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Welcome!INTROINDEXCDC SOFTWARECONSONA OFTNETSUITEORACLEORACLEWelcome to’s Sales Force Automation Software ProductDirectory. This directory was designed to be a valuable resource for those gettingstarted with research or evaluating vendors in the sales force automation market.In the listings below, you’ll find basic information about the major vendors in thesales force automation market and the products they sell. Each listing is accompanied by a short description and a long description, including limited informationabout functionality and product use. You’ll find products for businesses of all sizesas well as products that can be deployed on-demand and on-premise. Use this listto get started with the evaluation process. For more information about any of theproducts or to speak to a sales representative, please visit the vendor website orproduct website.ORACLERIGHTNOWTECHNOLOGIESSAGE SOFTWARESAGE will launch a series of directories throughout the year to addressunique segments of the CRM market. To view the entire collection of CRM productdirectories, click here. If you’d like to submit a product listing to be included in afuture directory, click here.SALESFORCE.COMSALESPAGEHappy shopping!SALESPLACESAPSUGARCRMFor questions for the editors or to make suggestions for improving the directory,write to us at SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 2

Index at a GlanceClick on the product name at left to jump to a longer description.PAGEVENDORPRODUCT4CDC SoftwareSaratoga CRM4Consona CRMOnyx CRM5FrontRange SolutionsGoldMine Enterprise EditionCDC SOFTWARE5InforInfor CRM EpiphanyCONSONA CRM6Maximizer SoftwareMaximizer CRM Sales ForceAutomation6MicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics CRM7NetSuiteNetSuite CRM 7OracleOracle E-Business Suite8OraclePeopleSoft Enterprise Sales8OracleSiebel Sales9RightNow TechnologiesRightNow Sales9Sage SoftwareACT! By Sage10Sage SoftwareSage SalesLogix10Salesforce.comSalesforce SFA11SalesPageSalesPage CRM11SalesplaceSalesplace CRM12SAPSAP CRM12SugarCRMSugarCRM Sales Force AutomationSAAS CLEORACLERIGHTNOWTECHNOLOGIES11111ssssss1SAGE SOFTWARESAGE : Vendor/developer of product at directory press timeProduct: Product name1 SaaS or services: technology available as SaaS, hosted, on-demand, ASP and Web Servicess On-premise: software or systems on premise2 Descriptions were written by the editorial team based on information gathered from vendorwebsites.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 3

CDC SOFTWARECONSONA CRMSaratoga CRMINTROINDEXCDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE RMABOUTSEARCHCRM.COMMETHODOLOGYOnyx CRMSaratoga CRM’s sales force automationsystem lets users track and manage allprospects and relationships throughoutthe sales process. sCOMPANY WEBSITE :www.saratoga-systems.comFOUNDED : N/ASUMMARY : Saratoga CRM allows usersto manage all accounts with integratedemail, calendar, notes and relevantback-office information. The systemallows users to produce and analyzecustomized reports, profile and scoreleads as they are tracked through thesales cycle, analyze the sales pipelineand forecasting, and record customerrelationship history. Saratoga CRM’sVisual Advisor analytics package provides users with tools that allow themto view detailed contact history andinformation on any individual orprospect organization. The analyticspackage also alerts users to dealbreakers and critical influencers inevery deal. 2PRICING:Declined to provide pricing.Onyx CRM aims to increase saleseffectiveness and revenue throughprocesses automation, data captureand reporting. sCOMPANY WEBSITE:www.consona.com1994Onyx CRM provides anon-premise CRM product for the enterprise. Onyx automates sales processesand data capture in online sales, channel sales, inside sales and field sales.From marketing to account management and customer support, companieshave insight into all activities to helpensure that customers are handledappropriately by all customer-facingteams. Managers and sales staff canreview and manage their opportunitypipeline to chart progress againstsales goals, forecast revenue andtrack data. 2FOUNDED:SUMMARY:Based on 100 users, the listprice of the Onyx CRM Suite is 1,750per named user. This includes coreCRM functionality (sales, service,support and marketing), operationalreporting and workflow managementtools. Specialized suite enhancementsmay be purchased and can includeMobile Products.PRICING:SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 4

