Texas Rattlers BaseballSelect Baseball Policy & ProceduresEffective Date: February 20201. PURPOSE OF FMYSA SANCTIONED SELECT BASEBALLTo offer a quality, competitive, select baseball program to current and future FMYSA registeredparticipants.2. FMYSA SELECT PROGRAM & TEAM ORGANIZATIONThe FMYSA Board of Directors is the final authority regarding all baseball matters.The FMYSA Select Baseball Committee (FMYSA-SBC) is responsible for overseeing the select baseballprogram. Currently, that committee is comprised of the FMYSA President, Executive Vice President, VicePresident of Select Baseball, Vice-President of Recreational Baseball, Rattlers Director, and other Boardmembers as needed. Contact information for those mentioned above is available on the FMYSA website.FMYSA will only sanction select teams under the Texas Rattlers team name.FMYSA may authorize official sanctioned select baseball teams for any of the following designated ageclassifications under the Texas Rattlers name given sufficient interest and talent levels in eachclassification: 7U thru 18U.Playing Time and Team Rosters: FMYSA recreational rules requiring minimum playing time requirementsare waived. However, all select baseball team coaches are expected to abide by the followingsanctioned select baseball minimum participation requirements for defensive innings:LevelLeague ScheduleTournamentAA50%50% Pool PlayAAA/Major50%2 innings per game Pool PlayFor 13U and under, each team shall have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 players. For 14U andabove, each team shall have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 13 players. The VP of Select Baseballmust approve rosters carrying below the minimum or above the maximum (prior to offer for maximum).3. COACHES’ APPLICATIONS, RESPONSIBILITIES & CONDUCTThere can be only one designated head coach of each team. The head coach may choose one’s assistantcoachesTexas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 1

Applications:Any person interested in a select baseball head coaching position shall submit an application prior to thedeadline for the upcoming season - May 31 for the Fall season and October 31 for the Spring season.Coaches will be selected after the application review and in-person interview are conducted bymembers of the Select Baseball Committee. The Committee shall nominate a head coach for eachsanctioned select team, subject to approval by the FMYSA Board of Directors.When selecting team head coaches, the Select Baseball Committee and FMYSA Board of Directors shallconsider the following criteria: Knowledge of the game Ability to effectively teach baseball to age-specific players Coaching experience and coaching success Ability to communicate effectively with parents Amount and quality of past support provided to FMYSA Ability to complete NYSCA Certification and background check Any previous written complaints or commendations from other coaches, parents, umpires, orother league members Any other pertinent information regarding the individual’s qualifications to serve in thiscapacityIn addition to coaching their respective sanctioned select teams, head coaches are required to assist theFMYSA Recreational Baseball Leagues during league registration, league coaches meetings, draftevaluations, camps, clinics, tournaments, etc. All select baseball coaches MUST help, or send teamrepresentatives to help, with the various coach’s clinics, pitching clinics, and the spring recreationalleague skills evaluation.Responsibilities:Coaches and Assistants are required to maintain certification by the National Youth CoachingOrganization, pass a criminal background check, and agree to abide by the FMYSA Select Guidelines. Theguidelines are designed to ensure fair playing time, offer an affordable fee structure and open bookpolicy to team finances, develop a select “brand” of teams, and to continue offering the quality facilitiesand fine coaching for which we have become known.Coaches will ensure that their team classification is consistent amongst the sanctioned national baseballorganizations (USSSA, Triple Crown, Nations, Super Series, etc). For non-sanctioned or independenttournament play, teams MUST participate in a division equivalent to or higher than their USSSAclassification.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 2

