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TRS-STAR Company Portraitelectronics4UDistributionSystem SolutionsSince its foundation TRS-STAR GmbH focused on distributionof electronic components, displays and assemblies forindustrial customers as well as the Retail Market. The portfolio scopes many well-known manufacturers providing thefollowing attractive product groups: IPC SystemsIPC BoardsDisplaysMemory & StorageBatteriesPower Components Frequency ComponentsLED / LightingPEMCOGPS Tracker / RoutersProgrammable LogicLighting systemsSince 2014 TRS-STAR has an own development centerwith a team of long-term experienced engineers comingfrom various industry sectors. The core competence of thisteam covers a broad spectrum of complex applicationsrelated to Hard- and Software.We are highly dedicated to an extensive support duringdesign-in answering technical and commercial questions.TRS-STAR offers matching components even for criticalenvironments and extraordinary requirements.2In the range of Sensor Systems, a fine selection of high-endtracker solutions are available, being designed for trackingvehicles, persons and assets. Based on our long-term partnership with leading manufacturers of trackers, system integratorsand network providers, we are in the position offering standardsolutions but customized in terms of hard-, firm and Software.Besides distribution, TRS-STAR also offers a service forexcess and shortage management. Our expansive networkof global suppliers, combined with our technical expertise,enable TRS-STAR to source any component required. Sendus your shortage and hard to find requirements or checkfor stock and availability online on our webpage. Customerstake benefit from our extensive know-how which is basedon 20 years of experience. Increase your working capital bychoosing TRS-STAR to market your overstock according toyour personal needs by setting up a consignment agreement,selling your excess to TRS-STAR, or letting us promote youroverstock through the worldwide market.It would be our pleasure, if you would give us the chance toconvince you about our competences and strengths.

Product Portfolio and ServicesEngineeringPortfolioServices IPC SystemsIPC BoardsDisplaysMemory & StorageBatteriesPower ComponentsFrequency ComponentsLED / LightingPEMCOGPS Tracker / RoutersProgrammable LogicLighting systemsSourcing of EOL (End of Life) ComponentsSourcing of Allocation ComponentsImplementation of System SolutionsOverstock ManagementTechnical SupportImplementation of Logistics ConceptsAppropriate and professional Warehouse Logistics3

ProductsIPC SystemsIndustrial PCsPanel PCsRackmountTablets/ MobileDigital SignagePoS/ KioskMonitorsDigitalRack- Tablets/ DigitalSignamount Mobile ebonesIndustrialRuggedHigh PerformanceMedicalOpen FramePanel PCsFanlessIndustrial PCsEmbedded AvalueElcomKontron PoS/MonitorsKiosk LCD World IPC Boards / CPUs Industrial ni-ITXAsusMini-ITXmATXATXIndustrial Motherboards CPUs Avalue Fujitsu Kontron Intel AMD

ProductsDisplays DLC LCD World Winstar Riverdi RCL DisplayCamera Modules Controller Boards E-Paper DisplaysTouchesHolitechOLED DisplaysLC-Displays (Passiv)TFT-DisplaysLC-Displays (Passiv)Capacitive TouchesResistive TouchesOled DisplaysE-Paper DisplaysController BoardsCamera ModulesTFT-Displays Mildex Touchnetix Programmable Logic FPGA ASICDATASHEETS MIXED SIGNALEFA-BOARDS DIGITALTOOLS ANALOGSermaTRION TITANIUMEfinixASICTRION FPGA 5

ProductsMemory & StorageECC-DiMMECC-REG-DiMMMemory Cardembedded CardSSDUSBHDDSO-DiMMFlash StorageU-DiMMDRAM Memory Modules*Adata SK Hynix Samsung HDD DRAM Memory Modules:U-DiMM, SO-DiMM, ECC-DiMM,ECC-REG-DiMM Flash Storage:Memory Card, embedded Card,SSD, USB HDDSeagate Toshiba SanDisk IntelTRS-STAR *wide temperature / anti corrosion possible as additional featureBatteriesChargers Intercel Surgey Linghao / Surgezelle Fanso Light GearsDC - UPS,LithiumLead Acid:VRLA, AGMRitarNEC / NEC Energy Solutions6Battery Packs:Li-Ion, NiMh, NiCdCell: Li-Ion, NiMh, NiCd, AlkalineBattery Pack: Li-Ion, NiMh, NiCdLead Acid: VRLA, AGMChargerDC - UPS LithiumCells:Li-Ion, NiMh,NiCd, Alkaline

