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Playbook Overview

GPMIP Playbook DevelopmentCommon denominators for GPMIP Playbook SolutionsStrategic AlignmentAdoptabilityConsistencyElements must help acquiringcompany drive intendedacquisition objectives andintegration metricsBenefits and advantages ofPlaybook utilization must beobvious to users andstakeholdersPlaybook and supporting toolsmust be seamlessly integratedto enable optimaldeployment and consistentapplication acrosstransactionsSimplicityKnowledge TransferFlexibilityDon’t overbuild!Focus on basic needs first andlayer in complexity as neededPlaybook must be highlytrainable and help facilitateknowledge transfer to IMOleaders to quickly buildinternal capabilitiesConstruction andorganization of Playbook mustbe flexible & modular toenable users to select whatthey need for differing M&Ascenarios3

Playbook ObjectivesCreate a sustainable core competency to support M&A activities:Provide a consistent but flexible integration process & methodology for M&AProvide a comprehensive training resource for new integration leads and IntegrationManagement Office (IMO) teamsEmpower integration teams with an efficient process and supporting tools & templatesEnable business leaders to mobilize an integration quickly and efficiently using provenmethods and techniquesApplicability to full, functional and/or partial integration scenariosProvide flexibility and adaptability for specific requirements:Applicable to all acquisition scenarios (bolt-on, platform consolidations, adjacent marketacquisitions, vertical integrations etc.)Deployable across multiple concurrent transactions and geographiesFlexibility to accommodate varying transaction sizes and levels of complexityThe Integration Playbook users can select and/or deselect the specific process steps andsupporting tools/templates they need based on the size and complexity of their transaction(i.e. not all playbook process steps may be required for certain transactions)4

Solution ArchitectureDynamic playbook solution covers integration planning and executionprocess, tools & templates, program management support and trainingComprehensive Excelbased processoverviewSupporting tool &template libraryOnline portal tofacilitate overallprogrammanagementTraining to facilitateinternal knowledgetransfer and application5

Basic Playbook DesignPhasing covers all pre-close and post-close requirements for integrationplanning & e-DealPre-PlanningMobilizationExecution& CloseContentsPlaybook also includes metric tracking and a glossary for user onboarding1Pre-Deal Phase2Pre-Planning Phase3Mobilization4Execution5Optimization and CloseDedicated tabs foreach phase coverall programmanagementelements (see nextslides)6

Phasing DetailsEach Phase includes detail on what, who, when and decision needs3MobilizationDescription:The Mobilizat ion phase is where t he ext ended funct ional leads areengaged and t he comprehensive int egrat ion and Day 1 plans aredevelopedObjectives:Engage t he ext ended IMO t eam and provide all required direct ion,guidance and IMO processes t o init iat e and manage t he int egrat ionand Day 1 plan developmentPersonnel: #YYY# & IMO Lead Team Team Leads Target Int egrat ion Lead (s) IMO Admin SupportKey Decisions: Communicat ions mat erials Target inclusion in weekly processTiming: Allow minimum of 30 days t o complet e all mobilizat ion phasedeliverables7

Step and Activity DetailAll activities include owner, deliverable and links to tools & templates2Pre-Planning PhaseActivities: 57StepActiv ityOwnerDeliv erableTools/Templates1. IMO LogisticsSecure IMO admin resource and IMO meeting spaceIMO PMDedicated Admin Sample logistics overviewresource1. IMO LogisticsConfirm/create Project Name and create portalIMO PMProject Name and See #CompName# Portal as exampleSharePoint1. IMO LogisticsConfirm project charge codes or cost centers for integration related IMO PMexpensesbilling codes1. IMO LogisticsFinalize functional workplan template/toolIMO LTWorkplan template Sample XXX template on Portal2. Data HarvestingEstablish data harvesting process & protocolsIMO PMData harvestingprocess overviewSample Process overview2. Data HarvestingCreate data request templatesIMO PMData requesttemplateData request templateCharge cose and cost center template8

