IThe CourierIssuedTuesdayThursdaySaturdayBy Tha Caurlar-Guatts., 4(9 Main 8t„Entered aa Saaond Ctaaa Mail Mattar.Established January, 1846.Rockland, Maine, Thursday, May 14, 1925.i The Courier-GazetteTHREE-TIMES-A-WEEKNEW BARBER SHOPALL THE HOME NEWSSubscription 3.00 per year payable ln ad vance ; single copies three cents.Advertising rates based upon circulationand very reasonable.NEWSPAPER HISTORYThe Rockland Gazette was established ln1840In 1874 the Courier was establishedand consolidated with the Gazette ln 1882.The Free Press was established ln 1855, andIn 1891 changed Its name to the Tribune.These papers consolidated March 17, 1897.Three Chairs15 Limerock St., RocklandNew BuildingWhite Glass FixturesEverything ModernLadies* Work a SpecialtiyFirst Class Service to EverybodyOPENS MAY 18ARTHUR L. ROGERS15 Limerock St., Rockland57-59ANNUAL DANCE REVUEBY THE PUPILS OFJENNIEHARVEYARCADE,PERCIVALROCKLANDFRIDAY EVENING,MAY ' 15, 1925AT 7:45 O’CLOCK: : MUSIC BY : :.MARSTON’SORCHESTRAA Pleasing Program of Interpretive, Classic and Ballroom DancingSpecially CostumedADMISSION 50 CENTS.iDANCING AFTERWARDS56-58“AT THE SIGN OFTHE ORANGE CANOPY”WHY HE DIDN’T SELLInsurance men have many waysand many wiles, but until Tuesdayof this week it Is not on record thatanybody of that profession In Rock land ever undertook to sell a housethat was on fire.This particular instance was verymuch out of the ordinary.jr .*. .» MIsaac Berliawsky owns the house on upper Rankin street formerly Carelessness Is Inexcusable, andmerits the Inevitable sequence.— owned by the late William H. Kal Froude. loch and occupied until about sixweeks ago by a family of the name w ofM,» « McCartney.iMr. Berliawsky, industrious realtySECOND LIEUTENANT broker that he is, was showing a“prospect" through tlie dwelling inExamination Ordered For To tlie middle of tlie forenoon, when thelatter suddenly sniffed, and ex morrow Night To Fill Va claimed that he smelled smoke.Mr. Berliawsky, wlio had been ab cancy Here.sorbed in liis business deal, alsosniffed, and came to the same con Under the provisions of Section 37, clusion.the Military Law, an examination ofThe owner and would-be customercandidates for fhe appointment to the adjourned to the open, and foundgrade of 2nd Lieutenant Coast Artil the front of the houge was afire.lery, will he held at Rockland, Friday,R did not take tong for ChemicalMay 15, at 7.30 p, m„ or as soon No. 1 to ascend Rankin street hill,thereafter as practicable to fill the or to stretch 2500 feet of hose fromexisting vacancy in the staff 240th tlie remote hydrant. While the hy Coast Artillery. All enlisted men or drant was laboring in Its vain taskany non-commissioned staff officer of trying to force water up the longwiil lie permitted to appear before hill the chemical hose was being usedthe board for a competitive, prac with some effect, hut the fire hadtical and theoretical examination. All begun to work into the partitions andcandidates must meet the age re roof, and water alone could reach thequirements set forth by the Nationalblaze.Guard Regulations, 1922.A general alarm was sent In andThe enlisted man whom the boardconsiders best qualified will he ap Chief Havener assembled enough* ap pointed or if none successfully pass paratus to extinguish a conflagra the examination the Governor will tion, but still tlie department wasmake the appointment to fill the va helpless because there was no water.Back down the hill went the chem cancy.Detail for the board: Major Ralph ical with the new pump. Eventual W. Brown, Capt, Maurice Wi. Green ly the hose began to fill out: some law, and Capt. Russell D. Gray, all body hollered: “Here she comes!” theman with the nozzle aimed where theof the 240th Artillery.billowing flames were thickest, andParker Norcross has opened a the lady whp had been industriouslyused-car salesroom in the Blake ga- working In her posy garden throughit all deserted it long enough to see! rage at the Northend.what would happen.The stream which struck the burn ing building had a real