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CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSCLASSIFICATION TABLESBody Shop & Painting. 51Classifications . 40Bus Dealers. 51Classification Index . 40Bus Repair . 52Classification Limitation Endorsement . 40Car Washes – Full Service. 52Motor Vehicle Reports . 40Consignment Sales . 52Other Available Lines of Business . 40Contractors Equipment Dealers . 53Service/Repair Operations . 40Contractors Equipment Repair. 54Classification Descriptions . 41Dealers – New Autos (Franchised) . 55Airbag Installation, Service or Repair . 41Dealers – Used Autos . 55Airplane Maintenance and Repair (or Any AirportPremises Exposure) . 41Dealers – Wholesale/Brokers/Internet . 55Detailers . 56Antique Auto Dealers . 41Drive-Away Contractors . 56Antique Auto Repair and Restoration . 41Electric Auto Repair. 56Auto Alarm/Stereo Installation . 42Electric Auto Sales . 56Auto Auctions . 42Emergency Vehicle Dealers . 57Auto Dismantling or Salvage Yards. 43Emergency Vehicle Repair . 57Auto Maintenance & Repair . 44Farm Equipment Dealers . 58Auto Maintenance & Repair – Self-Service . 44Farm Equipment Repair . 59Auto Parts and Accessory Sales . 45Frame/Unibody Straightening . 59Auto Pawning/Auto Title Loans . 45Fuel Conversion Shops . 60Auto Storage – No Repair . 45Gasoline Stations – Full-Service (including Auto Repair). 60Autonomous Vehicle Dealers/Self-Driving AutoDealers . 46Gasoline Stations – Self-Service (without Auto Repair). 60Autonomous Vehicle Repair/Self-Driving Auto Repair. 46Golf Cart Dealers . 60Bed Liner Installation – including Spray-On Bed LinerSales or Installation upon Automobiles . 46Golf Cart Repair . 61Handicapped Modification Dealers . 61Boat Dealers . 47Handicapped Modification Repair . 61Boat Repair – Away from Premises . 48Hazmat Haulers . 62Boat Repair – On Scheduled Premises . 49Heavy Truck Dealers. 62Boat Storage . 50Heavy Truck Repair . 633August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSIgnition Interlock Device, Breathalyzer Installation orRepair . 63Race Cars . 76Impound Yards . 64Recreational Vehicle Repair . 77Recreational Vehicle Dealer . 76Kit Cars or Other Auto Manufacturing . 65Recreational Vehicle Storage – No Repair . 77Lift Kits/Lowering Kits/Suspension Modification . 65Rental, Lease, Loan Operations. 78Limousine Conversion . 66Repossessors – For Hire . 78Locomotive/Train Car/Box Car/Railroad Car . 66Semi-Trailer Dealers . 79LPG Distributors/Dealers . 66Semi-Trailer Repair. 80Mobile Auto Repair Service/Roadside Assistance . 67Structural Alteration or Modification . 81Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Dealers or Toters. 67Structural Repair . 82Suspension Repair . 83Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Repair or Toters 68Tanker Dealers . 84Motorcycle Dealers . 69Tanker Repair . 84Motorcycle Repair . 70Tire Dealers - New . 85Navigation System Installation . 71Tire Dealers - Used . 85Non-Licensed Vehicle Dealer (ATV, UTV, Jet Ski,Snowmobile, Off-Road) . 72Tire Repair/Re-Tread . 86Non-Licensed Vehicle Repair (ATV, UTV, Jet Ski,Snowmobile, Off-Road) . 73Trailer Dealers . 87Oil/Lube Service. 74Trailer Repair . 88Parking Lots & Parking Garages . 74Upholstery . 89Performance Repair/Performance Enhancement . 74Valet Parking . 90Powder Coating/Chrome Plating . 75Van Conversion/Food Truck Conversion. 91Power Washing. 75Window Tinting . 91Public Livery Repair (Taxi, Limo, Shuttle Bus). 75Windshield Installation/Repair . 92Trailer Hitch Installation or Repair . 87Wrecker Service . 934August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSCOMPANIESThe Century Garage Underwriting Division writes coverage using the Auto Dealers Coverage Form and the GarageCoverage Form under the following names: Century Surety CompanyProCentury Insurance CompanyAmeriTrust Insurance Corporation[Risks Domiciled Outside of Arizona and Ohio][Risks Domiciled in Ohio][Risks Domiciled in Arizona]Please refer to the Garage State Availability document in Century Online (COL) for current information for each state.You can find this document in COL by selecting “Garage Downloads” in the left panel under “Quoting” and scrolling to“Applications and State Availability”.AGENT’S BINDING AUTHORITYAUTO DEALERS COVERAGE FORMCoverageAuto LiabilityGeneral Liability (BI & PD)Damage to Premises Rented to YouPersonal & Advertising Injury LiabilityGeneral Liability AggregateProducts & Work You PerformedAggregateActs, Errors, & Omissions AggregateLimit 1,000,000 1,000,000 300,000 1,000,000 3,000,000NotesSubmit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000 3,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000False Pretense 50,000 1,000,000 per location 150,000 per auto 150,000 per autoStop Gap Liability 1,000,000Dealers Physical DamageSubmit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 300,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 300,000Submit and Match the Liability Limit up to 1,000,000GARAGE COVERAGE FORMCoverageAuto LiabilityOther than Auto LiabilityDamage to Rented PremisesOther than Auto Liability AggregateBroadened Coverage – GaragePersonal