Revised 30 April 2018TERMS OF REFERENCESHORT TITLE OF ASSIGNMENTcontract for development of Girls’ Empowerment website and mobile app design, development &maintenance servicesBACKGROUND1. Background:UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children's rightsthroughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand theireffects. UNICEF believes all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to thebenefit of a better world.UNICEF Egypt seeks a design and development / implementation service provider to build out theinitiative website and mobile app. This includes: Analyze the current website; Understanding the initiative ecosystem and conduct userresearch with the primary audience Design the functionality of the website based on research and analysis. This includes but isnot limited to making the website more user-friendly and personable, show data in real-timeand making the application process easier. Build of the website: implementation on Drupal 8, interactive UX/UI and security Design and develop an android and IOS based mobile application. Maintenance supportservicesThe national initiative for growing a community of people and institutions supporting girls to fulfill theirfull potential, thus changing the way society views and talks about girls.When girls are empowered with access to skills, services and information and when the community iswilling to listen to girls’ opinions and aspirations, the entire family, community and nation is benefittingfrom a more equitable and prosperous society.The website was designed to serve as a prototype with the main objective to offer a space for theinitiative target audience to have a space to interact, share their stories, and have access to onlinecourses and also the mapping of services provided by the initiative partners.OBJECTIVEOverall Objective:Have an interactive, functional appealing website and mobile app that represents the initiative.Specific Objectives:- Analyse similar websites and come up with the best interface.- Design the website- Develop the website- Design and develop mobile app- Ensure the maintenance servicesScope of WorkUNICEF Egypt is seeking to obtain the following services from a vendor with extensive expertise tocomplete the following tasks:

Revised 30 April 2018Research and Analysis: Assess the current website structure and contents for ease of accessibility, quality ofcontents, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance/update, information retrieval, etc.Review of other similar websites with application submission features to benchmark goodpractices in layout design, navigation, usability, etc.Design and UX The website and mobile app needs to be designed in line with Brand book - see Annex 3 Based on our audience (males and females between the age of 10 to 18, Medium/Lowerwealth quantile, in all Egyptian governorates), propose structure and features of the websiteand mobile app in line with the needs and determined communication messages. Work closely with UNICEF Egypt team at key stages to ensure branding and design isconsistent with the initiative core concepts. Design the site so it provides a good user interface, a flexible navigation & search functionand a clear and easy way to apply - all in all a personable site that uplifts and enhances thevalue of accessibility to skills and services through storytelling which is a critical element toour audience and must be reflected accordingly. The site interface should be responsive that shows all functions available in a similar way onany device, such as a laptop, a mobile, a tablet, etc.Accessibility Site and mobile app should follow UNICEF Accessibility Standards based on WCAG 2.0 AA –See Annex 1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics The site and mobile app need to be in line with UNICEF SEO standards – See Annex 2. The vendor should implement tracking via Google Analytics using a code specific for thisinitiative. The vendor should set-up the Google analytics dashboard to include basic information, suchas: Bounce rates, Pageviews, top Referrals etc. The vendor should offer a certain mechanism to enable the website to earn a great spot onGoogle’s search engine result pages (SERPs). The vendor should insure that the site can easily be found using Arabic , English or FrancoArabFunctionalities Integrate social media components, such as Facebook feed. The website promotes interaction without a direct interaction (such as: polling) The proposed sections for the website are: (What is the initiative?/ How to be part of theinititive?/ Partners/ stories/ FAQ’s/ Online courses/ interactive Map). Section 1: section that explains the initiative and the scope of the initiative. Section 2: Your role with the initiative? : a section that explains how can you be part ofthe initiative, if you are: (ministries and government bodies, NGO’s and civil societyinstitutions, media outlets, private Sector, or individuals) Section 3: FAQ’s: It is a section where we answer Frequently asked questions aboutthe initiative, the activities and other aspects of the scope of work.

