1Elementary Spanish I-SPAN 101 01CRN: 4200Truman State University Summer 2015Instructor: Sergio Escobar. Office: MC 322Phone: (660) 785 4498E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MWF 12:30-1:30pm; 8-9pm at: You are welcome to use any of those hours / times or make an appointment.For email questions, you can expect a response within 24 hours M-F.For questions or chat, you can joy me during my office hours at Adobe Connect.During the weekend, I will be available on Saturday only for Virtual Meetings on Adobe Connect.Homework website: website:’s webpage: Class live OrientationThere will be one hour mandatory introductory orientation section on Adobe Connect. It will be offered twice(Tuesday 26 at 12:30 pm and at 8 pm). You attend whichever is more convenient for your schedule going yo/This orientation will be archived (recorded) for those unable to participate. Also, note that you must get startedon your work in this course right away on May 26 as there are only five weeks in the summer session. Itmoves at an accelerated pace.This orientation is worth 2% of your grade.***MATERIALS REQUIRED for this class1. Vistas 4th edition - Author: Blanco, José A.Option 1) Supersite Plus Code (Supersite & WebSAM & vText) (ISBN 978-1-60576-974-5)Option 2) Purchase the Complete Bundle if you are planning to continue taking Spanish courses atTruman after finish 101 (102, 201):Supersite Plus Code (Supersite & WebSAM & vText) and Student textbook (hardcover) (ISBN 978-161767-059-6)Buy course material here: ish-programs/vistas-4thedition.htmlWhenever purchasing materials for your classes, whether online or in the bookstore, always be aware of thereturn policies.Finally, you will need to have a computer with high-speed Internet access, speakers or headphones, and amic (some computers have built-in microphones) to access: The Vista Supersite (where you will do your assignments and quizzes) andAdobe Connect (where we'll meet as a class in a virtual classroom once a week)***You may purchase the volume that contains only the chapters that you need for 101 (Lessons 1-6) and acode for six months of Supersite access OR you may purchase the complete package that provides all 18chapters for 101 through 201 including the online access to the Supersite vText for those courses.PREREQUISITES None

2COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course focuses on pronunciation, basic grammar, and vocabulary. The course also emphasizesacquisition of Spanish through aural comprehension and reading from the text, speaking with a partner and insmall groups, and writing brief compositions and other exercises.CONTENTThis course will cover chapters 1-6 of the text.Objectives: The primary goals of Spanish 101 are: 1) to achieve a command of basic grammatical structures,including the present tense. 2) to establish a minimal working vocabulary. 3) to develop basic pronunciationskills. 4) to develop basic listening, reading and conversational skills. 5) to begin the study of Hispanic culture.Competency outcomes: Students are expected to demonstrate a functional knowledge of the grammaticalstructures covered, to acquire accurate pronunciation skills, to demonstrate an active knowledge of thevocabulary presented in the text, and to enhance their awareness of Hispanic culture.Competency assessment: There will be a chapter test and quizzes over most chapters, and acomprehensive midterm and final examination. Throughout the course, students will also be evaluated throughwritten and oral participation and homework.100-90 A89-80 B 79-70 C69-60 Dbelow 60 FGrade Evaluation:Virtual Class Live Orientation (participation) over Supersite, Blackboard, Adobe Connect, andSyllabus. Take one of the two sections offered on May 26 (12:-1:30 pm) or (8pm-9pm)Chapter Quizzes (miniprueba) (4) (on Supersite-Assessment)Chapter oral quizzes (Prueba oral) (4) (on Supersite-Assessment)2%5%5%Chapter Exams (Lección-Prueba) (4)28%Chapter Writing compositions- Síntesis (4) (on Supersite-WebSam)5%Chapter Assignments-Practice (Lecciónes 1 a 6)Chapter Assignments-WebSam (Workbook/Lab Activities)5%7%Virtual Classroom-oral discussion/writing participation (on Adobe Connecct)Midterm Exam.mandatory & comprehensive (Proctor Institution)Final Exam.mandatory & comprehensive (Proctor Institution)8%15%20%Students are responsible for keeping up with their grades. You will see ALL your grades on Blackboard(Grade Center). Keep a record of how many points you have earned for each assignment and how manytotal points are possible per assignment. You can then keep a running tally of your points earned. Also, I willtry to post and update your grades on Blackboard by the end of each week.

