Orange One PlatinumVisa Credit CardComplimentary InsuranceTerms & Conditionsfor insured events occurring onor after 1 November 2018

ContentsAbout the complimentary cover provided. 1Introduction. 1ING is not the issuer (insurer) of this cover. 1In the event of an emergency overseas, simply call AllianzGlobal Assistance in Australia at any time on 617 33057499 (reverse charge).Termination of this cover. 2You do not have to tell us that you will be travelling.Privacy. 3Provided you are eligible and comply with the termsand conditions of covers outlined in this booklet you arecovered by this complimentary insurance.Other insurance. 2Limitation of cover. 3Definition & interpretationof words used in this booklet. 6Part A - Eligibility & Activation of cover.13Part B - Period of cover.14Part C - Table of Benefits.15Part D - Excesses & General exclusions.17Part E - The cover we provide.21Pre-existing medical conditions.21Emergency & medical services while overseas.23Travelling overseas.24Claims.41How to make a claim.41Depreciation of covered items and valuables.42Claims are apyable in Australian dollars.43You must not admit fault or liability.43You must help us recover any money we have paid.43ING Bank (Australia) Limited ABN 24 000 893 292 AFSL 229823 (ING)does not underwrite the covers contained in this booklet.ING has entered into an agreement for the benefit of itsspecified cardholders.This insurance is issued and managed by AWP Australia Pty Ltd, ABN52 097 227 177, AFSL 245631 trading as Allianz Global Assistance, 74High Street, Toowong, QLD 4066 under a binder from the underwriterAllianz Australia Insurance Limited, ABN 15 000 122 850, AFSL 234708,of 2 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.Subrogation.44Recovery.44How GST may affect your claim.44Fraud .45Complaints & disputes.46

About the complimentarycover provided.IntroductionThis booklet describes the complimentary insurancebenefits provided by Allianz, which are available to INGcard cardholders. Cover applies to events occurring on orafter 1 November, 2018. You are not covered for eventsoccurring after termination of, or expiry of the period ofinsurance specified in, the Group Policy. ING will advise youof any replacement cover.These covers are available under a Group Policy issuedto ING Bank (Australia) Limited ABN 24 000 893 292 AFSL229823, of 60 Margaret Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 (ING) byAWP Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 52 097 227 177, AFSL 245631,of 310 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000 (Allianz GlobalAssistance) under a binder from the underwriter, AllianzAustralia Insurance Limited, ABN 15 000 122 850, AFSL234708, of 2 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 (Allianz).For general enquiries call Allianz Global Assistance whoissues and manages the Group Policy on behalf of Allianz.There is no obligation to accept any of these benefits.However, if a cardholder wishes to claim any of thesebenefits, they will be bound by the definitions, terms,conditions, exclusions and claims procedures contained inthis booklet.PLEASE READ THIS BOOKLET CAREFULLY AND KEEP IT INA SAFE PLACE. Also please keep detailed particulars andproof of any loss including the sales receipts and ING cardaccount statements showing any purchases.ING is not the the issuer(insurer) of this coverING is not the product issuer (insurer) of these covers andneither it nor any of its related corporations guarantee anyof the benefits under these covers.These benefits are provided at no additional cost to thecardholder and ING does not receive any commission orremuneration in relation to these covers.Termination of this coverING or Allianz may terminate any one or all of thecovers described in this booklet, and if so ING will notifyaccountholders of the termination or change in writing.The existing cover will only apply to events occurring beforethe date of change or termination. No cover is providedfor claims events occurring after the date of termination.ING will provide accountholders with details of anyreplacement cover.Other insuranceThe cover described in this booklet is provided for yourbenefit under a Group Policy entered into between Allianzand ING. ING is the policy owner. When eligible, you havethe benefit of cover as a third party beneficiary by reasonof the statutory operation of Section 48 of the InsuranceContracts Act 1984 (Cth).If you are entitled to receive a benefit or make aclaim under another insurance policy (Other Policy)(for example, a comprehensive travel insurance policyfor your overseas journey), in respect of the same loss asyour claim under this Group Policy, then, subject to theprovisions of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) Allianzis not liable to provide