Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.PROJECT INFORMATION1. Project2. NCMRWF/OwnerProposed Data Centre At NCMRWF, NOIDA, UP.NCMRWF, NOIDA, UP.Contact person: Contact No:Email: -3. Nearest Town/CityDelhi4. Nearest Rail StationDelhi5. Nearest Air PortDelhi6. Site ConditionsAmbient Temperature:Maximum: 45 OCMinimum: 07OCRelative Humidity:Maximum: 90%Minimum: 30%Design Altitude: less than 950m above Mean Sea LevelPage 2 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.1.2.SCOPE1.1This specification covers the requirements of Design, Assembly, Testing, Supplyand Commissioning of LT diesel Generator set along with AMF cum synchronizingpanel with associated switchgears and control panels and exhaust piping as perCPCB norms.1.2Generator set shall have prime power rating based on power factor of 0.8 lagging.1.3Generator shall be capable of operating continuously on an unbalanced systemwithin limit described in section 6 of IEC 60034.11.4Generator shall be capable to withstand the over speed requirements specified inTable 15 of IEC 60064.11.5Generator shall be capable of withstanding a current equal to 1.5 times of ratedcurrent for a period of not less than 30 sec. A stipulated by IEC 60034.11.6Generator shall be supplied with weather proof acoustic canopy / enclosure as perCPCB norms.ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DETAILSDesign Temp - 480 CHT Supply: 22kV/0.433 kV /- 10%, 50Hz /- 3%LT Supply: 3 Phase - 433/415VAC, /- 10%, 1 Phase – 240VAC, /- 10%, 50Hz /- 3%3.STANDARDSThe diesel generator sets, accessories and control panel shall comply with relevant BS/ IS orother internationally accepted standards including the following:BS 649:Diesel Engines for general purpose.BS 2613:Rotating Electrical Machinery.IS 4722:Electrical performance of rotating electrical machinery.IS 4728:Terminal markings for rotating electrical machines.IS 4729:Measurement of vibrations of rotating electrical machines.IEC60034:Rotating Electrical MachinesIEC60034.1:Rotating Electrical Machines Part1: Rating and PerformanceIEC60947:Low Voltage Switchgear and Control GearISO 8528 Part 1 to 10: Reciprocating Internal Combustion engine Driven Alternating currentgenerating set4.GENERAL REQUIREMENTSDiesel Generator set shall comprise of following main equipment. Vendor shall also includeany other accessories/ equipments required for the satisfactory operation of the DG set.4.1.SCOPEScope of work under this section covers the Design, Detailed Engineering, Manufacture,Quality Control, Shop Testing, Delivery at Project Site, Unloading and placementat Site, Site Assembly, Erection, Testing and Commissioning including Performance &Acceptance Testing, Training of Owner's personnel as required, Putting into CommercialOperation and handing over to the Owner of Diesel Generating Sets complete with all partslike exhaust system including piping up to desired height as per CPCB norms, cablingPage 3 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.including control & power between the DG sets & AMF Cum Sync Control panel, Earthing,fuel system & all items, auxiliariesi)Prime rated diesel engine suitable to give desired alternator output at site, completewith fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, air intake and exhaust system,batteryand battery charger, instruments and protection system, annunciations,coupling arrangements etc.ii) 415V, 50Hz alternator with exciter, automatic Digital voltage regulator etc.A) Supply:Design, manufacture, supply, delivery to properly packed for transportation to site includingloading/unloading etc .of the following materials-.1. DG sets shall comprise of following items/accessories as specified2. Diesel engine shall be suitable to deliver required BHP.3. Base frame, AVM pads &other standard accessories.4. Microprocessor based integrated DG set controller with inbuilt logic for auto start, Auto5. Synchronization & auto load sharing.6. Synchronous AC brushless alternator suitable to deliver 2000kVA net output at NTP.7. Cooling and exhaust system, complete with necessary extension piping’s/ supportsrequired as per CPCB norms.8. Battery and battery charger.9. Day fuel tank of suitable capacity to for backup of 8-10hr running of DG set.10. Acoustic Enclosure for the DG sets suitable for outdoor installation.11. Silencers and Cladding for silencer for DG sets.12. Exhaust Piping and Support structure for DG sets at different location.13. Composite LT panel for DG incomer, outgoing etc breaker as per single line diagram(SLD)14. Panel Control cables for connection to Panel.15. Complete earthing system.16. Recommended maintenance tools &tackles.B) Installation, testing & commissioning:Installation, testing &commissioning of the equipment’s mentioned under item(A) alongwith supply of all accessories required for installation, testing &commissioning of theentire plant including connections, terminations of the power &control cables, laying of thecables from the outdoor DG sets to Panel located inside the Utility building.4.2.PERFORMANCE CRITERIA AND GUARANTEEThe DG sets along with all auxiliaries and accessories shall be capable of performingintended duties under specified conditions. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to supplythe equipment as per guaranteed technical particulars and shall also guarantee the reliabilityand performance.Page 4 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.5.ENGINE SPARES, TOOLS & TACKLESVendor shall furnish complete list of spares for two years of satisfactory operation alongwith unit price and suggested quantity.Vendor shall quote for complete set of tools and tackles required for maintenance of Engineand Alternator.Vender shall forward quote for following items at the time of submissionSr No6.DescriptionChange Period inHrs1Lubricating Oil Change2Lubricating Oil Top Up3Air Filter Replacement4Fuel Filter Replacement5Lubricating OilReplacement6LabourChargesforreplacement of above.7Comprehensive Annualmaintenancechargesduring warranty ngwarranty period.QuantityNetPriceincluding TaxesFilterDRAWING AND DATA6.1.6.2.Following Documents shall be furnished along with the offer without which offer willnot be considered.a)Plan and Sectional Layout of DG Sets showing various auxiliaries and panels.Size of DG building shall be as attached layout.b)GA of panels showing arrangement of various devices on panels.c)P&I Diagrams for the following :i)Lube Oil System.ii)Fuel Oil System.iii)Cooling Water System.Following Documents shall be furnished in quadruplicate for NCMRWF’s comments/approval within four weeks after placement of LOI. Vendor shall incorporate Client/Consultant's comments on these drawings and furnish revised/ final drawings in sixsets. All documents shall be in English.Page 5 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.7.a)Layout of DG Room with all accessories, weight of equipments, maintenancespace etc., clearly indicated.b)Wiring & scheme diagram for HT, LT system and control system of DG Set.c)P&I Diagrams for the following system.i)Lube Oil System.ii)Fuel Oil System.iii)Cooling Water System.d)Foundation drawing of DG Set with static and dynamic loading/ centre ofgravity of loads and location of all loads.e)Foundation requirement of all auxiliaries like compressors, heat exchangers,tanks, etc.f)Bill of material for DG Set, fuel oil system, cooling water system, lube oilsystem, electrical system (including cables) engine and alternator controlsystem (including cables).g)GA of panels showing arrangement of various devices on panel andfoundation details.h)Test Certificates.i)Installation and Operational Manual.Approved Make of SupplierEngine—Caterpillar/Cummins or equivalentAlternator- Stamford / Lorey SomerACBs- Schneider/Siemens/ABB8.INSPECTION AND TESTINGa) NCMRWF or his representative shall have free access for his manufacturinglocation of SUPPLIER.b) All test procedures, test plan and inspection plan shall be submitted forapprovals.c) NCMRWF’s representative shall have the rights to rejects any componentswhich do not conform to purchase order.d) Inspection package may include but not limit to§Review of Quality Assurance Document§Stage Inspection During Manufacturing§Surface preparation and painting§Dimensional and assembly inspectione) Hydrostatic Test – All pressure containing parts shall be tested hydrostaticallyas per relevant standard.f)Load Test – During this test generator set shall run for at least four hoursunder the following conditions§30 minutes at 25% of rated outputPage 6 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.§30 minutes at 50% of rated output§Two hours at 100% rated output§One hour at 110% rated output§Instantaneous swing in voltage and frequency after load removal andblock loading§Block Load testGenerator load test shall be based on resistive load.g) Dynamic Load Test- Frequency and voltage regulation of the generator setshall be verified.h) Functional test – Supplier shall perform functional test on complete generatorset including generator and engine with synchronisation panel.i)Insulation Resistance Test – Insulation resistance test shall be performed onAlternator, Exciter winding, panel components.j)Noise Test and Vibration Test – Noise and Vibration test shall be carried outand overall level shall meet guaranteed values.Page 7 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.Equipment Data Sheet for Diesel Engine Generator (2000kVA) To Be filled by SupplierSr. 