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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONOFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR CIV IL RIGHTSJJN 3 0 i983The Honorable Bob GrahamGovernor of FloridaTallahassee, Florida 32201Dear Governor Graham:This letter confirms information that was given to Commissioner Ralph D.Turlington, Mr. Francis Millett, Ms. Delores Auzenne and other Floridaofficials at a meeting with Mr. William Thomas, Regional Director forthe Office for Civil Rights (OCR), and other OCR staff on June 21, 1983concerning Florida's proposed amendments to its 1978 higher educationdesegregation plan (Plan). It also requests further information andactions that are necessary to make the proposed addendum acceptable.As explained in the meeting, the proposed amendments, which consist ofthe May 5, 1983 submission from the Division of Community Colleges (DCC)and the June 3, 1983 submission from the State University System (SUS)(hereinafter referred to as the Addendum), contain some new measuresthat should result in progress toward the goals and commitments of the1978 Plan. However, as discussed below, additional information andmeasures-are needed.Programs Dependent upon FundingSeveral new or expanded academic programs and recruitment measures aredependent upon the Legislature's approval of funds. These include theMagazine Production and Graphic Arts programs scheduled for implementationat Florida A & M University (FAMU) in 1983; the Film/ElectronicsMedia program scheduled for implementation at FAMU in 1985; the PACEprogram at FAMU; the Florida Institute of Education Pre-CollegiateProgram; the Special Summer Program for Black Graduate and ProfessionalStudents; and the Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program. The threenew academic programs for FAMU were included in the 1978 Plan andimplementation dates for them have been postponed repeatedly. Theamendme ts should contain assurances that the actions set forth willbe taken so that the goals and commitments of the 1978 Plan will beachieved by fa 11 1985.-Enhancement and Desegregation of Florida A&M UniversityThe Addendum describes actions that may be taken to further enhance anddesegregate FAMU. As indicated below these descriptions are incompletein important respects; moreover, we believe that additional actions are ·needed to enhance FAMU to enable it to attract students on a non-racialba·S i-s .:.COL MAP.YLAND AVE . S.W. WASHJNGTON. D .C. 20202

Page 2 - The Honorable Bob Grahama.New Academic ProgramsAt the June 21 meeting Florida officials stated that legislative fundingfor Respiratory Therapy and Health Management has already been allocatedand that fundinef for Landscape Design will be acquired through internalreallocation. As discussed above, funding for Magazine Production,Graphic Arts, nd Film/Electronics Media are dependent upon legislativeaction. FlQrida officials stated that they expect all of the newacademic programs scheduled for implementation in fall 1983 to beginenrollirg students this fall. However, no enrollment projectionshave been provided for Landscape Design and Film/Electronics Media.The projections and an explanation of their derivation should beincluded in the Plan amendments.Based on the Addendum and statements made at the June 21 meeting, weunderstand that the joint FAMU/FSU Institute of Engineering has beenin operation for one year and that funds for constructing a facilityfor the Institute have been requested from the State Legislature.Please explain how the Institute will contribute to the enhancement andfurther desegregation of FAMU. Specifically, indicate whether allFAMU and FSU engineering courses are offered by the Institute and,if not, how the Institute's courses relate to those offered directlyby FAMU or FSU. Also, please tell us what courses are offered onFAMU's campus and on FSU's campus and provide the enrollment inthese courses by race Procedures and requirements for admissionto the Institute should also be provided.b.Lifting Existing Enrollment Caps on Selected High Demand ProgramsThe Addendum projects an increase in enrollment in certain highdemand programs of 325 students resulting from the removal of enrollment caps on these programs. Please provide the basis for theseprojections.c.Evening Courses at FAMUThe Addendum proposes 2 2 programs in Allied Health, Education, andEngineering Sciences and Technology with Tallahassee Community Collegeand projects an increase of 150 full-time equivalent students in FAMU'senrollment by 1985-86 as a result of these programs. At the June 21meeting, we were informed that only Allied Health programs would beavailable this fall. We were also told that Florida State University(FSU) would not compete with FAMU's evening programs. Please indicatethe starting dates for all proposed evening programs and the basisfor the projected enrollm nts in each. .- . ,.