Injury LiabilityLimit 1,000,000 1,000,000 300,000 3,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000Stop Gap Liability 1,000,000NotesSubmit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit and Match the Liability Limit up to 1,000,0005August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSAUTO DEALERS & GARAGE COVERAGE FORMSCoverageLocations & OperationsMedical PaymentsAuto Medical PaymentsHired Auto LiabilityBroad Form ProductsAdditional InsuredsWaiver of Subrogation(Owner of ersAuthorityPremium AuthorityLoss-Free Credit Authority*LimitNotes 5,000 5,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000 1,000,000Submit for any other limits or for any other interests 1,000,000 1,000,000 per location 150,000 per autoSubmit for Increased Limits up to 5,000,000Submit for Increased Limits up to 300,000Limit/Factor 50,0000.950.900.85NotesAll quotes in excess of 50,000 in premium are Brokerage.Insured and Loss-Free for 1 yearInsured and Loss-Free for 2 yearsInsured and Loss-Free for 3 years* Loss-Free Credits are applied automatically for New Business, but must be applied manually for Renewal Business by using the ModifyRates/Minimum Premium interface on the Garage Summary page in COL.ADDITIONAL INSUREDS & WAIVERS OF SUBROGATIONPremiums for Additional Insured, Primary and Non-Contributory, and Waiver of Subrogation coverages are always flatand fully earned. These are not subject to the return premium provisions of endorsements or cancellations.Please refer to the Named Insureds section of this document for additional information regarding naming conventionsfor Named Insureds and Additional Insureds.The following Additional Insured coverage forms are approved for use under your authority:Additional Insured CoverageLessor of Leased EquipmentGrantor of FranchiseOwners of Leased or Rented Land or PremisesDesignated Person or OrganizationDealers FormCA 2047CA 2049CA 2509CAG 17126Non-Dealers FormCAG 2047CAG 2049CAG 2509CAG 1912August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSThe following Additional Insured coverage forms are approved for use by submitting a request to your Century Garageunderwriter:Additional Insured CoverageScheduled Person or Organization – Primary and Non-ContributoryOwners of Leased or Rented Land or Premises – Primary and Non-Contributory*Owners of Leased or Rented Land or Premises – BlanketLessor – Additional Insured and Loss Payee†Blanket Additional InsuredDealers FormCAG 1752CAG 2509aCAG 2509cCA 2001VariousNon-Dealers FormCAG 1952CAG 2509bCAG 2509dCAG 2001Various* A copy of the contract requiring the Primary and Non-Contributory wording is required to be submitted with the request.† This form is used for specific autos and a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required.Use of the Waiver of Subrogation form (CA 0444) is approved for use under your authority for Owners of Premises andLandlords only. Any other exposures requiring Waiver of Subrogation must be submitted to your Century Garageunderwriter for approval.AVAILABLE DOCUMENTSCentury Online EUM: The Electronic Underwriting Manual (EUM) is accessible in COL by selecting “EUM Online” in theleft panel under “EUM”. This allows you to search for the following: Bulletins Forms Program Guidelines for Garage, General Liability, Property, Inland Marine, and Excess Liability coveragesCentury Online Garage Downloads: The following information is accessible in COL by selecting “Garage Downloads” inthe left panel under “Quoting”: Applications and State Availability Underwriting Guidelines Company Contacts Current Rating Programs (based in Excel workbooks) Discontinued Rating Programs (for Endorsements on policies rated under those programs) Endorsement Training Documents Endorsement Forms Marketing Information UM/UIM Selection and Rejection Forms Training Materials7August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSAUDITSCentury Garage is responsible for ordering all physical and voluntary audits. No audit is necessary on policies withauditable premium less than 5,000 unless you or Century Garage determines that the policy should be audited.Questions and documentation related to audits can be directed to either [email protected] or your CenturyGarage underwriter.PHYSICAL AUDITS Physical Audits are required on all policies with auditable premium in excess of 5,000.Century Garage will order physical audits from our offices. We will also process and issue the necessarypremium adjustment endorsements as necessary after we receive the Physical Audit Report.UNCOLLECTIBLE AUDIT PROCEDUREOnce an audit endorsement is received by you, suspend it for payment and follow-up in 15 days if not paid. If, after 45days but no more than 60 days from the date an endorsement is received, you have been unable to collect the premium,you may then return it to Century to take over the audit for direct collection.If you have not returned the audit to Century for direct collection and we have not received payment from you within 60days after the audit endorsement is mailed to you, the Audit Department will follow-up with you by fax or mail torequest payment