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Multi-Vendor Support ListThe table below describes the device vendors and types supported in the system and their discovery methods (viaSNMP, CLI and API). For more details about support levels, refer to Tier Support Levels.Device Type and VendorSupport LevelTier 1Call Manager Call ManagerControllerTier 3 SNMPAruba WLC Big Switch Controller Cisco Meraki Cloud Cisco WLC SNMP/CLIExtreme WLC SNMP/CLI SNMP/CLIRuckus ZoneDirector AVI Controller APICache Engine SNMPEnd System SNMPIP Camera SNMPLiebert UPS SNMPMac Server SNMPNSX Manager Printer SNMPRedhat Linux Server SNMPUbuntu Server N/AN/AMotorola WirelessControllerEnd SystemTier 2Discovered viaIP Phone SNMP/CLISNMP/CLI/APIAPI/SNMP SNMP/CLIAPISNMP/CLIN/ACall ManagerVeloCloud Orchestrator Versa Analytics CLIVersa Director CLI2 NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support ListSNMP

Device Type and VendorDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Viptela vBond APIViptela vManage APIViptela vSmart APINSX Controller APIVM Host APIWindows Server Alcatel Lucent ServiceTier 3SNMP SNMP/CLIArris Router SNMP/CLIAryaka Router SNMPATT VPN Gateway SNMPAudiocodes Appliance SNMP/CLI SNMP/CLIAvaya Router SNMP/CLIBluecoat Proxy SNMP/CLIBrocade Vyatta Router SNMP/CLICasa SNMP/CLICisco IOS XR SNMP/CLICisco Router Cisco VDS SNMP/CLIDigi Cellular Router SNMP/CLIFujitsu Si-R Router SNMP/CLIHP Router SNMP/CLIHuaWei OLT SNMP/CLIInfoblox SNMP/CLIIpanema IP E Device SNMP/CLIRouterAudiocodes MediaPackGatewayRouterSupport Level SNMP/CLINetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 3

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3 APIOracle Acme SNMP/CLIRedback Router SilverPeak Router Symantec Proxy Server Tellabs Router SNMP/CLIVeloCloud Edge SNMP/CLIVeloCloud Gateway SNMP/CLIVersa Controller APIVersa FlexVNF APIViptela vEdge SNMP/CLIWestermo Router SNMP/CLI3Com Switch Adtran SNMP/CLIAdva Optical Switch SNMPAeroHive Switch SNMP/CLIAlaxalA SNMP/CLIAlcatel OmniStack Switch SNMP/CLIAlcatel OmniSwitch SNMP/CLIAntaira Switch SNMP/CLIAPC SNMPAPC UPS SNMPArista Switch Aruba Switch Avaya Switch Juniper RouterNSX Distributed LogicalRouterSwitchDiscovered via4 NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List SNMP/CLISNMP/CLISNMP/CLISNMP/CLI SNMP/CLISNMP/CLISNMP/CLI SNMP/CLI

Device Type and VendorAvaya VSPSupport LevelDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Tier 3 SNMP/CLIBig Switch Spine Switch APIBig Switch Leaf Switch APIBrocade Switch SNMP/CLIBrocade Fibre Channel SNMPCalix B-Series SNMP/CLICalix E-Series SNMP/CLICiena Switch SNMP/CLICisco ACI APIC APICisco ACI Leaf Switch APICisco ACI Spine Switch APICisco CDN SNMP/CLICisco CSS SNMP/CLICisco Catalyst Switch Cisco ENCS Switch Cisco IOS Switch Cisco MDS SNMP/CLICisco Meraki Switch API/SNMPCisco Nexus Switch Cisco TelePresence SNMP/CLICisco UCS Fabric SNMP/CLICisco UDP Packet Replicator Cumulus OS Dell EMC Switch Dell Force10 Switch Dell Networking Switch SNMP/CLISNMP/CLI SNMP/CLISNMP/CLISNMP SNMP/CLISNMP/CLI SNMP/CLISNMP/CLINetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 5

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Dlink Switch SNMP/CLIEnterasys Switch SNMP/CLIExtreme Industrial Switch SNMP/CLIExtreme Switch SNMP/CLIExtreme VSP SNMP/CLIFibeAir IP-20 Switch SNMP/CLIFortinet Controller SNMP/CLIFujitsu IPCOM Switch SNMP/CLIFujitsu Switch GigaVUE-OS SNMP/CLIHirschmann Switch SNMP/CLIHP Menu-Driven Switch SNMPHP ProCurve Switch SNMP/CLIHuaWei Switch SNMP/CLIIBM DataPower SNMP/CLIIBM MQ Appliance SNMP/CLIIBM Switch SNMP/CLIInfinera Metro Series Switch SNMP/CLIJuniper EX Switch SNMP/CLIN/AN/AN/AParent DeviceManaged SwitchJuniper QFabric System SNMP/CLILantronix Console Manager Lantronix RAS SNMP/CLIMellanox Switch SNMP/CLIMikroTik SNMP/CLIMoxa Switch SNMP/CLIMRV SNMP/CLI6 NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support ListSNMP/CLI

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Netgear Switch SNMP/CLINokia OLT SNMP/CLINokia Service Access Switch SNMP/CLINexans GigaSwitch SNMP/CLINortel Switch SNMP/CLINSX Logical Switch APIOpengear Infrastructure SNMP/CLIOpengear Linux OS SNMP/CLIPlanet IGS Switch SNMP/CLIPlanet WGSW SNMP/CLIRackSwitch SNMP/CLIRaisecom Switch SNMP/CLIRibbon Voice Gateway SNMP/CLIRuggedCom ROX Switch SNMP/CLIRuggedCom RS(G) Switch SNMP/CLISMC Switch SNMP/CLIServer Tech PDU SNMPSonus SBC Voice Device SNMPT-Marc 300 Series SNMP/CLITellabs Switch SNMP/CLITelco Metro Series SNMP/CLITrendnet Switch SNMP/CLIUbiquiti EdgeSwitch Uplogix LMX SNMP/CLIVertiv Avocent Console SNMP/CLIManager SNMP/CLIServerNetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 7