ki * to it,and for about five seconds that firegot a terrible soaking.And then,far down the line, a section of hoseburst under the heavy strain, andwater which was intended for the.firemen shot half way to the zenith.This process was repeated threetimes before things were in goodArrives Early Sundayworking order, but the fire was amost accommodating one, and workedi Morningso slowly, that the building was onlypartially destroyed.Order of our Carriers or at theMr. berllawsky’s loss is a/,out JlOOuNews Standsor 1500, and there was small in 58*59surance.PARISH INCORPORATESBRANDNEWTHIRTY FOOTCRUISERThe food you put in your stomach has a lot to dowith the way you work and feel. 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Gregory is breakingground for his new house on NorthMain street.Tlie Deep Sea Fisheries, Inc,shipped a carload of export fish Tues day night.It will be eaten tn SanDomingo.Miss Louise Sawyer, Red Crossnurse, attended tlie New EnglandPublic Health Institute In Portlandlast week.SecretaryMacDonaldoftheChamber of Commerce reports anumber bf applications for positionsas stenographers, bookkeepers andgeneral office work.The Rockland & Rockport LimeCorporation Is building a lime crush ing plant at the Northend.It willhave a capacity of 300 tons a day,and will he ready for operation earlyin June.(SERIES FROM AN OLD PANORAMA—NO. 1)The story begins at the cornerof Pleasant street, with a pictureof the northern half of the housewhich was owned by David Rob inson. The building is still stand ing and is occupied by Mrs.Emma F. Crockett, proprietor ofthe fancy goods store near theThorndike. Hotel.'fhe dwelling next north, butfurther removed front Mainstreet is that which was ownedby Janies Robinson, father ofCapt. Gardner L. Robinson.That building has also survivedthe years.Crossing Pleasant street wecome to the building which wasknown as Perry block. It wasowned by Ephraim Perry, whohad a store in one corner. ()ver-liead was Perry’s hall, where'many entertainments and dances Iwere held in its day. The struct ure is now owned hy Mrs. CarrieF. Gould, being occupied on theground floor by Jack Green’s!confectionery store and KnightBros.’ market, and overhead bythe Colonial Chambers.Next north was the bouse own-1ed by Israel Berry, grandfatherof E. W. Berry of Broad street;who was born there.Capt. David Robinson andFreeman Harding kept a grocerystore in the next building, whichtoday is Flint’s Market. The oldbouse adjoining it was occupiedby Freeman Harding, and on tbesite of it stands the buildingknown as the Donohue block.WE WANTERKNOW!in auto tragedyEditor of The Courier-Gazette: —Acknowledging an answer to myinquiry for the ship MeNear. Evi dently Mr. MeNear was on the shipwith me at the time I served on her.Deputy Sheriff E. Stuart OrbetonI recall a young fellow by ‘ that ! rece[ved a telegram last night, statname. If it was he, he will recall jng that hls father, George E. OriMr. Parker, and the “time" we had beton, had been killed in an autowith him—how (he) Parker, went to mobile accident at NorthConway,sleep on the after house, nnd tlie je ]eft ut once forthe scene of theship went aback, and I rapped on tragedy, accompanied by Fred K.the cabin window for the captain, Linekin.and how Parker was disrated on.From meagre details which werethat account. But 1 don’t remember re .eJve l jast night it appears thatthat the ship had any other name, j,r alu, Ml.„ orbeton were drivingbut MeNear. Probably I have for- through North Conway, accompaniedgotten.It was 44 years ago. Ifriends, among whom was Mr.would like to hear from Mr. Me- orbeton’s business partner, Niven C.Near.M. M. Brown.Crawford of Warren.Their car 1St. Paul, Minn.j struck a rock, overturned, and Mr.