Figure 3-1All select coaches understand that they will be asked to volunteer their time and expertise at multipleevents throughout the Spring and Fall seasons. All coaches are expected to participate.Conduct:All head coaches are required to be members in good standing of FMYSA’s approved accreditedcoaching certification program (NYSCA), and pass an annual background check as administered by anapproved FMYSA contractor. Assistant coaches will be required to pass annual background checks andpass certification.All coaches, including assistant coaches, represent FMYSA at all times. They are responsible for the wellbeing of each team member. All coaches will demonstrate proper demeanor while serving as an FMYSArepresentative. Failure to do so may result in probation and possible removal from the privilege of beingon the field during games.The FMYSA Board of Directors reserves the right to remove any coach from the team for just cause.4. PLAYERS, RESIDENCY RULES, PLAYER REMOVALAny player, league age 7 or above, may try out for any FMYSA sanctioned select baseball team.Players may play up one age classification. Interested players should be reminded of the commitmentrequired to participate at this level.Selected players will make seasonal commitments (Jan-Aug and/or Aug-Nov). Coaches are cautionedfrom choosing players who, regardless of reason, are unable to commit to participation requirements, aswell as a majority of the scheduled events. While a member of a sanctioned team, players shall notparticipate on any other baseball team without written authorization from the sanctioned team’s headcoach. Players who are on any age group league-sanctioned select team roster are not eligible toparticipate as a guest player, or as a roster player, in any FMYSA recreational league game of any agegroup.Residency Rules: Teams sanctioned by FMYSA will adhere to the following residency requirements, inaddition to any external league residency requirements (e.g., TEBA). Teams MUST carry a minimumnumber of players who reside within the attendance boundaries of Lewisville, Marcus, or Flower MoundHigh schools as defined by the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD).Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 3

Figure 4-1*Residency is determined by participant’s school registration address.*Class typically depends on USSSA designation.*Exceptions to the above must be approved by the VP of Select Baseball. Ongoing efforts torecruit in-district players expected.Player Removal: The Head Coach may remove a player from a team for cause with prior approval of theSelect Baseball Committee. The head coach must consult with the VP of Select Baseball before initiatingremoval of a player for cause.FMYSA does NOT consider the following as causes for removing a player during a spring/summer or fallseason: Player performance on the field. Retooling for tournament season. Retooling for a National Championship.FMYSA COULD consider the following as causes for removing a player during a spring/summer or fallseason: Player’s family unable to fulfill team time commitments. Player’s family unable to fulfill team financial commitments. Chronic behavior and/or attitude problems by the player or the player’s parent(s). Suchbehavior problems should be documented in email to the VP of Select Baseball.5. TRY-OUTS & RECRUITMENTSanctioned team’s official try-outs will be coordinated and operated in most cases by the age grouprepresentative located on the FMYSA select baseball website.FMYSA will provide each team with equitable field time to conduct tryouts. Coaches may rent facilitiesor fields on their own for team tryouts if needed beyond league-issued fields or in case of bad weather.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 4

In these instances it is required that you email the VP of Select Baseball. Coaches will hold try-outstogether with all teams with in their age groups in an attempt to give all participants a fair and equalopportunity to make the team. Newly formed sanctioned teams are required to hold an open tryout.ALL Texas Rattlers coaches of a specific age group will participate together at the same tryout. The topteam’s coach has first right to make offers to players and it progresses. The top team is allowed 48hours from the time the player appears at the tryout to make an offer at which time the next team inline has priority.If multiple teams are at the same classification, offer priority is defined by the following criteria (inorder):1)2)3)4)5)USSSA Classification (Major to AA)Record/winning % last 2 seasons (within classification)* Sanctioned tournament wins (within classification)FMYSA Seniority (determined by head coach’s start date with team)If all equal, a three (3) game series will be played between teams. Series rules TBD byRattler Director. Final approval needed by FMYSA Board.*Traceable tournament history from sanctioned national baseball organizations (e.g., USSSA, Triple Crown, Nations,Super Series). Reference Figure 3-1 for classification guidelines. Example: For 11U Spring tryouts, the team’s Fall 11U & Spring 10U records will be used.Players on teams from previous seasons are not guaranteed positions and may be asked to try out likeany other player.RECRUITMENT PROTOCOL between FMYSA sanctioned teams is as follows: AAA/Major coach may initiate contact with AA or Rec Players/Parents AA coaches may initiate contact with Rec Players/Parents No horizontal recruiting, i.e., AAA recruiting from other FMYSA AAA teams.Coaches must be in communication with each other throughout the season if there is the intent torecruit a player to team at a higher age group or classification. A coach must be notified no later than 2weeks prior to the first scheduled open tryout date to ensure there is adequate time to assess rosterneeds in the event a player moves up.During the baseball season, head coaches are allowed to add players as needed to the team. If theplayer being added to a team is on the roster of another FMYSA select or recreation baseball team, theVP of Select Baseball, VP of Recreational Baseball (if player is currently on a rec team) and both headcoaches must be in agreement to add the player prior to the player practicing or playing with the newteam.Final rosters shall be announced prior to in-person league registration. This policy allows players notselected for “Sanctioned” teams to be able to participate in recreation baseball. In the event ofconflicting schedules, the league will make exception for those wanting to sign up for recreationalleague.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 5