ProductsPower ComponentsPower Management ICsSpecial ICsAC-DC ConvertersDC-DC ConvertersLED Drivers YDS / Yuan Dean ScientificTrinno Technology EIC SemiPassive Komponenten:HV-Capacitors, MLCC,E-Caps, Thermistors,Varistors, ResistorsDiodes, Rectifiers,Thyristors, Triacs TransformersInductorsFiltersIGBTs(Discrete / Modules)UTC / Unisonic TechnologyMosfets(Discrete / Modules) Power Discrete:Mosfets, IGBTs, Diodes, Rectifiers, Thyristors, Triacs Integrated Circuits:Power Management ICs & Special ICs Power Supplies:AC-DC & DC-DC Converters & LED Drivers Passive Components:Transformers & Inductors, Filters, Ceramic- & HV-Capacitors ACAP Magic Power Fenghua Advanced Technology Wayon Ansas Semiconductors Mornsun Frequency Components Resonators MultiplexerDuplexerSGCFiltersTSTOscillators Duplexer Multiplexer ResonatorsCrystals Crystals Oscillators Filters 7

ProductsLED / LightingAlder Inolux Harvatek TRS-STAR *Automotive LEDsLED Modules &LED Light StripesUV IR LEDsNumericLED DisplaysCOB SeriesLamp LEDsSMD LEDsCOB ModulesSMD LEDsLamp LEDsCOB SeriesNumeric LED DisplaysUV IR LEDsLED Modules & LED Light StripesAutomotive LEDsCOB Modules Hongli Everlight Edison * We design and produce customer-specific COB modules outside of the standard designs.8TerminalsCables hes ConnectorsPEMCOECE Deca Vega Samwon Gabou

ProductsCellular Routers 3GUMTSCellular Routers4G LTEMobile Cellular 4G LTEAVL Router with GNSS Asset TrackerVehicle TrackerAsset Tracking SystemsPersonal TrackerCellular Routers 3G UMTSCellular Routers 4G LTEMobile Cellular 4G LTEAVL Router with GNSSAVL Tracker Personal TrackerGPS Tracker / RoutersTeltonika Queclink GenekoMeitrack Adata IoT SolutionsVehicle TrackingPersonal TrackingThe deployment of recent GPS-based tracking solutionsfor vehicles, assets and people as well as animals has moreand more become a tool to analyze and optimize complexprocesses. They offer following advantages: Real-time location Logging and monitoring of operating statuses,sensor data, alarm contacts, etc. Remote controlling and triggering of switches,relays and alarm signals Establishing voice communication Data transfer from and to external devicesAsset Trackingtimes, transit and turnover times, etc.) offer deep insightsto complex processes. Thus allowing to optimize and automatize and thereby to reduce costs. The obtained information is available via PC, Tablet PC and Smartphone –everywhere and at all times: Analysis of movement profilesRecording of measurements and journey dataMonitoring of thresholdsCompiling of automated reports (Excel, PDF, CSV)Logging of Alarm signalsVisualization of Positions and GPS coordinatesIndividual administration of access- and admin rightsOur platform visualizes the data and puts it in relation torelevant figures. These intelligent reporting and analysisfeatures (drivers log, green driving assessment, operation9

