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https://www.supplychimp.comINDEXForward .3Safety Precautions .4-6Specifications 7Parts Identification 8Operation Keys and Display .9Safety Functions .10-11Installations .12Operating Procedures .13-16Troubleshooting .17-18Daily Maintenance .19Parts List 20-35For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92932

https://www.supplychimp.comFORWARDThis manual provides the operation procedures for the paper shredder Model 1201PF.Read this manual thoroughly before starting up the shredder. Keep this manual handy sothat you can refer to it at any time.The signal words “Warning” and “Caution” found in this manual and on warning labelsaffixed to the shredder correspond to the degree of injury that may result.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, if notavoided, could result in serious injury.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, ifnot avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.It is also used to alert against property damage.In addition to the signal words mentioned above, following two symbols are used toindicate the prohibited actions and to highlight the important actions. Example Indicates prohibited actions. Example means “do notdismantle the product”.Indicates mandatory actions or restricted actions. Examplemeans “pull out the power plug”.DON NOT USED SHREDDER FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSETHAN DESCRIBED IN THIS MANUAL.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92933

https://www.supplychimp.comSAFETY PRECAUTIONSWARNING (S)(1)Keep out of reach of children, sharp cutters inside may cause injury.Do not allow children to use the shredder and do not use it withinchildren’s reach. If they touch the shredder, injury, burn and/or electricshock may result.Do not use the shredder with any other voltage than specified in thismanual. Do not overload the receptacles by plugging too many leads into asingle socket. It may cause a fire or electric shock.Do not remove the covers, cases or cabinets. Sharp cutters inside maycause injury.(9Do not damage, break or deform the power cord. Do not place heavyobjects on it, pull it or bend it forcedly. Damage power cord may cause afire or electric shock.(1)Do not modify the shredder; it may cause a fire or electric shock.CatStop using the shredder immediately when smoke is emitted, unusualsmell comes out and /or abnormal heat is generated. Turn off the powerswitch and pull out the power plug. Then contact us at 800-225-9293. Donot use it continuously a fire or electric shock may result.If shredder comes in contact with any foreign material such as a metal,water or any liquid, immediately turn off power switch and pull out thepower plug. Then contact us at 800-225-9293For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92934

https://www.supplychimp.comSAFETY PRECAUTIONS Cont .Do not plug in or unplug the power cord with wet hands, electric shockmay result.Do not carry out any maintenance or services other than the onesmentioned in this manual. Opening or removal of covers will expose youto dangerous moving parts, therefore may cause serious injury.CAUTIONDo not insert hands or other objects into the throat opening, sharp cuttersinside may cause serious injury.Do not hold paper near the feed opening with your hands and do not pushpaper into it. The pulling force of the motor is very strong and hands mayget pulled in and seriously injured.Keep all loose articles of clothing, long hair, ties, scarves, necklaces,bracelets etc away from the feed opening. Injury may result if such itemsare drawn in press the “STOP” button immediately.Do not insert any article other than paper. Do not shred carbon paper, wetpaper, glue backed paper, stickers, self-adhesive envelopes, DHL/FEDEXlabels, security tape, adhesive tape, OHP films, magnet sheets, plastic bagsand clothes attention.Do not, place shredder, on an unstable area such as an uneven floor or tiltedstand injury may result if it falls.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92935

https://www.supplychimp.comSAFETY PRECAUTIONS Cont .Do not install the shredder in humid or dusty place. Keep water away fromthe shredder if water splashes on it fire or electrical shock may result.Always pull out the plug before moving the shredder. If the power cord isdamaged a fire or electric shock may result.Turn off the breaker after using the shredder. If it is not used for a longperiod of time pull out the power plug. If it is plugged for a long time itmay cause a fire.Do not pull the power cord when pulling out the plug. I the cord isdamaged a fire may result.Do not place any heavy object on the shredder if it falls injury may result.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92936

