University of Illinois SpringfieldStudent Government Association Resolution 013Resolution in Support of the Academic Technology Committee’s Pilotof Canvas LMSResolution Sponsor: President Mehmet WHEREAS, the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) Student Government Association (SGA)is vested with the authority to be the voice for the student body; and, WHEREAS, there have been faculty noting issues with the campus learning management system(LMS) Blackboard; and,WHEREAS, students have also been vocal regarding issues and concerns with Blackboard; and,WHEREAS, these issues include not being able to integrate with real time conferencing software,poor mobile platform, service uptime, poor user interface, and poor data mining integration foraccreditation initiatives; and,WHEREAS, over 200 Universities have moved from Blackboard to a new LMS, Canvas in thepast 3 years; and,WHEREAS, the Academic Technology Committee has proposed a pilot program to test Canvas.See attached Exhibit 1.THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that SGA stand in support of this pilot program and offerour assistance in ensuring the program's success.Secretary E. HartneyPresident A. Mehmet


MEMOTO:Ranjan Karri, Chair, Campus SenateCC:Lynn Fischer, President, UIS United FacultyFROM: Brytton Bjorngaard, Chair, Academic Technology CommitteeRE:Pilot of Canvas LMSDATE: October 31, 2016Last year the Academic Technology Committee (ATC) conducted surveys of the UIS faculty by college,asking them about their needs with technology on campus in relation to their teaching, service, andscholarship. There was an echo in faculty noting issues with the campus Learning Management System(LMS) of Blackboard (BB) from the faculty perspective, as well as a reporting of student complaints,summarized below in Table 1.TABLE 1: Summary of comments from ATC Survery to PAA, CLAS, EHS, and CBM Faculty RE: BB LMSNeed better Learning Management System that can integrate real time video conferencing. The chat function in Blackboard is awful.I hear student complaints about the Blackboard LMS but sometimes not sure if it is necessarily an interface issue but more of a courseintegration issue. I think accessing Blackboard can be limited especially with using tablets and smartphones.sometimes blackboard is unavailablenearly every semester a different BB anomaly emerges.I think SIU Carbondale uses a system that can personalize tests by dynamically changing the parameters of a problem and adjusting theanswers accordingly so that each student takes a different test but the grading can be automated. I don't know the name of that systembut I'd like to have something like that.Blackboard does a lot of things, but its user interface and usability are not up to the standards of the day.Accreditation initiatives are incredibly important and are quite cumbersome without technology. It would be helpful to addtechnological capacity (Blackboard Analytics, LiveText, and other data mining technologies) to seamlessly gather data on an ongoingbasis so that we are always prepared for self-studies, key reports, site visits, and such.I hear complaints about Blackboard documents not opening.COLRS and ITS proposed to ATC a pilot of the Canvas LMS ( for use on campus.They believe it may address the limitations of the BB LMS including the lack of analytics and outcomescollection, high cost, and failure to keep current with technology trends in digital learning. The learninganalytics and outcomes alignment tools in Canvas offer many opportunities for research on our coursesand teaching practices.From the cost perspective, the 24/7 tech support would relieve the load on the Tech Support Center andprovide longer hours at no additional cost to the campus. Since Canvas is cloud-based, the on-campusweb and databases servers that support blackboard would not be needed, which would save on electricity,maintenance and replacement/upgrade costs.

