Our employees are ourmost valuable asset.That is why at Shentel, we are committed to a comprehensive employee benefits program that helps our employees stayhealthy, feel secure, and maintain a work/life balance. This benefit summary will review the benefits available toemployees effective January 1, 2021.STAY HEALTHY Medical DentalVisionMAINTAIN A WORK/LIFE BALANCE Employee Assistance Plan Flexible Spending AccountsFEELING SECURE Life and Accidental Death & DismembermentDisability Insurance AccidentELIGIBILITYAll full-time employees are eligible for benefits the first of the month following 60 calendar days of employment. Anemployee is full-time as long as they hold a position classified as full-time and work at least 32 hours in a workweek.Employees can make changes to their benefit elections during the year only if they have a qualifying event as defined bythe Internal Revenue Service, including: A change in your legal marital status A change in the number of your dependents A change in your or your spouse’s employment that affects benefits A change in the eligibility status of a dependent A loss of benefit coverageEmployees must be enrolled or make changes within 30 days from the qualifying event. If an employee fails to do so,their next opportunity to enroll or make changes will be during Open Enrollment for coverage effective January 1 of thefollowing year.SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20212

Carrier Contact InfoMEDICALPAGE 4Provider Name . AnthemProvider Phone Number . 800-451-1527Provider Web Address . www.anthem.comHEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTPAGE 5Provider Name . HealthEquityProvider Phone Number . 866-346-5800Provider Web Address . www.healthequity.comDENTALPAGE 6Provider Name . GuardianProvider Phone Number . 877-500-2386Provider Web Address . www.guardiananytime.comVISIONPAGE 7Provider Name . GuardianProvider Phone Number . 877-500-2386Provider Web Address . www.guardiananytime.comLIFE AND ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENTPAGE 8Provider Name . The StandardProvider Phone Number . 888-937-4783Provider Web Address . www.Standard.comSHORT TERM DISABILITYPAGE 9Provider Name . The StandardProvider Phone Number . 888-937-4783Provider Web Address . www.Standard.comLONG TERM DISABILITYPAGE 9Provider Name . The StandardProvider Phone Number . 888-937-4783Provider Web Address . www.Standard.comEMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PLANPAGE 9Provider Name . The StandardProvider Phone Number . 888-293-6948Provider Web Address . SPENDING ACCOUNTSPAGE 10Provider Name . HealthEquityProvider Phone Number . 866-346-5800Provider Web Address . www.healthequity.comVOLUNTARY ACCIDENT INSURANCEPAGE 11Provider Name . GuardianProvider Phone Number . 877-500-2386Provider Web Address . www.guardiananytime.comEmployees should refer to this list when they need to contact one of the benefit vendors. For general information, pleasecontact the Human Resources team.SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20213

Medical InsuranceMedical insurance is offered through Anthem. Employees have a choice of two plans. The table below outlines andcompares the employee financial exposure under each plan.Anthem PPO 1,000 PlanAnthem HDHP 3,000 w/HSA PlanIn-NetworkIn-Network 1,000 2,000 3,000 6,00020% Member / 80% Anthem10% Member / 90% Anthem 4,000 8,000 5,000 10,000 15 LiveHealth Online 25 co-pay 50 co-pay 59 LiveHealth Online10% after deductible10% after deductibleCovered at 100%Covered at 100%Emergency Services20% after deductible10% after deductibleUrgent Care Center 50 co-pay10% after deductibleInpatient Hospital Stay20% after deductible10% after deductibleOutpatient Surgery20% after deductible10% after deductibleAdvanced Imaging(MRI, CT, PET)20% after deductible10% after deductible20% after deductible10% after deductible20% after deductible10% after deductibleMandatory Generic/Mail order* 10 / 30 / 50 / 20%** 25 / 75 / 125 / 20%*Mandatory Generic/Mail order*After Deductible 10 / 30 / 50 / 20%**After Deductible 25 / 75 / 125 / 20%*Deductible: 2,000 / 4,000Coinsurance: 40% Member / 60% AnthemOut-of-Pocket Maximum: 5,000 / 10,000Deductible: 6,000 / 12,000Coinsurance: 30% Member / 70% AnthemOut-of-Pocket Maximum: 8,000 / 16,000BenefitDeductibleEmployee OnlyEmployee Dependent(s)CoinsuranceOut-of-Pocket MaxEmployee OnlyEmployee Dependent(s)Physician Office VisitPrimary CareSpecialistPreventive Care/Well BabyMental HealthOutpatientInpatientSubstance AbuseOutpatientInpatientPharmacy CoverageRetail Pharmacy Co-PaysHome Delivery Co-PaysOut-of-Network*Mandatory mail order on maintenance prescriptions after the second refill at a retail pharmacy. You must use the mail order program for the third refill to have the prescriptioncovered by the insurance.**Up to 200 per monthEmployee Medical Rates Per Pay PeriodEmployee OnlyEmployee OneFamilyAnthem PPO 1,000 Plan 57.25 222.50 372.39Anthem HDHP 3,000 w/HSA Plan 9.19 87.31 155.10SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20214