Page 3 - ' The Honorable Bob Grahamd.Programs on Military BasesWe understand from discussions at the June 21 meeting that FAMU willbegin offering classes in engineering technology at Cecil Field thisfall, that no other SUS institution will serve Cecil Field, and thatmilitary personn l are not expected to take courses at the FAMUcampus. Please indicate the projected enrollment in these courses.We were also told that programs at other military bases are in theearly discussion stage and are not likely to come to fruition duringthe next ac demic year. Please keep OCR informed of the status ofthese programs.e.Physical Facilities and ResourcesAll physical plant studies have recently been submitted to OCR, andour review of these is not completed. We understand that somescheduled renovations at FAMU have been delayed.As indicated above, we believe that further action is needed to enhanceFAMU. The Revised Criteria Specifying the Ingredients of Acceptable Plansto Desegregate State Systems of Public Higher Education provides guidanceon how to accomplish this. In addition, I am enclosing portions of anotherState plan that you may find useful.Student Recruitment MeasuresState University System (SUS)The SUS has set forth five proposed statewide student recruitment measuresand additional institutional measures in the Appendix to the Addendum.It has also augmented two statewide measures with proposed increased funding.Each institution should describe how it will adopt and implement allmeasures cited. The discussion of each measure should include the following:a)a description of the activity;b)the projected number of students that will be affected and theanticipated results;c)the identification of the person(s) responsible for implementingthe measure;d)a timetable for implementation; ande)the projected cost and identification of the funding source.High schools, community colleges, four year colleges and local organizationsto be visited for recruiting should be i entified. Where general recruitment-./

Pag ·4 -· ihe Honorab 1e Bob Grahamactiv ties, e.g., college fairs or seminars, are mentioned, the specificways in which black students will be targeted should be explained. Further,FAMU should describe the additional meas res it will implement to increasewhite enrollment.We have enclosed sample measures for student recruitment at graduateand professional schools that provide examples of the type of specificitythat should be contained in ach of your proposed recruitment measures.These sample measures should be used for developing undergraduate measuresas well.Division of Community CollegesAt the June 21 meeting DCC officials stated that they do not expect toreceive revised institutional recruitment plans until July 15, 1983. Allplans should be completed and provided to OCR as soon as possible but inno event later than August 1. All recruitment measures should containthe degree of specificity described above.Impact AssessmentRecent changes in Florida's admission requirements indicate that theparticipation of black students in the SUS will decrease. Florida hasnot adequately assessed the impact of these changes, as called for inits 1978 Plan, nor has it set forth sufficient counter measures toalleviate the anticipated adverse impact on black students. As discussed with State officiais, educationally sound steps should betaken designed to provide students with alternative methods of demonstrating their abilities. Further actions are called for as describedbelow.a.Coll geLevel Academic Skills Test (CLAST)The results of the first administration of the CLAST show that blackstudents fail at a higher rate than white students. The State shouldcomplete an impact assessment now and develop specific measuresdesigned to offset any adverse effect on black students prior tousing the test as an admissions requirement for upper division study.b.Teacher Education Admissions RequirementsBased on the discussion at the June 21 meeting, we understand thatFlorida will complete its impact assessment of the new requirementsfor admission to teacher education programs and provide the resultsto OCR. It will describe the measures that will be implemented tooffset any adverse impact on black students, including use of the10% exception provision .-.