indemnity under this Group Policyuntil the amount of any indemnity under that Other Policyis exhausted. In other words, any cover under this GroupPolicy in respect of the same loss shall only be excessinsurance cover over and above the applicable Other Policy.If you make a claim under another insurance policy andyou are not paid the full amount of the claim, then, subjectto the provisions of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth),the cover provided to you under the Group Policy will makeup the difference, to the extent of cover that applies, inaccordance with the terms and conditions contained inthis section.We may seek contribution from your other insurer. Youmust give us any information that we reasonably require tohelp us make a claim from the other insurer.Neither ING nor any of its related corporations areAuthorised Representatives of Allianz, Allianz GlobalAssistance or their related companies.12

Limitation of coverNotwithstanding any other terms, we will not provide covernor will we make any payments or provide any service orbenefit to any person or other party to the extent that suchcover, payment, service, benefit and/ or any business oractivity of the person would violate any applicable trade oreconomic sanctions law or regulation.PrivacyTo offer or provide you with our products and services (orthose we may offer or provide to you on behalf of ourbusiness partners) we, namely AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN52 097 227 177 trading as ‘Allianz Global Assistance’,and our agents and representatives, collect, store, use,and disclose your personal information including sensitiveinformation.We usually collect it directly from you but sometimesfrom others depending upon the circumstances andthe product involved. For instance, we may collect yourpersonal information from our business partners who mayhave provided you with a product or service including butnot limited to travel insurance, roadside assistance with avehicle purchase, Overseas Student or Visitor Health Cover,or other assistance services we arrange or provide.For example, your personal information may be collectedfrom your family members and travelling companions,doctors, and hospitals if you purchase our travel insuranceand require medical assistance. Likewise, we collectpersonal information from universities and your agentsif you inquire about or apply for our Overseas Studentor Visitor Health Cover. We are the ‘data controller’ andresponsible for ensuring your personal information is usedand protected in accordance with applicable laws includingthe Privacy Act 1988 and sometimes European Law (theGDPR) where our activities are within its scope. Personalinformation we collect includes, for example, your name,address, date of birth, email address, and sometimes yourmedical information, passport details, bank account details,as well as other information we collect through devices like‘cookies’ when you visit our website such as your IP addressand online preferences.3We use your personal information to offer and provideour products and services and to manage your and ourrights and obligations in connection with any productsand services you have acquired. For instance, we useit to assess, process, and investigate any travel orhealth insurance claims, and to liaise with GovernmentDepartments when necessary.We may also use it for product development, marketing(where permitted by law or with your consent but not inconnection with some products or services such as creditcard insurances), customer data analytics, research, ITsystems maintenance and development, recovery againstthird parties, fraud investigations, and for other purposeswith your consent or where permitted by law. We do notuse sensitive information for marketing purposes or providethat information to any third parties for marketing.Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties(some of whom are data processors) who assist us to carryout the above activities both inside and outside of Australia,such as claims management providers, travel agents andintermediaries, insurers, investigators, cost containmentproviders, medical and health service providers, universitiesand other education institutions, roadside assistance andtowing providers, vehicle manufacturers, overseas datastorage (including ‘cloud’ storage) and data handlingproviders, legal and other professional advisers, youragents and broker, your travel group leader if you travelin a group, your employer if you have a corporate travelpolicy, your bank if you are the beneficiary of the bank’scredit card insurances, insurance reference bureaux, andour related and group companies including Allianz. Someof these third parties may be located in other countriesincluding in Europe, Asia, Canada, or the USA. We also,where necessary, disclose your personal information toGovernment Departments including for immigration andprivate health insurance purposes as well as to regulatorybodies.With the exception of credit card insurances and someother products and services that we offer or provide onbehalf of certain clients, we may, where permitted by lawor with your consent, contact you by telephone, normalmail, email, electronic messages such as SMS, and via other4

