution of choice for archive rooms,data centres, control rooms, vaults and other high value assets.PYROGEN PYROinert is stored in pressure cylinders (capacity of 80 litre each) withfilling pressure flexible at either 200Bar or 300Bar. Installation of PYROGENPYROinert can be via single row or double row manifolds.Key Features :Non-conductiveNon-corrosiveColourless and OdourlessChemically inert (non-reactive)Zero ozone depleting potentialZore global warming potentialLow refilling cost300bar allow for 30% extra filling capacity and further delivery distant PYROGEN IPEX is highly versatile – it can be installed in small enclosure (with nopiping) or large areas (with simple piping and 4-6 distribution nozzles). PYROGEN IPEXhas no pressure gauges and no moving parts – therefore it is easy to install andmaintain.Due to its heavy-duty modules which can withstand up to 95 C temperature, highvibration and extreme humidity levels, PYROGEN IPEX is highly suitable for aggressiveenvironments.Key Features : Cost EffectiveNo Pressure CylinderReliabilityVersatiliy of ApplicationsSuitable for Aggresive Environment Applications :Archives Storage & LibrariesSubstation Control & Switchgear RoomsMuseumsComputer RoomsTelecommunication RoomsFinancial Centres & BankMedical Rooms Typical System :1Applications : Transportation ; Engine Compartments of BusMining ; Mining Vehicle, Mobile Equipment, Oil Transfromers, CompressorCommercial ; Petrol & Oil Pump, Fuel Stations2345CylindersReserve CylindersRestrictorControl PanelAgent Nozzle

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONANGEL FIREFIGHTER FIRE EXTINGUISHERANGEL FIREFIGHTER FIRE EXTINGUISHERRevolution of Fire ExtinguisherRevolution of Fire ExtinguisherAngel FireFighter Throw (AFF Throw)Angel FireFighter 400 (AFF 400)Is a throwing-type fire extinguisher for initial fires. No matter How old or young youmay be, a simple “THROWING” method can be easily carried out in an emergency ofan early-stage fire.a compact spray type fire extinguisher that is powerful,effective, easy to use. Just point and spray. It is small enoughto fit anywhere and great for fireplaces, kitchens, offices,garages, camping, grilling, cars, Rvs, boats, workshops and anyrooms in homes. This unit contains unique biogradable andenvironmentally safe fire fighting agent which is an absolutealternative to the hazardous materials created from former fireextinguisher during the process of suppression.Key Features : Excellent powerPracticalEconomicalExtensive applicationEnvironmentally friendly - Biogradeable5 years lifespanAngel FireFighter 200 (AFF 200)is compact, powerful and easy to use. It is small enough to fitin a trunk, suitcase, briefcase, glove compartment, kitchendrawer or tool box. It is specially designed small and light witha durable solid belt clip that makes carrying easy by attachingit on a belt or safety belt. It is suitable for policeman,bodyguards, securities, fireman.Key Features : Angel FireFighter Pack (AFFP) Fire very often occur in kitchens and they are commonly caused by cooking oil isheated up, the ignition takes place within 10 minutes, the flame can spread to a celingand walls within 5 minutes. In just 15 minutes from it is initial fire, the size of reaches apoint where no family member can possibly control. The worst thing is that manupeople tend to pour water in panic, but the fire would abruptly surge and shootflaming sparks in all directions, it is almost an explosion Key Features : 1 AFF Pack is enough to put out 1 liter burning oilNo need to unwrap the packing, just drop whole product into panEasy to clean-up, non toxic residue – pan can be used againNo risk of spilling the burning oil Top quality extinguishing agentEasy to usePortable ; small and lightEffective on all class A/B/K firesNon corrosive, non toxicTemperature range -20OC – 80OCPerfect for windy outdoorsNo need regular refilling-recharge

