LARAEC Staff SurveyQ1 Your District/College:Answered: 386Skipped: 5BurbankUnified Scho.Culver CityUnified Scho.Los AngelesCommunity.Los AngelesUnified Scho.MontebelloUnified Scho.0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESBurbank Unified School District2.85%11Culver City Unified School District7.25%28Los Angeles Community College District2.07%8Los Angeles Unified School District75.91%293Montebello Unified School District11.92%46TOTAL3861 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ2 What is your current role or position?Answered: 384Skipped: 7CommunityCollege.K 12 School /District.ProgramCoordinator .Teacher/FacultyCounselorCareer Center/ Assessment.ClassifiedStaffOther (pleasespecify)0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESCommunity College Administrator / Dean0.26%1K 12 School / District Administrator6.77%26Program Coordinator / 7Career Center / Assessment / Tutoring / Guidance Staff0.26%1Classified Staff20.05%77Other (please specify)6.51%25TOTAL222384#OTHER (PLEASE SPECIFY)DATE1Cna7/12/2016 11:01 AM2Student Clerk6/9/2016 10:21 AM3Senate President6/8/2016 2:55 PM4Student6/8/2016 11:04 AM5student6/1/2016 6:57 PM6Student6/1/2016 6:56 PM2 / 34

LARAEC Staff Survey7Student6/1/2016 6:56 PM8student6/1/2016 6:53 PM9Student6/1/2016 6:52 PM10Adult ESL teacher6/1/2016 2:29 PM11TEACHER ASSISTANT6/1/2016 11:55 AM12Adult School Administrator5/31/2016 5:06 PM13Principal5/31/2016 4:11 PM14Principal5/31/2016 4:11 PM15School Principal5/31/2016 12:41 PM16Teacher Assistant5/28/2016 7:13 PM17Assistant Principal5/27/2016 3:06 PM18adviser5/27/2016 12:41 PM19adviser5/27/2016 11:59 AM20Community Representative5/27/2016 11:49 AM21Disability Support Services Teacher/Advisor5/27/2016 7:52 AM22Teacher Advisor5/26/2016 10:08 AM23Teacher Advisor5/25/2016 2:51 PM24Program Advisor5/25/2016 11:51 AM25Teacher Advisor5/25/2016 11:10 AM3 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ3 With which of the following programs are you primarily affiliated?(Mark all that apply.)Answered: 386Skipped: 5Elementary andSecondary Ba.ESL/Classesfor ImmigrantsCourses forentry or.Adultstraining to.EducationPrograms for.Short- termCareer.Programs forApprenticesI am notaffiliated w.0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESElementary and Secondary Basic Skills, including classes required for a diploma44.56%172ESL/Classes for Immigrants59.59%230Courses for entry or reentry into the workforce25.39%98Adults training to support child school success11.40%44Education Programs for Adults with Disabilities14.51%56Short- term Career Technical Education (CTE)31.35%121Programs for Apprentices6.48%25I am not affiliated with any of the above program areas4.40%17Total Respondents: 3864 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ4 Please rate the overall quality or degree of excellence of theprograms, services and courses offered at your school in each of thefollowing areas (mark all items that apply to your area[s] of expertise):Answered: 346Skipped: 45Adult BasicEducation (A.High schooldiploma or H.College basicskills.English as aSecond Langu.CitizenshipCourses forentry or.Adultstraining to.Vocational ESL(VESL)Short -termCareer.EducationPrograms for.Programs forPre-ApprenticesPrograms andservices.Programs andservices.Supportservices (su.012VERYHIGHAdult Basic Education (ABE) or elementary ERYLOW30.51%9012.54%371.02%30.00%05 / 34TOTALWEIGHTEDAVERAGE2954.41

LARAEC Staff SurveyHigh school diploma or High School 4%10.00%02904.47College basic skills 9%253.33%62.22%41804.26Short -term Career Technical Education 2594.51Education Programs for Adults with ograms and services preparing students totransition into postsecondary education (such ascareer/life planning or academic guidance,transition planning, and college 313.96Programs and services preparing students totransition into the workforce (such as careerguidance counseling, skills and aptitudeassessments, resume and interview 2523.99Support services (such as guidance, counseling,transition plans, tutoring and follow-up 43.93English as a Second Language (ESL)CitizenshipCourses for entry or reentry into the workforceAdults training to support child school successVocational ESL (VESL)Programs for Pre-Apprentices#COMMENTSDATE1XEROX ESSENTIAL MANUALS AND WORK MATERIALS.6/9/2016 10:01 AM2We have oustanding administrators and teachers6/8/2016 9:41 AM3Support services for ESL students are extremely limited or non-existent.6/3/2016 1:45 PM4There needs to be a presentation of all the services that's available here.6/2/2016 9:46 AM5Counseling services are very