FRONTRANGE SOLUTIONSINFORGoldMine Enterprise EditionINTROINDEXInfor CRM EpiphanyFrontRange Solutions’ GoldMineEnterprise Edition includes salesmanagement tools that provideorganizations with the ability tomanage the entire sales process. sInfor CRM Epiphany’s sales productgives sales professionals accessto extensive, detailed customerinformation so they can close salessuccessfully. sCDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE RMABOUTSEARCHCRM.COMMETHODOLOGYCOMPANY WEBSITE: www.goldmine.comCOMPANY WEBSITE:1989SUMMARY: GoldMine Enterprise Edition’ssales management functionality helpsroute, manage and prepare quotes andclose sales opportunities in real time.The product’s dashboard provides realtime viewing and reporting and a customizable homepage that gives userseasy access to data. GoldMine Enterprise Edition’s sales lifecycle management tool gives managers the abilityto assign opportunities via territories,products or business rules. The product’s sales forecasting functionalityincludes quota tracking, forecast audittracking and more. GoldMine EnterpriseEdition’s additional capabilities includequote management, interactionmanagement and business processautomation.FOUNDED:PRICING: GoldMinePRICING: DeclinedFOUNDED:Enterprise Editionwww.infor.com2001/2002SUMMARY: Infor CRM Epiphany’s salesproduct provides organizations withcustomer intelligence and simplifies theordering and configuration process ofcomplex products. Data from across theenterprise is centralized in the product,giving sales professionals access to theentire scope of every customer’s previous interactions with the organization,through all stages of the sales cycle.The product aims to streamline thequote-to-order process, shorten thesales cycle and limit product configuration and pricing errors. Infor CRMEpiphany’s additional sales featuresinclude lead routing and prioritization,contact management, opportunity andpipeline management, and mobileaccess. 2to provide pricing.starts at 1,395.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 5

MAXIMIZER SOFTWAREMICROSOFTMaximizer CRM Sales ForceAutomationINTROINDEXCDC SOFTWAREMicrosoft Dynamics CRMMaximizer CRM’s Sales ForceAutomation component allows salesprofessionals to collaborate on salesopportunities, manage the salespipeline and create sales forecasts. LEORACLERIGHTNOWTECHNOLOGIESSAGE SOFTWARESAGE 75SUMMARY: Microsoft Dynamics CRMgives sales professionals real-timeaccess to leads, provides a completeview of customer data, and identifiesup-sell/cross-sell opportunities, allowing sales reps to close deals quickly andefficiently. The product is tightly integrated with key Microsoft products andtechnologies and can be customizedand integrated with third-party application tools as needed. Additional salesfeatures include lead and opportunitymanagement, account and contactmanagement, territory management,forecasting and sales analytics, andoffline/mobile access. 2COMPANY WEBSITE:CONSONA CRMFRONTRANGESOLUTIONSMicrosoft Dynamics CRM is a fullyintegrated CRM system that isdesigned to enhance a company’ssales, marketing and customerservice processes. 1sCOMPANY WEBSITE: www.maximizer.com2002SUMMARY: The sales force automationfunctionality in Maximizer CRM allowsfor the accessing and sharing of information across sales, marketing and customer service departments. Leads andcontacts can be entered and retrievedthrough the desktop client, Web accessor on handheld or smartphone devices.An unlimited amount of detailed customer information is sorted, stored andaccessible at any time. The product’smanagement dashboard gives managers a look at opportunities, leads,cases and account status and providesreal-time updates on daily, weekly ormonthly metrics. The product integrates with Microsoft Office andMicrosoft Outlook, and mobile andWeb access is available. 2FOUNDED:PRICING: MaximizerCRM is availablein four editions: Entrepreneur, Group,Professional and Enterprise. Pricingstarts at 229 for Entrepreneur Edition.FOUNDED:PRICING: MicrosoftDynamics CRM(server-based) can ballpark anywherefrom 1,000 to 2,000 per nameduser. This is the one-time cost of thesoftware alone. Any implementation,customization, training, support andrequired hardware would also have anassociated cost. Microsoft CRM Onlinecosts around 40 to 60 per user permonth. For more information, visit theMicrosoft dynamics “how to buy” page.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 6

