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DONATE LIFE AMERICACommitted to increasing the number of donated organs,eyes and tissue available to save and heal lives, whilecontinuing to develop a culture where donation isembraced as a fundamental human responsibility.

Dear Friends,Donate Life America’s Board of Directors took to heart advice from Facebook after the launch of the 2012 Timeline DonorStatus Campaign. The advice: create a single national call to action, streamline online registrations and make registeringmobile friendly. The response: the board envisioned and designed a national donor registry that could address the challengesuncovered with the Facebook partnership. In September of 2015, DLA officially launched the National Donate Life Registry( This innovative move has now resulted in multiple new national partnerships.Walgreens is distributing millions of pharmacy bag inserts each month with messaging encouraging donor registration andpointing to the National Donate Life Registry. Leo Burnett and Ogilvy & Mather (two of the top ad agencies in the world)are both executing pro-bono national campaigns driving registrations to Starting in the fall of 2016, everyiPhone user in the United States will have the ability to register as a donor through the iPhone Health App. These iPhoneregistrations will be passed directly into the National Donate Life Registry. DLA was pleased to present many of these newpartnerships during the White House Organ Summit held this past June.The possibility of a national registry also intrigued The Martin Agency, another top international advertising and marketingagency, to consider making a gift to the donation and transplantion community. The Martin Agency subsequently created anational strategy to engage consumers (particularly young men) in a culturally relevant way and to inspire them to registeras organ, eye and tissue donors. The first element of the strategy launched in partnership with the National Kidney Foundationand Sigma Pi Fraternity in August of 2016 with the “edgy” short film featuring the fictional character Coleman Sweeney.During the first week after launch, the campaign generated more than 50 million online views and more than doubled registryrates in the National Donate Life Registry.While we are encouraged by the partnerships specifically mentioned here and those detailed in this update, we recognizethe need to continue to explore how to best serve our community and those depending on us. Over the next year, the DLABoard of Directors will be determining the best role for the organization in living donation education. We will continue topursue new and innovative corporate partnerships to help drive donor registration opportunities, and we will be evaluatingthe new campaigns and strategies launched over the past year to determine the best next steps for the future. Our theme forthe coming year: Provide hope, healing and life to as many people as possible, as creatively as necessary.As a culture, we naturally gravitate to “places” where we meet to discuss business and politics, catch-up with an old friend,share our ideas, or start a meaningful relationship. Today, this might be a coffee house, local tavern, office break room or evensocial media. Wherever you choose to go, it is likely a familiar place where you feel comfortable sharing new ideas, youfeel comfortable discussing a difference of opinion, you feel comfortable being honest. For the donation and transplantationcommunity, we hope one of these “places” is Donate Life America—a place to meet, connect, share and explore new andinnovative strategies for saving and healing lives. Please join us.Jason K. WoodyChairG. David FlemingPresident & CEO2016 ANNUAL UPDATE1

PUBLIC OUTREAC HThe National Donate LifeRegistry, RegisterMe.orgThe National Donate Life Registry, launchedin September 2015 and managed by Donate LifeAmerica, is the first Donate Life Communitydeveloped and supported national organ, eyeand tissue donor registry.AccessThe National Donate Life Registry is accessedsecurely by recovery organizations in everystate. The majority of state registries also havea single search process in place that allows forsimultaneous donor registration search in both thestate registry and the National Donate Life Registry.National Donate Life Registry60,471as of July 31, 2016National Donate Life Registry,, landing pageDataData from the National Donate Life Registry, as well as stateregistries, are included in each quarterly donor designationreport from Donate Life America. The national and state datadashboard is accessible by National Registry authorized userswith administrative privileges at recovery organizations ineach state. The data dashboard compares national and stateregistration trends and offers an overview of de-identifieddemographic data of registrants on the national and state level.Made Possible by the National RegistryOne of the major learnings from the DLA/Facebookpartnership in 2012 was the need for a national registry toeasily convert national attention and interest into donorregistrations. Since its launch, the National Donate Life Registryhas helped facilitate national partnerships and campaigns,including: Apple, Walgreens, University of Pittsburgh MedicalCenter, MedStar, Oglivy & Mather/Instagram, Leo Burnettand The Martin Agency.“It was an easy decision to pilot the NationalDonate Life Registry because it offers an easy wayto register as a donor. With partnerships withWalgreens and Apple, we are excited to see whatpossibilities the future holds for this Registry.“– Elisse Glennon, VP & Chief Administrative OfficerNJ Sharing Network2DONATE LIFE AMERICA

