Stifel Aftermarket MonthlyIntelligence ReportStifel Hires Experienced Auto Aftermarket TeamStifel Financial Corp. (NYSE:SF) extended its hiring spree with the addition of theautomotive aftermarket investment banking team from BB&T Capital Markets. Thehiring also includes BB&T’s food and agribusiness and consumer investmentbanking teams, which join Stifel’s global consumer group.“Our move to Stifel combines two organizations with substantial momentum andleading investment banking practices serving the middle market,” commented JoeSparacino, head of Stifel’s auto aftermarket group. “Stifel brings our team a fullsuite of capital markets capabilities and a platform of over 600 investment bankingprofessionals located throughout the world. We are excited to bring these newcapabilities to our clients and extend our dedicated efforts in the automotiveaftermarket.”“Bringing in this team of experienced professionals further expands our coverage incore consumer growth sectors with significant strategic and financial sponsoractivity,” said Brad Raymond, global head of investment banking at Stifel.Stifel Named Investment Bank of the Year for 2019Stifel was recently named InvestmentBank of the Year by Mergers &Acquisitions magazine. Stifel wassingled out for its significant growth andoutstanding achievement in middlemarket M&A activity in 2019. Stifelrecorded its 24th straight year of recordnet revenues last year. InvestmentClick photo for Mergers & Acquisitions articlebanking revenues exceeded 817million, up 15% from the previous year, and the most in company history. Stifel’slong-term strategy of diversifying its investment banking business was a key factorin 2019’s record results as the firm generated meaningful contributions from itstraditional M&A practice as well as from restructuring (Miller Buckfire) and fundplacement (Eaton Partners).Inside This Report Tracking COVID-19Impact Beyond COVID-19 Public Equity MarketOverview Industry Data M&A Tracker Contact Information AppendicesSelect 2019 M&A Advisory Transactionsa portfolio company ofHas Been Acquired ByPage 1

Tracking COVID-19 ImpactU.S. May Be Reaching a PlateauDaily New Confirmed Cases (Rolling 3-Day Average)ChinaItalyUnited 10K1K1K5K000In recent days, the U.S. has been exhibiting signs that daily new confirmed cases of COVID-19 may be plateauingaround 30,000. While the “flattening of the curve” trend has been a positive indication in countries ahead of the U.S., ithas typically taken several weeks of consistent monitoring and mitigation before new confirmed cases begin to decline.Source: Global Change Data LabTopics to Keep Track ofAS CORONAVIRUS PRECAUTIONSTAKE HOLD, LARGE U.S. CITIES SEERUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC JAMS VANISHGASOLINE IS CHEAP.AMERICANS CAN’TTAKE ADVANTAGE.HOMELAND SECURITY DEFINESVEHICLE SERVICE AND REPAIR AS'ESSENTIAL'Rush-hour highway trips are takinghalf as long while morning rushhour congestion has alsodisappeared in major U.S. citiesInexpensive gasoline normallyboosts the economy, but thatbenefit likely won’t be realizedbecause of the pandemicVehicle service and repairpersonnel are considered"essential" and may continue tooperate during the COVID-19 crisis,according to the DHSThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalTire BusinessPage 2