means with promotional material and offers of productsor services from us, our related companies, as well asoffers from our business partners that we consider may berelevant and of interest to you. Where we contact you asa result of obtaining your consent, you can withdraw yourconsent at any time by calling us on 1800 023 767 or bycontacting us – see below.When you provide personal information to us about otherindividuals, we rely on you to have first obtained theindividual’s consent, and have made them aware of thematters set out in this Privacy Notice.You may also (1)seek access to your personal data and ask about its origin,the purposes of the processing, and details of the datacontroller or data processor, and the parties to whom itmay be disclosed; (2) ask us to correct and update yourpersonal information, (3) ask for a copy of your personaldata in an electronic format for yourself or for someoneyou nominate. You may in some circumstances restrictthe processing of your personal data, and request that itbe deleted. Where your personal information is used orprocessed with your specific consent as the sole basis forprocessing (rather than on a contractual basis or legitimateinterest), you may withdraw your consent at any time. Youmay not access or correct personal information of othersunless you have been authorised by their express consent,or unless they are your dependants under 16 years of age.If you have a request or complaint concerning yourpersonal information or about data privacy, please contact:Privacy Officer, Allianz Global Assistance, PO Box 162,Toowong, QLD 4066, or email [email protected] can also contact the Privacy Commissioner at theOffice of The Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box218, Sydney, NSW 2601 if you have a complaint.For more information about our corporate privacy policyand handling of personal information, including furtherdetails about access, correction and complaints, please visitour website at and click onthe Privacy & Security link.If you do not agree with the matters set out in our privacypolicy or will not provide us with the personal informationwe request, we may not be able to provide you withour products or services including the assessment andpayment of any claims. In cases where we cannot complywith your request concerning your personal information,we will give you reasons why.5Definition & interpretation ofwords used in this bookletHeadings are for information only and do notaffect interpretation.The following key words have special meaning in thisbooklet and the Group Policy and are highlighted in boldfont. The use of defined words in the singular includes theplural and vice versa.“accident/accidental/accidentally” means an unexpectedevent caused by something external and visible.“accountholder” means an ING customer, being anindividual, business entity or company, who has enteredinto a card account with ING and in whose name the cardaccount was opened. The accountholder is the individual,business entity or company that has contractual obligationswith ING under the card account.“Allianz” means Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, ABN 15000 122 850, AFSL 234708.“Allianz Global Assistance” means AWP Australia Pty Ltd,ABN 52 097 227 177, AFSL 245631.“card” means a current and valid Orange One PlatinumVisa Credit Card issued by ING. This includes secondary/additional cards.“card account” means: a current and valid ING card facility provided by ING towhich purchases made by cardholders on a ING cardare charged; or the primary account linked to a ING card whena purchase is routed by any electronic fundstransfer facility.“cardholder” means a person who has permanentresidency in Australia (including holders of a visa issuedunder the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) which entitles the holderof the visa to residency) and to whom ING has issued anING card.“chronic” means a persistent and lasting condition. It mayhave a pattern of relapse and remission.“concealed storage compartment” means a boot, trunk,glove box, enclosed centre console, or concealed cargo areaof a vehicle.6