930313233Particular Of EquipmentGeneratorManufacturerType and Model NoPaint Specification and ColourApplicable codes and StandardRated VoltageRated FrequencyDuty TypeMaximum Continuous Rating at S1DutyPower Factor ( lag/lead)Stator ConnectionsNeutral Earthing MethodPhase RotationSystem Max Fault Current ( Iscsymmetrical)Rotation facing Drive EndInsulation ClassTemperature RiseSpeedX/R ratioOverload capability30 Sec1 hourUnbalanced load capabilityVoltage / frequency variationsGenerator EfficiencyFullLoad50%load75 %loadType of ExcitationTelephonic Harmonic factorSuitable for parallel operationWinding Temp detector typeMax Noise level at no loadPole PitchSpace heater detailsDirect Axis ReactanceSynchronousTransientSub - TransientPositive Sequence ResistanceNegative Sequence ReactanceZero Sequence ResistanceUnitsV TAIEC41550S1VTA0.8 VTAZone BVTAVTAYes/ NoDBVTASelfVTAYes6 off RTDVTA2/3VTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAPage 8 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.3435363738394012345678910111213Zero Sequence ReactanceShort Circuit Ratio (X/R)Quadrature Axis ReactanceSynchronousTransientSub - TransientDirect Axis Open Circuit TimeConstantTransientSub TransientDirect Axis Short Circuit TimeConstantTransientSub TransientQuadrature Axis Open Circuit TimeConstantTransientSub TransientQuadrature Axis Short Circuit TimeConstantTransientSub TransientPhysical CharacteristicsPackage DimensionsPackage WeightWetDryMountingEnclosure Ingress Protection ratingGenerator Cooling MethodAir Discharge ( Top or Bottom)Air FiltersBearing Type – NDELubricationTerminal Box Type , size andarrangementMax Cable Size and No of runs perphaseMainHeaterAux14151234Rotor Moment of InertiaMotor Inertia ConstantExcitation SystemManufacturerPermanent Magnet Pilot GeneratorTypeBrushless rotating rectifier typeVoltage Rating (% of exciter VTAVTAmm2Kg m2VTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTA%VTAPage 9 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at 78Current Capacity ( % of nominal)Diode bridge element failure detectorRated CurrentRated VoltageInput CurrentInput VoltageHermetically SealedAutomatically Voltage RegulatedSystemManufacturerTypeSolid State RegulatorExcitation LimitationMax excitation limitMin volt/hertz limitOut put voltage set point adjustmentDip and Dwell FunctionUnder frequency ProtectionVoltage regulation under transientconditionOver Fluxing controlFunctional without external powersupplyExciter Model ParameterExcitation Time ConstantExcitation Gain ConstantMaximum exciter voltageMinimum exciter voltageMinimum regulator outputAutomatic Voltage RegulatorForward Gain Constant Of AVRAVR amplifier time constantFeedback gain of AVRAVR Feedback Time ConstantEngine GovernerDroop and Isochronous speed controlFrequency deviation for load condition100% load rejection50% load acceptance with base load0%50% load acceptance with base load50%Full load rejection with no over speedtripFrequency range for steady stateconditionsEngine Block Loading Capability at0% of Base Load50% of Base Load%AVAVVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAYesVTAVTAYes/ NoVV/HzYes/ NoYes/ NoVTAVTA /- 10%YesYes%Yes/ NoVTAYesYes/ NoYesVAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAVTAYes/ NoYes%VTA%VTA%VTAYes/ NoYes% ( /-)1VTAVTAPage 10 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.1234SynchronizerManufacturerTypeType of Synchronization and autostartLoad 2232425262728293012345PF controlCheck Synch Relay Out putEngineManufacturerModel NoFuel / SpecificationsMaintenance IntervalMountingRated PowerRated SpeedCylinderTurbochargedGoverner manu./ modelDutyStart SystemGuaranteed fuel rate ( Kw/KWH)@ full [email protected] 75 %full [email protected] 50% full [email protected] 25% full loadCompression RatioNo Of CylindersBoreStrokeDisplacementFuel Tank capacityPump TypeFilter ArrangementFilter TypeLub Oil Temperature SwitchLub oil Pressure SwitchOver Speed SwitchLub Oil Filter TypeProtectionsLub Oil PressureLub Oil TempOver SpeedHigh Water TempHigh canopy hKw/KwhKw/KwhKw/KwhLitYes/ NoYes/ NoYes/ YesYesPage 11 of 12

Client:Project:-Proposed Data Centre at Noida.6789101112131415161718Over LoadNo Of CranksOver ExcitationOver CurrentOver VoltageUnder VoltageDiode FailureOver FluxingPole SlippingDifferentialEarth FaultUnder FrequencyReverse PowerKwKVAr1920Rotor Leakage CurrentSynchronization age 12 of 12



Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at NoidaA. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONSINSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS1. NCMRWF, NOIDA, UP wishes to receive Bids for manufacture, supply & delivery ofDistribution Transformers as describing in below document.2. In case, any clarification is required, the Bidders shall obtain the same from the Consultant inwriting. All such clarifications shall be binding both on the NCMRWF/Consultant and the Bidder.3. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Bids, the NCMRWF/Consultant may, for anyreason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospectiveBidder, modify the tender document by amendments.4. The Bidders shall submit their detailed techno-commercial offer in prescribed format one copyto NCMRWF in sealed envelope.5. The details regarding the Bidder’s experience, detailed catalogue of the equipment offeredshall be included in the offer.6. The prices & rates quoted by the Bidder’s shall be valid & shall be kept open for acceptance fora minimum period of thirty (30) days from the date of opening of tender.7. The offers, with the required copies must be received by NCMRWF / Consultant not later than17.00 hrs on ------- at following address.8. The acceptance/rejection of the quotation will rest with the NCMRWF, who does not bindhimself to accept the lowest quotation or any quotation & reserves to himself the full rights forthe following without assigning any reason whatsoeverPage 3 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at NoidaPROJECT INFORMATION1. ProjectProposed Data Centre At NCMRWF, NOIDA, UP.2. Name Of WorkSupply,Installation,Testing & Commissioning of2x2.0MVA,33/0.433 KV Transformers3. NCMRWF/OwnerNCMRWF, NOIDA, UP.4. Nearest Town/CityDelhi.5. Nearest Rail StationDelhi6. Nearest Air PortDelhi7. Site ConditionsAmbient Temperature:Maximum450CMinimum7 0CRelative HumidityMaximum90%Minimum30%Design Altitudeat Sea LevelPage 4 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at NoidaTECHNICAL SPECIFICAIONS1.ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DETAILSTransformer fed with 33kV, 3 Phase, 50Hz. Fault level assumed @ 1000MVA2.CODES AND STANDARDSThe Transformer and Accessories shall conform to the requirements of the following butnot limited to, latest revision of all relevant Indian Standards or International Standards.Colour of paintIS 5Ready mix paint, brushing Zinc Chrome plasterIS 104Ready mix paint, brushing,Priming plasterIS 109insulating oilIS 335Testing of steel sheets and strips For magnetic circuitsIS 649Solid press boards for electrical purposesCode of practice for maintenance Of mineral insulating oil inequipmentIS 1575Impulse Voltage testingIS 2070High voltage testingIS 2071Porcelain bushingsIS 2099Determination of water contents in oilIS 2362Painting of TransformerIS 2932Porcelain Transformer bushingsIS 3347Gs operated relaysIS 3637Application guide for gas operated relaysIS 3638Fittings and accessories for power transformersIS 3639Clamping arrangements for porcelain transformer bushingsIS 4275Electric power connectorsIS 5561Testing of specific resistance of Electrical insulating liquidIS 6262Method of test for power factor andIS 6262Dielectric constant of electrical insulating liquidIS 8468Guide for loading of oil immersed transformerIS 6600Determination of electric strength of Insulating oilsIS 6792Oil impregnated paper insulated condenser BushingsIS 12676Degree of protectionIS 2147Electrical insulation classified by Thermal stabilityIS 1271OLTCIS 8468Installation and maintenance of transformerIS 10028New Insulating OilsIS-335Thermal evaluation and Classification of Electrical InsulationIS-1271Code of practice for installation and maintenance of transformersIS-10028Power TransformerIS-2026IS 1866Part I Power Transformer - GeneralPart II Power Transformer - Temperature RisePart III Power Transformer - Insulation levels and di-electric testsPage 5 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at NoidaPart IV Power Transformer - Terminal markings, tapings andconnections.3.Bushings for alternating voltages above 1000 V.IS-2099Fittings and accessories for power transformers.IS-3639Guide for loading of oil-immersed transformers.IS-6600DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTSPower transformer shall be oil filled type ONAN cooled. The transformer shall be incompliance with relevant standards.Transformers shall operate without injurious heating at the rated capacity within 10percent of the rated voltage of that particular tap.Transformers shall be capable of delivering the rated current at a voltage equal to 105percent of the rated voltage without exceeding the limiting temperature rise.Overloads shall be allowed within the conditions defined in the loading guide of theapplicable standard. Under these conditions, no limitations by terminal bushings, or otherauxiliary equipment shall apply. Transformers, complete with bushings / cable boxes, shallbe designed and constructed to withstand without damage, the effects of external shortcircuits as per the specified standards4.CONSTRUCTION4.1.TANKSThe tanks shall be fabricated from mild steel plates and shall be designed towithstand the pressure, which will be encountered under normal operation andabnormal conditions such as short circuit. Base channels shall be suitablyreinforced to prevent any distortion during lifting. Oil tight gaskets shall beprovided between the joints. The tank and other accessories shall be painted withheat resistant synthetic enamel paint of approved shade. Robust skid under baseand fixing angles