limited and our center suffers from lack of staff to provide tutoringand other support services.6/2/2016 9:35 AM6excellent school with examplary programs6/1/2016 5:33 PM7Adults schools are in the process of rebuilding. Many services that were eliminated have yet to bereinstated.6/1/2016 4:39 PM8both student counselling and child-care are needed6/1/2016 7:31 AM9Our schools are excellent5/31/2016 7:16 PM10more funding in these areas would greatly increase scores5/31/2016 6:40 PM11need to give more hours to CTE and connection with industry for internship.5/31/2016 4:15 PM12need College information --collaboration so we can provide transition services5/31/2016 3:46 PM13need more counselors to assist students5/31/2016 3:17 PM6 / 34

LARAEC Staff Survey14The LAUSD adult schools have many years experience providing very high quality programs &services where and when our students need them. This includes preparing our students foremployment & for college.5/31/2016 2:05 PM15I don't have the most current information on the above programs, but I believe it changes based onfunding, space, and student interest.5/29/2016 11:55 AM16Services provided could be vastly improved if we had adequate funding for our programs andinstructional staff.5/27/2016 3:02 PM17Harbor Occupational Center is very successful and focused in the preparation of individuals tointegrate into the work force ion of studen5/27/2016 1:34 PM18We need many more staff members for all of the above, but especially in the last three areas andVESL/VABE.5/27/2016 11:38 AM19Students are now asking for vocational services5/24/2016 1:50 PM20Adult and Career Division under LA Unified School District needs more fundings to restoreimportant programs such as educational programs for adults with disabilities, citizenship programs,etc. so that the division can better serve the communities that consistenly rely on theseservices.tm5/23/2016 11:55 AM7 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ5 Which of the program areas offered at your school have the greatestneed for additional course offerings, services, or other improvements?Answered: 320Skipped: 71Adult BasicEducation (A.High schooldiploma or H.College basicskills.English as aSecond Langu.Courses forentry or.Adultstraining to.Short -termCareer.EducationPrograms for.Programs forPre-ApprenticesPrograms andservices.Programs andservices.Supportservices (su.0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESAdult Basic Education (ABE) or elementary skills42.50%136High school diploma or High School Equivalency certificate40.94%131College basic skills (remediation)25.31%81English as a Second Language (ESL), Citizenship, or Vocational ESL (VESL)51.56%165Courses for entry or reentry into the workforce44.06%14123.13%7447.50%152Adults training to support child school successShort -term Career Technical Education (CTE) programs8 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyEducation Programs for Adults with Disabilities29.06%93Programs for Pre-Apprentices24.38%78Programs and services preparing students to transition into postsecondary education35.63%114Programs and services preparing students to transition into the workforce45.94%147Support services (such as guidance, counseling, transition, and follow-up services)46.88%150Total Respondents: 3209 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ6 What additional course offerings or services are needed and/or whatother improvements do you recommend?Answered: 120Skipped: 271#RESPONSESDATE1Teacher Directed English courses6/24/2016 8:45 AM2We need high speed Internet to adjust students to the technological advances.6/21/2016 9:36 AM3The ESL for immigrants program needs a level 7 course. We have 0-6.6/13/2016 7:15 AM4Make-up Class - Cosmetics6/10/2016 12:08 PM5Counseling services would be an additional support to our students.6/9/2016 9:19 AM6Computer and Automotive Courses6/9/2016 8:56 AM7Transition courses from ESL to Academic6/9/2016 7:46 AM8hours for tutoring for instructors6/9/2016 7:11 AM9basic vocational shop courses6/8/2016 7:19 PM10some hands on props would help in some classes6/8/2016 5:45 PM11more trade programs such as plumbing building construction practical type courses.6/8/2016 5:30 PM12More computer and automotive classes6/8/2016 9:42 AM13Reading classes for secondary students coming to Adult Schools to get their high school diploma.They cannot read. It is a real emergency. They are not teaching reading in secondary schoolseffectively.6/7/2016 3:38 PM14n/a6/7/2016 3:10 PM15The availability of more courses and times they are offered.6/7/2016 