May 2021NEWS FROM THE CROSSROADSOverbrook Presbyterian ChurchOverbrook PresbyterianChurch is a welcomingand diverse Christiancommunity that seeksactively to love andserve God, each other,and the world.—Mission StatementRev. Dr. Adam HearlsonDesignated PastorRev. David K. McMillanPastor EmeritusDr. Christopher GageDirector of MusicAnthony CarrellaDirector of ChristianEducationLisa FasoOffice ManagerCarol RozmiarekFinancial SecretaryLeonard RobbinsFebruary 2021On the eve of Ascension Sunday, I am reminded of the disciples who stood staringat the sky as Jesus disappeared into the clouds. They continue staring at the sky.Christy calls this one of those Monty Python moments in scripture where somethingso absurd happens that no one really knows what to do. Eventually, an angel has toshoo the disciples off the mountain and back to Jerusalem.It is a strange story and I love it.I love it because it captures the difficult tension of our lives. On the one hand, theworld is in need and we have all been called to be the hands and feet of Christ tothis world. Simultaneously, it is hard to be those hands and feet without reflectivecontemplation of the Christ who has sent us into the world. Contemplation, in itsmost simple expression, is the active recognition and attention to the source of alllife and goodness. If we are going to go back into the world, we will need to first notice the divine umbilical cord that connects us all to God.Thomas Merton was a 20th century mystic who wrote a lot about contemplation. Hisbooks, What is Contemplation?, Tears of the Blind Lion, and Zen and the Birds ofAppetite are deep and trenchant discussions of what it means to be a contemplativepeople. In one book, New Seeds of Contemplation, he writes, “Contemplation is thehighest expression of man’s intellectual and spiritual life It is spiritual wonder. It isspontaneous awe at the sacredness of life, of being. It is a vivid realization of thefact that life and being in us proceed from an invisible, transcendent and infinitelyabundant source. Contemplation is, above all, awareness of the reality of thatsource”As the disciples stood looking up--their mouths wide open--they were doing something very important, they were caught in the “awareness of the source.” As theworld revs back into a higher gear and people feel the temptation to make up for losttime, may we also make time to meet this world with a renewed spiritual wonder.May we remember to look up, as the disciples once did, and marvel at the wonder ofit all.-AdamChurch CustodianInside This Issue:Worship . .2Reopening Task Force.2Christian Ed .4Mission & Outreach .5Stewardship . .5Community News .6Deacons . .7Weekly Opportunities . .back pagePrayer and Care Team . .back pageLooking Up and Marvel at the Wonder

Worship CommitteeNotes from Worship and Music —Even though Easter Sunday has passed, we are still in the season of Easter. How glorious it was to gather inperson outside the church for an Easter sunrise service! How wonderful it was to see each other behind masksbut without the intermediary of screens. Easter joy continues.Worship and Music is turning its attention to what our worship will be like when we once again gather in thesanctuary. Where will we sit? Will we be able to sing? Will our choir sing from the choir loft? What aboutour soloists? How will we pass the peace, the offering plate, the communion plate?Our zoom worship has been different from the worship we knew in the sanctuary. More people have participated in worship and there has been the ever popular chat room. Our task is to figure out how to include someof our zoom experiences in our sanctuary worship experience.If you have suggestions for the committee, please email those ideas to Eileen Wiggins, chair of the committee,at [email protected] WigginsReopening Task ForceThe time when we will worship and gather together in person is coming soon, and OPC will be prepared. Agroup of Session members, members of the congregation and staff - our Reopening Committee - has begunthinking and preparing how and when we can gather together for worship in the sanctuary and resume other in-person activities. The team met this past Sunday, April 25, and has considered ideas including outdoorworship services during the summer. They will present their plan to session in May. Stay tuned to ourWeekly Enews, Facebook page and email communication from the team.Page 2Overbrook Presbyterian Church

A Huge Shout-OutAnother beloved member celebrated a milestone birthday last month. Ken Carroll celebrated his 85th birthday with a drive by celebration in the OPC parking lot on Saturday, April 17. A hearty thank you to all thatparticipated and made Ken’s birthday celebration so special. It was a joyful time.OCaanCbtCm(cvMmPage 3Overbrook Presbyterian Church