Beyond COVID-19Industry Fundamentals Support Economic Recovery(vehicle units in millions)Number of Vehicles in “Sweet Spot” 6 – 11 Years ey TakeawayLarge cohorts of vehicles from post-recession years aged 8 – 12 yearsSources: IHS Markit, AASAHistorical Miles Driven(miles in 9882011201220133,026201420152016201720182019Key TakeawayThough impacted by COVID-19, miles driven has been resilient fordecades and is expected to return as stay-at-home orders are liftedSource: Federal Highway AdministrationPage 3

Public Equity Market OverviewAutomotive Aftermarket 1-Year Stock 9Dec-19Feb-20S&P 500 (1.2%)Aftermarket Suppliers (29.0%)Diversified Aftermarket &OEM Suppliers (29.1%)Collision (14.3%)Multi-UnitRepair Services (16.9%)Parts Distributors (14.5%)Apr-20Global TireManufacturers (31.5%)Consumer / Enthusiast (39.5%)Most Recent Quarter Sales Growth (Year-Over-Year)25%18.3%18.6%20%Diversified Aftermarket& OEM SuppliersGlobal Tire ManufacturersCollision0.4%2.6% 2.2%Multi-Unit RepairServices6.4%6.2%0.0%IAA, Inc.KAR Auction Services, Inc.Polaris Inc.Consumer /EnthusiastCopart, Inc.ARB Corporation LimitedFox Factory Holding Corp.LKQ CorporationParts DistributorsO'Reilly Automotive, Inc.Genuine Parts CompanyAutoZone, Inc.Monro, Inc.Valvoline Inc.Boyd Group Services Inc.LKQ CorporationPPG Industries, Inc.IAA, Inc.Copart, Inc.Boyd Group Services Inc.Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.The Yokohama Rubber Company,LimitedPirelli & C. S.p.A.Toyo Tire CorporationMichelin SCANexen Tire CorporationKumho Tire Co., Inc.Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd.Cooper Tire & Rubber CompanyThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber CompanyTenneco Inc.(8.8%)PPG Industries, Inc.Gates Industrial Corporation plcValvoline Inc.Snap-on IncorporatedStandard Motor Products, Inc.Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.Dorman Products, Inc.Aftermarket Suppliers7.3% %)(3.5%)(3.2%)(5.8%)(8.4%)9.0%0.0% 0.7%Bridgestone Corporation(2.3%)Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.(5%)(10%) (8.0%)(15%)6.2%6.2%3.3% 0.7%1.2% 0.4%0%Horizon Global Corporation5%8.1%Advance Auto Parts, rce: Capital IQ as of April 17, 2020Page 4

Public Equity Market OverviewEnterprise Value / EBITDA termarket Suppliers7.3xDiversified Aftermarket &OEM Suppliers1-Year Ago6.3x5.1xGlobal Tire Manufacturers1-Month Ago11.8xCollisionCurrent5-Year x11.6x12.5x10.8x9.3x8.8xMulti-Unit Repair Services11.3xParts Distributors1-Year AgoConsumer / Enthusiast1-Month Ago10.6xAuctionsCurrent5-Year Average13.8x12.0x15.1x14.3xSource: Capital IQ as of April 17, 2020(1) EBITDA includes equity income from affiliatesPage 5