From a learning perspective, interface and integrated nature of the tools in Canvas should be more naturalfor students to learn and more adaptable to different learning styles. For faculty, fewer clicks are neededto develop a course and assess student work and participation.The cost of a Canvas Pilot for UIS can be seen in Table 2 below.TABLE 2: Canvas Pilot CostsPremium Pilot: 20,000.00Standard Pilot: 10,000.00 400 Users 4 months of Subscription 24x7 Support Guided Implementation Standard Online Training Package 1 day of customized onsite training with our Trainer 1 day onsite with Implementation Consultant andClient Services Manager Bulk Migration of up to 1000 courses, 5 courses with"white glove" treatment Project Management assistance for the rest of the pilot Tier 1 Support for all end users in Canvas Data Analytics: 7,500.00Data Analytics: 7,500.00Total: 27,500.00Total: 17,500.00 400 Users 4 months of Subscription 24x7 Support Guided Implementation Standard Online Training Package*We can negotiate pricing, length, and number of users. For example, it would be nominal to extend the pilot to 6 months; thatwould give us 2 semesters if we started in June (summer and fall). If it goes way over 400 students, there may be additional fees.*If we decide to move forward with Canvas after the pilot, then the money we paid for the pilot goes towards fullimplementation.To measure faculty interest in testing a pilot of Canvas, ITS surveyed faculty looking for those interestedin partaking in the pilot. The 17 interested faculty, the courses in which they would adopt Canvas, andreasons for interest are summarized in Table 3.TABLE 3: Faculty Initially Interested in Canvas PilotQ1: NameQ2:DepartmentQ3: Courses you propose toteach on the Canvas LMS in Fall2016. Please include theDepartment, Course Number,Anticipated Enrollment, andFormat (On Campus, Online orBlended Format).MPH 506 Research Methodsand/orKathy DeBarrMPHMPH 561 Community Health EdCSC 421Bill CoxComputerScienceCSC 422Q4: Please provide a brief personal statement about yourinterest in testing the Canvas LMS.I was an earlier adopter of tech with an online presence. I amalways looking for something that will more fully engage ourstudents. I teach primarily online. and I want to make the bestuse of my time and entice my students to become fully engagedwith course materials, critical thinking, and knowledgeproduction.Cisco NetAcademy uses Canvas. I adapted to it with someanxiety because I didn't take the time to learn it. Now, I am verycomfortable with it. It is much easier for the instructor and thestudent. The platform is more stable. Setting up new courses waspainless. Copying content and student enrollment was EASY.

Scheduling tests is a little difficult or maybe I'm still in mylearning curve. I would switch to Canvas in a heartbeat. Ofcourse, you knew I just converted 4 Canvas courses to run inBlackBoard!!LaurelNewmanCBMMGT310 - online, 25Interested in analytics potentialEDLEDL 541 Educational ResearchMethodsI am very interested in trying Canvas both to try another LMS andto be able to play with analytics tools.MISBUS 322 A (on campus,enrollment of 45) and BUS 322 C(online, enrollment of 25)I have used Canvas at the University of Utah before coming toUIS. I found the system easy to use for faculty and very effectivewith students. After using Blackboard for a couple of years, I aminterested to learn how Canvas has evolved and how it comparesto Blackboard.MATHmat 336: INTRO/DIFFERNTIALEQUA/APPLICAenrollment :15-20 Format:OnlineWant to have a hand-0 experiment with using Canvas to comparewith BalckboardChemistryCHE 141, 100, on campusI am particularly interested in the data analytics piece of Canvas.I have heard a number of good things about it and want to try itout.English andModernLanguagesENG 501: Digital HumanitiesResearch, on-campus, Fall 2016Enr: 5-8ENG 302: Introduction toLinguistics, on-campus, Fall2016, Enr. 10-15ENG 301: Introduction to theDiscipline (core course), online,Spring 2017: enr. 15ENG 552: Sociolinguistics inEnglish Studies, on-campus,Spring 20157: enr: 8-10I like the idea of students being able to access a CMS / LMS viatheir smartphones and tablets. Right now, it is very difficult todo this easily on Blackboard--a barrier for me as well as for thestudents. Frankly, students just don't used Bb unless they really,really have to. They don't like it much. I'd also like to havestudents do more multimedia work in discussion andpresentations via our CMS/LMS. I can do this with Bb but it isstill very cumbersome. It would be great to have a more elegant,integrated system for online and on-campus courses. I'd also liketo have better analytics on student participation, assignments, anduse of course resources.Karen SwanFrancoisGiraudCarrierTUNGNGUYENHarshavardhan BapatDonna BussellMPH 521 Environmental andOccupational Health Online (15students)MPH 521 Environmental andOccupational Health On Campus(15 students)Kristin OsieckiPublic HealthMPH 506 Community HealthResearch On Campus (15 students)I am highly motivated to integrate best technological practicesinto all my courses both online and on campus. I have taught in avariety of technological management programs includingBlackboard, Desire2Learn and OwlSpace and have effectivelyadapted to the strengths and weaknesses associated with each. Atthis time, I am in the process of redesigning both the online andon campus MPH 521 courses and the MPH 506 on campuscourse which makes it a perfect opportunity to develop mymaterials within Canvas LMS. Canvas LMS has a variety offeatures that I find exciting and I am very eager to learn moreabout the program. First, there are the administrative capabilitieswhich would allow me to access daily generated data andanalytics to better understand the effectiveness of my coursematerials. In addition, there is an outcome tool that can be tied toa specific goal to ensure measurable results. This sounds ideal asI integrate key concepts from the Quality Matters Rubric into mycourses. Second, Canvas LM embraces student engagement withthe ability to create and share audio and video withinassignments, discussions and collaborative work spaces. Lastly,the Lossless Learning Initiative is something I currently strive forin my courses but it is a challenge especially with formative andindividual assessments. Blackboard quizzes and PollEverywhere surveys provide some insight, however; it appearsthat the Canvas LM features such as Canvas Poll, Magicmarkerand Quiz Stats have a more intuitive approach to assessment. AsI investigate the possibilities with Canvas LMS, I think the mostexciting