Shortage and Excess ManagementAs an independent supplier in the electronic industry weoffer our customers a service for excess and shortagemanagement.TRS-STAR Shortage-ManagementLong delivery times, discontinuations and product shortages can also occur in efficient manufacturing or salesplanning. With TRS-STAR GmbH you have a reliable partneron your side who closes the gap.In addition, we offer our customers more security to protectthemselves against substandard and counterfeit products.Upon request and if required, TRS-STAR GmbH will rely onqualified testing laboratories to immediately inspect thecomponents which come from special sourcing to ensuretheir quality.TRS-STAR Excess-ManagementWe offer our customers a custom-tailored concept, whichreturns capital from unused surplus stock. Completeexcess inventories or individual line items are sold to theglobal market in accordance with the special needs of thecustomer via consignment, commission or direct sales. Ourcustomers can choose from the following three models:1. Consignment agreement: the flexible variant2. Excess purchase: the efficient variant3. Excess stock marketing: the easy variantFor more information please visit our website -service10

Engineering-ServiceWith a team of highly experienced engineers for thedevelopment of electronic products in diverse sectors ofindustry, we offer all necessary and specific services, eitherunder one roof or in shared projects in cooperation withseveral partners: Project Management / -Coaching / DocumentationRequirement and Specification ManagementContract ManagementImplementation of the whole Development ProcessProduct Design and mechanical constructionDigital / Analog HardwaredesignFPGA DesignSoftware-, Firmware-, embedded Software Design,Windows Applications and ToolsPCB Layouts ( conform with EMC-, HF Requirements )Realisation of Productqualification and certification(i.e. EMC, CE, UL, R&TTE, FCC, E1)Specification of Production and testPrototyping ( Electronic and Mechanic)Implementation of ProductionProduction of Pre-Series and Mass ProductionKnow-howOur engineering team has, also on the basis of variety tosuccessfully implemented projects in different branches ofindustry, a detailed know-how in the areas of: Analog and Digital DesignDigital SignalprocessingASIC and FPGA DevelopmentPCB Layout ( EMC, RF, Memory )Mechanical 3D Construction and ProductdesignProduct Qualification and CertificationProject Planning and Project ManagementTechnologiesThe main technologies the TRS-STAR engineers have beenworking with are: Zigbee Network GSM, GPS, GPRSTCP/IP, UDPUART, USB, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, SATA, PATAReal Time Locating Systems (RTLS), 2,4GHzLED / Lighting DC-Power bis zu 200WMechanical Construction, 2D, 3DPCB LayoutEMC, UL, FCC, R&TTE, CE, E1, Environmental ConditionsDALI, DMX PowerlineFlash ( SLC, MLC )RFID Identification Systems ( 125KHz 5,8GHz )SD, CF, DDR SO-DIMM, SSD, Memory ProductsS.M.A.R.TC, C , C#, ASM, LUA, VBA, PEARL, QTIf you don't find your specific area, please contact us. Embedded computing with all necessary Software / FirmwareWindows / Linux / Embedded / Graphic User InterfaceProduction and Testing EnvironmentHigh Frequency in the area 125KHz 5,8 GHz11

Customer nsparencyConfidenceTRS-STAR GmbHHeadquarters Sales · MarketingSales EuropeWerner-von-Siemens-Str. 1SwitzerlandUK76297 StutenseeHofstrasse 8715, Oakley Close, Addlestone,T 49 7249 95222-08620 Wetzikon (Zürich)Surrey. KT15 [email protected] 41 76 3778343T 44 1932 lgiumLogistics · Sales · EngineeringPassatge Xaloc, 18 4T.3A.Lange Kievitstraat 116Schraderstraße 4408840 Viladecans (Barcelona)2018 Antwerpen67227 FrankenthalT 34 608 348059T 32 329 476 64T 49 6233 mania14 allée de la Vaudonnièrebd Ion Mihalache 319, bl 21, ap 1591370 Verrières le Buisson011184 Bucharest 1T 33 614 932518T 40 72 2 11 TRS-STAR. All rights reserved. Although great care has been taken in preparing this printed matter, TRS-STAR can not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.All information in here is subject to change without notice. All hardware and software names used are trade names and/or trademarks of the respective manufacturer.TRS 0 [email protected]

Vehicle Tracker Asset Tracking Systems . AVL Router with GNSS Vehicle Tracking Personal Tracking Asset Tracking The deployment of recent GPS-based tracking solutions for vehicles, assets and people as well as animals has more and more become a tool to analyze and op