The 5KØK team departing from Vienna with a few items out of their junk boxes they think they’ll need for the CQWW SSBcontest.Results of the 2019 CQWWDX SSB Contest“Another great contest where I am meeting long-time friends!” – PAØMBY JOHN DORR*, K1ARhis year, CQ magazine is celebrating its 75th year —an amazing accomplishment in our hobby and in theworld of publishing overall. Equally amazing was lastyear’s 71st edition of the CQWW contest — an operatingevent unlike any other, both in size, excitement, and worldwide participation. And, while we still haven’t figured out howto control our solar friend or convince Ol’ Sol that sunspotsare actually a good thing, the party continues year after year.Indeed, operating conditions were dismal this past fall, butwe still witnessed an estimated 46,000 stations on the air,which is an astounding tally by any measure. Even in poorconditions, TF3T found something positive to say when hementioned that, “At least the aurora was certainly beautiful!”But I also love hearing stories from contesters who havereturned to the fold. Javier Monroy, HK3EA (ex-HK3MAE),wrote to me and said, “After 25 long years away from radioactivity, I have returned to contests again. Perhaps my working conditions and the very special and strange callsign,5J5ØØV, leave me with an improved result, but no matterwhat, I simply felt very happy to be participating. This contest is great; I have no doubt.”T*e-mail: [email protected] 14 CQ April 2020Rookie operator Dustin, KM4UNY, having a blast at the helmof Mark, K9GX’s, fine station.Visit Our Web Site

So, even with poor conditions, we have plenty to celebrateand report upon this year.Let’s Discuss the ResultsGiven the trend in recent years of ballooning contestscores when conditions have been “just right,” it’s hardto believe that a result of 5 million (M) points in a CQWWcontest could place you in the Top-10 SOAB (SingleOperator All-Band) World category as achieved by 4X4FRthis year. Or, that you could be the #10 winner in the U.S.SOAB category, as N1PGA accomplished, while barelycracking 1M points. All of this is to say that while makingthe top-10 in any category of the WW remains an impressive accomplishment, scores were significantly downwhen compared to previous years — a graphic reflectionof what happens when sunspots vaporize from the Earthfacing glare of the Sun.The PJ4K team undertaking a massive station rebuild fromthe former PJ1B operating site.2019 CQWW DX SSB TOP SCORESWORLDSINGLE OPERATORHIGH POWERAll BandV47T (K5ZD).11,215,8908P5A (W2SC) .11,024,463P4ØT (VE3DZ) .10,167,520E7DX (E77DX) .7,203,476V55A (ZR2A).7,164,672CR6K (CT1CJJ).6,806,352UB7K .5,658,943VY2TT (K6LA).5,377,272N5DX (@N2QV) .5,350,5904X6FR .5,021,64028 MHzCV7S (CX7SS) .418,990E77A .146,664LW2DOD.89,78421 MHzPX2A (PY2LSM) .1,485,855IH9P (OL5Y) .1,276,872LU5VV .587,21414 MHzTM4L (F8ARK) .1,190,710CS2C.916,663DK3T (DK4EE) .868,6877 MHzCR6T (CT1ESV) .895,238YT7A (YU7GM) .512,400DX1J (EA4KR) .504,0033.7 MHzYV5KG .157,192SN5V (SQ5EBM).144,102EW8Y.135,8001.8 MHzVY2ZM (K1ZM).209,878NP2J (K8RF).105,138SN7D (SQ7D) .65,254LOW POWERAll BandKP3Z (NP4Z).5,130,240HI3T.2,162,2573V8SS (KF5EYY).1,712,854IW1FRU .1,694,117VA2EW.1,655,374HA3NU.1,567,9204XØT (4Z5FI) .1,548,749MU2K (RL5D) .1,220,627OK6T (OK1WCF) .1,191,186UZ3A (UX1AA).1,132,95028 MHzCA4PSH .197,20016 CQ EA8TX.192,138CE2BMW .134,20021 MHzPY2UD .491,904LZ9V .171,996VR2EH (VR2ZQZ) .152,29214 MHz4L2M .639,100PY2NY .435,864ED8H .253,7707 MHzRK3E.55,328EA5EOR .49,082SP7RFF .44,8953.7 MHz4Z5UN .115,090PA2TMS.111,055RW2F (RA2FA) .59,0401.8 MHzSNØR (SQ9IAU).26,963UY2IF.14,022G2X (GØDCK) .10,812QRPAll BandKR2Q .472,584LZ1DM.319,800LY5G.206,424UR5FEO .204,088EA8DDS .192,071W1JCW.189,426JH1OGC .127,530M3E (G4CWH) .97,6039M2TDX.82,764K8ZT .72,48028 MHzSP7VTQ .7,579SN5R (SP5XMU) .5,265US5VX .2,95221 MHzUW5EJX/MM .85,772HG3C (HA3HX) .21,300CT4QB .16,13214 MHzUN4L .72,660JR4DAH .34,612WE6EZ .30,3007 MHzIZ3IBL.50,568LY2NK .27,156IZ4VQS .25,788April 20203.7 MHzOK6K (OK5IM) .17,727DO4HZ .5,292IZ5OVP .1,5001.8 MHzHA1TI.7,912ASSISTEDHIGH POWERAll BandPT5J (PP5JR) .8,535,872EC2DX .7,789,488EF5Y (EA5FR) .4,483,408S57AL.4,455,616S53MM.4,342,184KH7XS .4,237,920ZF9CW (K5GO) .4,237,731VA2WA .3,973,9204Z7Z (4X1DX).3,972,505IB9A (IT9RBW) .3,969,12628 MHzLU7HN .295,470LU1DX .178,979EA8DED (OH2BP) .102,33621 MHz9Y4D.1,253,707ZZ2T (PY2MNL).819,206PY2KJ.703,49414 MHzPJ4NG (K2NG).1,703,6739A9A.1,615,680OK7K (OK1BN) .1,232,4987 MHzUA4S (R9GM).589,776SN3A (SP3GEM).572,880LY4ZF (YL1ZF).545,3253.7 MHzOM2VL.519,168OL4C (OK1NP).457,475HG8R (HA8JV).419,6161.8 MHzHGØR (HAØNAR).89,8844L/LY4ZZ (LY4ZZ) .55,944SP3GTS .54,480ASSISTEDLOW POWERAll BandP4ØW (W2GD) .4,689,450UW7LL.2,415,253TM3Z (F4DSK) .2,081,0049A2EU.1,898,688SQ6H (SQ6PLH) .1,566,075PC3T.1,420,224CF3M (VE3LA) .1,318,971VP9I (K1QX) .1,159,936PT7ZT .982,272RL6M.943,88428 MHzEA5AER .50,800PP5KC .38,570LZ1NG .37,98021 MHzPY2CX .255,102IZ8GNR .244,6849A3B (9A1AA).90,45014 MHzIK4LZH.425,040UR3GU.329,766PY8WW .291,7197 MHz9A9R.381,576YL7X (YL2LY).162,908IZ4REF .139,5873.7 MHzCQ3J .120,790OL9R (OK6RA) .105,315OK1M (OK1WMR) .86,3461.8 MHzLZ2F (LZ2JE) .38,844YT8A (YU1EA) .27,604VE3MGY .19,052ASSISTEDQRPAll BandMØHMJ .178,618GW8C 369JK1TCV.21,336UR9QQ.19,800EA1AER .15,399YC2VOC .15,180KD2BGM.13,44628 MHzHS5YLK .4,5923G3O (XQ3OP) .1,040IW1BCO .1,00321 MHzIZ8EWD .23,856BA7CK .16,368OK2IPW .13,86014 MHzTA3AER .69,504LY2OU .37,530ES7AM.15,7807 