Industry DataMiles Traveled and Average Gasoline Price Per Gallon3.0% 2.90Vehicle Miles Traveled(Year-Over-Year Change)2.4% 2.802.1%2.0% 2.701.7%1.6%1.4%1.0%0.9%1.0% 2.60 2.500.7%0.4% 2.400.0%0.0%(0.4%)(1.0%) 2.30 2.20(0.5%)Feb-19Mar-19Apr-19May-19Average Gasoline Price Per GallonCurrent Avg. Price per Gallon: 1.81(1)Jun-19Jul-19Aug-19Sep-19Vehicle Miles TraveledOct-19Nov-19Dec-19Jan-20 2.10Gasoline PricesSources: Miles Traveled – Federal Highway Administration, Gas Prices – U.S. Energy Information Administration(1)Average price per gallon as of April 13, 2020Same Store Sales '18Retailers & Distributors(1)(2)Q4'18Q1'19Multi-Unit Repair ServicesQ2'19Q3'19(0.6%)Q4'19CollisionSame store sales growth measures revenue growth for stores that have been open at least one year. Same store sales figures reflect only the portions applicable to theautomotive aftermarket.Retailers and Distributors includes: Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Genuine Parts Company, LKQ, and O’Reilly AutomotiveMulti-Unit Repair Services includes: Boyd Group Services and MonroCollision includes: Boyd Group Services and LKQPage 6

Recent M&A TransactionsTransactions from Q1 & Q2 2020Close DateTargetBuyer (Sponsor)Transaction Details4/8/2020Zbroz RacingReadyLIFT Suspension(Clearlake Capital)Zbroz Racing is an aftermarket performance parts manufacturer3/18/2020Factor 55Warn IndustriesFactor 55 is a designer and manufacturer of vehicle recovery parts and accessories3/5/2020Innovative XCessories &ServicesClearlake CapitalInnovative XCessories & Services is a provider of coating solutions and vehicle upfitting services to OEM,automotive aftermarket, and diversified industrial end markets3/5/2020Morris 4x4 CenterAutoAnythingMorris 4x4 Center is an e-commerce retailer of Jeep parts and accessories3/2/2020Shaw DevelopmentMonomoy Capital PartnersShaw Development is a designer, manufacturer and assembler of sensors, fluid management systems andrelated components primarily for diesel exhaust fluid applications2/28/2020Automotive-RelatedProduct Lines of LoxcreenCanadaHopkins Manufacturing(ONCAP)The automotive-related product lines of Loxcreen Canada includes brand names PolarGrip, Topsi, Eskimo,and Essentia, as well as certain inventory, patents and intellectual property2/25/2020Manley PerformanceProductsRace Winning Brands(Kinderhook Industries)Manley Performance Products is a manufacturer of high-performance pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts,and valvetrain components2/10/2020Auto/MateDealerSocketAuto/Mate provides dealer management software for the automotive industry2/6/2020Dent Wizard International Dealer Tire (Bain Capital)2/5/2020Competition CamsIndustrial OpportunityPartnersCompetition Cams is a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-performance