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01Future Income PlannerWhat does yourfuture incomelook like?Help bring your retirement income into focusby understanding how much you’ll need. Usethis worksheet to get an accurate sense ofhow prepared you are for the future and guideconversations with your financial professional.How much income will you have?SourceMonthly IncomeInsights, Tips, and Helpful HintsSocial Security Estimate anticipated Social Security benefits oredPension All contributions are supplied by the employer, whowill base the monthly benefit on employee incomeand years of service.Other GuaranteedIncome The average income of a retired household is 48,000.1 Consider supplementing your incomewith a fixed or income annuity for more guaranteedlifetime income.Monthly Income Total Add everything together and put the total in theIncome vs. Expenses section at the top of page 04.

02Future Income PlannerHow much do you spend?CategoryTypeMonthly CostInsights, Tips, and Helpful HintsHousingMortgage/Rent Fees (HOA, parking, etc.) Taxes Did You Know? Retirees typicallyspend 20% less a year because they’reno longer saving toward retirementand have often paid off mortgagesand other debts.2Homeowners/Renters Insurance UtilitiesFoodTransportationHealthcareMaintenance and Repairs Electric/Gas Water/Sewer Internet Cell/Home Phone Cable/Satellite Other Groceries Dining Out Car Loan/Lease Payment Vehicle Tax Car Insurance Gas Maintenance and Repairs Public Transportation Health Insurance Medicare Tip: Have recent utility bills and a creditcard statement handy for easy andaccurate reference.Did You Know? The average monthlycost of food in 2018 was 660.18. Thisincludes eating out and at home.3Tip: Divide by 12 to determine how anannual expense, like vehicle tax, breaksdown monthly.Consider tune-ups, oil changes,and bigger fixes for Maintenanceand Repairs.Did You Know? A couple who retiredin 2019, both age 65, will spend anestimated 285,000 on healthcarethroughout retirement.4Office Visit Co-Pays Prescriptions/OTC Drugs Tip: In 2019, most people paida monthly Medicare premium of 135.50. However, you may paymore if your adjusted gross incomeexceeds a specified amount.5Medical Supplies Medical Supplies can includewalking aids, wound care, andblood pressure monitors.Uncovered Expenses Deductibles and otherout-of-pocket medical costsgo in Uncovered Expenses.

CategoryTypeMonthly CostInsights, Tips, and Helpful HintsOtherInsurancesLife Insurance Premium Long-Term Care Premium Tip: Check your policy statements.Many insurance premiums are paidannually or semi-annually.Clothing and Accessories Toiletries Services Entertainment Vacations Hobbies Memberships Other Cash and Presents Holiday presents for grandkids andanniversary gifts for your spouse go inCash and Presents.Charitable Donations Tip: Donations to 501(c)(3)organizations are tax deductible.Food and Supplies Veterinary and Medical Grooming and Boarding Don’t forget about services like dogwalking and preventive medical costsor pet insurance premiums.Outstanding Loans Other Income Tax Other Monthly Expenses Total PersonalCareRecreationGiftsPet CareDebt PaymentsTaxesToiletries can include shampoo,makeup, and toothpaste.Services can include a haircut,manicure, and non-medical massage.The fun stuff – like movies, sportingevents, and show tickets – goes inEntertainment.Include transportation costs, hotelstays, and food expenses for Vacations.What you do with free time can add up.Consider golf clubs, art supplies, andphotography equipment for Hobbies.Private clubs, gyms, and otherassociations go in Memberships.Consider any credit card debt andpersonal, educational, home equity,or small business loans. (We’vealready covered your mortgage andcar payment.)Did You Know? Your taxes will changein retirement. Speak with your taxprofessional about how Social Securityand taxes on retirement accountwithdrawals are different.Add everything together and put thetotal in the Income vs. Expenses sectionat the top of page 04.

04Future Income PlannerDo you have what you need?Income vs. Expenses MonthlyIncome Total MonthlyExpenses TotalSurplus/ShortageHow much have you saved?AssetSourceValueInsights, Tips, and Helpful HintsSavings CD and MoneyMarket Accounts Did You Know? If you received a 3,000 monthly income payment inthe year 2000, you’d need 4,563.25a month to match the buying powerin 2019.6Mutual Funds Stocks and Bonds IRAs andQualified Plans Business/Property Investments Total

Now that you have a clearer picture ofyour retirement income needs, use thisworksheet to speak with your financialprofessional about your goals. You canalso visit formore tools and information.1The Retirement Income Reference Book. LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, 2018.2Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future, U.S. Department of Labor, September 2017.3Consumer Expenditure Survey. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 10, 2019.42019 Fidelity Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate. Fidelity Investments , 2019. costs at a glance., as of December 2019.6CPI Inflation Calculator. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Annuities and life insurance are issued by, and product guarantees are solely the responsibility of, Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Charlotte, NC 28277 and, in New York only, by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY, New Y