MHzEE3X (EA3KX).77,121HA5OB .2,275JG1LFR 0LZ9W .12,874,0833.7 MHzUZ7M (UT9MZ).45,414LZ2A (LZ2DB).22,336OL4W (OK1IF) .11,822ROOKIEHigh PowerKN8U .444,854YU1TUF .408,807SQ3M.395,592VU2ZMK .350,700R2ARR.242,496HP1STB .237,009S5ØGB .204,5409M2SAF .172,840AC1EV.170,187AK1MD .153,2161.8 MHzG5D (G3UJE) .6,120MULTI-OPSINGLE TRANSMITTERHigh PowerCR3DX .21,657,220P33W.20,791,161IR4X.11,422,362LX7I .10,669,901LZ5R .10,495,984TM6M .10,389,974TI7W .10,216,595IR4M.9,976,915DR1A .9,908,250IR6T.8,002,676Low PowerED9E .3,669,484IB9T .2,797,964HH2AA .2,643,060ZW8T .2,204,982E7CW.1,772,857S58Y.1,539,725J68MD .1,522,512TI1T .1,255,122ET3AA.933,534DL1D .864,297MULTI-OPTWO TRANSMITTERFY5KE .24,073,634PZ5K.19,800,720ZF1A .12,759,663ED8W.10,937,124EI7M .10,272,510KC1XX .10,262,2089A7A.9,394,608ED1R .9,234,7356W1RY .9,105,4085KØK F8R .41,951,525CN3A .31,297,000PJ4K .26,784,234PJ2T .18,494,835A73A.17,404,684ROOKIELow G .266,031OD5ZF.247,585CA4PSH .197,200IU5ICR .140,793SP8ALT.140,392LY5YY.139,503DC8YZ .127,260CLASSICHigh PowerP4ØT (VE3DZ) .5,086,298PS2T (PY1NX) .3,835,076RK9AX (UA9BA) .3,157,680S5ØA .2,778,088EA5ON .2,110,136KU2M.1,580,964YO9HP .1,357,920ES6RW (ES5RW).1,353,390CB8E (CE8EIO) .1,150,252N2IC.1,139,180CLASSICLow Power3V8SS (KF5EYY).1,712,854UZ3A (UX1AA) .1,132,950EW2A.871,203V3A (V31MA).770,796LZ3FN .688,390EA1YG .550,935IK1JJM .532,243OO4O .474,250IT9FRX.458,504OK1TA .446,040Visit Our Web Site

As with most CQWW contests, andeven with reduced scores along with alimited collection of new records, thecompetition remained intense in manyof the major categories as observed bythe top three World SOAB entries beingwithin 1M points of each other. In theend, former CQWW Director Randy,K5ZD, at V47T, beat out good friendW2SC at 8P5A by 200K or only about100 QSOs, followed by closely by Yuri,VE3DZ, operating at P4ØT.The SOAB low-power group wasanother matter as Filipe, NP4Z, demolished the competition by a factor of 2,netting a final score of over 5M points.It’s scary to think what he could do withgood conditions from that QTH.Somehow, Doug, KR2Q, found relieffrom an insane workload in the office toput together another world high score inUNITED STATESSINGLE OPERATORHIGH POWERAll BandN5DX (@N2QV) .5,350,590W9RE.2,451,225W3PP (AA1K) .2,409,647NO6T ([email protected]) .2,184,660K3ZO.1,853,082KU2M.1,580,964K5GN .1,532,634K6XX.1,419,072K4AB.1,354,548N1PGA .1,162,39228 MHzW5PR .27,950W4DD .24,698K4WI.19,71021 MHzKZ5J .33,702KC4FWS.23,147N4LZ.19,24114 MHzN1UR .539,756N7TU (K2SS) .260,026N5CR .100,0167 MHzW7WA .250,614AB7E.37,497W1FQ.34,7763.7 MHzW3BGN .83,028NE8P.34,362WØEWD.22,2741.8 MHzN7AU .1,178LOW POWERAll BandN4TZ.809,622K5KU .567,147NU4E .400,327K5FUV.366,540W6DVS .365,310KG5HVO.306,290N4IJ .297,252WW4XX (LZ4AX) .294,196N7IR .268,804WB8WKQ.267,25421 MHzN8II.134,082AH2O .57,800W2AW (N2GM).47,81614 MHzK7ACZ.33,464W4PGM .27,972K6GHA .16,9267 MHzAE4ED.35,340W2AAB .9,434KE6K.2,210QRPAll BandKR2Q .472,584W1JCW.189,426K8ZT .72,480W6QU (W8QZA) .43,092W1CEK.1,612AB8DF.1,54014 MHzWE6EZ .30,300ASSISTEDHIGH POWERAll BandN3RS .3,271,213AA3B.2,956,024K3WW .2,889,900AB3CX .2,368,521K5TR.2,338,988W1GD .2,128,026K3PP.1,981,144N2SR .1,927,309NW3Y .1,920,776K1RX .1,734,44621 MHzN1RR .442,975N4BP .160,428N4PN .120,15614 MHzN7DD .252,546KVØQ .249,888ND9G .148,9207 MHzK4MM.60,375K2SSS .27,805K9DR .10,1263.7 MHzW3LL .92,759AB4B.76,440W3NO .61,9141.8 MHzKØRF .6,956ASSISTEDLOW POWERAll BandW1NT.796,416KS1J .694,720K2SDS .608,580N4XL.512,785W3KB.503,170NY6DX .437,760www.cq-amateur-radio.comthe SOAB QRP group with an impressive score of 472K (remember, we aretalking about QRP SSB at the bottom ofthe cycle). Doug has been at the QRPgame since 1988, handily winning thetop U.S. honors at that time and regularly doing it again most years eversince, often claiming World high as well.In the slugfest of all slugfests category was the World multi-multi battlebetween D4C and EF8R. In the end, theteam from Cape Verde squeaked out avictory with over 15,600 QSOs, down400 from their EF8R competitors, butfinding enough extra multipliers to makethe difference. Now that is competitionat its finest.The U.S. multi-multi race turned out tobe a shocker this year as W3LPL managed to break the 14-year championship streak of K3LR by the tiniest ofKA2KON.361,863N1API .338,143W9PA.335,790KI5MM.306,91221 MHzAB1J .21,754N2BEG .18,105N8BJQ .15,81214 MHzN9TGR .104,877WA2JQK .89,160W4VS.22,6387 MHzKT4ZB.36,378WK9U .20,713AA4NP .13,5363.7 MHzWW2R (N2CEI).42,804K3TW.11,570ASSISTEDQRPAll BandKD2BGM.13,446MULTI-OPSINGLE TRANSMITTERHigh PowerW3UA .4,478,260N4WW .3,864,430N1MM.3,448,840K8AZ.2,528,688W1NA .2,108,561W8PR .1,571,922AA9A.1,432,728W3MF .1,411,121W1OO .1,350,002W5MX.1,301,616Low PowerNA5NN.775,201NM1C.139,464N8YXR .125,944N9SJ .94,668AD4XT .52,272W8AJT .28,175W3PGA .5,175W4AAZ.2,074KB2SDF .1,700MULTI-OPTWO TRANSMITTERKC1XX .10,262,208K2LE .3,547,585NV9L.3,237,032K1KP.3,057,390NW1P .2,848,706K1IR.2,824,900W2CG .2,265,494K2AX.2,258,410KB3VQC 3LPL.11,688,750K3LR.11,630,432K1TTT .5,782,310K1KI.4,338,000K3EST.1,739,085NE3F .1,699,586WX3B.1,079,104W4CAR .84,088K5LRW .48,564W8DGN.19,502ROOKIEHigh PowerKN8U .444,854AC1EV.170,187AK1MD .153,216AB4KY .89,628K4SHW .32,480WY7W .26,196N7DSX .24,975K7LSX (N7DSX).17,290KN6CSB .13,120W9KEY.10,792Low PowerAAØO .96,264K1IDX .53,850N8BAP .32,743W9JWC (KD9LSV) .31,578N8CUB .30,475N3GE .29,250W4BTW .26,307N8JLM .25,806N1RJK .21,576KC3MLC.21,056CLASSICHigh