Pcge 5 - The Honorable Bob GrahamEmployment of Black Faculty and StaffThe SUS has not provided sufficient information in its amendments onthe Ernpl oyee Gra' t-i n-.L'd d Program and Graduate Student Grant-in-AidProgram to indicate how these programs will contribute to the achieve entof the goa1s of the 1978 Plan. The Addendum should include a completedescription ot'ho .1 these measures wiil be imple,nented. The discussionof each measure should contain the degree of specificity called forin the student recruitment meas res noted above.Monitoring and ReportingIn fulfillment of co mitments in its 1978 Plan, Florida provides anannual statistical report on its desegregation efforts. Severalreporting problems have been identified and discussed with Floridaofficials. In light of the requirement of the March 24 Adams orderthat an assessment of Florida s progress be made by April 1, 1984,it is especially important that the report due in February 1984 besubmitted in an accurate and timely fashion. Therefore; we ask forassurances that these problems will be resolved before the nextstatistical report is due.1As explained in my letter of April 5, 1983, we are required by the courtorder in Adams v. Bell to accept amendments to Florida s 1978 highereducation desegregation plan by June 30 or to prepare to initiate enforcement proceedings not later than September 15, 1983. Unfortunately, we arenot able tc accept Florida s proposed plan amendments at this time.11This does not foreclose continued efforts to develop acceptable plan amendments, and we strongly encourage Florida to continue the development ofits amended plan. Should acceptable amendments be received prior toSeptember 15, this would obviate the need for initiating enforcement proceedings. In order to ensure that we are able to evaluate and act favorablyon any further proposals, they should be received not later than August 1.The amendments must be signed by you, the Commissioner of Education, theChance 11 or: 'of the State University System, the Di rector of the Divisionof Community Colleges, and each institutional president.

,Pa e6 - The Honorable Sob Grahamof my staff are -available to wor k with your representatives toprov id e rlhatever assistance we can in completing the development of theFlorida plan amendments. We are confident that the issues OLltlinedabove can be resolved voluntarily and look forward to receiving a po sitiveres;rnnse.!. e:;it·ersEnc l osurescc:r1r. Ralph O. Turlingtor., Commissioner of EducationOr. Barbara W. Newell, Chancellor, State University SystemMr. John Blue, Interim Director, Division of Community CollegesPresidents, Florida Institutions of Higher Education.--.,

r- 'I. ,.· ··r,,.,-·-.:'UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONOFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR CIVIL RIGHTSJUN 3 O 1983The Honorable Joe Frank HarrisGovernor of GeorgiaAtlanta, Georgia 30334DearGovern rHarris:This letter confinns information that was given to Mr. Tom Perdue of youroffice and other Georgia officials at a meeting with Mr. William Thomas,Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Regional Director, and OCR staff on June 16,1983, concerning the 1983 Addendum to a Plan for the Further Desegregationof the University System of Georgia (Addendum).As was explained in the meeting, the Addendum contains some new measuresthat may help the State attain the goals of its 1978 Plan. However, asdiscussed below, additional infonnation and measures a;::e-needed tomake Georgia's proposed plan amendments acceptable.o Institutional Student Recruitment and Retention PlansThe Addendum should contain a plan for each institutionthat describes in detail the specific measures that willbe taken to recruit and retain black students, in thecase of the traditionally white institutions, and whitestudents, in the case of traditionally black institutions.Institutional measures should include specific applicationsof the statewide measures already described in general tennsin the plan in addition to other measures appropriate to eachinstitution. The discussion of each measure should includethe following:a) a description of the activity;b) the projected number of students that will beaffected and the anticipated results;c) the identification of the person(s) responsiblefor implementing the measure;d) a timetable for implementation; ande) the projected cost and identification of thefunding source.In addition, we urge you to include in the amended plan actionsthat will be taken to alleviate the adverse effect that the·--:·Georgia Regents' Test has on the graduation of black students.40J MARYLAND AVE . S .W. WASHINGTON . D.C. 20202