automotive aftermarketproducts specializing in camshaft and valvetrain related components2/3/2020Vehicle Safety HoldingCorp.VOXX InternationalCorporationVehicle Safety Holding Corp. is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of safety electronics including turnsignal switches, lighting products, obstacle sensing systems, cruise control systems, camera systems,specialized harnessing, and other related components1/31/2020J&P CyclesComoto Holdings (Prospect J&P Cycles is a retailer of motorcycle components, apparel, and gear for the American V-twin motorcycleHill Growth Partners)rider1/29/2020American LubeFastFullSpeed Automotive(CenterOak Partners)American LubeFast is a provider of quick lube services with 50 total locations in Georgia, Florida, Mississippiand Alabama1/23/2020REV Car WashWhiteWater Express CarWash (SkyKnight Capital)REV Car Wash is a Dallas-based operator of three car wash locations1/21/2020Clearwater LightsSimpson PerformanceProducts (Bruckmann,Rosser, Sherrill & Co.)Clearwater Lights is a designer, assembler, and marketer of auxiliary LED light solutions for a variety ofmotorsport applicationsDent Wizard International is a provider of automotive reconditioning services and vehicle protectionproductsSources: Capital IQ, Factset, PitchbookPage 7

About UsAutomotive Aftermarket Investment BankingStifel is a full-service investment bank with deep industry experience. We serve as strategic advisor toentrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, private equity groups, and leading public and private corporationsin North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.Contact our Automotive Aftermarket Investment Banking team to find out more:JOE SPARACINOManaging Director –Automotive Aftermarket(617) [email protected] WRIGHTJOHN COYNEJOHN TILLOTSON(617) [email protected](617) [email protected](617) [email protected] PresidentVice PresidentAssociateAdditional Stifel ResourcesMICHAEL KOLLENDERCHRISTOPHER AULDManaging Director –Head of Consumer & Retail,Diversified IndustrialsManaging Director –Head of Leveraged Finance(212) [email protected](212) [email protected] 8

Appendices –Valuation MetricsValuation Metrics(1)(2)TickerStock52 WeekMarketPriceHigh / LowCapP/EPrice /TEVTBVLTMCY 2020Forward PEGCY 2021CY 2020TEV / RevenueCY 2021LTMCY 2020TEV / EBITDACY 2021LTMCY 2020CY 2021Aftermarket SuppliersDorma n Products , Inc.DORM 59.89 95.72 / 44.49 1,933 Motorca r Pa rts of Ameri ca , Inc.MPAA 12.63 24.60 / 10.43 240 na p-on Incorpora tedSNA 118.33 172.61 / 90.72 6,471 7x8.1xSta nda rd Motor Products , Inc.SMP 42.00 55.85 / 35.51 965 8xVa l vol i ne Inc.VVV 14.25 23.90 / 9.06 2,685 .8xMean 2,459 2x9.6xMedian 1,933 8x8.5xDiversified Aftermarket & OEM SuppliersAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTA 18.26 32.20 / 12.92 4,296 8.1xGa tes Indus tri a l Corpora ti on pl cGTES 7.85 16.50 / 5.42 2,282 xHori