12:57 PM16fewer administrators6/7/2016 9:28 AM17Should have staff development per month for each department6/6/2016 12:32 PM18ESL programs must be more effective and more student focused. We need to stop and think it allover again.6/3/2016 6:32 PM19Additional support for ESL students transitioning into CTE/Academic programs. ESL literacyclasses and screening and services for students with learning disabilities.6/3/2016 1:55 PM20More academic classes that are offered throughout the day at more site so Adults have easieraccess to educaiton.6/3/2016 1:34 PM21externships6/3/2016 11:32 AM22Transitional courses for post secondary and workforce skills6/3/2016 10:06 AM23Auto6/3/2016 8:45 AM24LVN, DENTAL HYGIENIST, EMT, LOCKSMITH,6/3/2016 8:41 AM25Family Literacy6/3/2016 7:31 AM26More Academic Teacher Directed classes6/2/2016 1:31 PM27tutoring6/2/2016 1:04 PM28More U.S. citizenship and computer classes.6/2/2016 9:48 AM29I recommend more teacher-directed courses on campus, a counselor available during programhours of operation, and CTE courses offered on campus during the morning program.6/2/2016 9:38 AM30Technology & job training6/2/2016 9:00 AM10 / 34

LARAEC Staff Survey31Basic Language Arts, Basic Math, teacher directed classes for courses like US Government,teacher directed HSE preparation in English and Spanish6/2/2016 8:52 AM32We need a test to determine wether some students have a learning disability.6/2/2016 7:36 AM33Program was drastically cut a few years ago and needs to be restored6/2/2016 7:30 AM34more conversation classes and vesl6/2/2016 7:19 AM35We need more specific ESL classes: writing, pronunciation, conversation at different levels. Wealso need more CTE courses that are current and updated.6/1/2016 9:11 PM36Computer/Technology courses6/1/2016 7:35 PM37more ESL and ABE courses6/1/2016 5:34 PM38none6/1/2016 5:10 PM39More qualified counselors6/1/2016 4:12 PM40The checked programs above are very well attended. Opening more classes would help serve theneed.6/1/2016 4:03 PM41Adult ESL Literacy Classes: there is a population of students that cannot/barely read or write intheir first language and a beginning level ESL class is very difficult for them. Many of them getdiscouraged and stop coming. Have a Saturday program. Hire a community liaison. It is greatlyneeded to support all our programs.6/1/2016 12:10 PM42physical education6/1/2016 12:04 PM43Childcare for enrolled parents6/1/2016 11:11 AM44add electrician level 36/1/2016 11:01 AM45updated Office Programs 20166/1/2016 10:50 AM46pronunciation class6/1/2016 9:44 AM47Assistance and options for adults (18 and over) who need special education services.6/1/2016 9:34 AM48Automotive classes; LVN; EMT; CAD; Phlebotomy; Locksmith6/1/2016 9:19 AM49More ESL in community locations, more support services6/1/2016 8:48 AM50courses leading to certification6/1/2016 8:45 AM51child-care; adults helping their kids; library re-opening; educational excursions in city for students;increased teacher budget, ESL, ABE, HS, and CTE6/1/2016 7:35 AM52auto repair, nursing5/31/2016 6:41 PM53Childcare for working students5/31/2016 5:54 PM54online classes5/31/2016 5:51 PM55Programs for adults with disabilities5/31/2016 5:32 PM56We need additional ESL classes, because there is a waiting list of students5/31/2016 5:22 PM57More services to help students transition from adult school to college classes5/31/2016 5:21 PM58Career centers, more collaboration between schools inside and outside of district,5/31/2016 5:12 PM59Online classes, additional reading programs and time slots, more counseling support5/31/2016 4:28 PM60The biggest improvement we can make is to provide supportive services that help LAUSDstudents transition into the CC and/or transition into the workforce.5/31/2016 4:19 PM61child care for registered students, so they can concentrate to study.5/31/2016 4:18 PM62Green jobs5/31/2016 3:47 PM63more ESL Academic & CTE5/31/2016 2:29 PM64We need single level ESL classes not multi-level.5/31/2016 2:07 PM65Online classes at the Adult School level5/31/2016 2:00 PM66Citizenship5/31/2016 12:41 PM11 / 34