shall be provided to prevent bulging / warping.Tanks shall be mounted on bi-directional rollers. When detachable radiators arefitted, isolating valves shall be provided to permit removal of any radiator unitwithout emptying the tank. Radiators shall be securely braced to prevent unduevibration. In case of separate cooling units, isolating valves shall be fitted in bothtop and bottom of connecting pipes. Tanks shall be shot-blasted internally andexternally to remove rust and welding scale. All tanks shall be tested at apressure of 0.35 kg/ in addition to the normal oil head. Immediately aftershot-blasting, the exterior of the tank shall be given a coat of Zinc Chromateprimer incorporating a rust inhibitor. All fasteners and bolts, etc. shall begalvanized or Zinc passivated.All transformers rated up to and including 500 KVA rating shall have fixedradiators, Transformers rated above 630 KVA shall have detachable type radiators.Each transformer shall be provided with following valves on the tank:Drain valves so located as to completely drain the tankCombined filling and filter valve at top of the tank of 50mm sizeOil sampling valvesOne 15mm air release filingPage 6 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at Noida4.2.COREThe core shall be assembled from special scale free high grade cold-rolled grainoriented silicon steel with minimum loss with heat and oil resistant insulation. Thecores and windings shall be suitably braced to prevent displacement or distortionof the coil during short circuit. Core clamping bolts shall be insulated withsynthetic resin bonded paper or equivalent. Mitred joints of lamination shall beadopted.All parts of magnetic circuit shall be bonded to earth system.4.3.COPPER WINDINGAll coils shall be wound from high conductivity copper annealed to remove springtension. The design and arrangement of winding and their insulation shall be toensure uniform distribution of voltage surges among all coils and windings.The windings shall be subject to thorough shrinking and seasoning process toavoid absorption of moisture.The windings shall be properly insulated from the core and between themselves.The coils shall be axially and radially supported in such a way that deformationdoes not take place under short circuitAdequate axial strips and blocks, number of spacer rows and number of anchoringand bracing tapes etc. shall be judiciously selected.The core windings shall be initially dried under vacuum and then be placed in theirtank and shall be treated in a vacuum Drying oven. Initially the heating shall becontinued until the winding attain a temperature of about 1000C determined bymeasurement of winding resistance. The transformer shall be then subjected tovacuum. After obtaining satisfactory results, hot oil shall be allowed into thetransformer under vacuum.This oil shall be then circulated through thetransformer by the oil de-gasing plant until all gases trapped in the core andwindings and insulation are removed and to ensure a high degree of stability inthe insulation structure and early attainment of mature condition of insulationconcerning di-electric strength.4.4.TERMINAL BOXESWindings shall be brought out and terminated on outdoor bushings, cable boxes orbus duct chamber, which will be located as specified on data sheets. Theorientation and location of winding terminals shall be indicated in specificrequirement.When outdoor bushings are specified they shall be suppliedcomplete with adjustable spark gap and terminal connectors suitable for specifiedsize of ACSR conductors.The cable box shall be complete with gaskets between the joints. The cable boxesshall be provided with disconnecting chamber wherever specified in the datasheet.Cable box for termination of high voltage PVC / XLPE cables shall be suitablydimensioned for air insulated termination. The air insulated terminal box shall besized to permit use of all type of end termination kit including "PUSH-ON" typeend termination kit. Such cable box shall also have arrangements for groundingthe armour of PVC / XLPE cables inside the cable box.Terminal chamber for bus duct termination shall have gasketted cover plate boltedto it. A separate inspection cover shall be provided to facilitate connection andinspection.For transformers having provision for terminations TPN bus duct on 433V sideneutral of star connected secondary winding shall be brought out to a secondaryPage 7 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at Noidaterminal chamber. A CT shall be mounted at the neutral terminal with CTsecondary wired up to the marshalling box.An extra neutral bushing shall be provided for neutral grounding of transformershaving secondary voltage of 433 V. In such cases, neutral CT shall be mountedbefore bifurcation of neutral.4.5.MARSHALLING BOXWeather proof type marshalling box shall be provided on the front side