Revised 30 April 2018 Section 4: Partners: In the section, it’s the listing of all the partners, with links and briefintro about who they are. Section 5: Stories: In this section we highlight stories from the field and shared on oursocial media, in any of the following formats (text, pictures, videos, sound clips, etc.)And also, we have a section to the HIS (Human Interest stories) we produce, andvideos of support to the initiative from celebrities. Section 6: online courses: In this section, we focus on providing free online coursesthat focus on certain skills that falls within the scope of the initiative. We started with acourse so there is an integration component to different manuals/courses. Abd morecourses will be added and integrated in the websiteSection 7: interactive Map: This section is going to be an interactive map of Egypt. When the userclicks on a governorate, a drop list appears with all the list of services classified by type.Page LoadTime and Low Bandwidth The system should be optimized in all different layers (CMS implementation, database andpage caching, frontend markup, server settings.) to ensure a low page load time and properlyshow in low-bandwidth environments.Browser Compatibility The public website and the CMS should be supported by all browsers for a least their 2 mostrecent versions.Content Management System, software development, security and hosting The selected vendor should work closely with the content team and offer a certain and easymechanism to ensure regular content update which aligned with the website design. As welladvise on the required technical specs for the content wireweekSecurity, warranty and maintenance Vendor should follow UNICEF Web Security Policy and Security Recommendations Checklist.(the checklist will be provided by UNICEF team) Any personal data should be encrypted in the DB (at least email and DOB). The company will also provide training to the initiative assigned team to the task on websitemaintenance and content update. “Source code” of all versions should be delivered to initiative team.Mobile App: Cross platform targeting android and IOS. Features, services and the displayed data will be identified by UNICEF and the initiative team. Simplicity for the user. Convenient user interface/ user friendly interface. Must adhere toplatform specific UI standards provided by Apple and Google respectively. Intellectual property: All information and assets related to the mobile apps will be property ofUNICEF and the initiative team. The company must submit all source code anddocumentation to UNICEF successful launch and expiry of the contract support period whichis end of 2021. Licensing: UNICEF would prefer using open source technologies to avoid any licensing cost.These details can further be refined, modified and amended when the developer and UNICEFdiscuss the technical and financial aspects of the app development.Project management Weekly or as much as required check-in calls and meetings with the UNICEF team during thedesign and build of the website to review and feedback on deliverables. Because of timeconstraints, vendor will work closely with UNICEF on each deliverable.

Revised 30 April 2018MaintenanceThe vendor shall provide website and mobile app support services until end of 2021, including: Fixing broken links, errors, images, pages and updates Graphics and Animation Updates – adding, editing and resizing of any pictures / animations tothe existing website that does not fall under the scope of the layout or actual design of theexisting website. Script / Code Updates – adding, editing, removing and installing any scripts, programs orsoftware to the existing website provided it does not change the overall design or look of thesite Regular Maintenance of the mobile app on iOS and Android, and their backend. Update the mobile app to be compatible with new version of the OS of android and iOS. Regular Data backup for the mobile app. Troubleshooting if any bug for the mobile app is reported by the initiative team or the regularusers. Upload newer versions of the mobile app to relevant store. Ensuring a response time within 24 work day hours (except the official holidays/weekendsbased on Egypts holiday yearly schedule). A maintenance report submitted to UNICEF after the completion of each maintenance requestthat includes the findings and a briefing of the current situation. Provision of ongoing and regular maintenance services during the contract period for thewebsite including, but not limited to, the following: Capacity monitoring Performance monitoring and tuning Design updates and minor changes Technical troubleshooting. Support does not include: Implementing new features Design change requests Updating the content on regular basis (Web Mastering)Hosting The vendor should provide the hosting service for the duration of the contract, as well shareall hosting information with UNICEF and the initiative team from the get go.Copyrights-Domain name and all site related matters are the copyrights and property ofUNICEF EgyptThe source code for the website and mobile application should be delivered toUNICEF after delivering the final versionHandover documents (maintenance plan, security, hosting information, and anyother information related to the website and mobile app)6. ASSIGNMENT AND DELIVERABLES:Key ign research oncurrent website, usergroups, requiredfunctionalities andcontentsPresent designdirection forapproval2 weeksPayment

Revised 30 April 2018Design wireframes for thewebsite and the mobileapp based on designresearch, includingtechnical review of thewireframes, for desktopand responsive to mobileBuildaninteractiveprototype of the selectedwireframe, including usertesting and A/B testingwith the existing websiteBuild a CMS,customizing, wherepossible, Drupal platformto includeProfilemanagementsystemAbility to display,add and managereal-time datasources throughAPI endpoints2 separateapplicationsubmissionsystems, includingsafe storage ofapplicationsAt least 3 wireframeoptions presentedfor selection.3 weeksFinalized interactive 1 weekprototype with atleast 3 rounds ofuser testing and A/BtestingFirst version of CMS 3 weeksbuiltQuality analysis testing &bug fixesSoftware testingcompleted2 weeksTraining/demo for keyinitiative Staff on websiteupdates and maintenanceDemo completedEnd of developmentphase