Coaches should be promoting the higher level team, encouraging their players to advance to the nextlevel, and not intentionally hold them back.6. GUEST PLAYERSThe spirit of the Guest Player rule is intended to allow short-handed teams the temporary use of otherplayers, normally for league play. It is not intended to exclude regular team members in favor of morehighly skilled players. Guest players should only be used when a team is missing players from itsbeginning of spring or fall season rosters. When the missing player returns, the guest player mustrelinquish his spot on the team with exception: a guest player may be used for state and nationaltournaments, even if the missing player returns, if the guest player played in the qualifying tournament.Note: incorrect roster moves could jeopardize the guest player’s or your team’s eligibility for futuretournaments.7. FEESA membership fee will be assessed to all select players before each spring and fall season by FMYSA. Themembership fee will include expenses such as field usage fees, insurance, team level equipment,background checks, administration cost and web support. The annual membership fees will bedetermined by the FMYSA Board of Directors before each season.Players/parents also are responsible for cost of uniforms, league fees, tournament fees, gate fees,registration fees, and field usage fees above and beyond what FMYSA furnishes for practice and games.8. FUNDRAISING, REFUNDS, RECORDS INSPECTIONTeams are permitted to seek new private sponsorships for select baseball teams and solicit existingFMYSA sponsors. A list of FMYSA sponsors is available on the FMYSA website.Fundraising efforts that involve the use of the Texas Rattlers or FMYSA brands (logos or likeness) formerchandise sales or other transactions must be approved by the FMYSA Board of Directors prior touse.In the event a player quits or is dismissed (for cause) from a team, the player or the player’s parent(s)are eligible for a pro-rated refund for any parental contribution, less uniform and other spent monies.Typically this applies only if the termination occurs on or before Memorial Day Weekend of the springseason, or October 15 of the fall season. Coaches are expected to “do the right thing” in thesesituations.A team’s accounts, books, and records shall be open to inspection by team members/parents andFMYSA Board of Directors if requested. Coaches should volunteer such information by request. A parentmay further request by making a written petition to FMYSA. Head coaches are solely responsible for allfinancial aspects of their sanctioned select baseball team.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 6

These fiduciary duties, whether performed by the head coach or a designee, should include: accuratebookkeeping, paying of bills, fund raising, and all other reporting as required. Coaches are required toshare any bookkeeping with parents or FMYSA upon request.9. EQUIPMENT, UNIFORMS & TEAM NAMESSelect teams fund their own uniforms and equipment.To maintain the consistency and integrity of the Texas Rattlers brand, ALL uniforms MUST be purchasedfrom the contracted vendor which was negotiated by the FMYSA Board of Directors. Any request for useof alternate uniform items must be approved by the VP of Select Baseball. Failure to adhere will result indisciplinary action determined by the VP of Select Baseball in consultation with the Board.Any equipment or uniforms supplied by FMYSA shall remain the property of FMYSA. Aside from damageincurred from normal wear, parents will assume financial responsibility for all damage or losses sufferedwhile the property/uniforms were issued to them.FMYSA may require affiliation patches on a required spot on game jerseys. If such uniform patches arerequired, FMYSA will provide such patches to all sanctioned select teams. NO sponsor names, Playernames or logos are allowed on any part of the uniforms unless approved by the FMYSA Board ofDirectors.Teams are required, to register in leagues and tournaments using the name Texas Rattlers -“last name ofcoach” to further brand the quality of baseball played in the community. Major teams may register as“Texas Rattlers – Elite”No team other than the designated ‘Texas Rattlers’ shall utilize the ‘Texas Rattlers’ name.10. COOPERSTOWN INVITATION (12U)At the 12U age group, FMYSA has the opportunity to send one team to experience the CooperstownDreams Park Tournament in Cooperstown, NY each summer. Selection of teams will be determined bythe following: Coaches interested in an invitation will request consideration from Select VP of Baseball bythe established deadline (Spring season of year prior to tournament)Review process will be conducted by the FMYSA Board of Directors. Factors for selectioninclude volunteerism, team classification, on-field performance, and parent/team support.Majority vote by FMYSA Board of Directors will determine team selection.11. AGREEMENTAll Coaches must agree to adhere to these policies and procedures. All parents of participants chosenfor a sanctioned team shall submit a signed (electronic) FMYSA Registration Form and full membershipfee payment prior to the first game of the year. This normally is done through online or in-personregistration.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 7