https://www.supplychimp.comSPECIFICATIONSMODELFeed opening/loading widthShred SizeCutting TypeRated Sheet CapacityCutting SpeedMaximum Feeder CapacityInput VoltageRated Power ConsumptionStand-by Power ConsumptionDimensionsWeightOther1201CC12.20” (310 mm)Approximately 1/25” x 1/5” (1X5 mm)Cross CutLetter size copy paper (70g/m)Approximately 5 sheets (Maximum 12 sheets)Approximately 2– 9.8 meter per min.For 8 ½” X 11” or smaller paper : 3.94”For paper larger than 8 ½” X 11”: 1.38”120V AC / 8.0A (Max. 14A) / 60 Hz8000 W (5 min. after operation)19.69” X 19.69” X 33.46” (500X500X850 mm)Approximately 186 lbs. (84.5 kg)Super potential power unit (variable speedcontrol)No power consumption during stand-byPaper jam prevention mechanismLCD display with backlightAutomatic start/stop, Automatic power cut-offOverflow stop, Auto reverse, Auto cutCabinet door switchCircuit breaker (used as power switch)Safety beep, Error message, CasterFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92937

https://www.supplychimp.comPARTS IDENTIFICATION1354NAME(1) Throat Opening(2) Operation keys and display(3) Breaker used as Main switch(4) Cabinet Door(5) Waste Basket(6) CastersFUNCTIONPaper to be shredded is fed through hereSee Page 9Used as the main ON/OFF switch. It worksin case of circuit failure or motor lock inorder to protect the motor from burnout.Opened to take out/put in the waste basketShredded particles are stored hereUsed to move the shredder, Front castershave stoppers which should be locked atthe installation place.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92938

https://www.supplychimp.comOPERATION KEYS AND DISPLAYShredder Main BodyA'·\ I,, . STOP 3I STARTNAME(1) Liquid Crystal Display(2) STOP key(3) START key (shredder)(4) REVERSE keyFUNCTIONCurrent status is displayedStops shredding and paper feedingPressing the upper side of this key after turning on thebreaker or during power saving mode makes shredderready for operationCutting block runs in reverse while this key is pressedFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-92939

https://www.supplychimp.comSAFETY FUNCTIONSSafety Devices(1) Auto-cut (Motor overheating protection) U),[J: WAIT: COOLINGOFF MOTOR 4 Il»1Icons light upbytumsWhen motor is locked or overloaded for a certain period oftime the motor overheat protection is activated to cut offthe motor power. When activated a beep sounds and themachine will stop. When motor is cooled the machine willreset automatically and the alarm beeps again.(2) Cabinet Door SwitchThis prevents the shredder from operating while cabinet door is open.(3) Overflow StopBASKET FULL,DISCARD WASTESr,;;;;] .UWhen the waste basket becomes full the shredderautomatically stops after leveling shredded material.0 ""'" Ioh1upbytums(4) Auto ReverseOVERLOADING'REMOVE PAPERIl'ii1l fICtlD 4"l:!f.IIcons nghtup by tumsWhen exceeding the maximum sheet capacity theshredder may get jammed the shredder will stop and thenreverses automatically so that the jammed paper can beremoved. Pressing the REVERSE key also activates thereverse operation.(5) Circuit BreakerTo protect against circuit failure the motor is locked for a certain period of time, thisfeature will protect the motor wiring from burnout and overload.(6) Feed Opening SwitchThe feed opening switch prevents the shredder from operating while the jammedpaper is being removed through its enlarged feed opening this operation uses the autoreverse function.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929310

https://www.supplychimp.comSAFETY FUNCTIONS Cont Alarm and Beep(1) Acceptance BeepIt sounds on acceptance of key entry and when the machine status changes(2) AlarmSHRED RUNS BYSTART KEY PRESStheThe beep sounds intermittently every 5 seconds when paperor foreign articles are detected near the feed opening whileshredder stops and the screen shown on the left is displayed.Note: If this status lasts for more than 3 minutes, themachine locks up temporarily and Error 1 is displayed.(3) Status Information BeepIn the following occasions, the information beep sounds to notify the statuschange.LEVELING OFFWASTE CHIPS 0lbdW [):)ml IfA]l!dIWhen the shredder starts evening out the waste chipsAfter detecting that the waste basket is full.Icons lightup by tumsWAIT: COOLINGOFF MOTORWhen the auto-cut function is activated and when themachine restores itself. Icons light upbytumsERROR 1READ MANUALWhen an error is generated;Note: for details of errors refer to pageFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929311