—------------------- ! Orbeton was crushed to death.l iswife was badly shaken and bruised,STRAND THEATREand the others received minor in juries.It would be a harsh critic whoMr. Orbeton. who formerly residedcould find fault with today’s double in West Rockport, was in the lumber hill, for it has laughs and thrills, and ing business in Conway, associate'!is guaranteed to suit all tastes. “Do with Niven C. Crawford under tlieIt Now.” with Madge Bellamy as star, firm name of Orbeton & a six-reel comedy. “Down By the He is survived by liis wife and oneRio Grande” has lots of action, with son.William Fairbanks as boss actor. Charming Marion Davies is comingPARK THEATREback for Friday and Saturday in“Janice Meredith.”The picture is"The Dressmaker from Paris” ar an epic of the American Revolution.From the Boston Tea Party to the rived in town yesterday, a romancesurrender of the British at York which begins in Paris in the warThe picturetown. it sweeps through the great shrouded days of 1018.battles of the war with a vivid ac marks Miss Leatrice Joy’s return tocuracy that historical authorities the screen after an absence of nearlyShe is cast in the role ofhave cited as the most authentic the a year.screen has ever seen.More than Fill, French midinette who becomes7,500 persons appear in the scenes a famous designer of fashions.A double feature program willdepicting the battles of Trenton andLexington and inWashington’s prevail aguin at the Park Theatre oncrossing the Delaware.But the Fiday nnd Saturday.In "The Man Without a Con story’s the thing! And all those whohave read Paul I eicester Ford’s science” Willard Louis, Irene Rich,thrilling romance upon which the June Marlowe and John Patrick havephotoplay is founded will realize roles that allow them opportunity towhat superb picture material this make characterizations which willgreat love story affords.The cast stand out in the picture. June Mar is the most notable ever assembled lowe in particular is attracting a lotfor a picture. Besides Miss Davies, of attention. “Alice Adams” hasthe star of “Little Old New York ’ been accepted everywhere as BoothThe lo and “When Knighthood Was In Tarkington’s masterpiece.Flower,” it includes Holbrook Blinn, cale is a small city of the (Middlethe star of “The Bad Man;” Mai-* West, where the social position of acolm Arbuckle, star of “The Round family depends largely upon howup” and "Tlie County Chairman:’’ i large a hank balance the head of theBut a family isW. C. Fields, the star of “Poppy;” family possesses.May Vokes, the brilliant stage com like a business—to be successful itedienne; Olin 'Howard, the joyous must he well regulated—and theentertainer of “Wildflower;” George Adams family was not.—adv.Nash, Joseph Kilgour, Tyrone Power.George Siegmann, Helen Lee Worth EMPIRE THEATREing and the Princess Marie d Bour bon. Gorgeous costumes and gownsToday is the last chance to seeof the richest silks, satins and bro “The White Moth” featuring Barbaracades are seen in the scenes depict LaMarr and Conway Tearle and "Aing the Court of Versailles and the Fool and His Money.”grand hall given hy Lord Howe inThe attraction for Friday and Sat Philadelphia.Miss Davies’s gowns urday will he “Price of Pleasure” fea cost more than 25,000.turing Virginia Valli and NormanThis theatre is on dayling schedule, Kerry.A strong vein of comedywith performances at 2, 7 and 8.45.- runs throughout the story and thisadv. is interpreted for the most part hy,I1P. DOW & GO. I,/MemberConsolidated Stock Exchangeof /Jew YorkSTOCKS and BONDSPublishers of theLouise Fazenda and T. Roy Barnes,Miss Fazenda playing the part ofthe shop-girl friend of Miss Valli,and Barnes is a janitor, much inlove with Miss Fazenda, hut verymuch obsessed by radio mysteries.“Bonomo the Great,” is coming Fri day and Saturday in the "The GreatCircus Mystery,” a tenchapterthriller.Acclaimed as the strong est man of the world only a shorttime ago, Bonomo keeph himself intrim hy constant exercise so as to heable t6 meet all challenges at a mo ment’s notice.—adv.WEEKLY FINANCIAL DIGEST Iwhich is sent free toinvestors upon request10 STATE STREETSHOE BOSTONREPAIRINGI READ ITNEXT SUNDAYAUTO TOP REPAIRINGRockland Shoe RepairingCo.School StreetCrossing Myrtle street we cometo the house which was occupiedhy Rockland’s first lawyer, Ed win S. Hovey. Because the lotwas enclosed by a high fence andtrees, and because the ownerkept a tame deer in this “ Ktrk,”fhe hoys bestowed upon Mr.Hovey the title of “Earl.” 