zon Gl oba l Corpora ti onHZN 1.66 5.79 / 1.20 42 294NMNMNMNANMNA0.4x0.4xNANM9.1xNAPPG Indus tri es , Inc.PPG 93.31 134.36 / 69.77 22,013 .2x10.0xTenneco Inc.TEN 3.80 25.35 / 2.21 309 6,0232.4xNM3.6xNMNA0.3x0.4x0.4x4.7x7.2x5.4xMean 5,788 x8.1xMedian 2,282 8.5xGlobal Tire ManufacturersBri dges tone Corpora ti onTSE:5108 30.52 44.04 / 26.62 21,489 0xCooper Ti re & Rubber Compa nyCTB 19.31 32.97 / 13.82 971 The Goodyea r Ti re & Rubber Compa nyGT 7.26 20.70 / 4.09 1,689 4.4xHa nkook Ti re & Technol ogy Co., Ltd.KOSE:A161390 17.58 33.23 / 12.36 2,177 xKumho Ti re Co., Inc.KOSE:A073240 2.71 3.93 / 2.12 778 2,1970.7xNMNANANANA1.1x1.1x1.0x8.3xNANAMi chel i n SCAENXTPA:ML 96.46 130.02 / 73.99 17,213 .9x4.8xNexen Ti re Corpora ti onKOSE:A002350 4.98 8.67 / 3.13 479 i rel l i & C. S.p.A.BIT:PIRC 3.58 7.19 / 3.31 3,580 yo Ti re Corpora ti onTSE:5105 11.31 15.66 / 8.75 1,741 .0xThe Yokoha ma Rubber Compa ny, Li mi tedTSE:5101 12.53 23.53 / 10.34 2,011 .7xMean 5,213 x4.1xMedian 1,876 4.0xCollisionAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTABoyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD 18.26 32.20 / 12.92 4,296 8.1x 129.49 164.87 / 89.02 2,617 a rt, Inc.IAA, Inc.CPRT 72.10 104.88 / 55.69 16,850 x16.8xIAA 33.84 51.74 / 21.79 4,532 8x14.7xLKQ Corpora ti onLKQ 20.94 36.63 / 13.31 6,442 PPG Indus tri es , Inc.PPG 93.31 134.36 / 69.77 22,013 .2x10.0xMean 9,458 14.2x11.7xMedian 5,487 4.5x11.0xMulti-Unit Repair ServicesBoyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD 129.49 164.87 / 89.02 2,617 ro, Inc.MNRO 49.36 89.62 / 37.09 1,643 16.4x13.4xVa l vol i ne Inc.VVV 14.25 23.90 / 9.06 2,685 .8xMean 2,315 14.5x11.1xMedian 2,617 16.4x12.0xParts DistributorsAdva nce Auto Pa rts , Inc.AAP 118.86 175.39 / 71.33 8,212 12.5x10.7xAutoZone, Inc.AZO 991.80 1274.41 / 684.91 23,161 .9x12.6xGenui ne Pa rts Compa nyGPC 74.65 108.58 / 49.68 10,853 .5x10.4xLKQ Corpora ti onLKQ 20.94 36.63 / 13.31 6,442 O'Rei l l y Automoti ve, Inc.ORLY 373.51 454.31 / 251.52 27,734 .2x14.7xMean 15,280 12.5x11.3xMedian 10,853 12.5x10.7xConsumer / EnthusiastARB Corpora ti on Li mi tedASX:ARB 9.58 13.12 / 6.61 765 8x11.9xFox Fa ctory Hol di ng Corp.FOXF 43.25 86.91 / 34.58 1,670 2.6x10.3xPol a ri s Inc.PII 60.05 104.37 / 37.36 3,697 .8xMean 2,044 1.5x9.6xMedian 1,670 2.6x10.3xAuctionsCopa rt, Inc.CPRT 72.10 104.88 / 55.69 16,850 x16.8xIAA, Inc.IAA 33.84 51.74 / 21.79 4,532 8x14.7xKAR Aucti on Servi ces , Inc.KAR 12.97 63.18 / 9.41 1,671 x9.6xMean 7,685 5.9x13.7xMedian 4,532 7.8x14.7xSource: Capital IQ as of April 17, 2020(1) in millions except stock price(2)All values converted to USD at the exchange rate of the date abovePage 9