https://www.supplychimp.comINSTALLATIONSϖ Place the shredder near the power outlet in such a way that the power plug is easilyaccessible.Note1: Do not install the shredder near heat sources such as radiator, flammableliquids or gases.Note 2: Do not install the shredder on uneven or unstable floor.ϖ Lock the front two casters.ReleaseNote: Before moving the shredder, make sure that the locks of front two castersare released.ϖ Insert the plug into the outlet which means the specifications on the nameplates(i.e. 120V ac, 15 Amps).Make sure that no other equipment uses the same outlet.ϖ Attach a plastic bag firmly to the waste basket so that you can change the bagwithout scattering paper chips.Note: Make sure to remove the air between the plastic bag and the basket. If not itmay cause a malfunction of the sensor detecting the waste volume level.F'lastlc bagFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929312

https://www.supplychimp.comOPERATING PROCEDURESAutomatic OperationProcedureTurn on the breaker and press the upperpart of START key of the shredder. TheSHRED READY screen appears.Note: If idle for more than 5 minutes, itGoes into the power save mode andall power goes off. Press the upperpart of the START key again torestore.Feed the paper straightforward into thethroat opening by aligning the center partto the AUTO START mark. When paper isdrawing into the shredder, remove yourhands immediately.Shredding volume is displayed in 4 levelsas shown in the right.ϖ It is recommended to shred thepaper with the volume of (a) to (c)levels.ϖ If the paper to be shreddedexceeds the level (d), auto-reversefunction may work.Note: Shred levels vary depending on thepaper quality and/or voltage fluctuation, sotake these levels as a reference.After using the shredder, turn OFF themain breaker and pull out the plug from theoutlet.Display preSShereISHRED READYa. Shred volume: LOWSHRED READYLEVEL 11111""""""b. and c. are bothmediumsb. Shred volume: MIDDLESHREDDINGLEVEL 111111111""""c. Shred volume: MIDDLESHREDDINGLEVEL 1111111111111""d. Shred volume: HIGHSHREDDINGLEVEllllllllllllllll11For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929313

https://www.supplychimp.comOPERATING PROCEDURES Cont Manual OperationProcedureTurn on the breaker and press the upperpart of START key. The SHRED READYscreen appears.Note: If idle for more than 5 minutes, itgoes into the power save mode andall power goes off. Press the upperpart of START key again to restore.Press the START key. The cutters startrunning and the screen changes as shownon right .Display p'tt:llih.r.ISHRED READY preSShefe1GUTTER RUNS :FEEDPAPEAFeed the paper straightforward into thethroat opening by aligning the center partto the AUTO START mark. When paper isdrawing into the shredder, remove yourhands immediately.Shredding volume is displayed in 4 levelsas shown on the right.ϖ It is recommended to shred thepaper with the volume of (a) to (c)levels.ϖ If the paper to be shreddedexceeds the level (d), auto-reversefunction may work.Note: Shred levels vary depending on thepaper quality and/or voltage fluctuation, sotake these levels as a reference.Ia. Shred volume: LOWSHRED READYLEVEL 11111""""""b. and c. are bothmediumsb. Shred volume: MIDDLESHREDDINGLEVEL 111111111""""c. Shred volume: MIDDLESHREDDINGLEVEL 1111111111111""d. Shred volume: HIGHSHREDDINGlEVEL I II II II II 11 II II IIFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929314

https://www.supplychimp.comOPERATING PROCEDURES Cont Manual OperationsProcedureThe cutters stop automaticallyapproximately 10 seconds after the paperdisappears from the feed opening and thescreen changes to SHRED READY.For continuous shredding, feed the nextpaper within 10 seconds.To stop the shredding during operation,press the STOP key. The cutters will bestopped. If the paper has disappeared fromthe feed opening when the STOP key ispressed, the screen (a) is displayed. If itremains, the screen (b) is displayed. In thisstatus, the alarm beeps continuouslysounds.After using the shredder, turn OFF themain breaker and pull out the plug from theoutlet.Reverse OperationProcedureReverse operation is possible while one ofthe following 3 screens displaysϖ SHRED READYϖ SHRED RUNS BY START KEYPRESS orϖ OVERLOADING: REMOVEPAPER.Press the REVERSE key. While you arepressing the key, the cutter rotates inreverse direction.DisplayISHRED READYa.ISHRED READYb.SHRED RUNS BYSTART KEY PRESSDisplaySHRED READYISHRED RUNS BYSTART KEY PRESSOVERLOADING:REMOVE PAPERfIiiI1 ao04 l:!!JIcons lightup by turnsREVERSINGFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929315