“Apple and Donate Life America announced in July 2016 that,for the first time ever, iPhone users will be able to sign up to beorgan, eye and tissue donors right from the Health app with therelease of iOS 10 in fall 2016. There are approximately 100million iPhone users in the United States.Through a simple process, iPhone users canlearn more about donation and take actionwith just a few taps. All registrationssubmitted from iPhones are sent directly tothe National Donate Life Registry, managedby DLA. The ability to quickly and easilybecome a nationally-registered donor enablespeople to carry their decision with themwherever they go.— Jeff Williams, Chief Operating OfficerApple“Apple & Donate Life AmericaBring National DonorRegistration to iPhoneApple’s mission has always been tocreate products that transform people’slives. With the updated Health app, we’reproviding education and awarenessabout organ donation and making iteasier than ever to register. It’s a simpleprocess that takes just a few secondsand could help save up to eight lives.Together with Donate Life America,we’re excited to deliver this new featureto iPhone users in the U.S. with iOS 10.In the week followingiOS 10 Health app beta launch7,000 new registrationsNational surveys indicate that in excess of95 percent of Americans strongly supportorgan, eye and tissue donation, yet manyare unaware of how to register. Providingconvenient and efficient ways to register asa donor, particularly via iPhone, is a majorstrategy for increasing donor registration andsaving more lives each the National Donate Life Registry““As a culture, we have become accustomed to conductingbusiness, communicating with friends and family, and sharing ourlives with others through digital communication. It is incumbenton us to act on this new way of life to enable individuals todocument and share their donation decisions. We need tomeet consumers where they are with opportunities to registeras donors, and we see no better way than through iPhone.This announcement is yet anothersignificant advancement in DLA’slongstanding, trailblazing fightto create and improve registries.On behalf of the 1,000 Texans onmy list – thank you and way to go!– Jennifer Milton, Executive DirectorUniversity Transplant Center, San Antonio, TXPRESSThe Washington Post says this is"a high tech move aimed at alleviatinga massive medical shortfall” and saysregistering "will soon be just a fewtaps away on your iPhone."The Huffington Post leads with,“Apple just announcedsomething great.”Fortune says the impactof this “could be major.”2016 ANNUAL UPDATE3

Donate Life AmericaDigital Strategy“In this age, we all exist online. If we aren’t deliberateabout our presence and digital strategy, it is akin tobeing up the creek without a paddle OR a direction.We need to know which way we are going online andmust have the metrics to prove we are getting there.”– George Weiner, Chief Whaler, Whole WhaleDonate Life America has been working with Whole Whale,a digital agency that leverages data and technology toincrease the effectiveness of nonprofits, since January2016 to update Donate Life America’s digital strategy.Digital Strategy Successes in 2016 60,000 in free Google advertising with theAdWords grant program—driving almost 42,000users to to learn more aboutdonation and to register to be donors More than 8% of users who come to DonateLife.netsign up to be donors (Most nonprofits seeconversion rates of 1-2% to simply capture an emailfor future communication.) RedesignIn June 2016, Donate Life America launched the The new website design was built tomaximize search optimization and user experience—andto build on the strength of the Donate Life brand with anupdated clean and streamlined style.Donate Life Celebrations & Stories of HopeDonate Life Social MediaFacebook,,000 followers377,000 people reachedper weekMost popular postreached more than1.3 million peopleTwitter, @DonateLife74,000 impressions per weekInstagram, @donatelifeamerica2,200 followers4DONATE LIFE AMERICADonate Life America provides social media art and content to the DonateLife Community for a series of Celebrations marking notable dates andopportunities to amplify the Donate Life message. The reach is greaterwhen the Community shares the same message on the same date. DLA’s2016 Stories of Hope social media campaign highlighted individualsfeatured in the new Donate Life Point of View Campaign, as well as storiesabout living donation. These stories are also featured in the Stories ofHope gallery on the new