within the next 10 days. If the Audit Department does not receive a response from you within 10 days,we will take over the audit for direct collection.Once Century has taken over an audit for direct collection, no commission is payable on the audit, unless you aresubsequently able to collect (through your efforts) the audit, in which case, commission is payable at 50% of the originalcommission rate on the policy. Century reserves the right to determine if successful collection was “through yourefforts”.8August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSBROKER OF RECORD LETTERSCentury Garage will accept Broker of Record letters from two sources: the insured and the incumbent retail producer.Additionally, we will not, under normal circumstances, accept Broker of Record letters mid-term. In the instance of anunusual set of circumstances that could justify a mid-term change to the Broker of Record, please submit the full detailsof the situation to Century Garage for review.Broker of Record letters are required only for accounts outside of your authority.Requirements for acceptable Broker of Record letters are as follows: Letters from the Named Insured must:o Be issued on the insured’s own letterhead.o List all Century policies to be amended including policy numbers and expiration dates.o Be signed and dated, stating that the letter applies to the renewal of the referenced policies.o List the retail broker and the new General Agent.o Be addressed to the issuing carrier (and can be in care of the new General Agent).o Be received by Century at least seven (7) business days prior to the renewal date (to allow fornotification of the change to the incumbent General Agent). Letters from the Incumbent Retail Producer must:o Be issued on the producer’s own letterhead.o List all Century policies to be amended including policy numbers and expiration dates.o Be signed and dated, stating that the letter applies to the renewal of the referenced policies.o Confirm that the letter-writer is the current producer writing this particular policy through the currentGeneral Agent and now wishes to place the renewal through the new General Agent (both GeneralAgents must be identified as such).o Be addressed to the issuing carrier (and can be in care of the new General Agent).o Be received by Century at least seven (7) business days prior to the renewal date (to allow fornotification of the change to the incumbent General Agent).9August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSCANCELLATIONS AND REINSTATEMENTSReason for Cancellation†ActionReturn Premium There is no grace period. Rewrite considerations require a submission to CenturyUnderwriting ReasonsGarage.Pro-Rate(at the request of the Company) The Notice of Cancellation must be sent by your Agencywithin 24 hours of Century’s request. Copies should beforwarded to [email protected] There is no grace period. If the reason for the cancellation has been alleviatedand proof has been received before the cancellationUnderwriting Reasonsdate, withdrawing the notice is within your authority.Pro-Rate(at the request of the Agency) If the reason for the cancellation has been alleviated,but proof has been received after the cancellation date,a submission to Century Garage is required for rewriteconsideration*. 14-Day Grace Period Applies 1st Request for Reinstatement (within the grace period):Within your authority*Pro-Rate/Short Rateper state laws andPremium Finance 1st Request for Reinstatement (outside of the graceregulationsperiod): Submit to Century Garage*nd 2 Request for Reinstatement (regardless of graceperiod): Submit to Century Garage* There is no grace period.Pro-Rate/Short Rate 1st Request for Reinstatement (before the cancellationNon-Payment of Premiumper state laws anddate): Within your authority(other than Premium Finance)regulations Any Request for Reinstatement after the CancellationDate: Submit to Century Garage* Cancellation Requests received by the Agency within 30days of the requested date: Within your authorityPro-Rate/Short Rate Cancellation Requests received by the Agency moreInsured’s Requestper state laws andthan 30 days after the requested date: Submit to(Lost Policy Release)regulationsCentury Garage with proof of duplicate coverage.o If proof is unavailable, cancellation is effective onthe date the request was received by the Agency.Requests for flat cancellations due to duplicate coverage require a submission toCentury Garage for consideration and must include the following:Flat Cancellation Proof of separate coverageo Policy Declarations, Bind Letter, or Certificate of Insurance A signed cancellation requestIf exceptional circumstances exist that merit a full reinstatement of coverage,please submit a request to your Century Garage underwriter.