Health Savings Account (HSA)If you participate in the high deductible health plan (HDHP), the IRS allows you to contribute to a Health Savings account(HSA). The account is a tax-free medical IRA (Individual Retirement Account).All covered services, including prescriptions, are subject to the 3,000 deductible of the HDHP. Once an employee meetsthe deductible, services will be covered by Anthem at 90% and the member is responsible for 10% co-insurance except forprescriptions. Prescriptions will be covered under three co-pay tiers of 10 / 30 / 50 / 20% up to 200 per month for retailand 25 / 75 / 125 / 20% up to 200 per month for mail order, until the out-of-pocket maximum is met. Preventativemaintenance prescriptions on the essentials list will be covered at 0 cost to the participant in the medical plan. The list ofpreventative/maintenance prescriptions that are covered are on pages 16 & 17 of this booklet.The out-of-pocket maximum for the HDHP is 5,000 for employee only coverage and 10,000 for all other coverage tiers.The deductible, as well as the prescription co-pays, goes toward the out-of-pocket maximum.For participants in the HDHP, Shentel will contribute the amounts below to their Health Savings Account (ER HSA).Employee OnlyEmployee OneFamily 1,000 annually 38.46 per pay period 1,800 annually 69.23 per pay period 1,800 annually 69.23 per pay period*Shentel’s contribution will be deposited into the employee’s HSA account each pay period.Employees may also contribute to their Health Savings Account in addition to Shentel’s contribution. The IRS limits are thecombined employee and employer contributions as shown below.HSA Contribution Limits for 2021IRS ContributionShentel ContributionEmployee ContributionEmployee Only 3,600 1,000 2,600Employee One 7,200 1,800 5,400Family 7,200 1,800 5,400Coverage Tier*Catch up contributions of 1,000 can be made by employees, who are 55 years of age or will turn 55 in the plan year, and until they enroll in Medicare. Once an employee enrolls inMedicare, the employee can no longer contribute to an HSA.Contribution limits are based on a calendar basis, which means contributions are prorated by the number of monthsindividuals are eligible to contribute to an HSA.HealthEquity will administer the HSA and employees have the option of investing their funds in the market.Other key points: Investment income accumulates tax-free. Any remaining balance in your HSA account at the end of each year may roll over to the following year. Employees may use their debit card or check to pay for the qualified medical expenses. Keep all related receipts and Explanation of Benefits for your records. You do not need to submit receipts to bereimbursed from your HSA account.SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20215

Dental InsuranceDental insurance is offered through Guardian. Employees are given a choice of two plans. Both plans allow employees toseek treatment from the dentist of their choice and services are based on the usual, reasonable and customary rates inyour area; there is no dental network required. If you visit a dentist that participates with Guardian’s National PPONetwork, you may pay less out-of-pocket because services are based on a negotiated contracted fee schedule. If youchoose a non-participating provider, as in previous years, the plan will continue to cover your services based on the usual,reasonable and customary rates in your area. Please see the chart below for a plan comparison and overview.Type of ServiceBasic OptionHigh Option 50 Individual / 150 Family 50 Individual / 150 FamilyPreventive ServicesExams, Cleanings, Bitewing X-Rays, Fluoride,Sealants100% Covered100% CoveredBasic ServicesAmalgam Fillings, Simple Extractions, DentureRepair80% Covered80% CoveredMajor ServicesCrowns, Bridges, Dentures, Periodontics,EndodonticsNot Covered50% CoveredOrthodontic Services*Not Covered50% Covered 1,000 per covered member 1,500 per covered memberDeductible(Applies to Basic and Major Services Only)Dental Annual Maximum*Lifetime maximum for orthodontic services is 1,500 for a child under the age of 18.Dental Rates per Pay Period – Basic OptionEmployee OnlyEmployee SpouseEmployee Child(ren)Family 4.26 9.05 9.78 14.87Dental Rates per Pay Period – High OptionEmployee OnlyEmployee SpouseEmployee Child(ren)Family 11.76 23.35 34.49 45.83SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20216