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Tier 3vSphere Distributed Switch APIvSphere Standard Switch APIXetaWave Ethernet Radio SNMP/CLIZhone Switch SNMP/CLIBarracuda Firewall SNMP/CLIBarracuda WAF SNMPCheckpoint Firewall SNMP/CLICheckpoint Firewall R80 SNMP/CLI/APICisco ASA Firewall SNMP/CLI/APICisco ASA NGFW with FTD SNMP/CLI/APICisco Firepower NGFW SNMP/CLI/APICisco Firepower NGFW with SNMP/CLI/API API/SNMP APIFTDCisco Meraki FirewallCisco Meraki MXFirewallCisco PIX Firewall Cisco Web Security SNMP/CLISNMPApplicationCrossbeam Firewall SNMP/CLIDell Sonicwall SNMP/CLIFireEye Firewall SNMP/CLIForescout Appliance Fortinet FortiGate Firewall HP Intrusion Prevention SNMP/CLIHuawei Firewall SNMP/CLIImperva WAF SNMP/CLIJuniper SRX Firewall SNMP/CLISNMP SNMP/CLISystem8 NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelDiscovered viaTier 1Tier 2Tier 3NetScreen Firewall NSX Edge Security Gateway Palo Alto Firewall Palo Alto Panorama API API/CLIpfSense Appliance SNMP/CLISecure64 Sidewinder Firewall SNMPSophos UTM SNMP/CLIStonesoft NGFW SNMP/CLIWatchguard Firewall SNMP/CLIA10 Load Balancer AVI Service Engine Cisco ACE Cisco CSS SNMP/CLIF5 Load Balancer SNMP/CLILoad Balancer Kemp Load BalancerSNMP/CLIAPI SNMP/CLISNMP SNMP/CLIAPI SNMP/CLISNMPNetscaler Load Balancer Peplink Load Balancer Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic SNMP/CLI/APISNMPSNMP/CLIManagerWAPRadware Alteon SNMP/CLIAerohive Wireless SNMP/CLIAruba IAP SNMP/CLIAruba LWAPN/AN/AN/AAruba WLC(Cisco) LWAPN/AN/AN/ACisco WLCCisco WAP SNMP/CLICisco Meraki AP API/SNMPNetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 9

Device Type and VendorSupport LevelTier 1Cisco Meraki Z3Tier 2Discovered viaTier 3 APICradlepoint Access Point SNMPFortinet Controller SNMPManaged APProxim Tsunami WAP SNMP/CLIRadwin Radio Devices SNMP/CLI API/CLIRuckus Smartzone APRuckus ZoneFlex SNMP/CLISiklu Microwave Radio SNMP/CLIUbiquiti airMAX SNMP/CLIUbiquiti UniFi Access Point SNMP/CLIXirrus Wireless Array SNMP/CLIBluecoat SNMP/CLICisco ISE SNMP/CLICisco WAAS SNMP/CLICloudgenix ION SD-WAN API/CLIWANExinda WAN Optimizer SNMP/CLIOptimizerFatpipe SD-WAN SNMP/CLINetscaler SD-WAN SNMP/CLIRiverbed WAN Optimizer SNMP/CLISilverPeak WAN Optimizer SNMP/CLITalari Appliances SNMPTo view SDN nodes only, click here to download the pdf file.To only view special devices like Meraki and Checkpoint, click here to download the pdf file.Tier Support LevelsThe detailed operations supported at each level are described as follows:10 NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List

LevelDescriptionTier-1 Support Monitoring — send SNMP (retrieve data via SNMP) or API request to devices for monitoring.Tier-2 Support Retrieve live data and live data analysis — automatically and remotely connect to devices by usingTelnet/SSH or through controllers, and retrieve live data via show commands or APIs, includingconfiguration file, route table, NDP/MAC/ARP table, and device/interface information.Note: Retrieving data via SNMP belongs to Tier-1 support, not Tier-2. L3/L2 topologyo L3 topology — build Layer 3 topology from IPv4 addresses in the device configuration files.o L2 topology — build Layer 2 topology from NDP tables (such as CDP, LLDP, and FDP), ARP tables andMAC tables. NDP tables are used to calculate the connections between switches, and NDP/MAC/ARPtables are used to calculate the connections between switches and other types of network devices. Traffic path discoveryo Basic L3 traffic path — discover and map L3 traffic paths based on route tables.o Basic L2 traffic path — discover and map L2 traffic paths based on L2 topology.Tier-3 Support Design reader — parse configuration files and display them in the tip window and the Design Readerpane. Special vendor features, such as ACL, PBR, Port-Channel, IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN, Failover, IP SLA,Netflow, and virtualization.Note: A device type in a specific support level is not supposed to support all the operations at that level,and it may only support one or some of the operations. For example, Juniper Router belongs to the Tier-3level, but it does not support Netflow or IP SLA. For any questions or doubts about multi-vendor support,contact NetBrain Support Team for help.NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 11

Aug 06, 2021 · MikroTik SNMP/CLI Moxa Switch SNMP/CLI MRV SNMP/CLI . NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 Multi-Vendor Support List 7 Device Type and Vendor Support Level Discovered via . Load Balancer A10 Load Balancer SNMP/CLI AVI Service Engine