* A signed No Known Loss Letter is required for consideration to reinstate or rewrite.10August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSCERTIFICATES OF INSURANCECertificates of Insurance for Century Garage policies should be issued by our appointed General Agents. However, thisresponsibility may be delegated to the insured’s agent under the following conditions: Only Acord Certificates of Insurance are permissible. If other certificate forms are needed, they must besubmitted to Century Garage for consideration in advance. No terms or conditions of the policy are changed by the certificate. All certificates must be sent to the General Agent and reviewed by the appropriate parties within the GeneralAgency for consideration in advance. Any certificates submitted to you outside of these guidelines must berejected and sent back with written instructions to the insured’s agent regarding the proper procedures tofollow to correctly reissue the certificate. The reissued certificate must be sent back to you for approval. All changes to policy terms and conditions must be within your authority and endorsed onto the policy with acopy sent to Century Insurance Group. These include, but are not limited to, Additional Insureds, Waivers ofSubrogation, mandatory Notices of Cancellation, Changes in Coverage, Limits, and Policy Periods.Century Garage is not required to receive a copy of every Certificate of Insurance.The General Agent (you) will be fully responsible and will indemnify Century Insurance Group for any and all errorsand/or omissions contained within any Certificate and for the insured’s agents’ failure to issue any Certificate in fullaccordance with the guidelines herein.CLAIMSREPORTING NOTICES OF LOSSPlease report immediately to Century Claims all accidents or events that could likely give rise to a claim. Claims shouldbe reported to the Century Home Office in Westerville, Ohio through one of the following methods: If the Notice of Loss contains only loss information and no attached documentation, the loss is best reportedonline ( If the Notice of Loss contains attached documentation, the loss is best reported by fax to (614) 895-7040. If the Notice of Loss and related documentation are significantly longer than 20 pages, the loss is best reportedby sending the entire package to Century Claims by overnight delivery. In rare circumstances, claims may be reported to Century Claims by phone to (800) 825-9489. Any reporting of aloss by telephone should be immediately followed by a written report noting that the loss had been reportedand when the loss was reported to Century Claims.11August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSSUMMONS AND COMPLAINT-HANDLINGInitially, an attempt should be made to discern “who” was served the lawsuit, “when” they were served the suit, and“how” the suit was delivered. However, transmission of the suit to Century Claims should not be delayed if thisinformation is not immediately available. If this information cannot be obtained on the same day of your notice, simplyforward the lawsuit to Century Claims immediately. Lawsuits should be delivered to Century Claims according to thefollowing guidelines: If the lawsuit itself is approximately 20 pages or fewer, please fax the suit to (614) 895-7040. If significantlylonger than 20 pages, the suit can be sent by overnight delivery. Information regarding “who” was served,“when” they were served, and “how” they were served can be supplemented later. The delivery of the suit by fax or overnight delivery should be accompanied by a phone call to Century Claims to(800) 878-7389 by an appropriate representative of the General Agency. This will ensure that the suit has beenreceived and avoid potential difficulties in protecting the interests of the insured. When sending the lawsuit to Century Claims, indicate when the suit was received in your office. Lawsuits should not be sent to Century Claims by regular mail except as a photocopy/duplicate ofdocumentation previously faxed or sent by overnight delivery.ASSIGNMENT OF CLAIMSThe Claims Department at Century makes all assignments to independent adjusters and defense attorneys. When beingadvised of a loss, please advise or assist the insured in taking the necessary measures to make temporary repairs tomitigate further loss.Opening and Closing Notices for Claims are provided to the General Agent. Inquiries regarding the current status ofclaims should be directed to the assigned claim examiner (noted on the Opening Notice). Our phone number for generalclaim information is (800) 878-7389.All claim checks are issued by Century Insurance Group and this authority is not delegated to any agent.12August 2021

CENTURY GARAGEGUIDELINES & CLASSIFICATIONSCOMMUNICATIONCentury Insurance Group – Scottsdale, Arizona(888) 651-6424Century Insurance Group – Westerville, Ohio(800) 878-7389Century Insurance GroupP.O. Box 163340Columbus, Ohio 43216Select “Underwriting Directory” in the leftpanel of Century Online (COL) under “CenturyInformation.Western Regional Office (Garage Underwriting)Eastern Regional OfficeMailing AddressPersonnel DirectoryAuditsClaims (New Claim Reports and Support)Documents, Endorsements, and Policy IssuanceInspectionsPolicy Number BlocksSubmissions/Quotes/Bind RequestsSame-Day y.comDEALERS PHYSICAL DAMAGE COVERAGEDealers Physical Damage Coverage contemplates the dealer’s owned autos, invent

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