Vision PlanA vision plan is offered through Guardian and the network is through Davis Vision. The plan offers benefits for regularroutine eye exams, lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Please see the chart below for a plan comparison and overview.Plan FeaturePlan FrequenciesExam every 12 Months / Lenses every 12 Months / Frames every 24 MonthsCo-payment (each member)Exam 10 / Lenses and/or Frames 25Maximum AllowancesIn-NetworkOut-of-NetworkEye Exam 10 co-payment 50 maximum after 10 co-paymentLenses (per pair)SingleBifocalTrifocalLenticular 25 co-payment 25 co-payment 25 co-payment 25 co-payment 48 maximum after 10 co-payment 67 maximum after 25 co-payment 86 maximum after 25 co-payment 126 maximum after 25 co-paymentContact Lenses –Medically Necessary 25 co-payment 210 maximum after 25 co-payment80% of amount over 130 48 maximum after 25 co-paymentFramesVision Rates per Pay PeriodEmployee OnlyEmployee SpouseEmployee Child(ren)Family 2.81 4.73 4.81 7.63SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20217

Basic Life Insurance& Accidental Death and DismembermentFull-time employees are provided with a Basic Life Insurance policy including Accidental Death and Dismemberment paidby Shentel. Employees receive two times their annual salary up to a maximum of 600,000. Starting in 2021, if theemployee’s salary changes during the year, the coverage and amount per pay period will change as well.Voluntary Life InsuranceFull-time employees may also choose to purchase voluntary life insurance benefits including Accidental Death andDismemberment (AD&D) for themselves, their spouse and/or children when electing voluntary life for themselves. Thecoverage is provided through The Standard. Please see the plan overviews below.EMPLOYEE COVERAGEEmployees may elect coverage on themselves up to a maximum of 600,000. The guaranteed issue amount as a newhire is two times annual compensation up to 350,000, whichever is less.SPOUSE COVERAGEEmployees may elect coverage on their spouse in 5,000 increments up to 50,000 not to exceed 100% of the employeeelection. The guaranteed issue amount as a new hire is up to 25,000.CHILD(REN) COVERAGEEmployees may elect coverage on their child(ren) in the amount of 5,000. The guaranteed issue amount as a new hire is 5,000.Monthly Rate per 1,000Employee/SpouseRate Per Pay PeriodLess than 30 0.074 / 0.07430-34 0.080 / 0.08035-39 0.100 / 0.10040-44 0.133 / 0.133Monthly Amount x 12 Months45-49 0.186 / 0.18626 pay periods50-54 0.266 / 0.26655-59 0.466 / 0.46660-64 0.574 / 0.57465-69 1.136 / 1.13640,000 Salary70 2.096 / 2.0961,000ChildrenAnnual Election1000Rate Per 1,000 MonthlyAmountPer PayDeductionsExample: Employee elects 1 Salary and is 27 years of age. 0.246 for 1,0002.96 x 12 Rates include AD&DSHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARYX PLAN YEAR 2021X .074 2.96 35.5226 pay periods 1.378

Disability InsuranceShentel provides full-time employees with short term and long term disability coverage through The Standard. Employeesare eligible for these benefits following 180 calendar days of employment. Employees are required to submit anapplication to The Standard to determine eligibility. In the event an employee becomes disabled from a non-work-relatedinjury or sickness, disability income benefits are provided as a source of income. Please see the plan overviews below.Both benefits are 100% employer paid.Short Term DisabilityBenefits Begin8th Day*Maximum Benefit Period180 calendar daysPercentage of Income Replaced60% of weekly base salary*After Paid Time Off and other benefits have been exhausted per the policy, if applicableLong Term DisabilityBenefits Begin181st calendar dayMaximum Benefit PeriodNormal Social Security Retirement AgePercentage of Income Replaced60% of weekly base salaryMaximum BenefitUp to 10,000 a monthEmployee Assistance ProgramThe Employee Assistance Program is offered to all employees and immediate family members through The Standard.A completely confidential counseling program covers issues such as marital and family concerns, depression, substanceabuse, grief and loss, financial entanglements, and other personal stressors.888.293.6948SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 20219