Revised 30 April 201850% of total contractA bug free website andmobile appDesign and establishsecurity defence andantivirus plan for thewebsite.Website maintenanceplan for 2019-2020Warranty andmaintenance service for2019, 2020 and 2021.Project managementDelivery of finalwebsite and mobileappSource codeHandoverdocuments:- Maintenanceplan- Security- Hostinginformation- And anyotherinformationrelated to thewebsiteEnd of developmentphase 1st30% of total contractEnd of developmentphaseOngoingWebsite an mobileapp support servicesuntil end of 2020Weekly check-incalls with theOngoingUNICEF team duringthe design and buildof the website andthe mobile app toreview and feedbackon deliverables7. DURATION OF ASSIGNMENT: total duration is 36 monthsDeadlines of specific deliverables (not the overall project);8. QUALIFICATIONS/SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FORASSIGNMENT:Key competencies, technical background and experience requiredin the team:Human-Centered Design expertise Practitioners with both academic background and practicalexperience of design thinking and/or human centred designmethodologies20% of total contractphased till the end of thecontractual period

Revised 30 April 2018 Over three years (required)/five years (preferable) of continuousrecognized experience in the field of design thinking and/orhuman centred designExperience in user-centered qualitative research, use ofappropriate design probes and facilitation of research activitiesStrong planning/organizing skillsUX/UI Design Visual design sensibility that is clean, simple, and sharp, withability to edit as needed Be able to demonstrate a systematic, disciplined and analyticalapproach to problem solving – paying close attention to detail Be able to absorb, rapidly, new technical information as required Experience on design and functional requirements gathering Experience on development of information architecture and UXdesign Experience following atomic design and component-based themeapproach Experience on designing for Drupal (latest versions) responsivewebsites using bootstrap Experience on designing mobile appsTechnical development Experience on design & Drupal theme development Experience on using bootstrap base theme from Drupal Experience on development of responsive theming fordesktop and mobile devices on Drupal Experience on theme planning and architecture based onexisting development Technical Drupal development Experience on functional and technical requirementsgathering Experience on implementing Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 websites Experience extending or creating contributed Drupalmodules. Experience on multilingual sites with additional complexityProject management Be able to competently plan, schedule and monitor their ownworkMethodology:1- Vendor Understanding of the project context and objectivesthrough:

Revised 30 April 2018 Specification of intiative and UNICEF Requirements.Creation of a Physical Product (wireframe andprototype)Validation (Testing, Debugging, etc.)Project Implementation and evaluationOngoing Maintenance2- Development of activities, milestones and time line.CRITERIA FOR EVALUATIONTECHNICALCRITERIAFor institutionsFinancialComponentWeightingPOINTS TO CONSIDER Technical offer showing understanding of all the project components andscope and including an initial wireframe of the interface (30 Point)Profile of company and experience on similar projects (10 Point)Client references (10 point)The proposed time line (20 Point)Competitive price (30 point) Weighting of technical evaluation vs financial offer (70:30) REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: Weekly check-in calls with the UNICEF team during the design and build of the website andmobile app to review and feedback on deliverables. Because of time constraints, vendor willwork closely with UNICEF on each deliverable.REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL: Technical Proposal which provides an overview of their approach to implement therequirements of the TOR. This should include proposed methodology/approach to managingthe project, time line and an initial wireframe of the interface. Company profile Examples of previous, relevant work as applicable and certified references from previous work Financial OfferNOTE FOR CONSULTANTS AND INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTORS:Please submit a financial offer along with your proposal, which contains the following information: Fee for services to be provided – based on the deliverables in the Terms of Reference Wherever possible, indicate the itemized cost of the travel (air tickets etc). If an internationalconsultation, and daily living costs for your stay in the country.

website. Website maintenance plan for 2019-2020 -Handover documents: - Maintenance plan - Security - Hosting information And any other information related to the website End of development phase 30% of total contract Warranty and maintenance service for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Website