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Contents1 Payment AdjustmentsOverview to Payment Adjustments . 1-1About Payment Adjustments.1-1Correct Pay for Individual Employees. 1-3Correcting Pay for Individual Employees.1-3Updating Current Pay Information.1-3Correcting an Overpayment.1-10Correcting an Underpayment .1-10Updating Future Pay Information.1-11Correct Pay for a Group of Employees. 1-13Correcting Pay for a Group of Employees .1-13Updating Current Pay Using Mass Change.1-13Setting Up New Pay Rate Tables to Update Current Pay .1-13Correcting Historical Pay for a Group of Employees .1-14Process Retroactive Payroll . 1-15Processing Retroactive Payroll.1-15Setting Up Pay Rate Revisions .1-15Setting Up Retroactive Pay Type Tables.1-21Creating the Retroactive Pay Workfile .1-22Calculating Retroactive Pay .1-23Reviewing Retroactive Pay Workfile Records Online .1-24Reviewing Retroactive Pay Workfile Reports.1-26Revising Retroactive Pay Workfile Records.1-27Approving the Retroactive Timecard Workfile .1-31Creating Retroactive Timecards.1-32Correcting Rejected Timecards .1-342 Employee History and TurnoverOverview to Employee History and Turnover. 2-1About Employee History and Turnover.2-1U.S. Payroll Guide - Volume II (Revised - January 15, 2007)i

ContentsWork with Records for Employee Master History .2-5Working with Records for Employee Master History. 2-5Reviewing Employee History. 2-6Correcting Employee History. 2-8Review Employee History Reports . 2-11Reviewing Employee History Reports . 2-11Reviewing the Employee History Log. 2-11Reviewing the Salary History Analysis Report. 2-12Creating the Last History Change Workfile . 2-13Reviewing the Last Change in History Report. 2-14Work with Multiple Job History . 2-15Working With Multiple Job History . 2-15Reviewing Multiple Job History for an Employee. 2-15Deleting Multiple Job History Records . 2-17Correct Turnover Records. 2-19Correcting Turnover Records . 2-193 Wage AttachmentsOverview to Wage Attachments .3-1About Wage Attachments . 3-1Set Up Tables for Wage Attachments.3-3Setting Up Tables for Wage Attachments . 3-3Setting Up Garnishment Tables. 3-4Setting Up Exemption Tables for Tax Levies. 3-7Set Up Deductions for Wage Attachments. 3-11Setting Up Deductions for Wage Attachments . 3-11Setting Up a Garnishment Deduction . 3-13Setting Up a Loan Deduction. 3-15Setting Up a Fee or Interest Deduction. 3-15Setting Up a Tax Levy Deduction . 3-16Setting Up a Wage Assignment Deduction . 3-17Enter Employee Wage Attachments . 3-19Entering Employee Wage Attachments . 3-19Assigning a DBA for a Wage Attachment. 3-20Entering a Wage Attachment for a Garnishment. 3-23Entering a Wage Attachment for a Loan. 3-27iiJD Edwards World, A9.1

ContentsAssigning Fees or Interest to a Wage Attachment .3-29Entering a Wage Attachment for a Tax Levy .3-32Entering a Wage Attachment for a Wage Assignment .3-34Assigning Priorities to Wage Attachments .3-47Entering Additional Information for a Wage Attachment.3-48Review Wage Attachment History. 3-51Reviewing Wage Attachment History .3-51Reviewing Wage Attachment History Online .3-51Reviewing the Wage Attachment History Report.3-53Changing Wage Attachment History.3-544 RolloversOverview to Rollovers. 4-1About Rollovers .4-1Enter Rollover Information for a DBA . 4-3Entering Rollover Information for a DBA .4-3Process Rollovers. 4-11Processing Rollovers.4-11Processing Fiscal or Anniversary Rollovers During Pre-Payroll .4-14Processing Rollovers Between Payroll Cycles .4-15Reviewing Fiscal or Anniversary Rollover Reports .4-155 Accounts Payable IntegrationOverview to Accounts Payable Integration . 5-1About Accounts Payable Integration .5-1Set Up A/P Integration . 5-3Setting Up A/P Integration .5-3Setting Up Payroll Company Constants.5-4Setting Up Voucher Information for Tax Transactions .5-5Setting Up Voucher Information for DBAs .5-9Setting Up Payee Voucher Rules .5-13Work with Vouchers . 5-17Working with Vouchers.5-17Reviewing Pro Forma Vouchers by Payee .5-18Reviewing Pro Forma Vouchers by Employee .5-22Reviewing the Payroll Journal Proof/Edit for Vouchers Report .5-23U.S. Payroll Guide - Volume II (Revised - January 15, 2007)iii

ContentsReviewing the Payroll Voucher Journals . 5-24Reviewing the Wage Attachment Voucher Report. 5-25Revising Voucher Information for a Tax Type. 5-25Revising Voucher Information for a DBA. 5-27Reviewing Actual Voucher Reports. 5-28Posting Payroll Vouchers to the General Ledger . 5-306 Intercompany SettlementsOverview to Intercompany Settlements.6-1About Intercompany Settlements . 6-1Set Up Intercompany Settlements in Payroll .6-3Setting Up Intercompany Settlements in Payroll. 6-3Verifying Your Chart of Accounts . 6-5Setting Up AAIs for Intercompany Settlements. 6-6Setting Up Intercompany Settlements for a Payroll ID. 6-77 Step ProgressionOverview to Step Progression .7-1About Step Progression . 7-1Enter Step Progression Information .7-3Entering Step Progression Information. 7-3Setting Up Step Progression in the Payroll Company Constants . 7-4Entering Pay Rates for Step Progression. 7-5Entering Time Limits for Job Steps . 7-6Entering Step Progression Information for an Employee . 7-9Creating a Payroll ID that Uses Step Progression. 7-11Work with Step Progression History. 7-13Working with Step Progression History . 7-13Reviewing Step Progression History by Job . 7-13Correcting Step Progression History for an Employee . 7-14Reviewing Step Progression History . 7-168 Payroll History IntegrityOverview to Payroll History Integrity.8-1About Payroll History Integrity . 8-1ivJD Edwards World, A9.1

