An introduction toFamilyOfficeServicesWho we areOpus Private is an independent regulated fiduciary andfamily office services company with offices in Guernsey,London and Dubai.We focus on the provision of bespoke single and multiplefamily office advisory services to ultra high net worthbusiness families internationally.Our services include: Family and corporate governanceFamily advisoryIndependent trustee and advisoryWealth solutionsEstate and succession planningIndividual and business philanthropyCoordination, management and consolidatedreporting of assetsMonitoring, managing and protecting all your assetsHow we can helpThrough many years of managing financial structures, dealingwith a diversified selection of asset types and interests, OpusPrivate has developed both an expertise and a network of qualitycontacts to help us to appraise situations and deliver financialsolutions.We can help you in a number of situations from organising thesale of a particular asset, or introducing a strategic partner tocomplement a family business, to undertaking a review of afamily’s international estate planning or formulating a familygovernance plan – the parameters are broad.As well as providing a full range of trust and corporate structures,we can help you further by delivering a more holistic servicethrough Opus Private’s family office division.Whatever your requirements or circumstances, we can help. Thiscould be engaging Opus Private to assist in a specific situation orasking us to fulfil a much wider brief where we act in a ‘TrustedAdviser’ role, designing, implementing and watching over afamily’s tailored wealth and estate plan.We do not manage assets, nor do we have financial productsto sell. Our role is to orchestrate, arrange and bring about thenecessary actions to provide wealth planning solutions. Thisfactsheet highlights areas where we can help, be they in relationto a specific asset or a particular situation.P R I V A T E

Opus Private family office servicesBankingInvestmentPortfoliosInsuranceFine Art andOther AssetsReal EstateFamily OfficeActivitiesSpecialSituationsEstate PlanningPhilanthropicSecurityInformationand ReportingReal estateInvestment portfoliosWe are able to help in a number of ways:We can help you safeguard and grow your investments: Identify and record all real estate holdings Review ownership methods and structure as appropriate Organise third party expert review of management, tenants andother relevant factors Organise re-negotiation with tenants/management contracts forcommercial property Review financing methods Appraise/reorganise insurance arrangements Identify new investment opportunities and joint ventures Coordinate bespoke residential design and development projects Introduce leading developers, designers and architects Organise appraisal of existing portfolios to cover o Risk analysiso Ownership methodso Asset allocation as proportion of total wealtho Sharia complianceo Suitability and performance of managers/custodiansEstablish family’s risk profileFormulate and implement new investment strategyOngoing periodic appraisal to ensure objectives are metNew opportunitieso Private equity and unique opportunitieso Joint ventures with leading specialistso Access to new markets, sectors, themes and productsP R I V A T E

BankingWe can: Arrange appraisal of existing arrangements – both personal, andheld in structures, reviewing:o Terms, fees and conditionso Existing institution’s performance (or neglect), servicestandards, available productso Sharia compliance Recommendationso Best terms negotiatedo Meet individual needs of family memberso Organisation of: Personal banking requirements Credit cards Foreign exchange Credit facilities Maintaining adequate funding All due diligence Online banking (if required) The family office can monitor and actively manage all orselected banking arrangements, settle credit card bills and otherassociated issuesInsuranceThe services we provide include: Review existing asset insurancesBest terms arrangementsSpecialist asset cover – marine vessels, aircraft, fine artLarge property portfoliosCaptive insurance arrangementsIslamic insurance considerations and appropriate optionsPersonal insurances and protectionProvide for business succession and stakeholdersActive management of negotiations, renewals from a centraloffice from where all insurance matters can be dealt with –document storage, negotiations, diarised events, paymentsare handledFine art and other assetsSecurityWe can: Organise a review of arrangements at main and otherresidences, provided by third party specialists Arrange personal protection Arrange travel security – comprehensive country and locationchecks prior to visits by family members Access business intelligence, pre-investment and anti-corruptionchecks – individuals, companies, locations and jurisdictionsInformation and reportingTailored to meet your specific needs, we offer you: Complete confidentiality A central secure storage base for all information received andcommunicated, providing vaults for valuable documents Web based solutions from financial service providers Consolidated reporting – to include all/any asset types selected,personal and/or structuredPhilanthropicWe can: Review family objectivesCarry out planning and management of charitable foundationsOrganise management of segregated charitable fundsAdvise on representation of family for public duties andfunctions Organise liaison with charitable bodies Provide updates, information and progress reportsEstate planning and family governanceWhen it comes to your other assets such as jewellery, fine art,vintage wine, intellectual property, collectibles, aircraft andyachts, we can provide a full range of services: Be it a family with a high value asset that they wish to selldiscreetly, a successful entrepreneur seeking a disposal of hisbusiness, or an individual wishing to explore opportunities ina new market sector or region, we can effect introductions andadd value.At Opus Private we can:Source item for purchaseArranging sale – locating buyersMethod of ownershipStorage and locationManagement, maintenance and transportationLocal/international tax planning issuesSpecial situationsClients and contacts often seek assistance in identifying privateinvestment opportunities, locating potential strategic businesspartners and coordinating a variety of private capital opportunities.Due to Opus Private’s business network and relationships we haveaccess to off-market opportunities and private investors that falloutside the mainstream institutional markets. Orchestrate any professional advice required and work withexisting advisers or bring in ‘best of breed’ specialists Appraise family assets and interests in light of:o Family objectiveso Asset typeso Potential riskso International factors Agree and implement a planning ‘blue print’/family governanceplan Carry out a watching brief to ensure agreed arrangements andstructures cater for:o Family issues and succession planningo Political and geographic influenceso Changes in international tax and inheritance laws andother fiscal factorsP R I V A T E

Family office servicesGiven our collective in-house experience, reputable networkof professional contacts around the world, and Opus Private’sreputation amongst finance houses globally, we are ideally placedto add value. In summary:Value:Opus Private has considerable influence andpurchasing power with many leading financialinstitutionsExpertise:Benefit from an experienced team of leadingprofessionals from the legal, accountancy, trusteeand banking worldSolutions:Through a mix of internal expertise andexperience and access to best of breed externalcontactsAnonymity:Activities are handled discreetly; we can alsorepresent to avoid unwanted publicityIndependence: The best interests of our clients come firstFlexibility:Clients set out the parameters and agree the termsThird PartyPerformance:Portfolios can be independently monitored andappraisedPeace of Mind: Having your affairs managed professionallyHow we charge for our servicesThe basis of our remuneration will depend upon the nature of theactivity and solution provided. Once an initial understanding ofthe client situation is known we are able to provide a definitiveremuneration basis for discussion.Find out moreWe provide comprehensive wealth planning and related solutions,giving you peace of mind in the knowledge your affairs are beingdealt with properly and professionally.For further information, please approach your usual contact atOpus Private, or alternatively:Shane Giles, CEO (Founder)T: 44 1481 754701M: 44 7781 [email protected] Cleal, Deputy CEO (Founder)T: 44 1481 754700M: 44 781 [email protected] R I V A T E

Opus Private is an independent regulated fiduciary and family office services company with offices in Guernsey, . Online banking (if required) The family office can monitor and actively manage all or selected