PowerKU2M.1,580,964N2IC.1,139,180KØEJ .967,494KK1L.748,328N5AW .683,655AC4G .621,986NA8V .568,629W1WEF .547,288NX1P .462,480K1RM.446,842Low PowerNU4E .400,327WW4XX (LZ4AX) .294,196K1HT.244,758K4SXT.143,763N1DC .130,150K8AJS.124,152NN5T .104,486N2MTG .100,606WA5LFD.97,173NØYO.93,264A New Ham HavingFun in the CQWWBY MARK WILLIAMS, K9GXHaving been a licensed amateurradio operator since 1981, I haveenjoyed mentoring new hams for years,presenting licensing classes, coachingnewbies at radio club activities like theARRL Field Day, hosting kids forJamboree on the Air (JOTA) events,and inviting rookies into the shack forcontests.Such was the case for the 2019CQWW SSB contest. In early October Iinvited the locals, including local clubssuch as the YARC (Young AmateursRadio Club), to nominate a rookie whohad been licensed less than 3 years tocome join us.The plan was to assemble a team ofthree ops: the rookie, a veteran whowould likely be a long-time friend, andme. In response, Buddy, KC4WQ,President of the Bullitt Amateur RadioSociety in Kentucky nominated Dustin,KM4UNY.A week before the test I’d madearrangements with KM4UNY and myfriend of over three decades John,W9WR, and a plan was put into place.This was Dustin’s first contesting /DXing experience. During his first “buttin chair” session, he learned the meaning of QRM and was rather overwhelmed with the pileups and activity.However, I told him to “push on through,not be shy, and go for it.” Once hedonned his “search and pounce” pants,he went after it, working several newmultipliers before it was time to make the45-minute drive home to his family.When John, W9WR, arrived, and withconditions being the way they were, wefound that we spent more time catching up and visiting than actually operating. After all, I’ve operated at his QTHin a number of contests through theyears and there’s always something totalk about.Following WW weekend, Dustin messaged me and commented, “I appreciate the opportunity. Definitely a learningexperience.” His family is truly “radioactive” with Dustin’s wife and daughteralso being radio amateurs. Although nota full-blast multi-op in the true sense aswe only operating a combined total ofjust under 12 hours, we elmered a “rookie” and enjoyed the company of a dearfriend. And, that’s what contesting isreally all about!– 73, Mark, K9GXApril 2020 CQ 17