Any player selected to play for FMYSA sanctioned select baseball for a SPRING / SUMMER team shallcommit to one full SPRING / SUMMER season with the team and coach. Any player selected to play for aFALL team shall commit to one full FALL season with the team and coach.12. GRIEVANCESManagement of all questions, concerns and problems will be addressed in the following order:1st - On an individual level with the Head Coach2nd – In writing and / or conversation with the Texas Rattlers Director3rd – In writing and / or conversation with the VP of Select Baseball4th - Via a filed grievance with FMYSAAny conversation with a player(s) that involves discipline, performance, playing time, etc. must takeplace with another (assistant) coach present. The output of that conversation must be documented andsent to the parent(s) via email along with the VP Select Baseball and Rattlers Director within 48 hours ofthe conversation. This will help ensure the understanding of the dialog between coaches, players andparents is consistent.The Select Baseball Committee encourages the player or player’s parent(s) to address issues with thehead coach to with full intent of working towards resolution. If resolution cannot be agreed upon thenthe parent and coach should bring the matter to the Select Director to gain further insight and directionin attempt to resolve the issue at which point the Director may request involvement from the VP ofSelect Baseball. As a final measure a written grievance may be filed with FMYSA. The FMYSA Board ofDirectors will try to resolve the issue with all parties’ interests in mind.It is not the intent of the grievance process to manage or address day-to-day handling of teams, practiceroutine, lineups, playing positions, etc. These types of issues are a coach’s decision and must be handledbetween the coach, player and/or parent(s).13. AMENDMENTSThese guidelines may be amended by majority vote of the FMYSA Executive Board of Directors at anygeneral membership meeting provided that meeting notice contains the proposal that the sanctionedSelect Baseball Guidelines will be amended. These guidelines are subject to the review and approval ofthe Flower Mound Youth Sports Association Executive Board.Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 8

Change LogPrior revisions not trackedJune 2016Select VP:Kevin MartensSeptember 2016Select VP:Kevin MartensJanuary 2017 Section 2: Modified tournament playing time requirementSection 3: Clarification of select coaching application process, added Fig 3-1Section 4: Modification of residency requirements, added Fig 4-1Section 5: Changed methodology to tryout offer prioritySection 9: Clarified requirement for uniforms to be purchased through contractedvendorArchived all references and usage of “Texas Sidewinders” brand Section 8: Clarification of board approval of logo/likeness usage for fundraisingSection 10: New section (Cooperstown invitation selection process) Section 5: Clarification of tryout offer priority. 2) Record/Winning & last 2 seasons Section 2: Modified tournament playing time requirementSection 3: Removed mandatory team website requirement. Updated Figure 3-1Section 12: Added communication requirement to coach/player conversations Section 5: Clarification of try-out & recruitment: 5) If all equalSection 10: Number of teams sentSelect VP:Jeff CastellanosNovember 2017Select VP:Jeff CastellanosFebruary 2020Select VP:Scott BrysonTexas Rattlers Select Baseball Policies & ProceduresPage 9

policy to team finances, develop a select “brand” of teams, and to continue offering the quality facilities and fine coaching for which we have become known. Coaches will ensure that their team classification is consistent amongst the sanctioned national baseball organizations (U