LARAEC Staff Survey67Citizenship classes5/31/2016 11:40 AM68more tech instructors5/31/2016 11:15 AM69Many of our programs were gutted or eliminated altogether because of loss of funding. Myparticular school offers ABE, ASE, ESL, CTE classes, but I am sure that we could always improveor enhance what we now have.5/31/2016 11:03 AM70spanish classes5/31/2016 11:00 AM71We'd like to add more computer courses to increase our students' using technology for educationalpurposes.5/31/2016 10:48 AM72More classes in general. For ESL there is a long waiting list. There is also a need for DistanceLearning programs which we used to have on a more expanded level.5/31/2016 10:39 AM73VABE Mathematics5/31/2016 10:02 AM74ESL, High School Equivalency, and CTE5/31/2016 9:28 AM75More courses5/31/2016 8:41 AM76child care, saturday classes, expanded home study opportunities, contextualized classes5/31/2016 7:16 AM77Full time positions for teachers and counselors.5/31/2016 7:15 AM78Teacher directed courses in academic and adult education5/31/2016 6:57 AM79Courses in Literacy, Writing, Reading, Conversation5/30/2016 11:26 PM80Funding for more coverage of staff to support clinical cordinators and administrators for cte5/30/2016 9:16 PM81High School Diploma Program5/30/2016 4:09 PM82We need some of our very popular and very good programs to be offered (fully/completely) atmore locations, both day and night. Also, we need Citizenship classes. Students are continuallyasking about them.5/29/2016 11:59 AM83morning and evening ESL Instructors, primarily in lower levels, return of ESL Literacy classes,additional hours for ESL teacher advisors5/27/2016 3:11 PM84ESL and Academic classes at branch sites, including high schools. These classes have beenlargely cut due to budget shortfalls.5/27/2016 3:03 PM85more courses in the medical field5/27/2016 1:47 PM86Transportation (automobile Technician courses) need new updating equipment and teachertraining on a constance basis,5/27/2016 1:37 PM87More courses offered at night and on Saturdays5/27/2016 12:20 PM88The services I would recommend is to be able to advertise these classes on a public network toutilize the resource and facilities to their potential.5/27/2016 12:00 PM89VESL/VABE and I-Best approaches to accelerate learning via student-relevant contextualization.This also includes Family Literacy ala the former CBET, which was hugely successful and hadstatistically significant positive results.5/27/2016 11:42 AM90Computer Repair Courses, Spanish & Foreign Languages, Technology-Based curriculum.5/27/2016 10:25 AM91Courses offered are great; more being added . even more would be even better5/27/2016 10:21 AM92More CTE courses5/27/2016 9:41 AM93We need more CTE course including Saturday classes5/27/2016 9:32 AM94More CTE classes offered at additional times (days, nights, Saturdays)5/27/2016 9:16 AM95Bridge between ESL and either College or Career5/27/2016 9:10 AM96Direct job placement services5/27/2016 7:55 AM97Security5/27/2016 7:47 AM98Additional support in counseling and bringing back more course offerings to serve the community.We have a lot of students on waiting lists since we have had to close classes due to lack offunding.5/27/2016 7:37 AM12 / 34

LARAEC Staff Survey99School to Career/college guidance counselor5/27/2016 7:18 AM100TOEFL Preparation, Writing Class5/27/2016 6:58 AM101Parent Education5/26/2016 7:05 PM102ESL Literacy, Reading 1, and VABE courses5/26/2016 3:35 PM103Career Guidance / Career Placement5/26/2016 10:10 AM104A dedicated computer lab.5/25/2016 1:54 PM105Not Applicable in my area5/25/2016 12:55 PM106complete range of postsecondary based curricula, more comprehensive workforce entry withongoing mentoring and other support service specific to workforce entry and reentry, launch visionprogram to rebuild CTE to offer more industry sectors and pathways, additional financial aid andlower class fees, community/corporate partnership to extend Pre-Apprenticeship, mandatorycollege-transition classes 9th-12th grade, expand Work Experience program and work/life skills,more guidance counselors, mentors, etc.5/25/2016 11:04 AM107classes in summer school5/25/2016 10:19 AM108stove, washer and dryer, windows in classroom to support live learning skills5/25/2016 7:28 AM109A room with access to kitchen/laundry and upgraded computers to improve instruction of life skillsand community based instruction5/24/2016 2:55 PM110basic classroom infrastructure such as cabinetry organization, computer workstations, and aworking telephone system. This campus is lagging sorely behind in the basic needs of theinstructor to keep students engaged in the learning process.5/23/2016 6:11 PM111It would be beneficial for adult students who have earned their high school diploma to take collegebasic skills (remediation) to better prepare themselves before enrolling in college. This course willhelp them make a successful transition into college. The courses with the check mark are offered,but the unchecked ones are not currently offered. With more fundings, every course can benefitstudents' need