Page 2 - The Honorable Joe Frank HarrisAs discussed, there should be educationally sound steps designedto ensure that the test is valid and reliable and that studentswho have failed the test are afforded all reasonable opportunitiesto develoR and demonstrate their competence. This request isconsistent with Georgia's 1978 Plan in which the State committeditself to develop racial impact statements on actions that mightimpede a hieving desegregation and not to take any actions thatwould thwart achieving the desegregation goals of the Plan.IAlso, the 1978 Plan established 1982 grad ate and professionalschool enro l lment goals for those disciplines where black enrollment was not proportionate to the enrollment of black studentscurrently receiving bachelor's degrees.* Data supplied by theState, in the Appendix attached to the Addendum, indicate thatonly the goal for enrollment in Law has been met and that theother professional goals have not. The State has not providedrequested information to assess progress toward graduate goal by field of study. This information should be supplied, andinstitutions offering these programs should include recruitmentand retention measures designed to attain these goals. Samplegraduate and professional school recruitment measures have beengiven to your representatives. {Please see enclosed copy.)These sample measures should be used for developing undergraduatemeasures as well.lIill· llio Institutional Employment PlansThe Addendum contains some general employment measures andpromises institutional goals and timetables for the employmentof black faculty and staff in August. Postponing this submissionuntil after August l would not allow sufficient time for OCR to reviewthese components of the Addendum. The Addendum should be revisedto contain institutional employment plans for each traditionallywhite institution. In addition to goals and timetables, theseemployment plans should include new measures for the recruitmentOf blacks for all employment categories where employment fallsbelow labor market availability or as otherwise provided in the1978 Plan. Employment measures should have the same degree ofspecificity called for in the institutional recruitment andretention measures.*These include Business and Management, Computer andInformation Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fjne and AppliedArts, Foreign Languages, Home Economics, Mathematics, Psychology,Public Affairs and Services, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary.-. Medicine, and Law.

Page 3 - The Honorable Joe Frank Harriso Enhancement of Traditionally Black InstitutionsAs requested in my January 31, 1983, letter to you, aggressiveadditional steps to further enhance and desegregate the State'straditionally black public institutions should be included inthe Addendum. In addition, the "highest priority" should begiven to carrying out all outstar.ding 1978 Plan commitments,including new facilities at Albany State CoTTege and at FortValley State College.As previously explained in my April 5 letter to yo , we are requiredby a March 24 court order in Adams v. Bell to accept amendments toGeorgia's 1978 higher education desegregation plan by June 30 or toprepare to initiate enforcement proceedings not later than September 15,1983. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept Georgia's proposed planamendments at this time.This does not foreclose continued efforts to develop acceptable planamendments, and we strongly encourage Georgia to continue the developmentof its amended plan. Should acceptable amendments be received prior toSeptember 15, this would obviate the need for initiating enforcementproceedings. In order to ensure that we are able to evaluate and actfavorably on any further proposals, they should be received not laterthan August 1. The Addendum must be signed by you, the Chancellor of theUniversity System of Georgia, each institutional president, and theChairman of the University's Board of Regents.Members of my staff are available to work with your staff to providewhatever assistance we can in completing the development of the Georgiaplan amendments. We are confident that the issues outlined above can beresolved voluntarily and look forward to receiving a positive etonAssistant Secretaryfor Civil RightsEnclosurecc: Dr. Vernon Crawford, Chancellor, University System of GeorgiaMr. Thomas Perdue, Chief Administrative Officer, Office of the GovernorMr. 0. Torbitt Ivey, Chairman, Georgia Board of RegentsPresidents, Georgia Institutions of Higher Education -.

,IUNITED ST ATES DEP ARTMEST OF EDUCATIONOFFiCE C·f THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR Ci \"IL ?UGHTSJUN 3 0 1983r-!r. Robert "· ScottSt te PresidentDepartment of Cor.r.iunity CollegesNorth Carolina State Board of Community CollegesRaleigh, North Carolina 27EllDear r.Scott:This letter confirms information provided and agreements reached at ameeting on June 24 attended by staff of the Office for Civil Rights(OCR), members of your staff, and Mr. Andrew Vanore, Senior DeputyAttorney General in North Carolina, concerning the proposed amendmentsto the North Carolina Community College System's (NCCCS) 1978 desegregation plan which you submitted on May 2, 1983.As was explained in the meeting, we appreciate the care with which youhave attempted to address some of the concerns raised in the letter ofMr. William H. Thomas, Director of the Atlanta Regional Office of OCR,to Dr. Larry J. Blake, dated January 31, 1983. Especially noteworthywere the constructive proposals for action by the Department of CommunityColleges to help institutions identify and employ additional qualified .black persons. However, as summarized below and discussed more fully inthe enclosure to this letter, additional information and measures areneeded to make the North Carolina Community College System's proposedplan amendments acceptable.Enrol entof Black Students in the College Transfer ProgramIn both of its evaluation letters OCR has noted the failure of theC01T111unity College System to meet the 1978 Plan goal of increasingthe number of black students in the College Transfer Program by 171each year. You now propose to include students enrolled in all"college transferable" programs in measuring progress toward this · goal. As, ·1 explained at the June 24 meeting, we do not believethat the March 24 court order permits us to change the i terpretationof Plan language that has been accepted by North Carolina in itsannual reports and by OCR for five years. On the other hand, we findpersuasive the facts you have presented concerning the importance ofthe General Education and Technical Programs as sources of studentswho transfer to senior institutions.·- . 00 MARYLAND AVE . S .W. WASHINGTON . D.C. 20202. . . . . . .- - ----------·---·------.- ·--- . -.- -.