“covered item” means all personal property acquired fordomestic or household use or consumption, but does notinclude: animals or plant life; boats, automobiles, motorboats, motorcycles, airplanesor any other motorised vehicles and their integral partsand installed accessories; cash, bullion, negotiable instruments, vouchers,gift cards, securities, trading cards, tickets of anydescription, travellers cheques or collections such asstamps, coins and cards; computer software and other non-tangible items; consumable or perishable items (including but notlimited to food, drink, drugs, cosmetics, fuel or oil); items acquired for the purpose of sale or trade; items of contraband; items purchased for a price of more than 10,000; manuscripts and books of account; real estate and movable fixtures or fittings (includingbut not limited to dish washers, stoves, ovens and fixedair conditioners) which are or are intended to form partof any home or real estate; or second-hand items including works of art and antiques;“dangerous activities” means you exposing yourself todanger during your journey and includes but is not limitedto activities such as: scuba diving unless you hold an open water divinglicense or are diving with a qualified and registereddiving instructor; mountaineering or rock climbing, racing of any sort(other than amateur racing on foot), white waterrafting, white water boating, abseiling, parasailing,skydiving, hang gliding, base jumping, bungy jumping,pot holing, canyoning, caving, fire walking, running withthe bulls, rodeo riding, polo playing, hunting, shooting,archery, tobogganing, water skiing, jet skiing, snowskiing or snow boarding other than on groomed slopes,snow mobiling or any other similar activity; or participation in any kind of professional sport.7“dependant” means your children or grandchildren, not infull-time employment who are aged 24 years or under atthe time eligibilty for cover is met.“epidemic” means a sudden development and rapidspreading of a contagious disease in a region where itdeveloped in an endemic state or within a previouslyunscathed community.“excess” means the deduction we will make fromthe amount otherwise payable for each claimableincident or event.“home” means the place where you normally livein Australia.“hospital” means an established hospital registered underany legislation that applies to it, that provides in-patientmedical care. It does not include any institution usedprimarily as a nursing or convalescent home, a place ofrest, a geriatric ward, a mental institution, a rehabilitationor external care facility or a place for the treatment ofalcoholism, drug addiction or substance addiction.“ING” means ING Bank (Australia) LimitedABN 24 000 893 292 AFSL 229823.“injure” or “injured” or “injury” means bodily injury causedsolely and directly by violent, accidental means whichhappens at a definite time and place during your period ofcover and does not result from any illness, sicknessor disease.“insolvency” or “insolvent” means bankruptcy, provisionalliquidation, liquidation, appointment of a receiver, manageror administrator, entry into any official or unofficial schemeof arrangement, statutory protection, restructuring orcomposition with creditors, or the happening of anything ofa similar nature under the laws of any jurisdiction.“journey” means travel which begins when you leave homeor your place of business to commence your travel andends when you arrive back home or at a hospital or nursinghome in Australia (if you are evacuated or repatriated),whichever happens earlier.“medical adviser” means a doctor, a clinical psychologist ora dentist, who is not you, your travelling companion or arelative or an employee of you, your travelling companionor a relative, holding the necessary certification for thecountry in which they are currently practicing and qualifiedto give the diagnosis being provided.8

“medical expenses” means reasonable expensesincurred for: medical, paramedical or surgical treatment andother treatment given or prescribed by a medicaladviser; or ambulance or hospital charges; or dental treatment arising as a result of an injury; or emergency dental charges up to the limitspecified in Part C - Table of benefits, Section 1.2Overseas Emergency Medical - Emergency DentalExpenses. This does not include dental treatment fordeterioration, decay or normal wear and tear toteeth; or expenses for your medical transfer or evacuation tothe nearest hospital for emergency medical treatmentor to be brought back to your home with appropriatemedical supervision.“mental illness” means any illness, condition or disorderlisted in the current edition of the Diagnostic and StatisticalManual of Mental Disorders.“motorcycle” means any two-wheeled or three-wheeledmotor vehicle.“natural disaster” means any event or force of naturethat has catastrophic consequences, such as avalanche,earthquake, flood, bush fire, hurricane, tornado, cyclone,tsunami and volcanic eruption.