Innovative CampaignsThis year Donate Life America had the opportunity to partner with three award-winning ad agencies to develop innovative,targeted campaigns. The third, Your Name Saves – Leo Burnett Worldwide, launches fall 2016. For all of these campaigns,the creative talent and design fee for services were donated to DLA.Give Me a Heart – Ogilvy & Mather and InstagramOn Instagram, you give a “like” to a photo by tapping on a heart. Ogilvywanted Instagram users to make giving a heart on Instagram actually meangiving a heart. The Give Me a Heart campaign features 11 photos and storiesof people of all ages waiting for a heart transplant. Working directly withInstagram, we were able to access new functionality that linked each phototo allowing DLA to bring the registration opportunity directlyto the Instagram user.The campaign has registered donors in a younger demographic and hasincreased DLA’s Instagram followers. The campaign launch video has hadmillions of views across social media. Three of the heart candidates featured inthe campaign received heart transplants in the weeks following the campaignlaunch. A special thank you goes to Donate Life Texas for their support. TheGive Me a Heart campaign was recently awarded a Facebook Gold Awardat the Cannes Creative Festival. #GiveMeAHeartEven aCan Save a Life – The Martin AgencyAnyone can save a life. That is the premise behind DLA’s new campaign element to reach and register new organ, eye andtissue donors. Working with Thomas Jane, Will Arnett and Lyndsy Fonseca, DLA and The Martin Agency created an onlinevideo about a fictional character, Coleman F. Sweeney: World’s biggest a*hole in life and hero in death. The thought is thatanyone, even the world’s biggest a*hole, can become ahero through donation.This project began in response to low online registrationrates by young men, millennials. Young men are alsostatistically more likely to be eligible donors, and menmake up a majority of the national waiting list. Thecampaign video is designed to reach millennials—especially millennial men—by tapping into the currenttrend in entertainment of darker, edgier storytelling. Thecampaign video launched August 4, 2016, with launchpartners National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and SigmaPi Fraternity. #cansavealifeMore than50 millionviewsacross U.S. socialmedia & Web*National Donate Life Registry Activity*Before & After Campaign Launch*as of August 10, 2016# REGISTRATIONS/% AGE 20-34DAY% MALEAGE 20-34BEFORE14922%26%AFTER104052%56%% INCREASE698%236%215%Top Googlesearch inthe U.S.August 5, 20162016 ANNUAL UPDATE5

Donate Life ECHO, a nationwide observance focused ondonation and transplantation in multicultural communities,celebrated its second year in July. The two-week observanceencourages individuals to register their decisions to be organ,eye and tissue donors, while providing educational informationabout donation. Added national initiatives this year includeda video contest and a Thunderclap (social media flash mob-likemessage share) with a social reach of more than 630,000people. Donate Life ECHO, which stands for Every CommunityHas Opportunity, is a collaborative effort uniting the Associationfor Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and DonateLife America.ECHO Thunderclap had a social reach of more than6DONATE LIFE AMERICA630,000