https://www.supplychimp.comOPERATING PROCEDURES Cont Discarding WasteProcedureWhen the waste basket is full, the statusinformation beep sounds and the shredderevens out paper chips automatically forabout 10 seconds.CautionDisplaytAt LEVLlNG OFFLJ WASTE CHIPS 0 I Il.bJJLJIcons lightup by turnsDo not open the cabinet door during thisoperation.After 10 seconds, the display changes asshown on the right. Open the cabinet doorshake the basket lightly by hand to level offthe paper chips.Note: When the cabinet door opens, allpower goes off for safety.F tUBASKET FUll :DISCARD WASTESIfj 01ULJIcons lightup by turnsIf the paper chips reach the height of thebasket handles, take the basket out anddiscard the shreds.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929316

https://www.supplychimp.comTROUBLESHOOTING Cont Error MessagesError No.CauseError 1If paper or any foreign article is fedat the feed opening and left therewithout shredding for about 3minutes, the machine locks uptemporarily and Error 1 isdisplayed.Error 2After the auto-reverse function isactivated, and if the paper stillremains at feed opening for about 2minutes, the machine locks uptemporarily and Error 2 isdisplayed.Error 3If the shredder is operatedcontinuously for more than 30minutes, the machine locks uptemporarily and Error 3 isdisplayedError 4If the waste leveling motor islocked, the machine locks uptemporarily to protect the motorfrom burning and Error 4 isdisplayed.Error 8If overheating prevention ofcontroller works, Error 8 isdisplayed.Error 6Error 7If any malfunction of controlleroccurs, Error 6 or 7 is displayed.Error 9If LCD has any problem, Error 9 isdisplayed.Corrective Action1) Turn OFF the breaker andpull out the plug.2) Remove the paper or foreignarticle at the feed opening.3) Turn ON the breaker again.1) turn OFF the breaker and pull outthe plug.2) Remove the paper at the feedopening.3) Turn ON the breaker again.1) Turn OFF the breaker.2) Turn ON the breaker again.1) Turn OFF breaker.2) Check the waste basket, if it isfull empty the basket.3) Turn ON the breaker.1) Turn OFF the breaker and waitfor a certain period of time.2) Turn ON the breaker.3) If the error still occurs, contactSEM’s Customer Service at1(800)225-92931) Reset the breaker.2) If the error still occurs, contactSEM’s Customer Service at1(800)225-92931) Reset the breaker.20 If the error still occurs, contactSEM’s Customer Service at1(800)225-9293If any error occurs after taking the corrective actions mentioned above, check the errornumber and contact SEM’s Customer service at 1 (800)225-9293. Do not attempt toconduct any actions other than the ones mentioned above.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929317

https://www.supplychimp.comTROUBLESHOOTING Cont Common TroubleshootingSymptomShredder does not startshredding even when paperis fed manuallyShredder does not stopShredder moves back whenpaper is fed.Paper is not shreddedsmoothlyCorrective ActionConfirm power source isOKCheck to see that the plugis inserted into the outlet.Confirm that the breaker isON.Check to see if the auto-cutis not activated.Check to see if the overflowstop is not activated.Check to see if the sensor atthe feed opening is notactivated.Check the machine to see ifit is in the power savemode.Check to see if the cabinetcover is closed.Check for any errormessage displayed on thescreen.Check to see if paper isstuck in the feed opening. Ifyes,1) Press the STOP key2) Pull out the plug3) Remove the paperCheck for too many sheetsbeing fedCheck the quality of thepaper.Do not cut cardboard or wetpaperRefer toPage 10Page 10Page 10Page 13Page 10Page 17Page 6 & 13For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929318