in various areas. More classes, both day and evening or even Saturday classes,can be added on to better serve working adults. can be added5/23/2016 12:24 PM112Career and College Skills5/23/2016 11:34 AM113more classes, more levels, summer school5/23/2016 11:07 AM114help with students who have learning disabilites5/23/2016 10:52 AM115help with students who have learning disabilities5/23/2016 10:45 AM116Students will benefit from if we offer CTE Programs.5/23/2016 8:40 AM117citizenship5/23/2016 8:30 AM118more levels of ESL instruction5/22/2016 7:56 PM119Basic level reading and math5/20/2016 5:09 PM120A course or program designed to help students with the career exploration process. Communitycollege courses that provide dual credit for high school and college offered on the school campus.Articulation agreements in our CTE courses to local community colleges.5/18/2016 8:48 PM13 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ7 Please rate your knowledge of the resources and services providedby the following agencies to serve adult learners/students.Answered: 328Skipped: 63Area CommunityCollegesArea AdultSchoolsChambers ofCommerceCity/CountyLibraries an.City/CountyParks and.City/CountySocial ServicesCommunityBased.County Officeof EducationOffice ofEconomic.One StopCareer Cente.012EXCELLENTArea Community CollegesArea Adult SchoolsChambers of CommerceCity/County Libraries and branchesCity/County Parks and RecreationCity/County Social ServicesCommunity Based Organizations 3131.19%6321.78%4418.32%372022.8414 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyCounty Office of EducationOffice of Economic DevelopmentOne Stop Career Centers (Workforce 2243.1515 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ8 How often have you or your school collaborated with outside serviceproviders (e.g., nonprofits, community based organizations) to improve orexpand programs and services to adult learners/students?Answered: 330Skipped: 't Know0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER n't Know16.97%56TOTAL33016 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ9 Please identify the areas in which you have collaborated withinLARAEC (mark all that apply).Answered: 250Skipped: 141Alignment ofassessmentsAlignment ofeducational .Alignment ofcurriculumArticulationof coursesDual andconcurrent.Team teachingCreation ofcareer pathwaysSharing ofinformation.Sharing of dataJoint grantwriting and.Jointprofessional.StudentreferralNone of theabove0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESAlignment of assessments28.40%71Alignment of educational and career pathways31.60%79Alignment of curriculum33.60%8423.60%5919.60%49Articulation of coursesDual and concurrent enrollment17 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyTeam teaching13.60%34Creation of career pathways13.60%34Sharing of information about students31.20%78Sharing of data28.80%72Joint grant writing and fund development4.00%10Joint professional development23.20%58Student referral24.80%62None of the above27.20%68Total Respondents: 25018 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ10 How effective have these collaborations been in improving orexpanding adult education programs and services in your region?Answered: 249Skipped: 142Very EffectiveEffectiveSomewhatEffectiveNot at AllEffectiveDon't Know0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESVery Effective20.88%52Effective27.31%68Somewhat Effective18.47%46Not at All Effective1.20%3Don't Know32.13%80TOTAL24919 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ11 Below are some barriers to collaboration between schools/collegesand outside service providers. Please rate the degree to which each is abarrier to collaboration.Answered: 312Skipped: 79InsufficienttimeLack ofincentivesLack ofinterestLack ofprofessional.Prohibitiveschool /.01TO A GREATDEGREEInsufficient time2TO A MODERATEDEGREE3TO SOMEDEGREE4TO A LESSERDEGREE5NOT 23.58%582462.75Lack of 04%3713.41%332463.19Prohibitive school /district 42.61Lack of incentivesLack of interest20 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ12 Of the following options, which are obstacles to adultlearners/students? (Mark all that apply.)Answered: 309Skipped: 82Limited / lackof mitedcontent.Inadequateinformation.Lack .Limitedopportunitie.Limited workexperience.Inadequateassessment a.Limited accessand.Not aware ofthe resource.0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESLimited / lack of available childcare options / family needs85.44%264Inadequate education and/or training programs or service options