3TESTINGExcept the Midterm and the Final Exam, chapter quizzes and exams will be taken using Vistas online. Youwill take the Midterm and the Final Exam at a Proctor Institution of your choice at Truman is part of a consortium of schools, with locations throughout Missouri and across theUnited States. Students can take exams at these sites by paying the site a fee. The student must register forthe exam in advance at most sites and costs range from free to over 50 per test. The student incurs thiscost.The chapter quizzes are open book/open notes, but are timed and graded for accuracy. The Supersite doesnot have a running time clock like Blackboard. You must keep your own time when taking the Contextosminipruebas, Prueba Oral, Escritura-Síntesis quiz, and Lección-Prueba exams. This means that youhave the resources at your disposal to help you. However, due to time constraints, if you do not studythoroughly, and here you stop to look up all of the answers, you will not be able to submit the quizzes on timeif you have. This will ensure that you study along the way and not just before the midterm and finalexam. Your success acquiring a foreign language depends upon committing to memory vocabulary wordsand grammar structures. Also, you are only allowed ONE ATTEMPT at any quiz. If you experience technicaldifficulties while taking a quiz, email your instructor. Quizzes that are not submitted within the timeallowed will be assigned a zero.PART I: THE CONTEXTOS MINIPRUEBA (20 minutes) (an objective quiz over vocabulary)There will be a total of four chapter quiz online through the Supersite at You’ll see this quiz or“Contextos Miniprueba” in the Assessments tab of the Supersite. Complete the tutorials and contextos assignmentsand study the vocabulary before taking the contextos quiz.If you submit your answers past that time limit, your instructor will not grade them. Use the floating accent toolbar forfill-in-the-blank sections when necessary. The computer grades this portion of the quiz. This means that you mustenter the answers 100% accurately. If you are unsure of spelling or accent marks, look them up beforesubmitting. Be sure to read the instructions carefully for each section of the quiz. You only have one attempt foreach quiz.PART II: THE LESSON QUIZ / PRUEBA (45 minutes) (an objective quiz over grammar and vocabulary)There will be a total of four chapter quiz online through the Supersite at You’ll see this quiz or“Lección Prueba” in the Assessments tab of the Supersite. You should complete ALL contextos and estructurasections (tutorials and assignments) and study the content before taking the lesson Lección/Prueba.If you submit your answers past that time limit, they will not be graded. Use the floating accent toolbar for fill-in-theblank sections when necessary. An answer will not be considered “correct” by the computer unless it is correctlyentered (correctly spelled w/ any accent marks). Review your answers carefully before submitting them. Thecomputer grades this quiz. This means that you must enter the answers 100% accurately. If you are unsure ofspelling or accent marks, look them up before submitting. Be sure to study the grammar review notes for eachlesson on Blackboard. Be sure to read the instructions carefully for each section of the quiz. You only have oneattempt for this quiz.PART III. “Prueba oral” (Supersite) (10 minutes)The will be five individual recordings on Supersite. You find these the “Prueba Oral” in the Assessments tabof the Supersite. This will be graded for proficiency. I will grade each student’s submission and give youpersonalized recorded audio feedback so that you will have a chance to practice your pronunciation and makeimprovements. It is very important to review this feedback.