“overseas” means outside of Australia or while travelling ona foreign registered vessel in Australian territorial waters.“overseas travel ticket” means a ticket from Australia toan overseas destination and return to Australia.“pandemic” means a form of an epidemic that extendsthroughout an entire continent.“pre-existing medical condition” means any condition,including but not limited to mental illness, anxiety,alcoholism, drug addiction, substance addiction orpregnancy and/or any chronic or ongoing medical, mentalor dental condition, which you or a reasonable personin your circumstances should have been aware of, orshould have become aware of, or for which investigation,treatment or advice has been sought or received, ormedication prescribed or taken:9 at any time before you obtained your overseastravel ticket; or any complication arising from any such conditionoutlined above, except that any unexpected andunforeseen complication arising from your pre-existingpregnancy is not considered to be a pre-existingmedical condition.“professional sport” means training for, coaching orcompeting in any sporting event where you are entitled toreceive, or are eligible to receive, an appearance fee, wage,salary or prize money in excess of 1,000.“public place” means any place that the public hasaccess to, including but not limited to planes, trains, cruiseships, taxis, buses, air or bus terminals, stations, wharves,streets, shops, museums, galleries, hotels, hotel foyers andgrounds, beaches, restaurants, private car parks, publictoilets and general access areas.“quad bike” means a motorised designed to travel on four(4) or more wheels, having a seat straddled by the operatorand handle bars for steering control.“reasonable” means: for medical expenses, the standard level given in thecountry you are in not exceeding the level you wouldnormally receive in Australia; for other covered expenses, a level comparable to thoseyou have booked for the rest of your journey.“Reciprocal Health Care Agreement” means an agreementbetween the Government of Australia and the governmentof another country where Australian residents are providedwith subsidised essential medical treatment. (Pleasevisit for details of Reciprocal Health CareAgreements with Australia).“redundant” or “redundancy” means loss of paid fulltime employment (except voluntary redundancy), after acontinuous working period of two (2) years with thesame employer.“relative” means: spouse; parent, parent-in-law, step parent, guardian; grandparent; foster child, grandchild, step child, ward;10

brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, half brother,half sister; daughter, daughter-in-law, son, son-in-law; or fiance, fiancee.“rental vehicle” means a campervan/motorhome thatdoes not exceed 4.5 tonnes, a sedan, coupe, hatchback,station-wagon, SUV, four wheel drive or mini bus/peoplemover rented from a licensed motor vehicle rentalcompany or agency.“sick” or “sickness” means a medical condition (including amental illness), not being an injury, the signs or symptomsof which first occur or manifest during your period of cover.“sporting equipment” means equipment needed and usedto participate in a particular sport and which can be carriedabout with you.“spouse” means a partner of the cardholder who ispermanently living with the cardholder at the time thejourney starts.“valuables” means jewellery, watches, preciousmetals or semi precious stones/precious stones and itemsmade of or containing precious metals or semi preciousstones/precious stones, furs, binoculars, telescopes,computer games, any kind of photographic, audio, video,computer, television, fax and phone equipment (includingmobile phones), tablets, MP3/4 players and PDAs.“we”, “our”, “us” means Allianz Australia Insurance Limited,ABN 15 000 122 850, AFSL 234708 and its agent AWPAustralia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 AFSL 245631 tradingas Allianz Global Assistance.“you”, “your”, “yourself” means cardholder, spouse ordependants if they are eligible to obtain cover except inthe definition of pre-existing medical condition where youor your means cardholder, spouse, dependant, relative,travelling companion or any other person.“transaction card” means a debit card, credit card or travelmoney card.“travelling companion” means a person withwhom you made arrangements before the journey began,to travel with you for at least 75% of the period of coverprovided for your journey.“unlimited” means the amount necessary to reimburseyou for your insured loss.“unsupervised” means means leaving yourcovered items or valuables:a] with a person who is not a travelling companion orwho is not a relative; orb] with a person who is a travelling companion orwho is a relative but who fails to keep your covereditems or valuables under close supervision; orc] where they can be taken without yourknowledge; ord] at such a distance from you that you are unable toprevent them being taken; andincludes forgetting or misplacing items of your covereditems or valuables, leaving them behind or walking awayfrom them.1112