Appendices –Operating ResultsOperating Results(1)(2)LTM DateRevenueEBITDAEBITSales GrowthMarginsNetTickerIncomeGrossEBITDAEBIT1 YearNIEBITDA Growth5 Year1 YearSSS5 YearLatest QAftermarket SuppliersDorma n Products , Inc.DORM12/28/19 991 158 132 8434.9%16.0%13.4%8.4%1.8%5.7%(21.4%)0.8%Motorca r Pa rts of Ameri ca , Inc.MPAA12/31/19 514 50 41( 2)23.1%9.7%7.9%(0.4%)10.9%11.8%29.0%6.4%Sna p-on Incorpora tedSNA12/28/19 4,068 1,043 961 69451.4%25.6%23.6%17.0%(0.1%)3.1%0.7%6.6%Sta nda rd Motor Products , Inc.SMP12/31/19 1,138 123 97 5829.2%10.8%8.5%5.1%4.2%3.0%16.1%(0.6%)Va l vol i ne Inc.VVV12/31/19 2,440 427 364 22834.6%17.5%14.9%9.3%6.2%0.0%0.9%0.0%Mean 1,830 360 319 21234.6%15.9%13.7%7.9%4.6%4.7%5.1%2.7%Median 1,138 158 132 8434.6%16.0%13.4%8.4%4.2%3.1%0.9%0.8%Diversified Aftermarket & OEM SuppliersAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTA12/31/19 4,482 894 583 24935.4%19.9%13.0%5.6%(4.6%)0.4%(0.0%)2.1%Ga tes Indus tri a l Corpora ti on pl cGTES12/28/19 3,087 590 368 69037.2%19.1%11.9%22.4%(7.8%)0.3%(19.3%)0.1%Hori zon Gl oba l Corpora ti onHZN12/31/19 690( 36)( 57) 8113.9%(5.2%)(8.3%)11.7%(3.3%)2.4%NMPPG Indus tri es , Inc.VVV12/31/19 15,146 2,365 1,854 1,24343.1%15.6%12.2%8.2%(1.5%)0.5%4.7%3.4%Tenneco Inc.TEN12/31/1911.6%NA 17,450 1,270 612( 334)14.8%7.3%3.5%(1.9%)48.3%15.8%21.8%Mean 8,171 1,017 672 38628.9%11.4%6.5%9.2%6.2%3.9%1.8%4.3%Median 4,482 894 583 24935.4%15.6%11.9%8.2%(3.3%)0.5%2.3%2.8%Global Tire ManufacturersBri dges tone Corpora ti onTSE:510812/31/19 32,441 5,117 3,001 per Ti re & Rubber Compa nyCTB12/31/19 2,753 331 183 9617.2%12.0%6.6%3.5%(2.0%)(4.3%)0.1%(8.5%)The Goodyea r Ti re & Rubber Compa nyUNS12/31/19 14,745 1,483 703( a nkook Ti re & Technol ogy Co., Ltd.KOSE:A16139012/31/19 5,962 1,014 467 36326.9%17.0%7.8%6.1%1.3%0.6%(8.6%)Kumho Ti re Co., Inc.KOSE:A07324012/31/19 2,052 263 51( 50)22.6%12.8%2.5%(2.4%)(7.4%)(7.2%)128.5%(11.0%)Mi chel i n SCAENXTPA:ML12/31/19 27,085 4,981 3,165 1,96529.3%18.4%11.7%7.3%9.6%4.3%10.2%7.1%Nexen Ti re Corpora ti onKOSE:A00235012/31/19 1,752 323 180 10230.5%18.4%10.3%5.8%1.9%2.8%12.3%3.5%Pi rel l i & C. S.p.A.BIT:PIRC12/31/19 6,312 1,335 875 49268.3%21.1%13.9%7.8%1.3%0.0%4.2%0.0%Toyo Ti re Corpora ti onTSE:510512/31/19 3,473 585 354 22534.7%16.9%10.2%6.5%(4.0%)(0.8%)(6.7%)(1.7%)The Yokoha ma Rubber Compa ny, Li mi tedTSE:510112/31/19MeanMedian(3.7%) 5,985 879 489 38632.2%14.7%8.2%6.5%0.0%0.8%(5.6%)2.0% 10,256 1,631 947 59632.1%15.7%8.5%4.7%(0.7%)(0.9%)10.7%(2.4%) 5,974 947 478 sionAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTA12/31/19 4,482 894 583 24935.4%19.9%13.0%5.6%(4.6%)0.4%(0.0%)2.1%Boyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD12/31/19 1,760 165 117 4945.4%9.4%6.6%2.8%22.5%22.0%27.8%26.2%Copa rt, Inc.CPRT01/31/20 2,225 898 816 73346.8%40.4%36.7%32.9%18.8%13.8%25.7%18.6%IAA, Inc.IAA12/29/19 1,437 411 323 19338.2%28.6%22.5%13.4%8.3%9.9%7.7%11.2%LKQ Corpora ti onLKQ12/31/19 12,506 1,296 984 54138.8%10.4%7.9%4.3%5.3%13.2%4.4%10.4%PPG Indus tri es , Inc.PPG12/31/19 15,146 2,365 1,854 1,24343.1%15.6%12.2%8.2%(1.5%)0.5%4.7%3.4%Mean 6,259 1,005 779 an 3,354 896 699 0.9%Multi-Unit Repair ServicesBoyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD12/31/19 