ContentsVerify the Integrity of Payroll Summary History. 8-3Verifying the Integrity of Payroll Summary History .8-3Reviewing the Tax History Integrity Report.8-4Reviewing the PDBA Integrity Report.8-11Reviewing the DBA Integrity Report .8-13Correcting Integrity Errors Manually .8-15Correcting Integrity Errors Automatically .8-16Verifying That Integrity Errors Have Been Corrected.8-17Verify the Integrity of Payroll Detail History . 8-19Verifying the Integrity of Payroll Detail History.8-19Reviewing the Payroll History Audit Report .8-19Reviewing the Final Update Integrity Reports .8-20Revise Payroll History Manually. 8-21Revising Payroll History Manually.8-21Revising Taxation History .8-21Revising Payroll Month PDBA History .8-23Revising Calendar Month DBA History.8-24Update Available Leave . 8-27Updating Available Leave .8-27Repost Payroll History . 8-29Reposting Payroll History .8-29Reposting the Tax Ledger to the Tax Summary .8-29Reposting Pay Types to the Payroll Month.8-30Reposting DBAs to the Payroll Month.8-30Reposting DBAs to the Calendar Month .8-31Reposting DBAs to the Fiscal and Anniversary History Summary.8-31Reposting the Workers Compensation Summary.8-32Reposting Payroll History .8-329 Technical FeaturesOverview to Technical Features. 9-1About Technical Features .9-1Purge Employee Information. 9-3Purging Employee Information .9-3Purging Profile Data.9-3Purging Employee Multiple Job History .9-4Purging Employee Master History.9-4U.S. Payroll Guide - Volume II (Revised - January 15, 2007)v

ContentsPurging Employee Turnover Information . 9-5Work with Magnetic Tapes .9-7Working with Magnetic Tapes . 9-7Creating an Automatic Deposit Tape . 9-7Processing Automatic Reconciliation Tapes. 9-9Work with the HR Subsystem and Monitor. 9-13Working with the HR Subsystem and Monitor. 9-13Starting the Subsystem and Monitor . 9-14Stopping the Subsystem and Monitor . 9-15Stopping the Monitor Only . 9-15Starting the Monitor Only . 9-16Reviewing the Status of the Monitor . 9-17Copy PC Timecard Information to a Batch File . 9-19Copying PC Timecard Information to a Batch File. 9-1910 General SetupOverview to General Setup . 10-1About General Setup. 10-1Set Up User-Defined Codes for Payroll . 10-3Setting Up User Defined Codes for Payroll . 10-3Set Up General Information . 10-7Setting Up General Information . 10-7Setting Up Company Constants . 10-8Setting Up Business Unit Constants . 10-16Setting Up Master Pay Cycles. 10-19Setting Up a Denomination Code . 10-24Setting Up Execution Control Parameters . 10-25Choosing Fields for Future Data Revisions . 10-26Reviewing the Business Unit Constants Report. 10-27Reviewing the Master Pay Cycles Report . 10-28Set Up Payroll Cycle Reports. 10-31Setting Up Payroll Cycle Reports. 10-31Setting Up the Payroll Register . 10-31Setting Up the Summary Payroll Register . 10-32Setting Up the Time and Pay Exception Report. 10-33Setting Up the Transaction Audit Report . 10-33viJD Edwards World, A9.1

ContentsSetting Up the Workers Compensation Insurance Register.10-33Setting Up the General Liability Insurance Register.10-34Setting Up the DBA Register .10-34Setting Up the Wage Attachment Report .10-35Setting Up the Time and Pay Register .10-36Setting Up the Terminated Employees Report .10-36Set Up Net Pay Reports and Forms . 10-37Setting Up Net Pay Reports and Forms.10-37Setting Up Payroll Checks .10-37Setting Up Automatic Deposit Forms .10-38Setting Up Cash Pay Slips.10-38Setting Up the Payroll Check Register.10-38Setting Up Check Overflow Forms .10-39Set Up Employee Profile Information . 10-41Setting Up Employee Profile Information .10-41Defining Types of Profile Data.10-41Setting Up Security for Profile Data .10-50Generating the Title Search Table.10-52Transferring Profile Data .10-52Set Up Employee Master History and Turnover. 10-55Setting Up Employee Master History and Turnover .10-55Setting Up History and Turnover Constants .10-56Selecting Data for Tracking Purposes .10-58Setting Up Turnover Columns.10-60Activating History and Turnover Tracking .10-62Set Up Contract Calendar Information . 10-63Setting Up Contract Calendar Information .10-63Identifying Non-Standard Dates for all Contract Calendars .10-64Creating Contract Calendars.10-66Updating Employee Records for Contract Calendars .

JD Edwards World Release A9.1 Documentation, Revised - January 15, 2007 JD Edwards World welcomes your comments and sugge