Student Housing Assignment PacketGreetings from the Regent Commons Student Housing Office! We are excited to welcome you to our residentialcommunity at Regent University.The information contained in this packet is provided to assist you in preparing for your upcoming move in date here in theRegent Commons.Your Housing Assignment PacketYour housing assignment packet contains the following:Student Information CardWhat Should I Bring to Campus ListInformation about Cox CommunicationsAccess Card, Intercom System, & Mail Service InformationMaintenance Service InformationAt this point, you are probably wondering what to do next. You will need to review and understand this information beforemoving in. A general idea of how to proceed is listed below: Complete the Student Information Card (print and bring with you to the office at move-in) Review the “What Should I Bring to Campus?” List (acceptable/prohibited items) Review Cox Communications Information (for questions during set-up of services, call Cox at1.877.627.5656) Review and become familiar with Access Card, Intercom System & Mail Service Information (commityour soon-to-be new address to memory) Review and become familiar with Maintenance policies and procedures (especially how to submit awork order online)*Renters InsuranceIt is strongly recommended that all residents have insurance coverage for their possessions. Whether or not you‟recovered under your parent‟s homeowner‟s policy, it is wise to keep an individual policy to cover things like: computers,stereos, televisions, clothing, books, cameras or any other valuables that are kept in your apartment. Regent StudentHousing does not carry individual insurance coverage for each residents possession and in the unlikely event of theft, fireor any other accident, it is necessary that residents are covered.

Regent University – Student Information CardLast Name, First Name, M.I.Birth dateBanner/University ID# (if known)Building Assignment and Apt. /Room #Email AddressHome Phone #Room Phone #Cell Phone #Home Street AddressCityStateZipAllergies:Medical Conditions (if applicable):Medications / Special Needs:Emergency Contact Names(s):()Home Phone #()Work Phone #()Cell Phone #In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize Regent University staff or qualified medical personnel to call myEmergency Contacts listed above.Student SignatureDatePlease Read Before Signing:I understand that Student Housing Policy on after hours lockouts requires that a charge be added to my student accountto cover the costs of lock changes and new keys being made. I further understand that during normal business hourseach lockout after the THIRD ONE will automatically result in an administrative charge being placed on my studentaccount. Administrative charges will occur as follows: 25.00 for the 4th lockout, 50.00 for the 5th lockout and 75.00for the 6th and all subsequent alDateInStaffInitialAttention Student Housing Staff Members: Please remember to also fill out the Lockout Key Log. Complete aLockout/Key Billing Form (if applicable). Flip this card to vertical position while the temporary key is out. If all the abovespaces are filled, staple an additional Student Information card to this one.

Office of Student HousingWhat Should I Bring to Campus?All apartments in the Regent Commons are furnished with the following: extra long twin bed (in studio and four bedroomapartments), queen bed (in single occupancy one bedroom apartments), desk, desk chair, dresser drawers, TV stand,drop leaf table and chairs, sofa, blinds, closet, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, stove/oven, dishwasher, and garbagedisposal. All provided furniture and appliances cannot be removed from your apartment. Please be advised that storage isnot provided in the residence halls.Be sure to bring:Linens (sheets, comforter, pillow cases, mattress cover)PillowsTowels/washclothsToilet paperShower curtainDishes and eating utensilsBibleYou can also bring:ComputerTVDVD playerVideo game systemsToasterCoffee makerAlarm clockPower strips (must have reset button)Cleaning suppliesDust buster/vacuumLaundry basket and detergentClothes hangersIron and ironing boardBike and lock (outside racks provided)Trash canTension rod for curtainsSmall nails, picture hangers, or putty for wall decorationsUmbrellaFlashlightAnything that will make your room feel more like homeDo NOT bring:Candles, candle warmers, or incenseExtension cords, multi-plug adapters, oroutlet splitters, plug-in air freshenerswith additional outletsPets (except fish in freshwater tanks nolarger than 5 gallons)Firearms, ammunition, fireworks,explosives or weapons of any kindSteel tipped darts and dart boardsBB/pellet guns, air soft guns, orpaintball gunsAlcoholic beverages (including empties)and paraphernaliaTobacco products and paraphernaliaSpace heaters3M Command StripsWallpaper (including borders)Homemade lofts, stilts, or cinderblocksWireless routersTraffic SignsPressurized containers (CO2, propane)Fuels (kerosene, gasoline, propane)We look forward to having you join our residential community. Should you have any questions regarding this list pleasecontact Student Housing at 757-352-4894 or [email protected]