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONCLEAN AGENT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMANSUL R-102 RESTAURANT KITCHEN FIRE SUPPRESSIONFM200 Fire Suppression SystemANSUL R-102 System DesignHFC-227ea (Heptafluoropropane) or know as FM200 is theleading clean agent replacement for Halon 1301 in thespecial hazards suppression industries worldwide. It istraded under various brands. However, the National FireProtection Association (NFPA) 2001 Clean Agent, makesreference only to the generic name of the chemical, which isHFC-227ea. Our product provides the highest qualityassurance of its HFC-227ea and is supported by a team ofhighly trained and qualified chemical engineers andscientists. Our product has achieved a minimum purity of99.95% and less than 10 ppm of moisture. It has less than 1ppm acidity of hydrofluoric acid (HF). The non-volatileresidue is less than 0.05g/100mL.Novec1230 Fire Suppression SystemFK-5-1-12 (Dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one) or know as Novec1230 is anotherwidely used clean agent fire suppression. It is environmentally safe and best used infire hazard areas containing A, B, & C classes of fire. It has been approved by US EPAand ISO for its safe characteristic and fire extinguishing effectiveness. FK-5-1-12 orNovec1230 is an acceptable alternative clean agent for Halon 1301 replacement.System ApplicationsANSUL R-102 Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System isdesigned to protect areas associated with ventilatingequipment, including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters. It alsoprotects auxiliary grease extraction equipment and cookingequipment such as various types of kwali, fryers, grill, oven,steamer and a myriad of other high temperature cookingappliances. The system is ideally suited for commercial kitchensin fast food chains, retail food courts, diners, conveniencestores, catering facilities, mobile food trucks, hotels andcasinos, stadiums, schools, hospitals and more.ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System is cooking equipmentfriendly and offered in two designsAppliance Specific DesignAppliance Specific DesignThe appliance-specific design aims the nozzles at thespecific hazard areas of each appliance. With theoverlapping design, the nozzles are arranged tooverlap and provide a “fire-free zone” throughout agroup of appliancesOverlapping Appliance SystemOverlapping Appliance Protection is one of the twodesign options available with the ANSUL R-102Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System. Thedesign is flexible and simple. Nozzles are placed in astraight-line arrangement, providing overlappingagent discharge patterns and creating a virtual firefree zone.Product Features : Low PH AgentProven designEasy of recharge & post-fire cleanupNon-corrosiveReliable gas cartridge operationAsthetically appealingOverlapping Appliance Design

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONFOAM FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMFIRE HYDRANT & SPRINKLER SYSTEMFoam fire suppression is comprised of three parts: foamconcentrate, water and air. When mixed correctly, theseparts form a homogeneous foam blanket thatextinguishes flames by the combined mechanisms ofcooling, separating the flame source from the productsurface, suppressing vapors, and smothering. This makesfoam fire suppression systems an effective option forprotecting flammable and combustible liquids.One of oldest and common fire fighting solution, a well designed and a well laid outhydrant system form the backbone of the entire fire fighting system. It comprises ofheavy duty above and underground piping with accessories. Fire hydrant system isbasically water distribution network backed by a number of components & accessorieslike fire pumps, piping system, water tank etc.Foam Extinguishing Principles : When foam is initially applied to a fire, it is broken down, releasing water which coolthe chemical through evaporation or heat absorptionThe heat absorbed cool the fire, thus reducing the vapor release orWhen the foam is no longer broken down by flames, it accumulates in a blanket andspread over the chemical surfaceThis cover of foam prevent vapor from feeding the flame, thus reducing the fire andcooling the chemical Sealing of the foam blanket over the fuel surface is CRITICALVapor containment must be achieved to ensure proper extinguishmentA small edge fire will break down the protective foam coverageFoam Fire Suppression System : Foam ChamberFoam MakerDike Protection,Water Spray SystemDeluge SystemApplications : Aircraft HangarsOil & GasLoading FacilitiesFlammable Liquid StoragePetrochemicalTank FarmsWarehousesFire Hydrant System Components : Foam Sealing : Aside from the general purpose of delivering water for fire fighting, hydrant designmust be based on a number of operational elements. Some issues to consider include: How much water (GPM or L/min) is needed for fire fighting. How many and what size hose connections are required. The established hose sizes and coupling threads in the region. Current (and future) configuration of fire apparatus. Issues of clearance and visibility. Operating characteristics of the hydrants. Amount of head (static pressure) that is present in the system. Climatic conditions in the area.Foam Sealing Fire Fighting Pump & AccessoriesWater Supply & StoragePipework & ValvesPanelLanding ValvesHoses & CouplingsHose ReelBranch Pipe & NozzleFire Bridage ConnectionTypes of Sprinkler System : Pre-actionDry PipeWet PipeDelugeWater Mist

