The spindle is virtually inseparable from the machine milling head, and if the highest levels of total system performanceare to be achieved, both parts must be carefully matched. This is the quintessentially short, simple and concise knowledgegained by TRAMEC and FISCHER after many years in the market. The imperative, close cooperation between spindle andhead manufacturers has lead to a closer cooperation between our two companies in areas of development, and service inServicing SpindlesThe FISCHER PRECISE group develops, manufactures, andmarkets three brands of wide–ranging spindle systems:FISCHER, PRECISE and FORTUNA. In addition to the correct selection and structural design of a spindle, its faultless operation is also dependent on peripheral equipment (converter, choke, lubrication system, and coolingunit), all of which must be tuned to the spindle to beused in the application. Selection and design requireapplication technology know–how that has been specifically developed in the FISCHER PRECISE Group overmany years, FISCHER PRECISE Group’s worldwide repairservice is available not only for our own brands but alsofor equipment from other manufacturers.Individual elements of this customer support are: 2Design of the converter, choke, lubrication system and cooling unitAdvice on machine integration and spindle commissioningTrainingImprove machining by taking the maximum allowable spindle loads and theproductivity required into considerationCalculation of tool stability criteriaIdentification and measurement of spindle vibrationsDevelopment of strategies for increasing machine uptime and reducingmachine downtime„Upgrading“ – Upgrading existing machines with higher performance spindle/converter systems08 І 2009ca. 724,00FISCHER and TRAMEC – machine that Belong Together

(517,40)(467,40)particular. As a result of this partnership, TRAMEC heads are repaired at designated FISCHER PRECISE Group servicecompanies, while spindle and head installation service is coordinated by all FISCHER PRECISE Group facilities.(599,924)n 600,00 f7 599,854Servicing HeadsMilling heads play a pivotal role as machine components.They are effectively the “heart” of the machine.This means professional on-site service is a must. In thisrespect the FISCHER PRECISE Group is a highly qualifiedpartner.The FISCHER PRECISE Group’s worldwide presence, andour skills in spindles, milling, and grinding are the perfectfoundation for servicing milling heads.446,50TRAMEC milling heads meet the most stringent demands on component precision and durability, aswell as for flexibility, coordination, and load transmission during the milling process. These featuresare primarily required for the manufacture of aerospace industry components that need high degrees of precision machining and special processing steps. In the same way, milling heads are used for5–axis processing and also for making models andmoulds.Individual elements of this customer support are: 08 І 2009100,00On–site diagnosis and problem analysisOn site cause analysisSpare part procurement and stocking by arrangementRegular essential maintenance of milling heads and the spindles used3

Service Around the World0,00In addition to the manufacturing sites of FISCHER AG Precision Spindles, PRECISE Precision Spindles and FISCHER PRECISEDeutschland GmbH (FORTUNA brand), the FISCHER PRECISE Group includes established service companies in other keymarkets.FISCHER PRECISE USA Inc.3715 Blue River AvenueRacine, WI 53405USAFISCHER Europe Service S.A.R.L2, Avenue de l‘Usinage Grande Vitesse74250 PeillonnexFranceP 1 262 632 6173F 1 262 632 [email protected] 33 450 31 66 22F 33 450 31 66 [email protected] AGPräzisionsspindelnPostfach 313360 HerzogenbuchseeSwitzerlandP 41 62 956 22 22F 41 62 956 22 [email protected] PRECISE Deutschland GmbHGaußstrasse 270771 Leinfelden–EchterdingenGermanyTRAMEC GmbHBrückenstrasse 273333 Gingen / FilsGermanyP 49 711 787 827 0F 49 711 787 827 [email protected] 49 7162 932 34-0F 49 7162 932 [email protected] hour ServiceFISCHER PRECISE Shanghai Technologies, Inc.Bld. 5, No. 888, Shuang–Bai RoadShanghai 201108China P.R.FISCHER PRECISE Japan Corporation7–4–6 Seika–dai Seika–choSoraku–gun Kyoto 619–0238JapanP 86 21 643 481 50F 86 21 643 481 [email protected] 81 774 98 0538F 81 774 98 [email protected] 12:00USA 23:00Europe 06:00Our service covers: dismantling analysis and repair perquotation failure cause analysis on site spare part stocking by arrangement 24 hour telephone service with support and presencein different time zones 9508 І 2009125 USA 12:00Europe 19:00China 001:00Europe 12:00China 18:00USA 005:00196,000,00257,00292,0)(34338,004

P 49 7162 93234–0F 49 7162 93234–[email protected](517,40)TRAMEC GmbHBrückenstrasse 273333 Gingen / FilsGermany(467,40)We look forward to talking to you.FISCHER Europe Service S.A.R.L.2, av. de l‘Usinage Grande Vitesse74250 Peillonnex599,924 France()n 600,00 f7 599,854P 33 450 31 66 22F 33 450 31 66 [email protected] PRECISE USA, Inc.3715 Blue River AvenueRacine, WI 53405USAP 1 262 632 6173F 1 262 632 [email protected] PRECISE Shanghai Spindle Technologies, Inc.Bld.5, No.888, Shuang–Bai RoadShanghai 201108China P.R.P 86 21 6434 8150F 86 21 6434 [email protected],00508 І 2009

TRAMEC GmbHBrückenstrasse 273333 Gingen/FilsGermanyP 49 7162 93234–0F 49 7162 93234–[email protected] www.tramec.netFPM RS 01 1000 0809 06 D/E/F/I/RU LDFISCHER PRECISE Management AGPostfach 313360 HerzogenbuchseeSwitzerlandP 41 62 956 22 22F 41 62 956 22 [email protected]

In addition to the manufacturing sites of FISCHER AG Precision Spindles, PRECISE Precision Spindles and FISCHER PRECISE Deutschland GmbH (FORTUNA brand), the FISCHER PRECISE Group includes established service companies in other key markets. FISCHER AG Präzisionsspindeln Postfach 31 3