Cox CommunicationsCox Communication provides both the explanded cable television and wired/wireless internet services in the RegentCommons. These services are included in your housing fees. Residents need to bring their own coaxial cable for cabletelevision and ethernet cable for wired internet. For any cable TV or internet issues, please call Cox Communications at1.877.627.5656. The current support hours for Internet technical support are 7am to 10pm ET.To set up a landline phone in your room call:222-1111 or visit Expanded Cable Television Channel Lineup in the Regent 8293031323334353637My NetworkWTKR – CBSWSKYLNC - 5UNC TVWGNT - CWCNNLifetimeWAVY - NBCCOX 11ESPNWVEC – ABCWVBT – FOXWHRO – PBSFXCartoon NetworkUSA NetworkABC FamilyWHRE – TBNMTVMSNBCThe Weather ChannelCNBCCNN Headline NewsHGTVA&ENickelodeonThe Learning ChannelDiscoveryComedy CentralCMTVERSUSComcast Sports NetworkBETTV 636465666768707195969799Disney ChannelMid Atlantic Sports NetworkSci-Fi ChannelE! Entertainment TVTBSAnimal PlanetC-SPANC-SPAN 2INTERCOM CHANNELREGENT STUDENT HOUSING NEWSVirginia Beach Government TelevisionIONQVCShopHSNAmerican Movie ClassicsSpike TVCourt TVDiscovery HealthHistory ChannelESPN 2BravoTravel ChannelSpeed ChannelFox NewsMTV 2TNTVH-1Food NetworkUnivisionCable Mart/Leased AccessGo Scout HomesTV GuideWGNShop NBC

Access Card InformationIn order to gain access to your Regent Commons apartment building an Access Card is necessary (for both students andspouses of students). The following steps will explain what is necessary in order to be issued an Access Card.1. Sign housing contract in the Regent Commons Office and immediately proceed to the Student Services Office(SC 201) located in the Student Center. Student Services office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. OnTuesday’s the office remains open until 6 p.m. Residents moving in outside business hours or during aweekend will receive a temporary access card with their housing assignment key.2. Present to the Student Services staff your Driver‟s License or other picture ID so that we can verify that you are acurrent student/Regent Commons resident.3. The Student Services staff will issue you an Access Card that will admit you into your assigned apartmentbuilding. This Access Card will also be your ID card for the University.4. If this Access Card is ever lost it is imperative that you contact Student Services ([email protected] or 757-3524957) and inform us that your card has been lost.5. Should your card be lost on the weekend or after 5 p.m. during the week (when our office is closed) contactCampus Security who will contact the Regent Commons RA staff member who is on call and they will get you intothe building. Regent Commons will assign you a temporary Access Card until you can visit our office to replaceyour Access Card.6. Access Cards are 15 to replace.Intercom SystemRegent Commons is locked 24 hours 7 days a week for the safety of students. It will be necessary for your visitors to ringyour apartment on the intercom when visiting you. Visitors will need to know your apartment number. Visitors will be ableto scroll the directory by apartment to locate your intercom number. Once your apartment number is visible the “CALL”button should be pressed. The telephone in your apartment will ring letting you know that you have a visitor at theentrance door. You will not need to have a landline to use this function, you just simply need to purchase an inexpensivetelephone and plug it into the telephone outlet. When the telephone rings you can turn your television to channel 46 to seewho is visiting you or pick-up the handset and talk to the visitor. If you want your visitor to enter the building you mustpress 9 on the telephone after lifting the handset to talk with them. For the safety of all residents you should never allowanyone access to the building that you do not know.Please contact the Regent Commons Student Housing Office if you require additional instructions on operating theIntercom System.Mail ServiceEach housing assingment in the Regent Commons is assigned a mailbox located in the lobby of the