New Point of View Campaign Launched!The Point of View (PoV) Campaign replaces the Empowering TestimonialsCampaign and carries the tagline, Organ, eye and tissue donors are LIFEdonors. What can YOU make possible? The campaign shows the new lifemade possible through donation from the perspectives of six recipients.Public ResearchThe PoV Campaign is intended for those with positive or neutralattitudes on donation, but who have not yet registered. A nationwideonline survey of 800 of these individuals—200 each African American,Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic—was conducted by Brand Planning, LLCto evaluate various components and presentation options, with the goalof developing new multi-market materials that are the most informativeand will motivate the public to register.Remarkably, all four races/ethnicities as well as ages, genders, andeducation and income levels surveyed responded similarly. Thedepiction of what can be donated, statistics of those affected and thedonation process illustration ranked the highest for motivating content.The two most compelling statistics were that 8,000 people die each yearbecause the organs they need are not donated in time and that 120,000people are on the national waiting list. Respondents also asked for moreinformation on living donation. Research findings were central todevelopment of PoV Campaign materials.Campaign Materials & the Donate Life Print ShopPoV Campaign materials include: PSAs, brochures, rack cards, posters, print and Web ads, and exhibit panels. Next up willbe the development of a bilingual brochure and Spanish-language PSA video for use in the Hispanic community. The DonateLife Print Shop ( was launched in conjunction with the PoV Campaign to improve and modernizethe Donate Life Community’s printed materials ordering experience.Shovon, heart recipientAs an infant, doctors discovered that only one side of Shovon’s heart was functioning,and his heart cavity was on the wrong side of his chest. By age 10, he had undergonesix heart surgeries and had a pacemaker. His heart condition forced him to watchlife from the sidelines. Local paramedics visited his home so often that Shovonknew them by name. Despite the best efforts of his doctors, he was told that hewould need a heart transplant by the time he turned 21.At the age of only 16, he began sweating excessively, running out of breath easily andfeeling even more tired than usual. Shovon’s heart muscle was failing, and he needed atransplant to live. Fortunately, only three weeks after being placed on the national organtransplant waiting list, the perfect match was donated, and Shovon got his new heart.His newfound health and energy enabled him to finish high school and become a paramedic. His donor made it possiblefor him to help those in need, just like the paramedics that helped him as a child. Shovon honors the generosity of his donorby giving back and living each day to the fullest.2016 ANNUAL UPDATE7

PARTNERS IN SAVING AND HEALING LIVESDonate Life America is committed, with the help of our partners, to increasing the number of donated organs, eyes andtissue available to save and heal lives. Through our Donate Life Partner program and other collaborative efforts, corporationsand organizations have the opportunity to align with the national voice of organ, eye and tissue donation, support theDonate Life brand and help propel DLA’s public education and engagement initiatives—all while demonstrating theiruncompromising commitment to serving the needs of their partners, customers and communities.In their second year as a Donate Life Partner, Medline encourages their employees to not only register as donors, but to spread the wordof their commitment to Donate Life. Shown here, Medline associates gathered to celebrate Donate Life at their corporate 5k race.In celebration of the 2016 National Donate Life Monthin April, Walgreens and DLA launched their partnershipto share information with the tens of millions Walgreenspharmacy customers about the importance of organ, eye andtissue donation, and how to register their decision to be adonor. Through this partnership, Walgreens is reaching outto pharmacy customers via targeted communications and artaccompanying Walgreens prescriptions nationwide.The call to action for this partnership initiative is to registerto be a donor with the National Donate Life Registry througha customized Web link, commitment to donation and transplantation canalso be seen in their employee engagement activities and theWalgreens specialty pharmacies across the nation, workingdirectly with transplant recipients. Last year, Walgreensserved more than 153,000 transplant patients.8DONATE LIFE AMERICAArtwork accompanying more than 90 million Walgreens prescriptions to date

Donate Life America thanks ourjewelry partners that offer theircustomers beautiful accessoriesthat support the mission of DonateLife America. We are grateful toALEX AND ANI, Bravelets, JoJo Ringsand Melissa Joy Manning for theirassistance in promoting donation. Clinical PartnersThis year, more than 175 transplantcenters directly supported DonateLife America in our efforts topromote the importance of organ,eye and tissue donation. Throughpatient education programs, DonateLife VOICES, flag raising ceremoniesand donor memorial activities,our clinical partners help us reachmore patients and their familieswith our lifesaving message.FEATURED PARTNERS PARTNERS BLUE & GREEN SPONSORS2016 ANNUAL UPDATE9