'fhedeer escaped one day and thecrowd had an exciting time incaitching him.'fhe I lovey house, si ill standing—the nucleus of the block nowowned by F. F. Simmons, fruitand confectionery dealer.Picture No. g in this scene willtake our readers northward fromIhe Hovey house lo the northernside of Park street, which by theway, had not then been laid out.The Chamber of Commerce is con sidering an interesting propositionas to the housing of the industrywhich wants to come to this city.All suggestions will be welcomed,however.The lives of 165 Rockland dogs had'been officially saved up to yesterdaymorning, that number of dog li censes having been issued.A num ber of delinquents are yet to he heardfrom.Charles W. Livingston, George W.Smith, Abram W. Nye and Fred S.March are attending the 106th annualdiocesan convention in Portland, asdelegates from St. Peter’s Episcopalchurch.Albert Winslow, assistant expressmessenger on the Rock land-Boothbay Harbor Landing route, is havinga fortnight’s vacation which will belargely devoted to agricultural en terprises.Hiram Bassett is hissubstitute.ON HIS SEVENTH TERMKnox County patrons of the turfwill be interested to know thatWalter Newbert has sold Eva Frisco2.11*4, which is a beginning and maybe means to a cleanup of the entirestable as per his statement of sev eral weeks ago.George E. Orbeton, Formerlyof West Rockport, KilledIn North Conway.The Ship McNcarCHAS.aCor. Brick and Pleasant Ste.E. 0. Philbrook & SonBedsSprings, MattressesYOU’LI. he delighted withCemetery Workweighs 16% poundsSAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TO RENTTEL. 380: : Manufacturer of : : 8.75A strictly mutual savingsbankTHE PAYSON COMPANYSIMON K. HART. 30x3%When you begin to earnYou should begin to save.SPECIAL ORDERS FILLED ON VERY SHORT NOTICEIF YOU NEED ANY FARM IMPLEMENTS, GIVE US A CALL.WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEYBUY YOUR SEEDS FROM US, WHERE, IF YOU WISH, YOUCAN GET PRACTICAL ADVICE AS TO PLANTING, ETC.NEW BICKNELL BLOCK, 507 MAIN STREET.LOOK!CORD TIRE429 MAIN ST, ROCKLANDTHE PAYSON COMPANYThe North Parish Church Association of St. George has been incorpo rated by Frank B. Miller, its ob ject being to keep the church andpremises in good condition, to en large the cemetery and attend tomatters of real estate. The officersare:President, George H. Robinson:vice president, Almon C. Hall; sec retary, Winslow ,L. Robinson: treas urer, John A. Ewell; trustees, Al fred C. Hocking, James R. KinneyElla E. Robinson, Cyrus A. Hilt andNellie Kinney.STARYSAVING NOWROCKLANDSAVINGS BANKMAIN STREET AS IT LOOKED BEFORE THEMr. Berliawsky Had a Cus tomer But His House WasAfire.PORTLANDSUNDAYTELEGRAMrVolume 80. Number 58.THREE CENTS A COPYRockland56-tfThe Boston Sunday Globe—Order the paper in advancefrom your newsdealer or news boy.Dandelion greens for dinner anddandelion greens for supper is theprogram in many a Rockland house hold just now. And such was theprogram at the Methodist churchTuesday when two nice meals wereserved under the direction of Mrs.Austin iW. Smith.The outstanding feature of the Ber liawsky Are Tuesday was the splen did performance of the new McCannChandler pumper which, workingfrom the Broadway hydrant, delivered,a he-man stream at the scene of theblaze 2,580 feet distant ut the top ofRankin street hill.Here we behold the familiar feat ures of Harry Colvelle Hull, who hasjust entered upon his seventh termas superintendent of the Rocklandand Rockport school union.Supt.Hull was born in Wisconsin, but isof Maine parentage, being the son ofRev. J. J. Hull, who was for 15 yearsfinancial agent of the Maine CentralInstitute in Pittsfield.He receivedthe degree of A. B. from Hillsdale,Mich., B. D. from Union TheologicalSeminary, New York, and A. M. fromYale University where he did post graduate work in education and ped agogy.He has served as instructorin education in Washington Universi