https://www.supplychimp.comDAILY MAINTENANCEWarningDo not dismantle or repair the product. Sharp cutters insidemay cause injury. Opening or removal of covers allows youto access dangerous moving parts and live parts inside andaccessing such parts may cause injury.CautionAlways pull out the plug before cleaning orPerforming any type of maintenance to avoidElectric shock.Do not use oils or sprays on the shredder.It may cause a fire or explosion.Do not use water for cleaning the shredder.It may cause electric shock.Do not use polishing powder, thinner,petroleum-based products or aerosols of anykinds on or near the shredder at anytime. It maycause damage, deformation, discoloration or flaw.ProcedurePull out the plug before cleaning or performing any type of maintenance.Clean the shredder cabinet with dry and soft cloth. If there is heavy stain on a cabinet,soak a soft cloth into a neutral detergent, squeeze it and wipe the stain out with it. Thenwipe the cabinet with dry soft cloth.Note: For your safety, maintenance and cleaning should be limited to the exterior ofshredder.For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929319

https://www.supplychimp.comMODEL 1201CC PARTS ion ManualPART NO.SMSZ48334A11QUANTITY1Rating Name PlateMachine Number PlateMachine Name PlateLabel for Disassemble ProhibitionMS43 Packing Complete SetWaste Bag MWaste BoxCoverUpper CoverPlate for Protection Against Vibration-LargePlate for Protection Against Vibration-MiddlePlate for Protection Against Vibration-SmallInstruction PlateUpper Cover Rubber (Rear)Positioning PlateSpacerSTOP Button Reinforcement PlateSpacerOperation PlateDisplay WindowReverse ButtonStop ButtonStart ButtonSwitch PC BoardS/W Relay WireBoard Cover 2SpacerSpacerFireproofing Film GrommetShooting Plate AssemblyLoading Slot PlateLoading Slot CushionLoading Slot ShaftStretch SpringLoading Slot SW AssemblyWarning PlateAuto StartWaste Light Sensor PackingLoading Slot Relay WireGround 211111311For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929320

9808182838485868788Main Body HousingMagnet CatchHandle (Main Body)Breaker Cord Assemble (UL)One Touch BushCord Fitting PlateCord BushWaste Box RailWaste Sensor CasePhoto SensorPlate for SensorWaste Sensor HarnessCaster (with brake)Caster (without brake)Cord Exit Plate (UL)Earthing PlatePivot (Upper)Pivot Metal WasherPivot (Lower)DoorMagnet Catch Adhension PlateDoor RubberDust Proof Cushion (long)Dust Proof Cushion (Short)Handle (door)Front PlateMicro Switch (door)Terminal Protection CoverLabel for Handling Waste (UL)Label for Waste Box (UL)Circuit Breaker 10ABreaker Relay Cord-Front PlateBreaker Relay HarnessGround WireFrame (left) MCFrame (right)Free BushRubber for Protection Against VibrationStayFront CoverOne Touch BushFan Sensor CaseSwivel Sensor HarnessDiselectrification Brush Metal FittingDiselectrification BrushRear 112421111111For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929321

117118119120121122123124125126127Control Circuit :MS-4XINV (UL)Harness Assembly *Inc. ControllerHarness Assembly *Inc. ControllerHarness Assembly * Inc. ControllerHarness Assembly * Inc. ControllerCaution Name Plate for High TemperatureClip CoverIVS-4 Motor : MS-4 (1U)Spur Gear Z41Parallel Key 7x7x14Housing StayBearing Frame (right)Bearing Frame (left)Side Piece 23Side Piece LeftMain Cutter ShaftSubsidiary Cutter ShaftDisc Cutter/55Distance PieceSpacerSpacer B-5Lock NutWasherParallel Key 7x7x16Ball BearingFixture Bar for Cutter DiaphragmCutter DiaphragmWasherWasherSpur Gear Z88Reverse Gear Z 29Bearing Reinforcing Plate (MC)Lenear Diagram for Shreds Leveling MotorCondenser for Motor OperationCircle BearingParallel BearingMotor Fixture PlateHarness Cover for Fan MotorCircle 1SMDK1-307894SMSZ48123A11SMSZ44723C11SMMS-4 111111211111111113793792122344379511211111111For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929322