Best Practices for TrainingAlso includes are implementation best practices & key considerations3MobilizationConsiderations: Make sure IMO kick off deck includes guiding principlesslides (see Pivot sample) If possible, schedule the inclusion of target company IMOmembers at least 2-3weeks prior to close Work directly with Leads if needed to get functional plandrafts completed on time Use IMO time to socialize functional plans so Leads areaware of other work (not just their own) Prioritize and track Day 1 mandatories Allow at least 30 days for stakeholder circulation and editsfor Day 1 talking points and key messages (there will be lots ofrevisions!) Address any IMO meeting attendance issues immediatelyand reset expectations if necessary Avoid “gun jumping” (integrating before close)9

Sample Tool & Template LibraryGovernance & Pre-PlanningExecution RelatedGovernance Model(s) & ProcessIntegration Resourcing Model(s)Scorecards & MeasurementsIMO Roles & ResponsibilitiesFunctional WorkplansEnd State Process TrackingIMO InfrastructureRisk AssessmentCommunication Plan/MatrixesIntegration Strategy & ObjectivesTalent Assessment WorksheetsIssues/Risk LogsIMO Weekly Meeting Structure/AgendasCultural & Change AssessmentsTool Usage GuidelinesIntegration DashboardOn Boarding process/materialsEscalation protocolsFunctional Status Reporting TemplatesIMO Kick Off agendas/decksCross Functional Dependency MappingPre-Close Legal GuidelinesSynergy identification & trackingEmployee Communication PlansIMO & Team ChartersStrategic FrameworkDivestiture/TSA Planning TemplatesDiscovery process & checklistsDay 1 Framework PlanningDay 1 /Week 1 PlannersFunctional Org ModelsTalent Assessment ProcessAfter Action Reviews (lessons Learned)DD to Integration Process FlowsFirst 30/90 TemplatesEmployee SurveysData Harvesting Process/TemplatesRetention Planning WorksheetsWorkstream prioritization matricesIMO CalendarDay 1 ChecklistsScope Change RequestsPlaybook Scope/UsageTransaction Scenario MatrixPhasing ConstructsIMO BudgetingGuiding PrinciplesTraining & OrientationIntegration Leader RequirementsTool Evaluation Criteria10

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Integration & Playbook CredentialsGPMIP Integration Experience:Over 230 integration, divestiture & carve out projectsTransaction size range from 5M to 35B (average clients are small to mid cap companies)Experience in nearly 2 dozen countriesPlaybook Experience: DomesticMedical device company (US)Research and economic developmentinstitute (US)Playbook Experience: InternationalGlobal international trading company(Japan)Consumer Healthcare company (UK)Construction materials & managementcompany (US)Telecommunications Equipment(Sweden)Automotive supply (US)Multinational conglomerate (Germany)Wireless Telecommunications (US)Global electronics manufacturer(Holland)Playbook methodology for Big 4 globalconsultancy (Global)Computer storage (Israel)13

GPMIP is the home of experienced M&Aintegration and carve-out consultantsWe build the best consulting teams to fit your requirements: country, M&Aintegration / carve-out experience, industry sector, languages and other skillsets15260 M&AprojectsPartners1 Team1MethodologyOffices in13countriesM&AAssociatesworldwideSenior on-demand M&A experts worldwide14

Our ExpertiseExclusively focused on post merger integration and separation, GPMIPdelivers projects at greater efficiency than traditional consulting firms,maximizing capabilities, experience, and expertise.Best PracticesSourcing & DD SupportIntegration PlanningIntegration DeliveryTrainingTransactiondevelopmentProgram execution integrationsM&A strategicanalysis carve-outs strategic assumptions tool sets aligning thetransaction rationalewith strategy integrationmanagement officesetup post-close deep-diveanalysis of due diligence project management integration approach workstream executionand supportOpportunity analysis 100 days planningTransformation target selection communication plan non-fin due diligence culture plan synergy quantification& qualification risk map andmitigation plan carve-outs organizational design playbookdevelopment cultural fit Coverage of allworkstreamsCenter ofexcellence set upCustomizedmethodology integrations audits and reviews businessdevelopment operationaldevelopment15