Flexible SpendingAccounts (FSA)FSA’s provide employees with an important tax advantage that can help an employee pay health care and dependentcare expenses on a pre-tax basis. By anticipating one’s family’s health care and dependent care costs for the next year,employees can actually lower their taxable income.HEALTH CARE SPENDING ACCOUNT (FSA)The FSA allows employees to pay for certain IRS-approved medical costs not covered by their insurance plan with pre-taxdollars. The Annual Maximum Contribution is 2,750. Employees may rollover a maximum of 550 at the end of the year.Some examples include: Hearing services, including hearing aids and batteries Vision services, including contact lenses, contact lens solution, eye examinations and eyeglasses Dental services and orthodontia Chiropractic services Acupuncture Prescription contraceptivesAll new participants in the Health Care Spending Account will receive a debit card from HealthEquity. This card will makeit easier to pay for services such as co-pays for physician office visits and prescription drugs. Employees may alsopurchase designated over-the-counter drugs. Employees need to save their receipts for validation purposes if the debitcard is used for expenses other than prescription and office visit co- pays. For non-co-pay medical expenses, employeeswill be asked to send in a copy of their receipts to the carrier to validate the expense.If a debit card is not used then a claims form detailing the expenses may be submitted by email, fax or mail.You may elect a limited purpose FSA if you participate in the HSA, however, you can only be reimbursed for dental andvision expenses.DEPENDENT CARE SPENDING ACCOUNT (FSA)Employees can use pre-tax dollars toward qualified dependent care expenses such as caring for children under the age of13 or caring for elders. The annual maximum amount an employee may contribute to the Dependent Care FSA is 5,000(or 2,500 if married and filing separately) per calendar year. Examples include: The cost of child or adult dependent care The cost for an individual to provide care either in or out of your house as long as the provider is claiming theamount on taxes Nursery schools and preschools (excluding kindergarten)SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 202110

Voluntary Accident InsuranceGuardian’s Voluntary Accident Insurance covers a wide variety of injuries and accident related expenses, such asemergency room treatment, hospitalization/hospital intensive care, therapy services, transportation and lodgingassociated with the loss of income due to a covered off-the job accident. This accident insurance is separate from themedical insurance and the claims are paid directly to the employee.Accident coverage provides a lump sum benefit based on the type of injury (or covered incident) the employee sustains orthe type of treatment the employee needs. The accident policy also provides a wellness benefit. Each covered individualwill automatically receive 100 annually for receiving a covered health screening test.OPTIONAL COVERAGE INCLUDES SICKNESS HOSPITAL CONFINEMENT BENEFIT Benefit pays the employee, the employee’s spouse or child(ren) a daily benefit if he or she is in the hospital for acovered illness after a three (3) day elimination period.The benefit amount is 150 per day up to 20 days per covered accident.RATES PER PAY PERIODEmployee OnlyEmployee SpouseEmployee Child(ren)Two ParentEmployee FamilyAccident with 100Wellness 5.19 8.96 9.37 13.14Sickness HospitalConfinement Benefit 5.47 9.50 9.78 13.80Sickness rider is guarantee issue for initial enrollment.Please see Guardian materials for further plan details and per pay period pricing for Employee, Spouse, and Dependent Children coverage.SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 202111

Premium AssistanceUnder Medicaid and the Children’s HealthInsurance Program (CHIP)If you or your children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP and you’re eligible for health coverage from your employer, yourstate may have a premium assistance program that can help pay for coverage, using funds from their Medicaid or CHIPprograms. If you or your children aren’t eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, you won’t be eligible for these premium assistanceprograms but you may be able to buy individual insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. For moreinformation, visit you or your dependents are already enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP and you live in a State listed below, contact your StateMedicaid or CHIP office to find out if premium assistance is available.If you or your dependents are NOT currently enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, and you think you or any of your dependentsmight be eligible for either of these programs, contact your State Medicaid or CHIP office or dial 1-877-KIDS NOW to find out how to apply. If you qualify, ask your state if it has a program that might help youpay the premiums for an employer-sponsored plan.If you or your dependents are eligible for premium assistance under Medicaid or CHIP, as well as eligible under youremployer plan, your employer must allow you to enroll in your employer plan if you aren’t already enrolled. This is called a“special enrollment” opportunity, and you must request coverage within 60 days of being determined eligible forpremium assistance. If you have questions about enrolling in your employer plan, contact the Department of Labor or call 1-866-444-EBSA (3272).If you live in one of the following states, you may be eligible for assistance paying your employer health plan premiums.The following list of states is current as of July 31, 2020. Contact your State for more information on eligibility.ALABAMA – MEDICAIDALASKA – MEDICAIDWebsite: 1-855-692-5447The AK Health Insurance Premium Payment ProgramWebsite: 1-866-251-4861Email: [email protected] aid/default.aspxARKANSAS – MEDICAIDCALIFORNIA – MEDICAIDWebsite: 1-855-MyARHIPP (855-692-7447)Website: CAU cont.aspxFax: 1-916-440-5676Phone: 1-916-552-9200COLORADO – HEALTH FIRST COLORADO(COLORADO’S MEDICAID PROGRAM) &CHILD HEALTH PLAN PLUS (CHP )FLORIDA – MEDICAIDHealth First Colorado Website: First Colorado Member Contact Center:1-800-221-3943 / State Relay 711CHP : -planplusCHP Customer Service: 1-800-359-1991/ State Relay 711Health Insurance Buy-In Program h-insurance-buyprogramHIBI Customer Service: lPhone: 1-877-357-3268SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 202112