1,760 165 117 , Inc.MNRO12/28/19 1,258 199 137 7938.5%15.8%10.9%6.3%4.9%7.4%7.9%7.0%(0.9%)Va l vol i ne Inc.VVV12/31/19 2,440 427 364 22834.6%17.5%14.9%9.3%6.2%0.0%0.9%0.0%Mean 1,819 264 206 ian 1,760 199 137 7938.5%15.8%10.9%6.3%6.2%7.4%7.9%7.0%(0.6%)Parts DistributorsAdva nce Auto Pa rts , Inc.AAP12/28/19 9,709 995 757 one, Inc.AZO02/15/20 12,078 2,620 2,236 ui ne Pa rts Compa nyGPC12/31/19 19,392 1,393 1,123 62132.6%7.2%5.8%3.2%3.5%4.8%(1.5%)1.8%2.9%LKQ Corpora ti onLKQ12/31/19 12,506 1,296 984 54138.8%10.4%7.9%4.3%5.3%13.2%4.4%10.4%0.9%O'Rei l l y Automoti ve, Inc.ORLY12/31/19 10,150 2,194 1,923 1,39153.1%21.6%18.9%13.7%6.4%7.1%5.2%8.4%4.4%Mean 12,767 1,700 1,404 93244.4%14.2%11.8%7.9%4.7%5.8%3.2%4.1%1.5%Median 12,078 1,393 1,123 62143.9%10.4%7.9%5.0%5.3%4.8%4.4%4.2%0.9%Consumer / EnthusiastARB Corpora ti on Li mi tedASX:ARB12/31/19 324 61 53 3953.4%18.7%16.2%12.0%5.8%8.1%0.6%7.0%Fox Fa ctory Hol di ng Corp.FOXF01/03/20 751 129 113 9332.3%17.1%15.0%12.4%21.3%19.6%16.5%20.5%Pol a ri s Inc.PII12/31/19 6,863 718 484 32425.2%10.5%7.0%4.7%11.3%8.6%2.8%(3.1%) 2,646 302 216 15237.0%15.4%12.8%9.7%12.8%12.1%6.6%8.1% 751 129 113 9332.3%17.1%15.0%12.0%11.3%8.6%2.8%7.0% 2,225 1,437 2,782 898 411 503 816 323 314 733 193 .9%)18.6%11.2%(2.6%)Mean 2,148 604 484 37242.3%29.0%23.5%17.7%13.6%8.9%10.5%9.1%Median 2,225 503 323 nAuctionsCopart, Inc.IAA, Inc.KAR Auction Services, Inc.CPRTIAAKAR01/31/2012/29/1912/31/19Source: Capital IQ as of April 17, 2020, Company Filings(1) in millions(2)All values converted to USD at the exchange rate of the date abovePage 10

Appendices –Balance Sheet MetricsBalance Sheet Metrics(1)(2)Days OutstandingTickerA/RInventoryA/PCashTotalDebt /Debt verageRatioRatioS&P DebtRatingOutlookAftermarket SuppliersDorma n Products , Inc.DORM145.5155.455.3245.5 354.3%0.2x0.0x3.4x2.1xNAMotorca r Pa rts of Ameri ca , Inc.MPAA55.8222.074.6203.2 22844.5%4.5x1.7x1.3x0.3xNANANASna p-on Incorpora tedSNA68.3138.436.6170.0 1,22026.2%10.0x19.9x2.5x1.6xA-Sta bl eSta nda rd Motor Products , Inc.SMP47.0171.741.4177.3 9415.7%0.2xNM1.8x0.5xNRNRVa l vol i ne Inc.VVV51.845.135.061.9 1,621113.8%4.5x4.4x1.9x1.3xBBSta bl eMean73.7146.548.6171.6 63940.9%3.9x6.5x2.2x1.2xMedian55.8155.441.4177.3 22826.2%4.5x3.1x1.9x1.3xAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTA62.876.064.074.8 3,96573.8%4.4x4.6x2.4x1.7xNANAGa tes Indus tri a l Corpora ti on pl cGTES84.795.077.4102.3 3,13651.0%5.3x3.5x3.0x2.1xNRNRHori zon Gl oba l Corpora ti onVVV44.188.757.075.8 26796.9%0.1xNM1.6x0.6xCCCNega ti vePPG Indus tri es , Inc.VVV60.174.091.342.7 5,84452.0%4.6x16.5x1.4x0.9xBBB Nega ti veTenneco Inc.TEN51.552.167.536.1 5,88876.4%5.8x2.2x1.3x0.7xBNMMean60.677.271.466.4 3,82070.0%4.1x6.7x1.9x1.2xMedian60.176.067.574.8 3,96573.8%4.6x4.1x1.6x0.9xBri dges tone Corpora ti onTSE:510859.1100.636.5123.2 5,49820.3%1.1xNM2.2x1.4xASta bl eCooper Ti re & Rubber Compa nyCTB72.375.645.4102.5 