component is the idea of student-centered learning. With the helpof COLRS, I believe I can transform my teaching methods andcontinually improve my courses for optimal student learning bothonline and in the classroom.Betsy GouletPublicAdministrationPAD 481 Perspectives on ChildMaltreatment (blended)20 anticipated enrollmentI am very enthusiastic to explore a new platform for onlineteaching. There are numerous issues with Blackboard that havestill not been updated through the years so it will be exciting tohave a more user-friendly format.CSC570 Data Science EssentialsComputer Science courses are large and use many differentfeatures in Content management systems. I believe these graduatecourses would offer valuable feedback from predominatelytechnical and predominately international students.ART/COM 236 A, 22 students, oncampusWith large files used in graphic design creation, we use Box in theclass for file transferring, but there is no integration with theblackboard course and it is hard to students to remember to loginto the two different systems each week to view progress/seefiles/etc. Canvas having box integration and students being able tosave work from the courses with ePortfolio are ideal for a smoothrunning design course.EnglishEither English 101 (60 students inthree sections) or English 152(about 20 students). Both oncampus.I would like the opportunity to try a different LMS with increasedmetrics while also remaining compliant with FERPArequirementsfor access to grades and enrollment information. I am alsoparticularly interested in the online grading functions and thecalendar. I have found the calendar in Blackboardtime-consuming to set up and ultimately do not use it. I am alsovery excited about the Canvabadges as I have wanted to "gamify"my courses.Political ScienceGender, Politics, and PublicPolicy - 14575 - PSC 444 - A(20) On CampusIntroduction to Public Policy 14573 - PSC 311 - A (20) OnCampusIntroduction to the AmericanPolitical System - 13218 - PSC201 - B (30) On CampusI used Canvas at the institutions where I previously taught. Ipreferred the platform over Blackboard for its ease of use andintegration features and would like to refamiliarize myself withCanvas in anticipation of the switch over. I also have a wealth ofcourse assessments and question banks in Canvas format that Iwould like to be able to use again for the introductory AmericanPolitics course.Ty DooleyPublicAdministrationPAD 485 Administrative Law 20studentsPAD 575 Community EconomicDevelopment 20 students.Both courses are online only.I would like to test Canvas due to my research interest in LearningManagement Systems. Additionally, I would like to be a part ofthis pilot program and test drive a system that provides morefunctionality to students.Yifeng ZhangmisMIS 564 B, anticipated enrollment20 students, on campusjust want to test the systemManagementMGT 488 StrategicManagement: The CapstoneCRN 11790Class size: 25I have been actively/previously engaged in understandingBlackBoard Analytics and I understand Canvas has some toolsthat may be useful in this area. Also, I would like to supportCOLRS & ITS in their assessment of tools that may benefit theUIS course management tool user community.CSC570 SAN EssentialsLucindaCaugheyBryttonBjorngaardElizabeth L.JonesMagic WadeCaroleeRigsbeeComputerScienceArt, Music, andTheatreIn addition, faculty expressed interest in the following tools that would be available within the CanvasLMS, shown in Table 4.TABLE 4: Faculty Interested in Canvas FeaturesCanvas Tool# Faculty expressing interest