of thetransformer tank and not on radiator. It shall be provided with terminals for oiltemperature indicator, winding temperature indicator, magnetic oil gauge andBuchholz Relay and other control terminals as applicable. The box shall becomplete with wiring up to terminal box. Whenever the control voltage isspecified as D.C, the marshalling box shall be complete with D.C. Contactors andwiring. The gaskets provided shall be non deteriorating type and suitable foroutdoor installation. The box shall have hinged door with locking arrangement.The marshaling box shall have removable undrilled gland plate at bottom. Insidethe marshalling box, all the instruments shall be wired with PVC wires.Marshalling box shall be mounted at readable / approachable level.4.6.RATING PLATESAll transformers shall be provided with rating plates conforming to IndianStandards.The rating plates shall be provided on the front side of thetransformer.4.7.OILThe transformer shall be supplied complete with first filling of oil. The oil shallconform to relevant Indian Standards. In case the Conservator / Radiator /Cooling tubes of the transformer are sent separately, sufficient quantity of oil shallbe sent loose including 10% additional oil in non returnable sealed drum. Thetransformer oil shall conform to IS-335. transformer and all associated oil filled equipment shall be suppliedalong with sufficient quantity of oil, free from moisture and havinguniform quality throughout for first filling of the tank, coolers andradiators along with 10% extra oil for topping up in non returnablecontainers, suitable for outdoor storage. No inhibitor shall be used inthe oil.4.7.2.The design and materials used in the construction of the transformershall be such as to reduce the risk of the development of acidity in theoil.BUCHHOLZ RELAYThe transformer shall be complete with Buchholz Relay of double float type withisolating valves on either side and distance pipe. The relay shall be complete withindependent voltage free alarm and trip contacts.Separate buchholz relay shall be provided for main tank and OLTC chamber. ForOLTC chamber the relay should be single float type with one normally open andone normally close contact.4.9.OIL AND WINDING TEMPERATURE INDICATORS AND MAGNETIC OILGAUGEOil temperature indicator shall be complete with maximum reading pointers, alarmand trip contacts. The indicators shall be of 150 mm dia. circular type and shallPage 8 of 25

Client: Project: -Proposed Data Center at Noidabe mounted inside Marshalling Box. They shall be complete with setting keys. Thetransformer shall be provided with 150 mm dia. magnetic oil gauge indicator withlow level alarm contacts and minimum / maximum level marking on front side ofthe transformers. The minimum oil gauge indicator shall be provided on theconservator side.Winding temperature indicator (wherever called for in specific requirements) shallbe provided. This shall be 150 mm dia. and having maximum reading pointer,alarm contacts and trip contacts.All these contacts shall be wired up to terminals provided in Marshalling Box.All contacts shall be suitable for making and breaking D.C. inductive current.Minimum rating shall be 2 Amp, 110V D.C.4.10. COOLING METHODAll transformers shall be mineral oil immersed and natural air cool type (ONAN).4.11. TAPPINGS AND CONTROLTapping shall be provided on high voltage side and shall be capable of carrying theexternal short circuit current.Percentage and Number of Taps shall be asspecified in specific requirements.Off circuit, tap-changing gear shall have an external operating handle mounted onthe transformer side with locking arrangement and position indicator.4.12. AXLES AND WHEELSThe transformer shall be provided with bi – directional plain rollers and axles ofsuitable dimensions and so support that under service conditions, they shall notdeflect sufficiently to interfere with the movement of the transformer. Suitablelocking arrangement shall be provided to prevent the accidental movement of thetransformer. All wheels should be detachable and shall be made of cast iron orsteel.5.DUTY REQUIREMENT5.1.The Transformer and all its accessories like current transformers etc. Shall bedesigned to withstand without injury, the thermal and mechanical effects of anyexternal shot circuit to earth and of short circuits at the terminals of any windingfor a period of two seconds. Transformer shall be capable of withstanding thermaland mechanical stresses caused by symmetrical or asymmetrical faults on anywinding.5.2.The transformer shall be capable of being loaded in accordance with IS: 6600.There shall be no limitations imposed by bushing, tap-changers

6 Enclosure Ingress Protection rating VTA 7 Generator Cooling Method VTA 8 Air Discharge ( Top or Bottom) VTA 9 Air Filters VTA 10 Bearing Type – NDE VTA 11 Lubrication VTA 12 Terminal Box Type , size and a