Partnering to PromoteLiving DonationWith more than 115,000 Americans waiting for a kidney orliver transplant, it is vital that people consider the possibilityof living donation. Living donation offers a key opportunityto save more lives, and Donate Life America is committedto supporting this message by providing the public withinformation and the connection to experts. Living donationmessaging has also taken a larger role in DLA’s public outreachand is included in our social media communications, as well asin our brochures and education programs.DLA and UPMC Utilize Social Media to Educate AboutLiving Donation and Help End Waiting List DeathsDLA has partnered with The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to launch a first-of-its-kindonline community aimed at increasing awareness for living donation.The Living Donor Transplant Facebook page will serve to educate the publicon the importance and option of living donation through inspirationalstories, videos and imagery. It will also provide timely facts and informationabout the lifesaving capabilities of living donation that individuals, patientsand families can share with their own social networks. Tools will beshared with the broader transplant community via social media, DLAcommunications, national webinars and meetings.The goal of the partnership is to harness the power of social media toreduce the pediatric and adult liver and kidney waiting lists and improveaccess to transplants nationally.Collaborative PartnersWith thousands of professionals in the Donate Life Community working locally across the United States, it is important that wecollaborate and communicate with one singular voice when it comes to promoting donation. This is done through the use ofthe Donate Life brand and Donate Life America’s partnership with the donation and transplantation associations listed below.Through the collaborative efforts to spread key messaging and programs to their memberships, these organizational partnershelp propel the mission to save and heal more lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.10DONATE LIFE AMERICA

Donate Life Rose Parade FloatTreasure Life’s JourneyThe “Treasure Life’s Journey” theme came alive in the formof a desert caravan of camels and riches in this year’s DonateLife Rose Parade Float in Pasadena, California. The cinnamonscented animals carried eight of the twenty-four recipient riders,and the many golden medallions placed throughout the floatdepicted sixty donors who passed on life upon their deaths.Twelve living donors walked alongside the float, while carryingvibrant provisions, symbolic of their lifesaving gifts.This year, Donate Life America sponsored float rider Anna King, a young heart recipient fromTexas. Anna has been an active DLA supporter and fundraiser for several years. Her joyful andlively personality brings approachability to the topic of donation and transplantation. She livesout her mission to promote donation in honor of her donor, through her website and Facebookpage called Humor Heals The Heart. Anna’s parents, Pam and Joe, accompanied her to thisyear’s event and proudly cheered her on from the stands. As chance would have it, Annalearned the identity of her donor, Klarissa, and spoke with her family for the first time justweeks before the parade. From a seat atop one of the camels, both Anna and a framedimage of Klarissa beamed toward the crowd that chilly January day. Anna’s journey toCalifornia, high school and beyond was made possible by another young lady’s generous gift.Donate Life TransplantGames of America 2016The 2016 Donate Life Transplant Gamestook place in Cleveland, Ohio, June 10-15.Thousands of participants and supporters,including organ, eye, tissue and bone marrow recipients; living donors; donor families; volunteers; and donation andtransplantation professionals united to celebrate the success of transplantation; honor the lasting legacy of donors; providehope to those who continue to wait; and promote donor registration.In an effort to make the most of the unique opportunity the Transplant Games presents, teams were tasked with registeringnew donors in conjunction with the 2016 Games. Many teams set out to meet this goal through the creation of individualTeam Registry Challenge campaign pages on spirit of enthusiasm about what donation and transplantation make possible reigned supreme throughout all of thecompetitive events and special ceremonies during the 2016 Games. Plans to build upon that momentum to further thegoal of promoting donor registration at the 2018 Games and beyond are already underway.2016 ANNUAL UPDATE11