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.PortsNo.-.'"6NameInstion man IIIMSZ48334Ali5Z4'96681172NameCordNameLIMITED WARRANTYMSZ48222A 11SHREOOEA 1201CC , -.- ---- .------.,.---. .fll-------------- [email protected]'. T.3c.MS 3Packln. com"l.t tCo,MSZ41345AOl.MVAC .IU.(-'.1-.001 .8. .- -MSZ48328A 1149NameMachine number5C lateMSZ48078B 1IS.1201CCNameMe hina nameC rlateSMSZ48331 A 1110'moverCordB312A!1For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929323

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.PartsNo.1611NameUU eor covllr rubber (rllar)er cover1217.Name.CordSMSZ45729Bl11318Name. - .--CordSMSZ45730A121419. -- .MSZ45731Bl1STOP"'-SMSZ480658112015C dNameInstnJctionlateSMSZ31068B 11NameS acerSMASP-422For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929324

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.No.2126Partso2722NmDis lawindowC ,MSZ47095C 112328Reverso buttonSMSZ479998112924Sto25Board eover 2SMSZ47909A 11button30NameS acorMASP-418For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929325

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.No.3136Part.Fir. . .oofin3732NShoot;"SMSZ30957EO 1ete s .3833N m.LdinN. CordlateSMSZ31194Bli34Warninlate39em'Loadin; nMSZ46 2N"m"Auto start114035NLOildin 1h.MSZ45996EliM 244217811For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929326

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.PartsNo.414642474348NameMain bodCord fittinhousin4449Nam"CordMa net catch45lateCord bushSMSB8R-150Waste bOll railSZ30591CllFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929327

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.No.5156 .NameNameWaste sensor casePartsSMSZ30593D 11MP-60GCasler without brake5752NamePhoto sensorCordSMGP2A2253Cord Exitlatl! ULSMSZ48030B 1158N.,mePlate for sensorSMSZ44760AllEarthinlatePivot ue .SMSZ8584A 115954NameWaste sensor harnessC .dCordSMSZ48215AQI55MSZ8509BOl60Name85tftr with hr . knCordMP-60GSPivot molal washerSZ8505A 11For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929328

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.PartsNo.6166-DuePivot lower62oof 2928AO 163Handle doorMSZ30717811Micro switch doorMA-20GV-B68Nam101 ow. .-. .t.C .dSMSZ8323A 126964Door rubberSMSZ44279A II7065CordOUSl roof Gushion (IonSZ48132A IITermin,,1rotoction CO"".AP-BFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929329

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.PartsNo. ,7671N,mosubel72f lundl,nlCordwute (UL)--- ,. . , . . -.ILibel fO ' waite box (ULJNameSMSZ47964811-- Ground wireCordSMSZ48026AOl77SMSZ4 79658 I 1Frame left Me7873N,m"Circuit breaker 1OACordM3130-0 11 0-1 OA7479c.dFree bushSMU-BUSH-KG-328075NameBreaker rela harnessCordSMSZ48088AOlMSZ4684Cl1For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929330

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.No.Parts81868287Z31176S118883N mOn.MTB-15208485NameHarness A semblMSKI-40301For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929331

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.No.9691NameHarness AssemblCordSMSK 1-403059792C dHarness AssemblS urMSKI-4031193SMSZ46788Aliear Z4198Harness Ali100 ChiNamecoverCordSZ44723Cl18ellrinframe rintMSZ299881IFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929332

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListNo.PartsNo.Parts106101NameBearinframe leftDisc cutter ISMSZ2999B 1 I107102NSideeM'NameMSZ46414AI3ie e 23103Distanceiece108SideCordSMSZ46414A 1 1ie e left-.'--N.mS a er.109104Main cutter shaft -sSMSZ30375A 12 .,.,.-------110105NameSubsidiacutter shllftor MSZ30376A 12Lock nutSMAN06For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929333

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts 0811Reverseear Z29115N.meCutter di. "r. mc ,SMSZ46375C128No . . (Me)0-,SZ046791Al1For NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929334

https://www.supplychimp.com1201 CC Service Parts ListPartsNo.121. - . --MSZ48028AOI122128123Circle bearinMSZ46799811124129125130Nam"CordFor NATIONWIDE SERVICE call 1(800)225-929335

Security Engineered Machinery Co., Inc . OPERATIONAL & MAINTENANCE MANUAL . SEM 1201C