Announcements13Assessments and Quizzes14Question Banks11Assignments16Browser capabilities9Calendar11Content Import from Publishers9Copying Content across courses13Document Previews7ePortfolio - students able to save work from their courses9Notifications on personal device for Course Calendar10Text-based chat6Groups11Migration Tools to move content from Blackboard13Canvas Commons - OER modules5Peer Review11RSS Feeds for announcements7Selective Release (adaptive release)6Single Click Grading Tool10Single Sign On with other UIS tools9Social Media Integration8Student View for faculty use10Rubrics13File upload12Content pages (items or pages in Blackboard)13Discussion11TurnItIn integration10Kaltura integration12Examity Integration6External URL9Date management (roll course dates over between semesters)6Google Drive Collaboration integration5Attendance Tracking (Rollcall)12Mobile app access for faculty to grade and participate10

Mobile app for student participation9Student access analytics (total activity in course)11Skype for Business Integration5Link validation for any links in the course content7Box integration11SlideShare integration9Canvabadges for issuing badges to students inside Canvas4Big Blue Button Web Conference Tool3Based on conversations with other universities, Canvas administrators, and online research ATC, ITS, andCOLRS know there are over 200 Universities that have moved from Blackboard to Canvas in the lastthree years. As seen in Chart 1 below, you can see the growing market for Canvas within North Americanschools.CHART 1: Canvas ImplementationIn addressing the issue of the need for analytics, currently more than 30 client institutions, includingUniversity of Central Florida and Utah State University, have had early access to Canvas Data. They areleveraging the data to develop strategies that improve programs and offerings. For example, Unizin, a

consortium of progress-minded higher education institutions, has been developing custom services for itsmembers by leveraging Canvas Data's premium features, including real-time data stream capability basedon the IMS Caliper RAM standard.During the proposed pilot, a group of faculty and students, as well as COLRS and ITS staff, will gainfirst-hand experience with the tool. We propose to survey both the students and faculty about theirexperiences to determine the success of the pilot. For faculty, the survey will focus on the ease oftransition for Blackboard users, any feature improvements in Canvas, tools missing in Canvas but presentin Blackboard, assessment of analytics and goals tools, and usability of the Canvas mobile app forteaching activities. The student survey will focus on ease of use, interface comparison with Blackboard,assessment of the Canvas 24/7 Help Desk for student support, and usability of the mobile app for learningactivities.The following transition plan is proposed: Pilot semester with surveys Present findings of faculty and student survey evaluations, side-by-side videos of faculty andstudents performing the same tasks in Blackboard and Canvas to let folks who were not among the pilotusers to see and assess the interface Blackboard would then remain the primary LMS that most courses are taught from for twosemesters, Users who have developed courses in Canvas will be able to teach in Canvas After the transition time, Blackboard would go dark and Canvas would be the UIS LMS for allcourses and Blackboard would only be available on campus to copy materials to Canvas and maintainrecords for incomplete gradesSUMMARYATC, ITS, and COLRS are ready to pilot a test of the Canvas LMS system for the UIS system with thegoal of full implementation for the campus. While the research shows it is a good choice for ourUniversity, before the time and money is spent on a pilot, we would like the faculty to have a larger voicein the discussion and the decision.

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