Christian EducationEaster Blessings, OPC Families!Hosea 6:3 says “Let us acknowledge the LORD; let uspress on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises,He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains,like the spring rains that water the earth.”We sure did acknowledge the Lord and our beautifulearth with our New Creation Event on April 17! Nearly 20children and their parents gathered at church to playgames, plant seeds, make crafts, and enjoy being together.Each child took home a beautifully painted pot with basilseeds, a pinwheel for Pentecost, and a recipe for homemade post-Pentecost pesto!In every way we can, the Christian Education Committeeacknowledges all the grace and gifts of the Lord. Here’swhat we’ve been doing Sunday School continues working through the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5! In April we learned aboutrighteousness, justice, and mercy. Our next gatheringwill occur on Sundays May 9th and 16th. Ms. Judywill be teaching along with Anthony, and you canlook for a detailed announcement via email in thenext few days. Families can access Sunday Schoolresources by going to: Looking Ahead to Summer: we are working onscheduling mission work, Vacation Bible School, andsummer fellowship for the OPC family. A survey willbe sent out to families soon to gauge preferred datesand time of day for VBS. Be on the lookout! CE Link Tree: Families with children and youthshould bookmark our new Link Tree!Head to for a complete listingof CE links and resources for parents.Submit End of Year Honors andRecognition: Christian Education and the Deacons haveteamed up this year to recognizeany academic achievements madeby children, youth or family members. So if you know agraduate? Honoree? Award recipient? Let us know! Aswe get closer to June, we will celebrate the achievementsof children, youth, and family members! Submit up to five(5) honorees at the link below. We will recognize eachhonoree via the worship bulletin, a special mailing, andgifts for graduates., Becky, Sabrina, and the CE Committeesundayschool Youth Group gathers once or twice per month andare now transitioning to live meetings with a hybridconnection option! Our first live meeting occurred onApril 15th at OPC. We’ll gather twice in May andonce in June. Currently, the OPC Youth are workingwith the CE and the Vigil Committees to organize acarwash and fundraiser! Families can access YouthGroup schedules and resources by going to: Thursday 5/6/21 at 5:00 PM live at OPCCarwash 5/TBD/21 at 4:00 PM at OPC.June: Date TBD due to final exams and graduationschedules. Notice Anything New in Worship? Children andyouth are invited to pre-record themselves prayingthe Lord’s Prayer for Sunday worship. Soon, you willalso see children’s artwork featured at the start ofworship. Want to participate?Head to or contact Anthony at [email protected] 4Wednesday Morning Bible Study—10:30 a.m.: SpringBible Series titled “Where are we Going?: Discussionsabout Heaven, Hell, Salvation, and the End of all Things"For the next five weeks we will be discussing questionsabout “the end.” What happens after death? How doesGod’s salvation work? What’s up with Heaven and Hell?We will consider these questions and more. Follow thislink: Wednesday Morning Bible Study or to join byphone at 646-558-8656 and enter Meeting ID: 978 93422986Sunday School Class: The Church’s Response to the Immigration Crisis runs through September every Sunday at9:15 a.m. This class is co-led by Rev. Tom Lank and hisdaughter Alice Lank. Ages 12 to 112 are invited. Each classwill center around a 10-15 minute video followed by discussion and prayer. Class is held virtually on Zoom until inperson gatherings are able to be held. The link is below foranyone that is interested.Sunday School Link - 9:15 a.m.Overbrook Presbyterian Church

Mission & OutreachMission & Outreach was blessed to have six new participants join us for our committee meeting. We are excited to getsome fresh ideas and talents to support our future work.New refugees and asylum seekers are arriving in our countries. Tom Lank invited us to get involved with Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) and Elizabeth Cosgriff received training to participate in the JFON Law Clinics and provide support for people who do not have legal status in ourcountry. Join Tom Lank on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am to be a part of the conversation on immigration in the Americas.Food is still needed to feed those in need in Norristown. Sign up here to support the meal that is delivered on Thursdays, each week: reakfastWe have partnered with the Upper Darby Community Outreach Corporation. Each month we prepare and deliver ahearty meal to serve 250-300 guests. Nancy Gilhool organizes these meals each month. The next shelter meal is May25. If you would like to get involved in planning, shopping, or prepping these meals, please contact Nancy Gilhool orAimerie Scherluebbe.We meet on the third Sunday each month at 12:15pm. If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact Aimerie Scherluebbe at [email protected]. Our next meeting is May 23, 2021.-Aimerie ScherlubbeStewardshipMay 2 is Legacy Giving Sunday for Presbyterians. Did you know that there is a way to ensure that this communitycontinues for generations to come? There is a way to live forward and give forward, blessing those who come after usthrough the choices we make today. May 2 is Legacy Sunday and Stewardship is asking members to consider makinga legacy gift to the church. Below are a few points that the committee asks you to consider: Giving to the church through your will is the most common way to continue your support beyond your lifetime.When your estate is prepared, consider a gift to the church.Consider naming the church as a beneficiary in your will or living trust. The gift could be a set dollar amount, apercentage of your estate, the remainder after other gifts are made, or part of the estate gift left if designated heirsare deceased.A will represents a person’s final wishes and intentions. After providing for your loved ones, please consider onefinal testament of faith through a bequest in your Will or living trust that provides enduring support for our vitalwork. For many of us, this will be the most significant gift we will make – our gift of a lifetime.Just think – a gift that costs you nothing now can: give youth a safe place to gather make our church more accessible enrich worshipIn our good works, nothing is our own.— John CalvinThe possibilities are endless – and exciting! Thank you for everything you’re doing to make this church — this community — a better place for all of us. And thank you for considering making a gift that will make our little piece of theworld better — and more beautiful — for the next generation. If you have any questions, or want to know more aboutmaking a bequest or other legacy gift, don’t hesitate to contact Keedra Carroll or Will Schick, co-chairs of the Stewardship committee.Page 5Overbrook Presbyterian Church