Page 2 - Mr. Robert W. ScottWe .therefore continue to request that the Department of CommunityColleges and appropriate institutions adopt additional measuresin an effort to meet the enrollment goals of tne College TransferProgram. At the June 24 meeting North Carolina officials statedthat the Department of Cor.1111unity Colleges and the community collegesand technical institutes will commit themse1ves also to exert everveffort to maintain the current proportion of black students in coliegetransferable programs. For the purposes of this plan, college transferable programs include the College Transfer, General Education,and Technical Programs. The latest available data show that blackenrollment in these programs taken as a whole is approximately 20percent. This commitment should be included in the revised Plan.OCR will consider progress in both areas when determining whethersubstantial progress toward the stude t enrollment goal has beenachieved.You have proposed statewide measures designed to achieve the abovementioned goals. The enclosure to this letter suggests specific waysto strengthen the measures that you have proposed. Further, it wasagreed at the June 24 meeting that no later than August 15 individualinstitutional plans specifying the measures to be taken to meet thestudent enrollment goals of the 1978 Plan and its 1983 revision willbe submitted to OCR. These plans should describe with specificitythe activities that institutions will implement and identify theinstitutional officials who are responsible for them and the datesthat the activities will occur.Employment of Black Academic PersonnelThe Department of Community Colleges commits itself to implementpromising activities to assist the col'TITlunity colleges and technicalinstitutes in increasing the number of black faculty and administrativestaff that they employ. You have proposed to strengthen the job register,provide assistance to institutions, and monitor institutional progress.In some instances greater specificity is needed. The enclosure tothis letter provides some guidance for improving the measures you havepropose·d. .iAlthough your submission does not mention the revised institutional ··affirmativ·e action plans requested in Mr. Thomas' letter of Januar 31,your repr sentatives have agreed to supply them within the next severaldays. At that time you will indicate which plans are complete andwhich are not. Institutions supplying incomplete plans will be notifiedimmediately by your Office of the actions that must be taken to completethem. OCR will begin evaluating the plans as soon as they are receivedand, as agreed during the June 24 meeting, your office will evaluatethem simultaneously .-.- . . .,. ·-:.-

Page 3 - Mr. Robert W. ScottAppointment of Blacks to Institutional Governing BoardsWe appreciate your supplying copies of the letters to appointingauthcritie5 encouraging the appointment of additional black personsto institutional governing boards. when the responses are received,please supply copies to OCR's Atlanta Regicnal Office.You have explained tha institutions hav: "ad;tiinistrative areas."However, you have not identified them, and you have not suppliedinformation on the racial composition of each ad inistrative area.It is therefore not possible to determine which governing boards arerepresentative of the area served. Your representatives have agreedto supply this information.As previously explained in my April 5 letter to you, we are required bya March 24 court order in Adams v. Bell to accept amendments to theNorth Carolina Community College System's 1978 Plan by June 30 or initiateenforcement proceedings not later than . September 15, 1983. Unfortunately,we are not able to accept the North Carolina Community College System'sproposed Plan amendments at this time. However, if all of the itemsspecified above and in the enclosure to this letter are supplied in atimely manner as agreed upon at the June 24 meeting, the plan amendmentswi11 be acceptable, and this will obviate the need for initiating enforcement proceedings. As stated by your representatives, your submissionwill include letters from each community college and technical institutein which they endorse the revised plan. In order to ensure that we areable to evaluate and act favorably on any further proposals, they shouldbe received not later than August 15.j'Members of my staff are available to work with your staff to providewhatever assistance we can in completing the development of the NorthCarolina · colTITlunity College System Plan amendments. We are confidentthat the issues outlined above can be resolved voluntarily and lookforward to receiving a positive response.i.,'"":·IEnclosurecc:Presidents of Community Colleges and Technical Institutes.- -.· : "';"" swww ;.·

OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS STAFF ANALVS ISOF THEDEP . RT Er;T OF COMM!Jt;ITY COLLEGES SURMISSI() OF MAY 2' 1923r C:R TH c .RO LIN.A.I.Enrollmert ofA.B ackStudents in the College Transfer ProgramReinterpretatior. of college transfer goals.The State proposes that enrollment goals in "college transferable programs" be substitute::l for the enrollment goals for the College Transfer?rograrn. I formatior; is provided on transfer· agreements that permit advanced study at senior institutions by stuae-:ts in some Tec n i caland General Education ?rograms. It is stated that "(t)hese agreementswrich continue to be expanded far exceed the original e rollmentcommitment of 171 blacks in college transfer programs."Comment :OCR does not have authority to reinterpret Plan language that has beenaccepted by North Carolina in its annual reports and by OCR for fiveyears. The goals of the 1978 Plan remain in force. Nevertheless,information submitted by the State indicates the increasing importanceof the General Education and Technical Programs as sources of studentswho transfer to senior institutions. North Carolina has agreed tocormiit itself to exert every effort to maintain the current racialproportion of black students in college transferable programs (CollegeTransfer, General Education and Technical Programs). Accordingly,OCR will consider progress in both. areas when determining whethersubstantial progress toward the student enrollment goal has beenachieved.B.Meas res for increasing black enrollment in the College TransferPr6gram and "college transferable" programs.Commitment:To provide all institutions with a guide to successful methods for recruiting black students.C001T1ent.:The guide is a constructive activity. Additional specificity shouldbe prcvided concerning dates for its publication and distribution,persons responsible for carrying out the activity, and from whom theguide may be obtained. Please clarify how successful programs havebeen identified for inclusion in the guide. (The May 2 Submission[Addendum, p. l] states that no assessment has been made of theeffectiveness of recruitment programs.)Comm1 tment:To encourage, by letter and workshops, each institution to include inits catalogue descriptions of its transfer agreements.·-----. ,.---------.----- . -. - ----- ·- ---------- --- - --- -- -

Page 2Corniilent:Please soecify when letters will be s2nt and workshops will be held.For the workshops, specify the cost and who will bear it, location,dates, duration, agendas, categories of attendees, and how blackstudents will be targeted.Commitment:To conduct three Federal Corr:p1iance Uori shops.Comment:Please specify the purpose, cost and who will bear it, location, d2tes,duration, agendas, and categories of attendees.Commitment:To encourage additional transfer agreements with four-year institutionsin the State.Comment:Please specify what steps will be taken and when, to promote additionalagreements, and which traditionally white four-year institutions willbe targeted as most promising. For each specific agreement, indicatethe duration, the person responsible for implementing it, the anticipatednumber of students affected, any grade requirements or other restrictionson the transferability of credit, and how and when potential transferees· will be informed of the program and its benefits.Commitment:To provide an annual report.Comment:Please· clarify that this will be part of the August report to OCR, and thatit will include the specific descriptions of each agreement indicatedabove.-.C.Other student enrollment issues1.,--· --- -----Recent recruitment activities are described (Part one, page 4},but no commitment is made to their continuation. The criteriafor selecting high schools and the means for targeting blackstudents should be clarified. North Carolina officials haveagreed that institutional plans will be supplied no later thanAugust 15. As requested in OCR's letter of January 31, emphasisshould be placed on the new activities that will be undertakenat.ea

the Ernpl oyee Gra' t-i n-.L'd d Program and Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program to indicate how these programs will contribute to the achieve ent of the goa1s of the 1978 Plan. The Addendum should inc