41523.8%1.3x5.5x2.4x1.5xBBSta bl eThe Goodyea r Ti re & Rubber Compa nyGT48.589.891.746.5 6,53059.0%4.4x3.0x1.1x0.5xB Nega ti veHa nkook Ti re & Technol ogy Co., Ltd.KOSE:A16139065.8120.627.3159.1 1,48919.3%1.5x15.7x1.9x1.1xBBBSta bl eKumho Ti re Co., Inc.KOSE:A07324062.187.548.5101.1 1,64360.1%6.2x2.2x1.1x0.6xNANAMi chel i n SCAENXTPA:ML51.797.863.785.8 7,94634.9%1.6x9.7x1.6x0.8xA-Sta bl eNexen Ti re Corpora ti onKOSE:A00235063.989.431.8121.5 1,05944.0%3.3x7.2x1.8x1.1xNANAPi rel l i & C. S.p.A.BIT:PIRC45.7227.7336.0 6,07352.9%4.5x7.0x1.1x0.8xNANAToyo Ti re Corpora ti onTSE:510575.5112.168.9118.8 1,06334.0%1.8x9.1x1.5x0.8xNANAThe Yokoha ma Rubber Compa ny, Li mi tedTSE:510194.1100.965.0130.0 9.8 3,39238.4%2.8x8.5x1.6x0.9xMedian63.099.256.1118.8 1,92535.4%2.2x7.2x1.5x0.8xAxa l ta Coa ti ng Sys tems Ltd.AXTA62.876.064.074.8 3,96573.8%4.4x4.6x2.4x1.7xNANABoyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD17.413.178.3NM 71660.3%4.3x7.1x0.6x0.4xNANACopa rt, Inc.CPRT14.07.287.5NM 51919.6%0.6x14.4x2.1x0.8xNANAIAA, Inc.IAA81.9NA46.2NA 2,058107.1%5.0x8.3x1.9x1.6xBB-Sta bl eLKQ Corpora ti onLKQ33.3133.845.3121.8 5,42551.7%4.2x10.5x2.2x0.8xBBSta bl ePPG Indus tri es , Inc.PPG60.174.091.342.7 5,84452.0%2.5x16.5x1.4x0.9xBBB Nega ti veMean44.960.868.879.8 3,08860.7%3.5x10.2x1.8x1.0xMedian46.774.071.174.8 3,01156.1%4.3x9.4x2.0x0.8xBoyd Group Servi ces Inc.TSX:BYD17.413.178.3 71660.3%4.3x7.1x0.6x0.4xNANAMonro, Inc.MNRO4.679.648.335.9 73449.6%3.7x6.2x0.9x0.1xNANAVa l vol i ne Inc.VVV51.845.135.061.9 1,621113.8%3.8x4.4x1.9x1.3xBBSta bl eMean24.645.953.948.9 1,02474.5%3.9x5.9x1.1x0.6xMedian17.445.148.348.9 73460.3%3.8x6.2x0.9x0.4xAdva nce Auto Pa rts , Inc.AAP14.8293.6217.491.0 3,24247.7%3.3xNM1.3x0.2xBBB-Sta bl eAutoZone, Inc.AZO9.8295.8300.55.1 8,377125.7%3.2x11.5x0.9x0.1xBBBSta bl eGenui ne Pa rts Compa nyGPC48.3103.8111.240.9 4,54755.2%3.3x14.9x1.2x0.5xNANALKQ Corpora ti onLKQ33.3133.845.3121.8 5,42551.7%4.2x10.5x2.2x0.8xBBSta bl eO'Rei l l y Automoti ve, Inc.ORLY7.3255.1254.08.4 5,86293.7%2.7x13.6x0.9x0.1xBBBSta bl eMean22.7216.4185.753.5 9 5,42555.2%3.3x12.5x1.2x0.2xARB Corpora ti on Li mi tedASX:ARB39.9222.0 3813.1%0.6xNM3.2x1.0xNANAFox Fa ctory Hol di ng Corp.FOXF42.186.038.689.5 8616.4%0.7xNM3.1x1.5xNANAPol a ri s Inc.PII10.474.327.557.2 4 64630.5%1.3x6.5x2.4x0.9xMedian39.986.033.173.4 8616.4%0.7x6.5x3.1x1.0x7.2Diversified Aftermarket & OEM SuppliersGlobal Tire ManufacturersNMCollisionMulti-Unit Repair ServicesNMParts DistributorsConsumer / EnthusiastNANAAuctionsCopart, Inc.IAA, Inc.KAR Auction Services, an87.5NM 51919.6%0.6x14.4x2.1x0.8xNANANA46.2NA 2,058107.1%5.0x8.3x1.9x1.6xBB-Sta bl eNA157.5NA 3,77169.6%7.5x2.1x1.3x1.2xB Sta bl e97.1NM 2,11665.4%4.4x8.3x1.8x1.2x87.5NM 2,05869.6%5.0x8.3x1.9x1.2xSource: Capital IQ as of April 17, 2020(1) in millions(2)All values converted to USD at the exchange rate of the date abovePage 11

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