ty in St. Louis and as superintendentof Knox County Schools.When itcomes to being the storm center of apolitical contest he has shown an ad mirable knowledge of when to hoistan umbrella. Ii The May Edwards Company iscoming to Park Theatre in June orJuly.Coming picture attractionsinclude “The Goose Hangs High,”next Monday and Tuesday; GloriaSwanson in “Madame Sans-Gene”next Wednesday and Thursday and“The Thief of Bagdad” for a latershowing. Robert A. Webster, who has beenIn charge of the Legion canteenthrough the winter, closes that estab lishment this week in order to enterupon his duties as general agent ofthe Security Mutual Life InsuranceCo. of New York.The late ParkerT. Fuller carried a large policy inthis company.Trawlers Coot, Teal and Widgeonare due in Portland with fares whichwill conclude the Deep Sea’s contractwith Burnham & Morrill.Whenthose fares are discharged the com pany will have delivered fo the Port land concern approximately 3,000,000BATES SUMMER SCHOOLpounds of fresh fish during the springPrincipal Adams of Rockport Gram months.The trawlers will now dis mar School Will Attend.charge their fares at this port, intowhich 42 small boats have beenAlbert T. Adams, principal of the bringing their catch all the season.Rockport Grammar (School, is plan ning to attend the Bates CollegeFive children were brought to Mon summer session, where he will take day’s baby clinic at Grand Army in economics and history. Dr. Warren Sanborn, baby specialist,The session lasts from July 7 to was on hand, accompanied by Mrs.Aug. 14. and other courses offered Sanborn.The doctor was assistedare debating, education, English, by Miss Louise Sawyer, Red CrossFrench, General Science, Govern nurse, and the W. C. T. U. members.ment. Latin, Library Science, Math Babies examined at these clinics haveematics, Physical education and made rapid progress through thePhysics.treatment suggested.Clinics areThe courses in physical education held every Monday, Misses Sawyerinclude coaching football and bas and Hertsgaard having charge whenketball. hut they also give a thor Dr. Sanborn is not here.ough drill In hygiene and physiology.All public schools in Maine are re quired hy law to furnish instruction YOUR FAVORITE POEMin physical education hy someonequalified according to the regula If I had to live my life again I wouldtions of the State Education Depart have made a rule to read some poetry andlisten to some music at least once a week.ment, and these courses at Bates, The loss of these tastes Is a loss of happi approved hy the State Department, ness.—Charles Darwin.are designed t * assist teachers toPICTURES OF MEMORYqualify as directors or supervisorsof physical education In elementary Among the betutlful picturesThat hung on Memory’s walland secondary schools.Is one of a dim old forest.Another interesting course Is Sci That scemeth best of all;ence S6, in construction and opera Not for ltb gnarled oaks olden.T ark with the mistletoe;tion of radio receiving sets, taught Notfor the violets goldenby Prof. Karl S. Woodcock of theThat sprinkle the vale below ;regular Bates faculty. Tlie funda Not for the milk-white liliesThat lean from the fragrant ledge,mental principles of radio ure takenCoquetting all day with the sunbeams.up in a way to be intelligible to aAnd stealing their golden edge ;beginner, and laboratory work will Not for the vines on the upland.Where the bright red berries rest.consist in the construction of one orthe pinks, nor the pale sweet cowslipmore types of receiving sets. The NorIt seemeth to me the best.materials are purchased hy the stu dent and the completed set becomes I once had a little brother.eyes that were dark and deep;his property when the course is fin In Withthe lap of that dint old forestished.He Uetll in peace asleep ;SECOND DEATH RESULTSForrest II. Wiley, 64, of BoothbayCenter, died at St. Andrews Hos pital, in Boothhay Harbor Tuesday,the second victim of the collapse ofa canning factory at Round PondFriday in which two other personswere slightly