safe, the CQWW contest would continue on for many more years with unprecedented activity and participation fromcountries around the world. Of course,with no sun there may be other issues,but contesters are a creative group.The 2019 contest provided a positivebump in available multipliers as wecrossed back over into the 200 club(See Table 1). In scanning the linescores, I love seeing such a wide rangeof exciting multipliers such as CYØ,5R8, 5T5, FR, S7, 5H, T6, HZ, 9V, 3W,along with many others. And, with goodpropagation eventually returning, lookat what’s to come.test, as you see in Table 2, we are notlacking with what already exists today.In fact, this list doesn’t even include single-band entries.Table 2 is a listing of the number ofentries in the 2019 CQWW SSB contestThe CQWW is Truly aWorldwide ContestA Contest of CategoriesI’ve become convinced that if we nolonger had the Sun keeping us warm andAlthough there is constant pressure toadd new categories to the CQWW con-Table 1. Total number of DX entitiessubmitting logs in the 2019 CQWWSSB Contest and previous years.margins — winning by only 0.49%.Another 25 QSOs in LR’s log out ofnearly 6,600 total contacts would haveswapped the results. Congrats to Frankand his team for a well-deserved win.Finally, I’d like to offer a special shoutout to Emily, BU2BE, for submitting agolden log this year (no errors / scorereduction) with 566 perfect QSOs in herlog. Way to go, Emily.And in fact, way to go to everyone —large score and small — who operatedand submitted one of the 7,742 logsreceived in the 2019 CQWW SSBContest.Year2013201420152016201720182019# of entities2362352322242021992152019 CQWW DX SSB PLAQUE WINNERS AND DONORSSINGLE OPERATORWorldV47T (Opr.: Randy Thompson, K5ZD)Donor: Southern California DX ClubWorld – Low PowerKP3Z (Opr.: Felipe J. Hernandez, NP4Z)Donor: Slovenian Contest ClubWorld – QRPDoug Zwiebel, KR2QDonor: Jeff Steinman, N5TJWorld – AssistedPT5J (Opr.: Sergio Almeida, PP5JR)Donor: Glenn Johnson, WØGJWorld – Assisted Low PowerP4ØW (Opr.: John Crovelli, W2GD)Donor: Gail Sheehan, K2REDU.S.A.Kevin Stockton, N5DXDonor: Potomac Valley Radio Club – KC8C MemorialU.S.A. – Low PowerTerry Zivney, N4TZDonor: North Coast ContestersU.S.A. – QRPJohn C. Walker, Sr., W1JCW*Donor: Pat Collins, N8VWU.S.A. – AssistedRonald R. Sigismonti, Sr., N3RSDonor: John Rodgers, WE3CU.S.A. – Assisted Low PowerBradford L. Denison, W1NTDonor: LA9Z/LN9Z Leia Contest ClubU.S.A. -- Zone 3NO6T (Opr.: Axel W. Bruderer, KI6RRN)Donor: Northern California Contest ClubU.S.A. -- Zone 4Mike Wetzel, W9REDonor: Kansas City DX ClubEuropeE7DX (Opr.: Emir Memic, E77DX)Donor: Potomac Valley Radio Club – W4BVV MemorialEurope – Low PowerMax Baratono, IW1FRUDonor: Tim Duffy, K3LREurope – QRPPlamen Ivanov, LZ1DMDonor: Steve "Sid" Caesar, NH7C18 CQ April 2020Europe – AssistedImanol Antoñanzas, EC2DXDonor: Martin Huml, OL5YEurope – Assisted Low PowerYaroslav Oleynik, UW7LLDonor: Alex Goncharov, R3ZZAfricaV55A (Opr.: Ulrich Ann, ZR5A)Donor: Chris Terkla, N1XSAsiaZvi Stessel, 4X6FRDonor: Nodir