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Cloud-based solutionsare critical for SMBsand enterprises tocontain costs,accelerate delivery, andbe scalable & flexible.As a key function of any business,financials & accounting need to embodythe ability to scale, seamlesslymanage/relay sensitive information, andaudit monthly/annual timelines to enableits smooth functioning. The role of ChiefFinancial Officers has seen a paradigmshift in modern times- in addition todealing with economic disruption, they arealso responsible for spearheadingbusiness strategies and driving innovation.NetSuite is the ideal cloud-based ERP thatfacilitates CFO's and accounting functions to stay agilein the face of economic adversities. Intelliswift isuniquely qualified to help rapidly growing businesses toscale and integrate NetSuite to match their accelerateddemands. Our broad suite of NetSuite services givesCFOs the opportunity to enable their businesses toscale effortlessly, while significantly improving KPIs.With several engagements across hi-tech, IPOs,financial institutions, professional services, retail,wholesale distribution, and manufacturing industries,Intelliswift has been a preferred partner for successfulNetSuite implementations & enhancements.Intelliswift’s Key NetSuite Service OfferingsConsulting, Advisory & AssessmentRealize greater ROI with our team of NetSuite Certified Consultantswho assist in your NetSuite assessment- including analyzing businessprocesses, evaluating existing frameworks to gauge infrastructurematurity, cloud readiness, and conduct a gap analysis to recommendinsights needed to build a robust IT roadmap.ImplementationFast-track your NetSuite implementation and navigate anycomplexities along the way with Intelliswift. Our consultants workclosely with you to address operational necessities and validate theideal solution for supporting and addressing the gaps. Our expertiseincludes OneWorld/globalized implementations, two-tierimplementations, optimization/re-implementation, and advancedmodules, among others. Intelliswift is also a preferred partner inenabling NetSuite SuiteSuccess implementation, with our customizedsupport strategies to meet your specific needs.

Intelliswift’s KeyNetSuite ServiceOfferingsIntegrationMaintain data consistency with our standardized,robust, and high-performance integrations. We cancreate customized integrations for third-partysoftware like eCommerce, expense management,accounting software, payment gateways, reportingtools, legacy systems, shipping carriers, POS, banks,databases, etc. using connectors like Celigo, DellBoomi, etc.Data MigrationEnsure minimal disruption to daily businessoperations without compromising on data securityand integrity. Our expertise includes data migration to& from NetSuite with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle;migration to databases on cloud like AWS, OracleCloud; and data migration to applications (payroll,expense management, business analytics, etc.). Availone-time or incremental migration with datamanagement and maintenance, as per your needs.Business IntelligenceBuild powerful visualizations with real-timeupdates and visibility across all youroperations. Our Data Management &Analytics proficiencies strengthenNetSuite’s advanced reporting capabilitiesenabling you to draw data across yoursystems and channels directly intoNetSuite, generate reports based on datagathered from other third-party software,customize role-wise dashboards, and getdrill-down analytics.Managed ServicesBridge gaps in your IT department withIntelliswift’s global & local expertise ondelivering complete end-user NetSuiteManaged services, from simple to complexpractices. Our services include proactiveand predictive monitoring, preventingdowntime of business-critical applications,bi-yearly new release roll-outs, andproviding easy access to support caseregistration tools. Our certifiedprofessionals assist in performing NetSuiteadministration tasks – from account setupto customizations and sandboxmanagement.

NetSuiteModulesAs a leading authority incloud-based ERP & CRMengineering solutions,Intelliswift displays uniqueproficiency across NetSuitemodules – ensuring that ourservices enable you tomaximize NetSuite’scapabilities for your business.NetSuite tNetSuite CustomerRelationship ManagementWarehouseManagement SystemAdvancedManufacturingProfessional Services Automation(Service Resource Management)WorkforceManagementHuman ResourcesManagementNetSuite AdvancedRevenue mpanyAutomationPlanning &Budgeting

Why IntelliswiftExcellent understanding ofindustry-standard business practices likeorder-to-cash, procure-to-pay, warehousemanagement, inventory control, andfinancials & accounting.Our nimble business modelcuts through red tapeprocesses to enable swifterexecution and abbreviateddelivery timelines.Partnership with Salesforce,Veeva CRM & Microsoft givesus a competitive edge forsystem integrations onNetSuite for CRM & ERP.10 years of experience intechnology implementationsand upgrades, with our versatileteam of highly experiencedprofessionals, with deepNetSuite product knowledge.WhyIntelliswiftIn-house accelerators, industrypartnerships, and vibrantNetSuite communities tomaximize NetSuite’scapabilities for your business.Support and technical expertisecovering the full spectrum of yourNetSuite journey- from assessment toimplementation to expansion.Unlock the BusinessBenefits of NetSuitewith IntelliswiftIntelliswift enables you to customize NetSuite to suitbusiness demands at the speed of growth. Acceleratetimelines, cut planning and implementation costs,make your workflows airtight, and increase flexibilitywith Intelliswift’s NetSuite capabilities.Connect with us at [email protected] visit our website to manage your NetSuiteERP with more ease.

Intelliswift believes that the futurebelongs to those who love the new.To people who enjoy the journey ofbusiness transformation. Who run toembrace new technologies.Intelliswift itself is consumed with thelove for the new. Once a leadingstaffing company, it now alsopossesses the expertise to builddata-rich modern platforms, and tocreate sophisticated systems for datamanagement and analytics forthinking and connected enterpriseslike yours.Intelliswift also leverages its 20 yearsof staffing experience to recruit someof the finest talents to deliverbreakthrough solutions for Pharma,BFSI, and Retail industries – givingbusinesses the access to secure,scalable and flexible IT architectures,guaranteed to enrich customerexperience and amplify businessoutcomes. Our customer-centricitymakes us a trusted ally to over 10 Fortune 100 and 124 Fortune 500organizations.Come, fall in love with the the newFor more information, com

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