available41.75%129Inadequate support services (e.g., tutoring, counseling, health services)52.43%16240.13%12436.25%112Limited content delivery models (e.g., online options, flexible schedules)Inadequate information about programs and services available (e.g., in multiple languages and outreach)21 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyLack of personal motivation / goals36.57%113Limited financial resources62.78%194Inadequate transportation options50.81%157Limited opportunities to develop networking / soft skills30.10%93Limited work experience opportunities (job shadowing, internships / externships)45.95%142Inadequate assessment and career planning services30.74%95Limited access and accommodations for students with disabilities22.98%71Not aware of the resources or services available42.39%131Total Respondents: 30922 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ13 Which of the following strategies to accelerate student progress arecurrently in use within your district? (Mark all that apply.)Answered: 298Skipped: tion (Putting.IntegratedBasic Skills.LearningCommunities.No strategiesto accelerat.Other (pleasespecify)0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESAccelerated Courses (Compressing courses into shorter, more intensive terms)45.64%136Competency Based (Instruction based on a predetermined set of skills that a student is expected to accomplish)82.89%247Contextualization (Putting basic skills content into the context of a student’s goals and career path)42.95%128Integrated Basic Skills Training (I- BEST) (Technical and basic skills instructors collaborate within the context of VABE andVESL courses)17.79%53Learning Communities (Collaborative instruction across disciplines)36.58%109No strategies to accelerate student progress are currently in use6.71%20Other (please specify)0.00%0Total Respondents: 298#OTHER (PLEASE SPECIFY)DATEThere are no responses.23 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ14 Please rate the effectiveness of the strategies you marked in theprevious question at accelerating student progress toward educationaland career goals.Answered: 288Skipped: CoursesIntegratedBasic ed 5243.48%6018.12%250.72%11383.18Integrated Basic Skills Training(I BEST)36.47%3145.88%3917.65%150.00%0853.19Learning mpetency BasedContextualized Courses24 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ15 Which of the following strategies to accelerate student progresswould you like to see more of in your program? (Mark all that apply.)Answered: 296Skipped: oursesIntegratedBasic 0%80%90% 100%ANSWER CHOICESRESPONSESAccelerated Courses44.26%131Competency Based46.28%137Contextualized Courses38.18%113Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I BEST)38.18%113Learning Communities46.96%139N/A14.53%43Total Respondents: 29625 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ16 To what extent does your program use the following strategies topromote student access to services?Answered: 295Skipped: 96Disseminationof program.Programinformation .Learningaccommodatio.ChildcareOpen entry /open exit.Evening hoursSaturday hours01TO AGREATEXTENT2TO AMODERATEEXTENT3TO SOMEEXTENT4TO ation of programinformation in local 70Program information in 1.11%282523.14Learning accommodations forstudents with n entry / open exit programsEvening hoursSaturday hours26 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyQ17 To what extent do the following challenges hinder theimplementation of any of the strategies listed previously?Answered: 296Skipped: 95Lack of timeLack ofinformation.Lack of fundingLack ofincentives.Students notclear about.Students notinterested i.Teachers notexposed to.Teachers notinterested i.Teachers notskilled in.Different'cultures'.Belief thatthese.Lack of datato track.01TO AGREATEXTENTLack of time23TO AMODERATEEXTENTTOSOMEEXTENT4TO 21.81%5320.58%508.23%2013.17%322433.60Lack of information about programs 2413.37Lack of ack of incentives (given separateorganizational mandates)27 / 34

LARAEC Staff SurveyStudents not clear about their 00Students not interested in progressing tothe next level or moving on to 762602.36Teachers not exposed to these 28Teachers not skilled in teaching in 412.57Different 'cultures' across 642232.66Belief that these strategies are notappropriat

Montebello Unified Scho. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% . Culver City Unified School District Los Angeles Community College District Los Angeles Unified School District Montebello Unified School District 1 / 34 LARAEC Staff Survey. 0.26% 1 6.77% 26 3.91% 15 57.81% 222 4.43%