Part A - Eligibility & Activationof coverPart B - Period of coverInternational Travel InsuranceThe period of cover provided for each journey is fourty(40) consecutive days if you have a return overseas travelticket (which you use to leave Australia), and cannot beextended by you.Who is eligible?A cardholder, their spouse and their dependants becomeeligible for this International Travel Insurance whenbefore travelling overseas they obtain their overseastravel ticket(s) and accommodation for the journey (notincluding taxes or airport or travel agent charges) bycharging at least 500 of the total cost of each eligibleperson’s overseas travel ticket(s) and accommodation (notincluding taxes or airport or travel agent charges) to theaccountholder’s card account.If a cardholder satisfies the eligibility criteria set out above,their dependant under the age of two years as at the datethe journey commences is eligible for this InternationalTravel Insurance provided the dependant is travelling withthe cardholder on the same itinerary for the entire journey.No cover is provided for dependants born on your journey.When a cardholder, spouse and dependant are travellingtogether only one eligible person can claim the benefitspayable to a cardholder. The other eligible persons mayonly claim as a spouse or dependant.International Travel InsuranceThe period of cover provided under Section 2.1 Cancellationbegins on the date you become eligible for cover bymeeting the criteria set out in Part A - Eligibility & Activationof Cover under the heading International Travel Insurance.Provided you meet the eligibility criteria set out in Part A Eligibility & Activation of Cover, the period of cover providedfor all other insured events commences when you leaveyour home to start your journey or on the departure dateshown on your overseas travel ticket, whichever occurslater.Cover under all sections ends when the first of the followingoccurs: when you return to your home; or at midnight on the date when you are due toreturn to your home as shown on your returnoverseas travel ticket; fourty (40) consecutive days after the date of departureshown on your return overseas travel tickets; or when you cancel your return overseas travel ticket; orIf you have a return overseas travel ticket and yourreturn to Australia is delayed because of a covered event,or because your scheduled means of transport is delayedfor reasons beyond your control, your journey willautomatically be extended for up to four (4) consecutiveweeks or until you return to your home, whicheverhappens first.For the avoidance of doubt, you are only covered if youtravel directly to your home from the air or sea terminalwhere you landed in Australia and will not be covered forany divergence, delay or indirect route you elect to take.1314

Part C - Table of BenefitsThe covers available are outlined in Part E, The cover weprovide and are subject to the applicable terms, conditions,limits, sub-limits and exclusions.Please read the entire booklet to ensure that the covers andbenefits meet your requirements.If you need advice in respect of your particularcircumstances or needs please consult an appropriatelylicensed insurance adviser.International Travel InsuranceThe table below sets out the maximum limits ofwhat we will pay under each section of InternationalTravel Insurance.maximum of 1,000 for acardholder travelling aloneor with their spouse and/ordependants.3.2 Travel Delay 500 for a cardholdertravelling alone or withtheir spouse and/ordependants.4.1 Covered items& Valuables 10,000 for a cardholdertravelling alone or withtheir spouse and/ordependants for all claimscombined, subject to thebelow item sub-limits.Unlimited Unlimited, except:4.1.1 a] Laptops,computers &accessories 1.1 OverseasEmergencyAssistance1.2 OverseasEmergencyMedical Expenses for dentaltreatment for the reliefof sudden and acutepain to sound andnatural teeth limited to 1,500 in total.1.3 Accidental Death 25,000 for a cardholderor spouse with a combinedlimit of 25,000.1.4 Repatriation ofremains 10,000 per person.2.1 Cancellation &3.1 Additional Expenses 10,000 for all claimscombined including:15

ING Bank (Australia) Limited ABN 24 000 893 292 AFSL 229823 (ING) does not underwrite the covers contained in this booklet. ING has entered into an agreement for the benefit of its specified cardholders. This insurance is issued and managed by AWP Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 52 097 227 177, AFSL 245631 trading as Allianz Global Assistance, 74File Size: 261KB