College OutreachSigma Pi FraternityThis year, a workgroup of Sigma Pi staff and Donate Life volunteers developed long-term goals for the organization, as well as aninformational packet to guide chapters in their campus outreach. With more than 100,000 alumni and 5,700 undergraduates,Sigma Pi set the lofty goal of registering 250,000 donors by August 2022. Specifically, each member is responsible for registeringhimself (if not yet registered), plus one to two additional people. Sigma Pi also continued to reinforce last year’s requirementthat all chapters host one Donate Life event per school year. To further assist the chapters, campaign pageswere created for the 126 undergraduate chapters. In total, brothers have registered nearly 700 donors so far, with the topchapter, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, registering 210 donors.The Heather TrewFoundationSince its inception in 2012, The HeatherTrew Foundation has registered morethan 10,500 donors through its TrewFriends Chapters nationwide. Over thelast year, chapters continued to hostevents on their college campuses; and bythe end of this calendar year, eight newchapters will be up and running.Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA)SODA at Washington University in St. Louis created a one-day donor registrationevent specifically targeting college students across the United States. For theirinaugural College Organ Donation Registration Day, they chose April 15, 2016,to coincide with National Donate Life Blue & Green Day.Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity and MoreSupport from Phi Gamma Delta continues through its Immortal Phi Gam Campaign. This year, they provided donationand transplantion stories, and a call to register as a donor in their yearly newsletter, which is distributed to all graduatedfraternity members.Other partnerships formed with a focus on youth education include: Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA),American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), National Association for School Resource Officers(NASRO) and HOSA: Future Health Professionals.12DONATE LIFE AMERICA

DONOR DESIGNATION REPORT CARDMore Than 130 Million Registered2015 was a milestone year with15,000 organ donors enabling morethan 30,000 organ transplants. Inearly 2016, we reached anothermilestone: more than 130 millionU.S. adults (54 percent) are registeredorgan, eye and tissue donors. Thisincredible achievement was in largepart due to the hard work of DMVsand driver’s license partners acrossthe country.Registered Donors in the United 80,000,000as of 201520162016 ANNUAL UPDATE13

2015 Donor DesignationDLA knows the value of information. Data can be unorganized factsand pieces. Information is data organized and presented in a contextthat is useful and can help us understand progress, identify obstaclesand inform outreach. DLA collects state registry data on the numberand rate of donor registrations. Donor registrations provide legalauthorization (18 years old ) for recovery agencies and remove theburden of decision-making from the family. State and national donorregistration information is shared with Donate Life State Team Leaderson a quarterly basis.Donor Designation Share (DDS)The Donor Designation Share is the total number of designateddonors as a percentage of all state residents age 18 and older.Through the incredible work of the donation and transplantationcommunity, national partners and DMVs/driver’s license partners,more than half of the U.S. adult population are registered organ,eye and tissue donors.Donor Designation Rate (DDR)Donor Registration Affects DonationIn 2015, 46 percent of recovered organ donors, 51 percent of recoveredtissue donors and 54 percent of recovered eye donors were authorizedthrough state donor registries, facilitating the donation process.52%%% 5149% strict of raska763,85654%45%Nevada888,32441%42%New w JerseyNew Mexico883,66256%New York3,958,22526%North vania4,642,78746%47%534,38419%South 2010200920072008OrganEye14DONATE LIFE ontWest VirginiaIf the 50 percent minimum DDS or DDR has been met or exceeded, these cells have a darker shade.When minimum criteria in both areas are met, the entire state row has a darker shade. Some statesare unable to report total DDR. These states will have blank cells.70%474,752South hode Island27% 27%DONORDESIGNATIONSHAREArizonaPuerto Rico42%33%30%28%53%54%48%37%36%AlaskaNorth DakotaDesignated Donors AmongRecovered Donors46% 46%AlabamaMaineThe Donor Designation Rate is the rate at which individuals join orremain in the state donor registry as a percentage of all driver’s licensesand ID cards issued within a specific period of time. The DDR increasedin 2015 to 48 percent (2014 nation

iPhone user in the United States will have the ability to register as a donor through the iPhone Health App. These iPhone registrations will be passed directly into the National Donate Life Registry. DLA was pleased to present many of these new partnerships