Community NewsAllyson Zacharoff, Rabbinic Internof Har Zion Temple, Penn Valley isinviting everyone to join their upcoming Multifaith Panel on Fasting onWednesday, May 5 from 8-9p.m. They have a number of local representatives presenting about their traditions' perspectives on fasting, duringthis Muslim holy month of Ramadan.They have representatives from the local Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, andChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints communities. Register now toreceive the Zoom link at Farmers Market will Return!Every Saturday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in thechurch parking lot.Exact Date is still yet to be determined!About the Market: Established in 2008, thismarket is located at the Overbrook PresbyterianChurch, and has a loyal following of residents inthe neighborhood who make this market a regular part of their Saturday mornings.Look for: Walnut Springs Farm - (Early berries and asparagus, in season sweet corn, peaches and more) Homestead Gardens - (Seasonal fresh vegetables)In OPC’s Parking LotPage 6Overbrook Presbyterian ChurchOCaanCbtCm(cvMm

DeaconsHappy May Birthdays5/15/35/45/55/75/85/95/105/115/125/13Adam ShahSpencer ShahGail KaercherPat OgundeleAndrea McGheeKristan DavisEdith LankLucas ZiembaTheo GoeddeDick WilliamsonLiam CliffordAuriane GeraldoBob Harden, Sr.Bob KothariCaroline SkinnerChristoph VonAndreaDan Biedermann5/175/185/195/205/26Nora WhalenJoanna ScherluebbeKendi LongNancy GilhoolBecky LazoLaToya RichieJohn BakerAlice WilsonIsaac GosfieldIsidora GosfieldLena Goedde5/27Bob Harden, Jr.5/285/305/31Yvenelly GraciaKeedra CarrollZion Carter5/215/245/25Prayer List If you or a family member’s birthday are not listed andyou wish to be included on the monthly birthday listplease email Lisa at [email protected] Ann Elise Lindgren is recovering from surgery.Pamela Taylor, Artia Benjamin’s sister, who hasCOVID-19.Theresa McNeil Carter is hospitalized formedical issues.Prayers for Becky Lazo’s mother who is havingmedical issues.Ellen Burr for continued medical issuesArtia Benjamin’s uncle, Abdul Mokum Sr, whohas been put on dialysis and is in the hospital.Jeanne Cuvilly is facing family challenges.Ken Carroll is grateful for all prayersMarita Patino Treat Rosen- prayers for chronicpain reliefMargaret Young’s son Keith remains undermedical treatmentMary Pat, friend of Ginny Leagans, is beingtreated for colon cancer and just startedchemotherapy.Caroline Skinner is facing health challengesJudy Swartz prayers for continued healing.Eric Long’s father Bill Long’s cancer returned.Wendy Fraser, sister of Jeremy Blatchley, iscontinuing treatment for cancer.Ed Harvey is still facing some multiple healthchallenges. He is grateful for all the prayers.Please contact Terri Hunter ([email protected])or the Church Office to add names to the prayer list.Women’s Support and Prayer Groupand who among us doesn't need prayer and friendly peer support during these exciting times? An opportunity for shared conversation,spiritual support, good humor, and group prayer is offered every Tuesday at 7:30 AM. You are warmly invited to startyour Tuesday mornings with a group of women for whom "Amen" is not an ending, but a hopeful beginning.Please consider us to be your prayer partners. As we do each Sunday, all who gather on Tuesday will pray with and foryou. We encourage you to send us your requests .and each will be faithfully lifted in prayer. Please contact Sharon Parker ([email protected]) for the zoom connection to the Tuesday morning prayer group, or to share a prayer request.Join UseveryTuesday at7:30 amPage 7Overbrook Presbyterian Church

Weekly Opportunities Tuesday Women’s Prayer & Support Group, 7:30 a.m. Wednesday Morning Bible Study– 10:30 am Thursday Vigil for Racial Justice, 3:00 pm-Dusk Saturday Morning Men’s’ Group, 9:00 amFor more information or links to these opportunities please visit our communityFacebook page or Realm.Prayer and Care TeamPrayer and Care Team InvitationsThe Prayer and Care Team invites you to allow serve YOU! If you are in need of food assistance during these challenging times, either due to medicalprecautions or financial need, please let us know and we will deliver Prayer and Care groceries to youhome. Each bag contains meal support for 3-4 days, and includes fresh produce, meat and dairy products, aswell as canned and packaged foods. For those who prefer to make their own food selections, grocery cardscan be provided. Since March 2020, over 380 grocery deliveries have been made, and numerous grocerycards have been welcome YOU! If you are looking for an area of personal ministry during this time of separation, pleaseknow that the Prayer and Care Team welcomes you to serve with us. Following the guidelines of the CDCand the City of Philadelphia, we provide independent opportunities to maintain phone contact with recipients, shop, deliver groceries to doorsteps, and offer ongoing prayer for those in need.If you would like to receive a delivery, make a delivery possible for others, or volunteer to be part of the Prayerand Care Team, please contact Sharon Parker ([email protected].)OBlessings to all,The Prayer and Care TeamTo keep up to date with the latest news and information on OPC—visit our Facebook, Website and Realm

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