4PART IV: THE WRITING QUIZ-ESCRITURA-SíNTESIS (25 minutes) (a brief subjective quiz in which you writeanswers to questions, write a paragraph composition length, or both)There will be a total of four chapter quiz online through the Supersite-WebSam at This willconsist of a few questions in Spanish to which you’ll need to give complete sentence answers and/or a shortcomposition (usually a paragraph). You will only be given one attempt. This attempt will be timed and you mustsubmit the answers within the allowed time for them to be received.If you submit your answers past that time limit, they will not be received.This portion of the quiz is graded by your instructor who will enter feedback. You may open the quiz back up toreview feedback after it’s graded. A careful review of feedback will go a long way to helping you improve your writingand communication skills.PARTICIPATION IN WRITING/ORAL DISCUSSIONS DURING VIRTUAL MEETINGS ON ADOBECONNECTWe will have five virtual meetings twice a week, Fridays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 1pm. You attendwhichever is more convenient for your schedule going td/There will be one discussion topic per lesson (listed on page 10 of this syllabus). No make-ups are allowed.Each will be worth five points. They will be made available to you in learning modules as you develop thelinguistic skills to reply to each. For each topic during Virtual Meetings, in order to receive full credit, youmust: Post one message in Spanish (four complete sentences). You must also select one message from each discussion to reply to in order to receive full credit. Yourreply should be two complete sentences in length in Spanish. You do not need to worry about accentmarks in the discussion messages; I will grade on the content of your message (feel free to expressyour own opinion, but be sure the language is comprehensible). Finally, you should talk in Spanish with your professor or classmates during the discussion, usingcomplete sentences based on the grammar and vocabulary of the lesson indicated.MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAMThe midterm and final exam are comprehensive (the final will be over all Six chapters; the mid-term will beover the material covered in the first three chapters). Your assignment completion will prepare you forthem. They are both mandatory. They are not chapter quizzes and if you miss them, you will receive a zerofor them. You will take each on a *Proctor institution of your choice by the deadline posted on yourSyllabus (In it, you will see 3 days to schedule your tests at your convenience*(See the list of Proctor Institution available for these test).You will have 3 days window to take each. Nomake-ups are allowed. You are allowed one attempt for each and you must complete the attempt in the samesitting in which you begin it. You may also take these exams on campus with me.Who can you select a proctor institution for you Midterm and Final Exam?First, go to the website *; select a proctor conveniently located near toyou; contact it in order to find out the cost it charges you for taking the test. Once you have paid for taking thetest, email to your Professor the name of the institution and the code it provides you to take the test.Instructions on getting set-up to do assignments in the Supersite and on using the Supersite are inthe first week’s learning module (“Virtual Training Orientation, May 26, 12-1:30, 8-9pm”) in AdobeConnect:

5If you experience technical difficulties while on the Supersite, contact tech support at 1-800-248-2813or student must complete online assignments by the deadlines. All of these assignments are to be doneonline at through the Practice and WebSam tabs. This website requires certaincomputer settings, browser settings/versions, etc. Late work is allowed (25% penalty, plus 25 per day).Students will have attempts to complete each activity. Note: Activities made up of questions with only twopossible answers (e.g. True/False) allow a maximum of one attempt, to prevent students from scoring 100%by simply guessing. Instructor-graded activities (items requiring an open-ended response) also allow amaximum of one attempt.If you do miss a chapter by its deadline, it is best to do those assignments before testing or moving on to thenext chapter because each chapter builds on the previous. It is important that you not fall behind.Assignments are automatically given a time stamp online and the time you complete the assignments willshow on my screen.Personal computer failure or Internet trouble is not considered a valid excuse for not completingassignments on time. You should not wait until the last possible opportunity to begin work on yourassignments. Remember that high-speed access is recommended for the websites we use.After you have created an account you will log in at with your username and passwordYou will see each chapter/lección listed at the left. When you click on each lección/chapter, you will seethe various sections (like “

Vistas 4th edition - Author: Blanco, José A. Option 1) . You must also select one message from each discussion to reply to in order to receive full credit. Your reply should be two complete sentences in length in Spanish. You do not need to worry about accent marks in the discussion messages; I will grade on the content of your message (feel free to express your own opinion, but be sure the .