Table of ContentsTable of ContentsSigning in to ConcurConcur DashboardUpdating Your Expense ProfileCreating STEP Blanket RequestsCreating Expense ReportConcur Mobile AppDownloading & Signing inTCNJ Travel1

Table of ContentsSigning in to Concur1. Navigate to Click on Concur Login from the menu at the top or the Access Concur Travel System icon.3. Your login will be your TCNJ username & passworda. If you’ve forgotten your TCNJ login, go to .TCNJ Travel2

Table of ContentsConcur DashboardThis is the Concur landing page which contains quick reference & information to navigate within the system.1. Profile - Update all personalinformation & switch to Delegate rolehere2. Help - Concur published training &help documents3. Menu Bar - Takes you to the fullbreakout for each section of Concur4. Profile Alerts - Important actions oralerts for the User’s profile5. My Tasks - “At a Glance” view ofopen Requests, Reports & availableexpenses6. Company Notes - Important notes orcorrespondence provided by TCNJ7. Trip Search - Allows you to search forLive travel segments for a moreaccurate estimated expenseTCNJ Travel3

Table of ContentsUpdating Your Expense ProfileNote : In order to book Travel through Concur, you must update the following in your ProfileYou use the Profile Options page to customize your user profile. To avoid re-entering personal and permanent information about yourself (phone number,contacts, credit card information etc.), complete your profile after logging onto SAP Concur for the first time and update it whenever your informationchanges.Note: Depending on your company's configuration, some of these options might not be available to you. Contact your SAP Concur administrator for moreinformation.· Your Information - Select request information, add or remove delegates, enter email settings, select approvers, and add or remove attendees.· Travel Settings - Enter travel preferences, add international travel information, and your Frequent-Traveler programs. You can also add your travelassistants and arrangers.· RequestSettings - Select request information, add or remove delegates, enter email settings, select approvers, and add or remove attendees.· Expense Settings - Enter expense preferences, add bank information and company card information. You can also enter expense delegates andapprovers.· Invoice· OtherTCNJ TravelSettings – Enter invoice preferences, add invoice delegates and approvers.Settings – Provides settings such as E-Receipts Activation and Concur Mobile Registration that you can set or update.4

Table of ContentsTo access your Profile page1. ClickTCNJ Travel Profile Profile Settings Personal Information.5

Table of ContentsCreating STEP Blanket Requests1.2.3.4.Log in to ConcurClick Requests from the menu on the top.Click New Request from pop out menu.Choose TCNJ Blanket Travel Request from the TripType drop down.5. Fill out all Trip Information, Traveler Type & Chart of Accounts marked in RED , with the following information, as in the example below .Trip Type: TCNJ Blanket Travel RequestTrip Name: Spring or Fall **Year** STEP Travel - ex) Spring 2019 STEP TravelTravel Start Date: September 1 or January 1 (dependent upon the semester)Travel End Date: December 31 or June 30 (dependent upon the semester)Travel Request Purpose: Student Observation/SupervisionComments: ** Use this field to list the schools & student at each school - “School Name - Student Name” **Traveler Type: FacultyCOA: TCNJ-100000-1405-100-0000-0000-0000Note: you must type “Default” in the Location FieldTCNJ Travel6

Table of Contents6. Click Expenses tab to enter the estimated expenses for the travel request. You will only need “Other Travel Expenses” & “Personal CarMileage” as in the example below.7. Choose the Expense Type you would like to request & enter the information. Then click Save .8. Once all estimated expenses have been entered, click Submit Request.TCNJ Travel7

Table of ContentsCreating Expense ReportYou will only submit an Expense report, for reimbursement, 1 time per semester.Submit Dates:Fall Semester - 1 Day after your last day of TravelSpring Semester - 1 Day after your last day of Travel1. Log into Concur2. Click R equests from the menu on the top.3. Click M anage Requests from pop out menu. This will show all ActiveRequests.4. Find the request you need to create an Expense Report and clickExpenses in the Action column on the far right of the screen.Note: Clicking Expense or Create Expense Report will start an expense report by migrating the Request Header into the Expense Report header. It will alsochange the section you’re working in from Requests to Expense.Note: You will be required to change Travel Start & End Dates according to the table above & answer additional information regarding the trip.5. Click the Next button in the bottom right corner.6. Answer the NO to the question “Was this trip over 7 hours” in the pop-up window.TCNJ Travel8

Table of Contents7. Choose the Expense Type “Personal Car Mileage” . You will be redirected to a Google map. Enter the Start point (home or TCNJ) & destinations foryour day. Click “Make Round Trip” to bring you back to start point.8. Click Add Mileage to Expense .TCNJ Travel9

Table of Contents9. Change the Transaction Date to the date of the site visit.10. Add the names of the Sites visited in the Comment field & Click Save .TCNJ Travel10

Table of Contents**If you make the same trip multiple times, you can use the Copyexpense feature.- Check the box next to the expense you would like to copy.- Click Copy .- Change the Transaction Date .- Hit Save .11. Choose the Expense Type “Parking/Tolls” . Change the Transaction Date & attach the receipts pertaining to the expense. Repeat for all expenses.12. Click Submit on the date in the “ Submit Dates” table .TCNJ Travel11

Table of ContentsConcur Mobile AppDownloading & Signing in1.2.3.4.Download the SAP Concur mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.Open the app & choose SSO Company Code Sign In .Enter the TCNJ company ID UJE9L5 .Sign into the app using your TCNJ Username & Password.TCNJ Travel12

2. Help - Concur published training & help documents 3. Menu Bar - Takes you to the full breakout for each section of Concur 4. Profile Alerts - Important actions or alerts for the User’s profile 5. My Tasks - “At a Glance” view of open Requests, Reports &