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Total System is one of the world's largest companies for out‐sourced payment services, offering a broad range of issuer- andacquirer-processing technologies that support consumer-fi‐nance, credit, debit, healthcare, loyalty and prepaid services forSuper Bowl ads: Winners and losersYahoo Financefinancial institutions and retail companies in more than 80 coun‐tries across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. Thecompany's services are divided into three broad operating seg‐ments:North America Services (accounted for 46% of gross revenue in2013) provides services to clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexicoand the Caribbean. Total System processes information throughBill Gross cautions bond investorsits cardholder systems and provides issuer account solutionsfor financial institutions and other organizations throughout theU.S.International Services (19%) provides services to clients in Eu‐rope, India, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Brazil. TotalSystem processes information through its cardholder systemsto international financial institutions.What's holding back the middle class?Look in your closet.Merchant Services (25%) provides merchant services to finan‐cial institutions and other organizations primarily in the U.S.Effective third-quarter 2013, NetSpend (10%) has been includedas the fourth operating segment of Total System. Acquired in Jul2013 for about 1.4 billion, NetSpend offers reloadable prepaiddebit and payroll cards as well as alternative financial servicesto the under-banked and to other consumers in the U.S. TotalSystem raised 1.1 billion through a two-part note offering inMay 2013 to fund the acquisition. One set of 5-year notes worth 550 million carries an annual interest of 2.375%, while the re‐maining 550 million worth of notes are due to mature in 10years and bear annual interest of 3.75%.The company pri‐marily functionsthrough four busi‐ness operations:Electronic pay‐Related QuotesTSS36.07 0.61%Total System Services, Inc.ment processing,36.07merchant ser‐NYSE 11:55AM ESTWatchlistMining, oil stocks help Europe higher;Greece up 11% 0.22 (0.61%)vices, reim‐bursable itemsand other ser‐vices.Why the 30 Year Mortgage Is a "RipOff"Electronic pay‐ment processingservices includeTotal System's Earnings Beat Eases 2014 Exit,View Tepid - Analyst Blog Zacks 6 days agoprocessing ser‐Total System Services Inc. (TSS): New Analyst Re‐port from Zacks Equity Research - Zacks EquityResearch Report Zacks 6 days agovices for con‐Moreproviding issuerSponsored

sumer credit, re‐tail, debit, stored value, government services and commercialcard accounts. Merchant services include processing services,Auto Sales Drive Industry Recovery asStocks Stallacquiring solutions, related systems and integrated support ser‐vices. Reimbursable items are receipts for out-of-pocket ex‐penses as revenues and expenses. The largest reimbursable ex‐pense item, for which clients reimburse the company, ispostage. Changes in postal rates as well as volume of mailingactivity by its clients affect the company's reimbursable items.Other services include business process management, mail andNot Worried at All About Oil’s Plunge:Tierneycorrespondence processing, tele-servicing, data documenta‐tion, offset printing, collections, and account solicitation andclient services.Total System continues to develop and enhance its processingsolutions by developing solutions and strategic acquisitions toexpand its service offerings. In 2008, Total System acquired In‐fonox for an aggregate consideration of approximately 50.6Oil: 'Too early' to call a bottommillion, with contingent payments over the next three years ofup to 25 million, based on performance.In order to divest its non-strategic businesses, Total Systemsold Total Debt Management Inc. (TDM) in Aug 2009, followedby the sale of TSS POS Systems and Services LLC (TPOS) inSep 2010. In Apr 2010, Total System acquired 51% ownershipof a newly formed company named First National Merchant So‐Staples, Office Depot in merger talksReuters Videoslutions LLC (FNMS), under a joint venture with First NationalBank of Omaha (FNBO), for approximately 150.5 million.FNMS is the name under which FNBO currently conducts itsmerchant activities. On Jan 1, 2011, Total System acquired theremaining 49% of FMNS for 169.6 million. Following the com‐pletion of the acquisition, Total System has renamed FNMS asTSYS Merchant Solutions (TMS).Pisani: 3 factors motivating marketsAdditionally, in May 2011, Total System acquired TermNet Mer‐chant Services, which is the 52nd largest merchant acquirer inthe U.S. by dollar volume, according to The Nilson Report. Thecompany has been re-branded as Total System and fully inte‐grated into TMS. In Oct 2011, Total System purchased the mer‐chant portfolio of Florida-based Vanguard Payment SystemsAmazon eyes hurting RadioShack storesInc. In Aug 2012, Total System formed a joint venture (CentralPayment Joint Venture (CPay)) with Central Payment Co. LLCby buying a 60% stake in the privately-held direct merchant ac‐quirer for 66 million, and inflated this holding to 75% in Feb2014. In Dec 2012, the company acquired Utah-based private‐ly-held payment solution provider ProPay for an undisclosedamount.Former banker reveals his CIA pastMeanwhile, the company vended of operations in Japan duringsecond-quarter 2014. Thus, it is now a discontinued operation.Total System Services Inc. (TSS): Read the Full Research Report9 out of 10 Americans Fail This 8th

Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Re‐search? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 309 out of 10 Americans Fail This 8thGrade QuizSponsored VypedDays. Click to get this free reportTOTAL SYS SVC (TSS): Free Stock Analysis ReportTo read this article on click here.RatesMortgageCDsSavingsU.S. companies can now stake claims onthe moonAuto LoansLenderAPRRateCost and FeesSebonic Financial3.625%3.625%Est payment:Tue Feb 3Lender fees:State Lic #No.20829NMLS ID:Santander Bank, N.A.3.831%3.750%Est payment:Tue Feb 3Lender fees:Citizens Bank3.782%3.750%Est payment:Fri Jan 30Lender fees:Product: 30 year fixed, 0 pointsDisclaimer Loan Amount: 200,000Crude sends stocks higher: Here are thelevels to keep an eye onSearch Criteria: 20% down, 740 credit scoreCriteria UsedEarn Your Degree At Strayer Univer‐sityView Comments (0)Share thisSponsored Strayer ystem-serv‐ices-inc-tss-120012875.html?soc src copyRecommended for YouIf You Want to Retire in 10 Years, Do These 5Things NowThe decade before retirement is a critical time. Here's how to makesure you're on the right path.MoneyPutin on track to nationalize companies:CriticNew Sleep Aid TakesCVS by StormThe simplest way to fall asleepfast and stay asleep all night.Peak Life SponsoredWarren Buffett Loves This Undervalued Oil Stockand it Could be The Best Investment of 2015This stock is the leader in the oil industry. It is one of the largest cor‐TheStreet.comCoke bets on 'premium milk' to boost de‐clining categoryporationsin theworld and has raised its dividend 32 years in a row.XOM 91.331.95%Philippines opens mammoth casi‐no-resort, seeking high-rollersA new mega-casino opened in the Philippines Mon‐day as the fast-growing southeast Asian nation upsits bid to become a world gaming destination. Mani‐AFPla aims to rival Macau and Las Vegas in terms ofgamingrevenues,andthe "Cityworkers,of Dreams" is theFor strikingU.S.refinerylatest in a string of casinos that have opened in Shell shocks with a new styleOfficials from Royal Dutch Shell Plc , the lead nego‐Reuterstiatoroil companies,RDS-Afor 66.115.04% were repeatedly saying itwould be too hard to meet the union's demands fora new three-year contract to lift pay and tightenAmazon in talks to buy some of Ra‐dioShack's stores

