5 Benefits of HR& Payroll Solutionsfor Retail & Wholesale

Whether you’re in the office or on the floor, theright human resources (HR) and payroll solutionoffers benefits that keep your business runninglike a well-oiled machine.Unified Solutions for FranchisesHR and payroll solutions give franchisees andmulti-site businesses what they need to streamlinetheir operations. Run each entity as a standalone for day-to-daymanagement.But when it comes to finding the right fit for your organization, an off-theshelf solution may not have all the features you need today, let alone theones you’ll need down the road. Getting access to tools and information thatare flexible to bring value now and well into the future will pave the way tomeeting and exceeding your goals.Though, historically, businesses had to adapt to what was available inexisting HR solutions, you have far more options through today’s technology.Now, you can find hand-in-glove solutions customized to fit the nuances ofyour unique needs and goals from the outset of the process — not the otherway around.In the world of retail and wholesale, a customized solution is paramountto staying competitive — and compliant — in a cutthroat industry with highturnover and low profit margins.A robust, all-in-one platform offers retail and wholesale businesses anumber of unique and important benefits. From improving employeeretention to keeping up with changing regulations and adapting to marketfluctuations, there are more than a few ways the right solutions canstreamline your HR and payroll processes and help you create a bettertomorrow for your business. Roll up all data at a corporate level for reporting,tax filings, and more. Access all HR functions in one convenient hub. Get personalized account management with onepoint of contact. Easily upload payroll information into yourpreferred accounting platform and general ledger. Eliminate manual entry and save time onaccounting tasks with automated and customizedadd-on features. Seamlessly integrate with third-party healthcareand retirement benefits vendors via openarchitecture software. View labor costs by a single company—or evensingle location—or see an aggregate view thatshows the entire estimated payroll for the period. Generate custom reports that drill down bylocation, employee status, manager, and more.

Effortlessly manage payroll,tax compliance, expenses,and more.1Level up your payroll processes with employee self-service, customreporting, and other features that help your business conquer thebasics, improve payroll accuracy, make compliance a breeze, andgain insights to power decision-making. Time historically wastedon manual and redundant data entry, collecting employee actionforms, and keeping track of expenses becomes time to focus on moreimportant things — like building up your workforce and preparing yourbusiness for tomorrow. Automated payroll functions mean you caneasily keep up with schedule changes (including shift-swapping) andshort-notice workforce fluctuations. Plus, you can support overtime,PTO, and prorated and retroactive pay with minimal disruption to yourprocesses, even when these changes fall in the middle of a pay period.What’s more, your employees get modern, innovative capabilitieslike 24/7 mobile access to their personal information with a mobileapp and even access to a portion of earned wages. No more tediouspaperwork-shuffling or sifting through spreadsheets.Visit the Payroll page. Learn more about On DemandPayment, Garnishment Managed Services, ExpenseManagement, and Workers' 877.727.8636 Copyright 2020 Paylocity. All Rights Reserved.

Easily trackschedules, time,and labor.2Replace manual tracking and data entry withautomated functions that make it easy for you tomaintain high accuracy all while accommodatingfluctuations in your staffing needs. Streamlinedattendance, scheduling, absence management,request approvals, and labor analytics are nowin a single integrated system that can help youmaximize efficiency and forecast labor demand.What’s more, employees can clock in/out, requesttime off, access checks, tax forms, schedules,timesheets, and more — all from their phone.Modern time and labor solutions empower you toboost organizational productivity and employeeengagement while reducing labor costs.Visit the Workforce Management page.Learn more about Time & Labor, Time ClockKiosks, and Labor 877.727.8636 Copyright 2020 Paylocity. All Rights Reserved.

Win the battle for top talentand get them to stay.3Finding — and keeping — qualified employees and right-sizingyour workforce are critical in industries like retail and wholesale,which have historically struggled with high turnover rates. The rightHR and payroll software allows you to stay ahead of these challengesby quickly converting applicants to employees and providing anexperience that encourages new workers to stick around. Intuitive toolsfast-track your ability to hire quality candidates while streamlinedonboarding eliminates the endless paperwork, consolidates data,and opens the line of communication with the new employeebefore their start date. What’s more, predictive analytics will helpyou create a more transparent employee lifecycle, make betterinformed workforce decisions, and tailor your talent strategies tokeep you ahead of the competition. Plus, an on-demand, integratedlearning management system (LMS) empowers you to design,assign, and track bite-size, hyper-relevant learning and developmentopportunities that focus on new skills, policies, products, and more,even on mobile devices. Add to that the ability to quickly verifyan employee’s work eligibility, and you’ve got an all-around thatempowers you to find, hire, and keep the best workers.Visit the Talent page. Learn more aboutRecruiting, Onboarding, Journals, and 877.727.8636 Copyright 2020 Paylocity. All Rights Reserved.

Create a culturethat keeps employeesengaged.4For today’s employees, a culture of transparency isn’tjust a nice-to-have — they demand it. What’s more,your workers crave connection, recognition, andfeedback from both their peers and their managers.The good news? Modern HR and payroll solutions withintegrated, mobile-friendly social collaboration toolshelp you centralize accurate and timely companyinfo while giving employees the connection theywant so they can be more engaged, aware, andproductive. Colleagues can connect around projects,initiatives and interests, and recognize each otherfrom anywhere. Plus, it’s easier than ever to keepyour finger on the pulse of your workforce throughadvanced survey technology that allows you toefficiently gather feedback, so you can respond quicklyto workforce issues and take steps to improve yourcompany culture and co-create the organizationthat you — and your employees — want.Visit the Engagement page. Learn more aboutCommunity, Surveys, and Peer 877.727.8636 Copyright 2020 Paylocity. All Rights Reserved.

Proactive compliancegives you peace of mind.5You know regulatory changes can come fast and furious,meaning compliance can be tricky — not to mentiontime-consuming and costly. A comprehensive compliancedashboard empowers you to keep your business andworkforce in lockstep with constantly-shifting regulationsand related changes to policies and procedures. Today’sHR and payroll solutions offer the ability to centralizeimportant records (eg, work authorization, AffordableCare Act, and document acknowledgment) and give youaccess to robust data insights (eg, Equal EmploymentOpportunity data; progress on anti-violence, sexualharassment, and cybersecurity training) and help youeasily understand and identify areas that need attention.By being proactive and staying ahead of compliance,your business can effectively mitigate risk, helpemployees stay safe, and focus on productivity.Visit our Compliance Dashboardpage to learn 877.727.8636 Copyright 2020 Paylocity. All Rights Reserved.

Paylocity's modern, all-in-one platform allowsyou to right-size your solution, so you haveeverything you need — and nothing you don’t.Our intuitive, cloud-based HR and payroll platform empowers you tomake strategic, data-based decisions in the areas of benefits, core HR,payroll, talent, and workforce management, while cultivating a modernworkplace and improving employee engagement. When it comes tosmart, streamlined software that matches the DNA of your organizationand exceptional service from people who care about your success,Paylocity is the partner you need to tackle the challenges of today soyou can focus on building a stronger tomorrow for your business.Want to learn more about Paylocity’s HR and payroll solutionsfor retail and wholesale?Click here to get a guided tour of Paylocityin action with a solutions expert.

What’s more, employees can clock in/out, request time off, access checks, tax forms, schedules, timesheets, and more — all from their phone. Modern time and labor solutions empower you to boost organizational productivity and employee engagement while r