GEORGIA – MEDICAIDINDIANA – MEDICAIDWebsite: um-payment-program-hippPhone: 1-678-564-1162 ext 2131Healthy Indiana Plan for low-income adults 19-64Website: 1-877-438-4479All other MedicaidWebsite: 1-800-457-4584IOWA – MEDICAID and CHIP (HAWKI)KANSAS – MEDICAIDMedicaid Website: Phone: 1-800-338-8366Hawki Website: Phone: 1-800-257-8563Website: 1-800-792-4884KENTUCKY – MEDICAIDLOUISIANA – MEDICAIDKentucky Integrated Health Insurance Premium PaymentProgram (KI-HIPP) ges/kihipp.aspxPhone: 1-855-459-6328Email: [email protected] Website: 1-877-524-4718Kentucky Medicaid Website: or 1-888-342-6207 (Medicaid hotline), or1-877-2LaCHIP (1-877-252-2447), or1-855-618-5488 (LaHIPP)MAINE – MEDICAIDMASSACHUSETTS – MEDICAID AND CHIPEnrollment s-formsPhone: 1-800-442-6003TTY: Maine relay 711Website: th/Phone: 1-800-862-4840Private Health Insurance Premium s-formsPhone: 1-800-977-6740TTY: Maine relay 711MINNESOTA – MEDICAIDMISSOURI – : 1-800-657-3739Website: htmPhone: 573-751-2005MONTANA – MEDICAIDNEBRASKA – MEDICAIDWebsite: Phone: 1-800-694-3084Website: 1-855-632-7633Lincoln: 1-402-473-7000Omaha: 1-402-595-1178NEVADA – MEDICAIDNEW HAMPSHIRE – MEDICAIDMedicaid Website: http://dhcfp.nv.govMedicaid Phone: 1-800-992-0900Website: 603-271-5218Toll free number for the HIPP program: 1-800-852-3345, ext 5218SHENTEL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SUMMARY PLAN YEAR 202113

NEW JERSEY – MEDICAID AND CHIPNEW YORK – MEDICAIDMedicaid /clients/medicaid/Medicaid Phone: 609-631-2392CHIP Website: Phone: 1-800-701-0710Website: care/medicaid/Phone: 1-800-541-2831NORTH CAROLINA – MEDICAIDNORTH DAKOTA – MEDICAIDWebsite: 919-855-4100Website: d/Phone: 1-844-854-4825OKLAHOLMA – MEDICAID AND CHIPOREGON – MEDICAIDWebsite: http://www.insureoklahoma.orgPhone: 1-888-365-3742Website: // 1-800-699-9075PENNSYLVANIA – MEDICAIDRHODE ISLAND – MEDICAID AND ders/Pages/Medical/HIPPProgram.aspxPhone: 1-800-692-7462Website: 1-855-697-4347, or 401-462-0311 (Direct RIte Share Line)SOUTH CAROLINA – MEDICAIDSOUTH DAKOTA – MEDICAIDWebsite: https://www.scdhhs.govPhone: 1-888-549-0820Website: 1-888-828-0059TEXAS – MEDICAIDUTAH – MEDICAID AND CHIPWebsite: 1-800-440-0493Medicaid Website: Website: 1-877-543-7669VERMONT – MEDICAIDVIRGINIA – MEDICAID AND CHIPWebsite: 1-800-250-8427Website: Phone: 1-800-432-5924 or 1-855-242-8282CHIP Website: (select the 'Programs' tab andthen select 'Premium Assistance')CHIP Phone: 1-855-242-8282WASHINGTON – MEDICAIDWEST VI

That is why at Shentel, we are committed to a comprehensive employee benefits program that helps our employees stay . the Internal Revenue Service, including: A change in your legal marital status . Pro