building. This mailboxis attended to by the United States Postal Service. Every resident is assigned a mailbox key (except with four bedroomapartments where only two mailbox keys are isssued). For example, in the four bedroom apartment 101 mailbox #101 inthe lobby holds all the mail for rooms A, B, C & D within that housing assignment. There is a 25.00 charge for lostmailbox keys.Your Mailing Address:Your mailing address will be: Building (1117 or 1133) Centerville Turnpike Apartment #, Virginia Beach, VA 23464For example: 1117 Centerville Turnpike Apartment #125, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Regent University Student HousingMaintenance HandoutStudent Housing Maintenance Staff is committed to serving you in an efficient and Christ like manner. This meansthat we implement biblical principles like respect, stewardship, and accountability by quick response time, goodcommunication, and a high quality of work.1. Maintenance Requests can be submitted online through SchoolDude. SchoolDude is available through the StudentHousing website in the ‘Request Forms’ section ( Once there, click on‘Maintenance Request.’ This system will also allow you to track your requests. Please read all instructions beforesubmitting your request and be sure to provide your building and apartment number. Include as much information aspossible when describing the problem you are having and include your telephone number should we need to call forclarification. The submittal password for SchoolDude is „password.‟Once you submit your request, Maintenance Staff will respond within 24 hours.Requests submitted over the weekend will be addressed on Monday.A maintenance request is your invitation for us to enter your apartment at our earliest convenience to respondto your request. Maintenance Staff will knock several times before entering your apartment and announcethemselves to respect your privacy.2. Someone is always on-call for emergencies between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00am on weekdays and all day on weekendsand holidays. If you have an emergency maintenance request, contact Regent Police Department at (757)226-2075only IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Maintenance will not respond to routine maintenance needs after hours and theyreserve the right to use their discretion. Emergencies consist of:Plumbing emergencieso Clogged toilet (If there is only one toilet in the apartment and you were not able to clear the clog whenplunging it yourself)o A leak that cannot be taken care of by placing a small bowl under the leakCompletely inoperative refrigerator or stoveInoperable Air Conditioner when outside temperature is above 80 FInoperable heat when outside temperature is below 50 FInability to close and/or secure the front door to your apartmentLoss of electricity to your entire apartment3. A weekly inspection of the grounds and buildings (not individual apartments) is conducted to ensure safety,convenience, and cleanliness for residents. If we need to enter your apartment when you have not placed a requestwe will give you 24-hours written notice. Examples would be air filter changes and inspections for damage.Emergencies are the only time we will not provide 24-hour notice.4. Please remember God‟s stewardship principles. It is your home right now, but it is also student housing and will bethe home of many others in the future. Please take care of your apartment with this in mind.Please assist us in keeping the grounds clean by not litteringPlease don‟t place furniture in or around the dumpsters ( 25 fee per item).Lock bikes only to provided bike racksPlease report maintenance or safety issues on the grounds or common areas via SchoolDude.5. As a resident you will be responsible for any damage in the apartment due to neglect or carelessness. You will becharged for the cost of repair parts and the time spent repairing the damage. Please conduct routine checks of yourapartment to look for leaks under sinks, leaks in ceilings, etc. If you have any question about your responsibilities asa resident please feel free to call the Regent Commons Student Housing Office at 757-352-4890.Student Housing Maintenance Staff is looking forward to doing everything we reasonably can to make your timeat Regent a pleasurable experience. We thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Cox Communication provides both the explanded cable television and wired/wireless internet services in the Regent Commons. These services are included in your housing fees. Residents need to bring their own coaxial cable for cable television and ethernet cable for wired internet. For any cable TV