FIRE SUPPRESSIONFIRE SUPPRESSIONAFF AUTO FOCUS FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMAuto Fire Detection & Extinguishing For Water Based SystemAFF DE25-5L Max protection radius : 25 m Max water flow : 5L/S Installation height : 6-22 m Rated working pressure : 0.6 Mpa Max working pressure : 1 Mpa Diameter pipeline connection : DN25AFF AUTO FOCUS FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMAuto Fire Detection & Extinguishing For Water Based SystemAFF Auto Focus Fire Extinguishing System is new generation of high-tech fireprotection product by combine features of fire detection alarm & extinguishingtogether. This series of products with active fire detection, automatic positioning, fixedpoint jetting water fire extinguishing and use infrared, ultraviolet combined flamedetection technology and mechanical technology to auto detect the fire and thesource position.Once fire detected within the protected area, it will auto activated, scan and focus thesource of fire. System will immediately activate the water pump to extinguish the fireand trigger fire alarm once confirmed. It will automatically stop spraying water andrepeat the process if needed.Key Features : Convenient installationEasy of supply power & waterLow maintenance costWater savingHighly reduce the damages done from fire extinguishingHigh price performance ratioApplications : Large space area : stadiums, airports, transport stations, ferry terminals, warehouse,conference rooms, shopping malls, theaters etcSpecial area : roads and tunnels, depots, oil tank area, hangars etcAFF DE30-5L Max protection radius : 30 m Max water flow : 5L/S Installation height : 6-22 m Rated working pressure : 0.6 Mpa Max working pressure : 1 Mpa Diameter pipeline connection : DN32AFF DE35-10L Max protection radius : 35 m Max water flow : 10L/S Installation height : 6-22 m Rated working pressure : 0.6 Mpa Max working pressure : 1 Mpa Diameter pipeline connection : DN32AFF DE50-20L Max protection radius : 50 m Max water flow : 20L/S Installation height : 6-22 m Rated working pressure : 0.8 Mpa Max working pressure : 1 Mpa Diameter pipeline connection : DN80AFF DE60-30L Max protection radius : 60 m Max water flow : 30L/S Installation height : 6-22 m Rated working pressure : 0.9 Mpa Max working pressure : 1 Mpa Diameter pipeline connection : DN80

FIRESTOPFIRESTOPPYRO-SAFEFirestop Products & SystemsKey Features : PYRO-SAFEFirestop Products & SystemsPYRO-SAFE by svt group of companies is one of the leading companies in Passive FireProtection market, with experienced more than 45 years. Various products rangesfrom building, industries, tunnels, offshore, transportations (Rolling Stock, Ships andAircraft) to customized application. PYRO-SAFE passive fire protection products andsystems have been used with great success both nationally and internationallyspanning across 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and other continents.Firestop in structures, such as land-based buildings, traffic tunnels, rolling stock, ships,offshore, aerospace vehicles, power generation, substation or submarines, is thefundamental basis and aim of passive fire protection.The idea is to divide a structure into “fire compartments”, which may contain single ormultiple rooms, for the purpose of limiting the spread of fire, smoke and flue gases, inorder to enable the three goals of fire protection:1. Life Safety2. Property Protection 3. Continuity of OperationsThe construction of such compartments and all their components is a matter ofsystems within systems, which use bounding to achieve fire-resistance ratings, allinterdependent, forming part of an overall fire safety plan. All components formingpart of such a compartment are subject to stringent bounding in countries, whereproduct certification is mandatory. To prevent the spread of flames and smoke in event of fires.To protect cable from insects and extreme environmental conditions.To extend cable lifespan.For safety of the surrounding environment. (1 kg PVC produces 0.1 L HCI hydrochloric acids) (1 kg PVC contaminates up to 1,000 m³ room air)To minimize losses of building or investments.To minimize downtimeEasy application in any location.Free maintenanceLong lifespan : up to 20 years

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