injured.Peritonitiswas given as the cause of death.Mr. Wiley received a compoundfracture of the leg in tlie crash.Light as the down of the thistle.Free as the winds that blow.We roved there the beautiful summers.The summers of long ago ;But his feet on the hills grew weary.And. one of the autumn eves.I made for my little brotherA bed of the yellow leaves.Sweetly hls pale arms foldedMy neck In a meek embrace.As the light of immortal beauty-Silently covered hls face;And when the arrows of sunsetLodged in the tree-tops bright.He fell, In hls saint-like beauty.Asleep by the gates of light.Therefore, of all the picturesThat hang on Memory’s wall.Saturday Sale of unpainted break The one of the dim old forestfast suites.Read Burpee’s ad onSeemeth the best of 2.—adv.—Alice Cary,

Every-Other-DayRockland Courier-Gazette, Thursday, May 14, 1925.Page Twoi 'The Courier-GazetteSATURDAY, May 16THREE TIMES A WEEKCIRCULATION AFFIDAVITRockland. Maine. May 14. 11125.Penonally appeared Fran a S Lyddle whooffice of The Courier-Gazette, and that of ’hethe issue of this paper of May 12. 192a,there was printed a total of 6.502 copies.Before me,FhAXK n MILLER.Notary Public.Hear, O Israel: the Lord our GodIs one Lord.—Deuteronomy 6:4.MAIN STREET 75 YEARS AGOThe value of the moving picturein reproducing the incidents of his tory is recognized by everybody.The historical novel has always Inthat connection been held in highregard, but to the narrative the motion picture adds an absorbing noteof action that lays before us thevery thing itself. This paper liasalways been glad to commend thesehigher manifestations of the art ofthe screen, and when a picture like"Janice Meredith," for example,comes to town it is a pleasure tocommend it to our readers. On aformer showing here tlie pictureproved its high historical value aswell as ability to charm throughstory,' costume and natural setting,Its appearance here again tomorrowand Saturday affords opportunityfor enjoyment by those of our read ers who missed it on the former oc casion, while there will be many desirous of enjoying it a second time.UNPAIIfTED BREAKFAST SUITEScorriAis359aUrtiVlAJLon oath declares that he la pressman In theThe series of pictorial sketches ofancient Main street, which TheCourier-Gazette begins in this Is sue to lay before its readers, willenliven some moss-grown memories,while awakening in the youngergeneration suggestions of tlie primi tive conditions out of which Rock land's handsome and prosperous chiefbusiness thoroughfare of today hasgradually developed. The sketchesare produced out of -photographsmade from a painted panorama ofMain street, done in about the year1850, by George F. Fling, a wellknown character of those times, whowas versatile in a number of direc tions. painted portraits of prominentcitizens who could afford that formof luxury, and among other practi cal accomplishments officiated aschief violinist and "caller-off” atcommunity dances, a connection thatwon for him the designation ofFiddler Fling, and which title passedby natural inheritance to his son.It was the west side of Mainstreet which in those early days,Immediately preceding the boom ofshipbuilding, transacted the largepart of the city's commercial businessand was therefore the region whicltnaturally offered itself to the artist'saspiring brush. The painting isdone upon cotton cloth, eight feetwide and some fifty feet in lengthOn the death of its author it passedinto the hands of the late GeorgeFred Meservey, who presented it tothe Public Library. In the basementof that institution it can be viewedat any time by the interested visitor. Though as a piece of artistryit may lie open to criticism, thepainting is not without historicalvalue as illustrating our city’s beginnings. A considerable part ofwhat it portrays was wiped out inthe Great Fire of 1853, which laidflat the area lying upon both sidesof the street between Limerock andBpring streets, with the considerableloss, for those days, of 200,000.'For the descriptive matter accompanying the pictures we are indebted