Why Local SEO is aSenior SEO Analyst & Web Strategist Zach Stone

What is local SEOand why youshould care?

lo·cal search en·gine op·ti·mi·za·tionnoun1. A highly effective form ofonline marketing thatallows local businesses topromote their services tolocal customers at the timethey’re looking for aspecific type of business.2. The process of affecting thevisibility of your businesswithin local organic searchresults by optimizing yourwebsite, local profiles andcitations.

lo·cal search en·gine op·ti·mi·za·tionnoun3. Job for someone withexceptionalorganizational skills, eyefor detail and a lot oftime on their hands.See also: headache,monotonous, frustrating,important

Over a third of all searches in2014 will be local. When youinclude non geo-targetedkeywords that triggerlocal results, thenumber nears 50%!Source: Business to Community

Source: Search Engine Journal

Source: Search Engine Journal

50% of local searches do not occuron search engines, but ondirectories and appsSource: Local Vox

Road Map to Successful Local SEO

Source: Moz

Source: Moz

Source: Moz

Standing out from the CrowdSource: Moz

Using virtual office addressesUsing a toll-free 800 numberPartially filling out G ProfilesUsing the wrong keywordsStuffing location unnaturallyinto content Forgetting to be social Ignoring your online reputation

Four primary sources of local citation data for allthe major search engines:Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual.

Source: Moz

Consistency is Key!

1. Include links to your Facebook and Twitterwithin the description of your Google MyBusiness

2. Include as manyrelevant categoriesas possible

3. Utilize an office landing page ry-attorneys.cfm

4. Track every listing URL, username andpassword

5. Go to Google My Business monthly andresubmit your listing

6. Set up Google My Business forclient-facinglawyers

Approximately 88% of consumerssurveyed said that they trust onlinereviews as much as personalrecommendations, while 52% said thatpositive online reviews make themmore likely to use a local business.

Restaurants with 3.5stars on Yelp are63% more likely tobe full than thosewith just 3 stars!

Review redirect Set up drip campaigns Personal emails

specific type of business. 2. The process of affecting the visibility of your business . Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual. Source: Moz . . Go to Google My Business monthly and resubmit your listing . 6. Set up Google