NETSUITEORACLENetSuite CRM INTROINDEXNetSuite CRM ’s online sales forceautomation allows users to streamlinesales cycles and serve customers moreefficiently. 1CDC SOFTWARECOMPANY WEBSITE:CONSONA OLOGIESSAGE SOFTWARESAGE RMABOUTSEARCHCRM.COMOracle E-Business Suitewww.netsuite.com1998Oracle E-Business Suite’s SalesApplications use enterprise informationand selling tools to accelerate thesales cycle. sCOMPANY WEBSITE:FOUNDED:SUMMARY: NetSuiteCRM is a hosted,Web-based CRM application thatincludes sales force automation (SFA),marketing automation, customer support and service products. NetSuite’sSFA offers users team selling, territorytracking and assignment, opportunitymanagement, incentive managementand quote generation, among othercapabilities. NetSuite’s team sellingcapability allows users to track multiplemembers of the sales team based oncustomer records and sales transactions. The product also features anoffline sales client that allows sales repsto access and update leads, prospects,customers and contacts without Internet access when on the road. NetSuiteSmall Business is available for small andmedium-sized businesses (SMBs) andallows companies to add functionalityas they grow. OracleE-Business Suite’s SalesApplications provide organizations withthe tools to increase selling effectiveness across sales, marketing, service,fulfillment and finance divisions. OracleSales integrates with other E-BusinessSuite applications including OracleMarketing and Oracle Service. Theproduct’s iStore e-commerce application lets companies build, manage andpersonalize their Internet storefront.Oracle Sales’ additional functionalityincludes incentive compensation management, partner management, telesales and a proposals application. 2PRICING: Licensingfor marketing is 4,995 and 1,098.90 for support perapplication user. For additional details,see the full price list: nsprice-list.pdfMETHODOLOGYPRICING: NetSuite CRM costs 129per user per month.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 7

ORACLEORACLEPeopleSoft Enterprise SalesINTROINDEXSiebel SalesThe PeopleSoft Enterprise Salesproduct helps to increase operationalefficiency and lower selling costs byintegrating sales processes acrossthe enterprise. sThe Genesys Customer InteractionManagement platform deploysand manages inbound and outboundcustomer interactions, including voice,email, multimedia and work items. 1sCDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE Summary: Oracle’s PeopleSoftEnterprise Sales Product provides realtime views for sales pipeline and opportunity management and includes context-specific selling knowledge basedon competitors, partners and the market. The product’s role-based interfacecan be configured and personalized tomeet the user’s needs. Access to customer data and applications is availablethrough mobile and wireless devices.Additional capabilities include ordercapture, services management andstrategic account planning. 2COMPANY Siebel Sales is designed toimprove forecast accuracy, pipeline visibility and sales effectiveness by managing the creation of quotes, proposalsand any configured products or servicesthe user requires. The product is integrated with the Siebel Enterprise product family, including CRM On Demand.Siebel Sales gives users a total view ofthe customer, including service history,order management, interactions andaccount profiles. The Siebel Forecastingtool allows sales organizations to manage revenues and forecasting and runreal-time analyses of revenues, profitmargins and close dates. Additionalfeatures include territory management,integration with Microsoft applications,opportunity management and salesmethodologies. Siebel Sales is alsoavailable on-demand. 2COMPANY WEBSITE:PRICING: Componentpricing starts at 750 and goes up to 11,995 dependingon the component per application user.For additional details, see the full pricelist: list.pdfMETHODOLOGYPRICING: SiebelSales pricing is 3,750per license and 825 for softwareupdate license and support perapplication user.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 8

RIGHTNOW TECHNOLOGIESSAGE SOFTWARERightNow SalesINTROINDEXACT! By SageRightNow Sales supports frontlinesales and sales lead management teamsand is designed to provide them withthe information they need for salesefficiency. 1CDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE ghtnow.com1997SUMMARY: RightNow Sales can provideorganizations with a variety of tools tomanage and prioritize relationships andopportunities, gain insight into the salespipeline and more accurately forecastrevenue. The product supports complexsales processes, and it guides workflow,provides role-based reports and dashboards, and allows users to integratesales interactions with other interactiontypes, making for a consistent customerexperience. Additional capabilitiesinclude contact, account and task management, opportunity management andforecasting, lead management, territoryand quota management, and integrationwith Microsoft Outlook. 2COMPANY WEBSITE:FOUNDED:SUGARCRMPRICING: RightNow’sABOUTSEARCHCRM.COMMETHODOLOGYper seat pricingbegins at 100 per user per monthwith a one-year subscription.ACT! By Sage is a contact, customerand sales opportunity managementsystem. 1sCOMPANY 1976SUMMARY: ACT! aims to help users organize, access and manage their customerinformation. ACT! supports desktop,laptop, Web browser and handhelddevice access methods that work witha centralized database. Sage Softwarealso offers ACT! Premium products thatinclude all ACT! features and providesales teams and workgroups with additional functionality in the areas of centralized administration, team scheduling, enhanced opportunity tracking andadvanced data security. ACT! can alsobe partner or customer hosted usingthe ACT! for the Web product. 2PRICING: ACT!is priced at 229 per user.ACT! Premium (for sales teams) costs 399.99. ACT! Premium for Web costs 399.99. ACT! Premium Dual Access(Windows-based ACT! Premium andbrowser-based ACT! Premium for Webin a single user license) pricing beginsat 529.99 per user.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 9