to the retentive memory of A1bert I. Mather, whose boyhood roam ings covered every foot of the com munity in which he was born andwhose mind lets go no impressionswhich in those adolescent years wereimprinted upon it.If the reader should take thepains to compare these sketchesgeographically with the improve ments that today stand upon thespots depicted, he will doubtlessown to a pretty bit of entertainment.It is largely with this in view thatthey are here reproduced. Therewill be eight of them, covering thestreet from the Southend to Summerstreet.SATURDAY SPECIAL SALEWEThis wonderful range is perfectlyplain, but very handsome. Yourattention is called to the smoothfinish.Join the Glenwood ClubONSALESATURDAY MORNING, MAY 16A Large Variety ofCOSY LITTLE BREAKFAST ROOM SUITESEquip your Home WithElectrical-Appliances-THE GLENWOOD CPLACEAT GREATLY REDUCED PRICESTerms only—Coffee PercolatorS'ToQsterS'Tlat Irons 1.00 weeklyWE WILL TAKE YOUR OLD*These Goods are Usually Sold for 5.00 to 10.00 EachRANGEBURPEEFURNITURE CO.ROCKLAND, ME.VALUES !IN SPORTING CIRCLESThe i eople who used to askwhat the world was coming tonow have their answer.Vinalhaven Second In theLeague—Rockland LosesTo Belfast.By defeating Lincoln Academy inNewcastle Tuesday. Vinalhaven Highserved notice that it is in the racefor second position in the Knox andLincoln League—which is about thehighest honor that can come to anyteam but Thomaston High this sea son.It is understood that the sup porters of Thomaston High are ap prehensive only of Camden High,and whether those fears are wellgrounded or not will be proved atnext Saturday’s game between theThetwo teams, in Thomaston,league standing is:Won Ixist P.c.1.000Thomaston ------------ 20.666Vinalhaven . 21.000Rockland . 01.000Lincoln —. -— 62.000Camden. -. — —Rockland High was defeated 10 to5 in Belfast yesterday afternoon, al though it outbatted ihc home team10 hits to 8.The sadness of thesituation is found in Rockland's iterrors. Sloane and Flannagan werein the box for Rockland and Traftoncaught.Flanagan (John) was es pecially effective while on the slab.Fifield made two sensational catches.Camden High defeated Union High6 to 5 in a 10-inning game at Unionyesterday and Thomaston High de feated Boothbay Harbor 10 to 4 atBoothbay Harbor. Rising’s feat in striking out 21men at Brewer last Saturday has at tracted attention anew to this won derful Rockland twirler, and was es pecially pleasing to ids many friendsaround Bangor.The Bangor Newssaid:"Elmer Rising pitched himself intotlie baseball, hall of fame, prep schooldivision, by turning in a no-liit, no run game against Brewer Highschool at Eastern Park, South Brew er. Saturday afternoon, when his ownteammates accumulated 11 runs andwon in a walk from the pupils ofEddie Johnson."Standing in the pitcher's box onthe field where so many of his semipro triumphs were achieved as amember of the Eastern A. A., Risingturned back the home team inningafter inning with tlie greatest ofease.Only 28 batters came to l«*t,not one got a safe hit, 24 of themfaded away by the strikeout, threeballs were hit to the infield, but nota one beyond, a missed wild strike,a base on balls and passed ball put-Claremont Commandery. K. T. hascompleted transportation arrange ments lor tlie St. John’s Day celebration in Bangor. June 24. Tlieplans also contemplate the transportation of De Valois Commanderyof Vinalhaven which will lie itsguest here the night before.TlieSir Knights, probably 150 strong, willleave Rockland early on tlie morningof St. John's Day traveling in motorcars, their baggage preceding themin trucks.Sir Knight Fred C.Black will have charge of the bag gage, and Sir Knights Fred C. Dyer,Harry Hanscom. Bert Copeland andLeroy N. Colburn will look aft

the Military Law, an examination of candidates for fhe appointment to the grade of 2nd Lieutenant Coast Artil lery, will he held at Rockland, Friday, May 15, at 7.30 p, m„ or as soon thereafter as practicable to fill the existing vacancy in the staff 240th Coast Artillery. All enlisted me