How We EngageWe provide services specific to requirements: geography / M&Aintegration experience / business line experience.the alternative to the large, traditional consulting firmsinternational partnership firm, supported by extensive network of local associatespre- and post-merger integration and carve out servicesexperience from 230 M&A projectsonly expertsembedded into our clients’ teams,activating clients’ stafftrue richness of knowledge, skills andoperational experienceSenior on-demand experts worldwide16

Differentiation – Why Clients Choose GPMIPWe focus on the Lean concept of Value Demand by providing the rightresources at the right time for our pacity toScaleGeographicFootprintIntegration &SeparationFocusLeverage &Build In-HouseTeamsOn-DemandExpertiseModelLocal ResourcesGloballyInterconnectedWide Breadth ofServicesBrandRecognitionConsultant StaffLeveragedModelGlobal idualScalabilityLocal ResourcesIndependentContractors17

Typical Project nagementIntegration Management Workstream DeliveryTraining at acquiring company and/or target locationsEducate internal staff to efficiently take on Integration responsibilities and activitiesPlanning workshops for playbook developmentLead executive workshops to quickly establish the integration vision and overall integration planIntegration managementProvide management resources for the duration of the engagement leading internal teams atonsite locationsIntegration management workstream deliveryBoth manage and fill the gaps in workstreams where client resources are unavailable.Capacity to take on all workstreams and own the overall integration effort18

GPMIP Partners & Associate PartnersAn expanding global coverage to be more and more localGilles OurvoiePartner, FranceAndrew ScolaPartner, UKEitan GrosbardPartner, IsraelMichael HolmPartner, SwedenChristophe Van GampelaerePartner, BelgiumThomas KesslerPartner, GermanyScott WhitakerPartner, USSteve CootePartner, AustraliaStefan HofmeyerPartner, USMasaki YamamotoPartner, JapanMakoto IdenoPartner, JapanRobert YuPartner, ChinaGünther JauckPartner, AustriaSergio BrunoPartner, ItalyDavid SneijderAssociate Partner, NetherlandsJean-Yves DevallezAssociate Partner, LuxembourgColin HopkinsAssociate Partner, UKOrlane MarinAssociate PartnerM&A Strategy, PMI,organizational transformationM&A, PMI, strategy, telecom,tech & mobile device industryAcquisition & carve out,methodology, author & trainerStrategy, R&D management,Organizational design, HR mgmtM&A, WC & spend mgmt.,certified turnaround expertM&A, PMI, Sales & MarketingGPMIP tech sector lead,Carve-out DirectorM&A programs, finance lead,trainer, TSAsStrategic planning andimplementation, M&APMI, org design, HRmanagement, culture andchangeStrategy, M&AStrategy, Pre-Deal, IMO,Programme management,Trainer, M&A DesignHigh tech expert, M&A Strat., DD,PMI, HR & ChM leadM&A, TSAs, corporate finance,op. improvement, trainerProgram, process, & cross-borderfacilitation expertStrategy, IMOSalesM&A, Integration, Six sigma,change managementM&A, Integration19

Thought LeadershipOur team delivers the most comprehensive acquisition integration experiencethrough published books, training, workshops, and hands-on execution.Mergers & AcquisitionIntegration PlaybookAuthored by GPMIPPartner Scott WhitakerTurnaround Navigationin Stormy TimesCo-Authored by GPMIPPartner Guenther JauckPotential Areas ofConflict in MergersBy GPMIP Partner,Guenther JauckCross Border Mergers &AcquisitionsEdited by GPMIPPartner Scott Whitakerwith contributions from10 GPMIP Partners from9 Countries(Available April 2016)20

communication plan culture plan risk map and mitigation plan Coverage of all workstreams Program execution post-close deep-dive analysis of due diligence project management workstream execution and support Transformation audits and reviews business deve