SAGE SOFTWARESALESFORCE.COMSage SalesLogixINTROINDEXCDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE orce SFASage SalesLogix is a CRM product thatincludes sales automation, marketing,customer service and support, andmobile automation products. sCOMPANY 1976SUMMARY: Sage SalesLogix’s sales software automates key sales processes,allowing users to manage all aspectsof the sales cycle and monitor, trackand forecast sales activity in a singleapplication. Users can access SageSalesLogix over a network or on theWeb, offline or through wirelessdevices. Sage SalesLogix’s real-timedashboard view of the sales pipelineallows users to analyze and manage thesales pipeline, and integrated reportsgive managers detailed information onindividual or team effectiveness. Theproduct also includes opportunity management, back-office integration andintegration with Microsoft Outlook. 2SUGARCRMPRICING: SageABOUTSEARCHCRM.COMMETHODOLOGYSalesLogix v7.2 pricingbegins at 795 per user license, andSage SalesLogix Mobile v5 pricingbegins at 295 per user license.For more details, visit or call (800) 643-6400.Salesforce SFA provides sales teamswith a complete customer view thatis shared with sales and marketingin real time. 1COMPANY WEBSITE:FOUNDED:www.salesforce.com1999SUMMARY: SalesforceSFA is an ondemand product that can be customized based on the user’s needs.The product’s lead management featureoptimizes lead flow across sales andmarketing and gives sales reps instantaccess to the latest prospects. Theopportunity management feature provides a single place for updating information, tracking opportunities andrecording opportunity-related interactions. Salesforce SFA’s mobile CRMcapabilities allow sales reps to stayconnected to the office while on theroad via BlackBerry, wireless PDAs orlaptops. The product is integrated withMicrosoft Office products. Additionalfeatures include global forecasting,territory management, workflowautomation and contract management. 2PRICING: Declinedto provide pricinginformation.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 10

SALESPAGESALESPLACESalesPage CRMINTROSalesplace CRMSalesPage CRM documents entirecustomer lifecycles in a single,consolidated product. sINDEXCOMPANY WEBSITE:CDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE : SalesPage CRM offers marketing automation, sales management,customer service and support, andreporting and analytics. The productprovides multiple methods for extracting and analyzing data, including simplesearch tools, expansive query tools andreporting capabilities. The product’ssales management capabilities includeterritory management, forecasting,opportunity management, and quoteand proposal generation. Sales data canbe analyzed across a timeline, allowingmanagers to evaluate progress towardestablished sales goals or forecastfuture demand. OMPANY WEBSITE:FOUNDED:www.salesplace.com1994SUMMARY: SalesplaceCRM has four modules; sales, marketing, customer serviceand mobility. These modules can bepurchased as a full package or individually, based on need. Salesplace CRM’ssales tools manage activities, communications, leads, opportunities, accounts,forecasts and quotes, aiming to shortenthe sales cycle, increase close rates and,ultimately, improve customer retention.Salesplace CRM’s mobility moduleallows users to access the systemonline and offline via Web, BlackBerryor PDA. 2PRICING: SalesplaceSALESPAGESALESPLACESalesplace CRM is built on the IBMLotus collaborative platform and isdesigned specifically for Lotus Notesand BlackBerry. 1sPRICING: Theoverall cost of a SalesPageCRM implementation consists of threecomponents: SOFTWARE: One-time fee based onvolume of concurrent users, list pricestarting at 1,400 per concurrent seat. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Requirementsand planning, configuration, customization, data conversion, system integration, deployment, training and documentation. sUPPORT MAINTENANCE: 17% of listprice of software licenses.CRM’s user licensecosts 300 to 850 per user. A serverlicense costs 5,000. salesNOWCRMis 25 per user per month.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 11