Tursun-Zade, EY8MMCaribbean / Central America – High Power8P5A (Opr.: Tom Georgens, W2SC)*Donor: John Rodgers, WE3CCaribbean / Central America – Low PowerTed Jimenez, HI3T*Donor: Albert Crespo, NH7AOceaniaV85RH (Opr.: Hajime Kato, JO1RUR)Donor: Barbara Yasson, AC7UHSouth AmericaPS2T (Opr.: Soni Endlich Leite, PY1NX)*Donor: Yankee Clipper Contest ClubCanadaVY2TT (Opr.: Ken Widelitz, K6LA)Donor: Contest Club Ontario –VE3WT MemorialRussiaAndy Kazantsev, UB7KDonor: Roman Thomas, R5AAIndonesiaSyariefudin Syah, YB8RWDonor: Karsono Suyanto, YBØNDTJapanMasaki Masa Okano, JH4UYBDonor: Rush Drake, W7RM MemorialJapan – Low PowerNob Watanabe, JH1EAQDonor: Juan Carlos Munoz, TG9AJRASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V8 YB DU)Saty Nakamura, 9M6NA*Donor: YB Land DX ClubASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V8 YB DU) –Low Power4E1A (Opr.: Klaus D. Goepel, 4E1ADW)Donor: World Wide Radio Operators Association (WWROF)SINGLE OPERATOR, SINGLE BANDWorld – 28 MHzCV7S (Opr.: E. Eugenio De Marino, CX7SS)Donor: Joel Chalmers, KG6DXWorld – 21 MHzPX2A (Opr.: Alan Laure Santamaria, PY2LSM)Donor: Robert Naumann, W5OVWorld – 14 MHzTM4L (Opr.: Frederic Lallemant, F8ARK)Donor: North Jersey DX Assn. - K2HLB MemorialWorld – 7 MHzCR6T (Opr.: Antonio Rui Sousa Santos, CT1ESV)Donor: Fred Laun, K3ZO – K7ZZ MemorialWorld – 3.7 MHzJhonny Aldana, YV5KGDonor: Fred Capossela, K6SSSWorld – 1.8 MHzVY2ZM (Opr.: Jeffrey T. Briggs, K1ZM)Donor: OL7M Contest Group,, RemoteQTH.comU.S.A. – 28 MHzChuck Dietz, W5PRDonor: John Rodgers, WE3CU.S.A. – 21 MHzJeffrey W. Hartley, N8IIDonor: 11PM Dayton Pizza GangU.S.A. – 14 MHzEdward D. Sawyer, N1URDonor: Yankee Clipper Contest Club – KC1F MemorialU.S.A. – 7 MHzDan Handa, W7WADonor: Chuck Dietz, W5PRU.S.A. – 3.7 MHzSteven Sussmann, W3BGNDonor: John Rodgers, WE3CU.S.A. – 1.8 MHzRobert C. Lee, N7AUDonor: South Texas DX & Contest Club (STXDXCC)Europe – 28 MHzSlaven Galic, E77ADonor: John Rodgers, WE3CEurope – 21 MHzS5ØG (Opr.: Vitomir Kregar, S56M)Donor: World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF)Europe – 14 MHzCS2C (Opr.: Pavel Prihoda, OK4PA)*Donor: Charles Wooten, NF4AVisit Our Web Site

CategoryAFASEU882481SOAB(A) HighSOAB High999294SOAB(A) Low476447SOAB Low9189998SOAB(A) QRP0117SOAB QRP1953Checklog127239Multi-231238Multi-multi4716MS High222129MS Low32470Grand Total*445482,782% by continent0.8%9.8%50.0%*Single band entries not included in ,1837638401,842218131197542381355,565100.0%% of .97%4.28%2.43%100.0%Table 2. Number of logs received by entry class in 2019 CQWW SSB ContestEurope – 7 MHzYT7A (Opr.: Ivanko Mandic, YU7GM)Donor: Central Texas DX and Contest Club – NT5CMemorialWorld – Low PowerED9E (Oprs.: EA7KI, EA1DFP, EA9CD, EA9ACT,EA9ABC, EB7AA, EA9FY, EA9AAU, EB9DG)Donor: Tennessee Contest GroupEurope – 3.7 MHzGennady Novikov, EW8YDonor: Ted Demopoulos, KT1VU.S.A.W3UA (Oprs.: NU3C, W3UA)Donor: Carolina DX Assoc. – W4VHF and K4DXA MemorialEurope – 1.8 MHzSN7D (Opr.: Mateusz Pigon, SQ7D)Donor: Robert Kasca, S53RCanadaVE3EJ (Oprs.: KM3T, VE3EJ, VE3EK, VE3EY)Donor: John Sluymer, VE3EJCaribbean / Central America (14 MHz)J68GD (Opr.: Gary G. Dein, K9AW)Donor: Nate Moreschi, N4YDUAfricaSU8X (Oprs.: OH2BH, OH2GEK, SU1SK, SU2TA,SU3YM)*Donor: Fabio Schettino, I4UFHOceania (7 MHz)DX1J (Opr.: Julio M. Lopez Ibañez, EA4KR)Donor: Bruce D. Lee, KD6WWAsia (14 MHz)Mamuka Kordzakhia, 4L2MDonor: Dallas / Fort Worth Contest Group – W5PGMemorialOVERLAY CATEGORIESWorld – ClassicP4ØT (Opr.: Yuri Onipko, VE3DZ)Donor: John Rodgers, WE3CU.S.A. – ClassicPeter Bizlewicz, KU2MDonor: BeLoud.USEurope – ClassicTine Brajnik, S5ØADonor: Steve Cole, GW4BLE MemorialAsia – ClassicRK9AX (Opr.: Willy Umanets, UA9BA)Donor: Willy Umanets, UA9BAU.S.A. – RookieJon Turner, AC1EV*Donor: Tim Duffy, K3LR – N8SM MemorialWorld – RookieZhenhao "Bruce" Yang, KN8UDonor: Tim Duffy, K3LR – K3TUP MemorialEurope – RookieGaspar Miro, EA6AMMDonor: EA Contest ClubAsiaP33W (Oprs.: YO3JR, LZ2HM, RK4FD, R4FO, UA4FER,RW4WR, R3DCX, RA3AUU)Donor: World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF)EuropeIR4X (Oprs.: I4TJE, I4VEQ, I4YRW, I4USC, I4AVG,IK4ZGO, IK4UPB, IK4VET, IZ2WFL, IT9RGY, IZ4JMA,IZ4BOY)Donor: Gail Sheehan, K2REDEurope – Low PowerIB9T (Oprs.: IT9ATQ, IT9BLB, IT9MBZ, IT9RYJ, IT9VDQ,IT9ZMX)Donor: EA Contest ClubU.S.A.KC1XX (Oprs.: DL4NAC, K1CC, KC1XX, W1FV, W1UE,WA1Z)Donor: Kimo Chun, KH7U & Mike Gibson, KH6ND Dan Robbins, KL7Y MemorialEuropeEI7M (Oprs.: EI8IR, EI3JE, EI3JZ, EI5IX, EI7IG, EI4HQ,EI6JK, EI3KD, ON4EI)Donor: D4C Monteverde Contest TeamSouth AmericaPZ5K (Oprs.: GM4AFF, G4BVY, G4CLA, GD4XUM, K1XX,W1MD)*Donor: Max Baratano, IW1FRUJapanJA2YAF (Oprs.: JH2EUO, JN2OFP)Donor: Coconut Wireless Contest ClubASEAN (XZ HS XW XU 3W 9M 9V V8 YB DU)7A2A (Oprs.: JH3PRR, YBØARJ, YBØJS, YB2DX,YB2LSR, YB2TJV, YB2WA, YB2WB, YB3KM, YD2XVT)Donor: Champ C. Muangamphun, E21EIC – Siam DXGroupMULTI-OPERATOR, MULTI-TRANSMITTERWorldD4C (Oprs.: IK2NCJ, IK2LFF, DF7EE, NØVD, AG4W,EA8FF, SQ9D, PY2PT, PY2LED)Donor: Dave Leeson, W6NL & Barb Leeson, K6BLOceaniaAH2R (Oprs.: KH2JU, NH2C, JR7OMD/WI3O,JE6HIB/AH2EG)Donor: Junichi Tanaka, JH4RHFU.S.A.W3LPL (Oprs.: W3LPL, N1SZ, W2GG, K3AJ, K3LU,K3MM, N3QE, N4QQ, NN3

ARRL Field Day, hosting kids for Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) events, and inviting rookies into the shack for contests. Such was the case for the 2019 CQWW SSB contest. In early October I invited the locals, i