SAPSUGARCRMSAP CRMINTROSugarCRM Sales Force AutomationSAP CRM helps organizations plan,manage and analyze sales operationsthroughout the sales cycle. 1sINDEXCOMPANY WEBSITE:CDC SOFTWARECONSONA AGE SOFTWARESAGE om1972SUMMARY: SAP CRM’s sales planningand forecasting capabilities can provideusers with a complete picture of projected revenue and sales volume overtime and aims to help sales managerscoordinate and execute sales activities.Sales team performance is optimizedthrough the product’s territory management capabilities, allowing managersto distribute sales resources, manageaccount coverage and improve resourceutilization across territories. SAP CRM’sadditional sales capabilities includeaccounts and contacts management,activity management, sales analytics,and incentive and commission management. SAP CRM can also be deployedon-demand or as a hybrid version. RICING: ThereSugarCRM is an open source CRMproduct that offers flexible deploymentoptions, including on-demand,appliance and on-premise. 1sis no standard pricingfor SAP CRM because the scopeand business requirements of eachcustomer’s implementation varies.(Declined to provide additionalpricing details.)COMPANY WEBSITE:FOUNDED:www.sugarcrm.com2004SUMMARY: SugarCRM’sSales ForceAutomation product allow sales professionals to track and share contacts andopportunities, manage and up-sellaccounts, monitor and manage performance via dashboards, and forecastrevenue. The product integrates withMicrosoft Outlook, and users can workoffline using SugarCRM’s mobile products. SugarCRM’s Sales Force Automation tools allow users to share salesdata across the enterprise and monitorquotas and overall business performance. SugarCRM is also available ondemand. 2PRICING: SugarProfessional On-Site is 275 per user per year; Sugar Professional On-Demand is 40 per user permonth; Sugar Professional FastStackis 499 per production deployment.Sugar Enterprise On-Site is 449 peruser per year; Sugar Enterprise OnDemand is 75 per user per month;Sugar Enterprise FastStack is 449per user per year.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 12 is free resource dedicated to customer relationship management(CRM) decision makers. CRM is a business process that requires a special combination of customer-centric strategy and technical know-how. 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Reproduction and distribution of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. TechTarget and the TechTarget logo are registered trademarks of TechTarget, Inc.; all other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.To compile this guide, our editorial team initially consulted research reports by major analyst firms covering the call center software market and contacted vendors about products reviewed by those firms. Editors also conducted additional Internet research and solicited feedback from our expert contacts. A notice about the project was posted on and listed regularly in our email newsletters.Vendors were invited to submit listings via a form on the website. For vendors that did not submit listings, our editorial team compiledlistings by excerpting information from the vendor’s website. All entries, whether they were vendor-submitted or compiled by our team, wereedited for length and clarity and to remove overt marketing language. In order to best assist our readers in assessing products, our editorialteam attempted to obtain basic pricing information for all products in this directory—requesting information from vendors multiple timesvia email. Vendors that did not respond, or refused to provide any pricing information, have this statement on their listings: “Declined orfailed to provide pricing.” Vendors that provided only some information, but no dollar figures, have their submitted information reflectedhere, along with this statement: “Declined to provide additional pricing details.”Collection of data for this directory took place during the second calendar quarter of 2008. As with any directory of this kind, productsand vendors may change substantially at any time. Though every effort was made to make this directory as complete and accurate as possible, there may be changes, errors, omissions or vendors in this market not included in this guide. Nothing in this guide should be construedas endorsements, professional suggestions or advice. This directory should be used simply as a resource. We strongly urge you to supplement this with your own research and to contact vendors for the most up to date information about their companies or products. It is ourintent to update this directory annually, but that is subject to change.SEARCHCRM.COM SALES FORCE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT DIRECTORY 13 sales force automation software product directory 2 intro index cdcsoftware consonacrm frontrange solutions infor maximizer software microsoft netsuite oracle oracle oracle rightnow technologies sagesoftware sagesoftware salespage salesplace sap sugarcrm about .