Can a Debt Collector Sell My Debt If I've StartedRepaying It?A reader had a payoff agreement and was paying as agreed — butthen learned her debt had been sold and the original agreement wasCredit.comvoid.In Russia, creepingawareness that eco‐nomic crisis will lastMOSCOW (AP) — Chairs, tables,designer chandeliers, and anenormous pink lamp in the Associatedshape of aPressbear's head: at The46minsagoRedFoxand the Lazy Hound, anupscale restaurant that is one ofmany closing in Moscow thisCramer: Let me be clear about oilmonth, everything must go.The picture in petroleum is beginning to clear up for"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer.Cramer: Let me be clear on oilCNBCS&P reaches 1.5 billion deal with U.S.,states over crisis-era rating CNBC VideosPlayWeird Loophole InPennsylvaniaWhy did no one tell drivers aboutthis? If you're currently insured ProvideSavingsSponsoredand driveless than35 miles perday, you better read this.Here are five Obama tax proposals that make nosenseUS home price gains weakened in De‐cember on slower salesThe president wants to raise taxes, making the code much morecomplex, says Diana Furchtgott-Roth.MarketWatchOil erases losses for 2015 as majorstake actionPlayThe price of oil continued its rally, with producersannouncing spending cuts that added to a slew ofpositive factors helping the commodity higher.CNBCThe correction thatseemingly nevercomesSome traders are wondering ifthe most anticipated correctionin the history of corrections is Talkingabout Numbersto happen.Data DisclaimerHelp / SuggestionsGreece Seeks Third Debt Restructuring: Who'son the Hook?Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has pledged to repay in full obligationsto the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.BloombergFinance Minister Yanis Varoufakis outlined plans to swap some debtintonew securitiesand link repaymentwithOfteneconomicgrowth. Both5CommonTax DeductionsPeopleSkiphave said private investors If you live in a state where there is state income tax, you can deductthe amount you paid in state income tax over the tax year. But whatif you live&inWorldoneReportof the seven states that don't have state incomeU.S.Newstax?What happens to Democrats ifHillary Clinton doesn’t run in 2016?PlayMeritas Advisors Principal Lenore Hawkins, MAX‐ co-founder Jonas Max Ferris and FBN’sNeilBusinessCavuto Videosand Tracy Byrnes on Mitt Romney, ChrisFoxChristie and Hillary Clinton.If Banks Knew YouDid This, They'd FreakBefore you pay your next mort‐gage bill, you have got to read TheSite areSponsoredthis Easynow.LoanBanksstarting toscramble as more homeownersfindabout this.Theout5 Fundamentalsof Retirement FinancesPrivacyAbout Our AdsTerms

It's tough for many retirees to handle the financial part of their lives.Retirees used to have a pension, and they could let other peopleworry aboutthe Reportfinancial markets. Figure out the best time to startU.S.News& WorldSocial Security benefits. So when is the best time to begin SocialSecurity?Jack Ma defends Alibaba amidfakes rowAlibaba founder Jack Ma has defended his compa‐ny's reputation after authorities accused it of allow‐ingAFP "illegal" actions on its multi-billion-dollar onlineshopping platform, saying he does not want it to beseenPartners,as a hub forfake products.Chinese bil‐Energy TransferRegencyEnterThe 18Blionaire spoke out after a powerful Beijing Merger Deal (Revised) - Analyst BlogOn Jan 26, Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP) had announced thatZacksit has 62.43enteredinto a merger agreement with Regency Energy Part‐ETP-0.45%ners LP (RGP).Delta Air Lines com‐puter outage has pas‐sengers frustratedNEW YORK (AP) — Passengerson Delta Air Lines Monday after‐noon were unable to check in f Associatedtheir flightsPressbecause of a mal‐functionwith-1.08%the airline's web‐DAL 46.01site, mobile app and airportkiosks.Analysts' Actions: Caterpillar, Centerpoint,Freeport-McMoRan and MoreHere are today's top research calls.TheStreet.comCS 21.77 1.44%What country produces the most gold?Producing gold is a major industry in China, the largest gold-produc‐ing nation in the world. China also represents the largest gold marketglobally.Investopedia15 Aluminum FoilHacks to SimplifyYour LifeAluminum foil is most commonlyused itemssave and store AnswersDIY toSponsoredleftover food, but there are a sur‐prisingnumberusesfoilFirst Lookat ofCityofforDreamsin Manilabesides food storage.Macau-based casino operator Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd.opened a new casino-resort, City of Dreams Manila, in the PhilippinecapitalWSJLiveon Monday, hoping to cash in on the Philippines’ fast-grow‐ing economy.Load more stories

Sebonic Financial State Lic #No.20829 3.625% 3.625% Tue Feb 3 Est payment: Lender fees: NMLS ID: Santander Bank, N.A. 3.831% 3.750% Tue Feb 3 Est payment: Lender fees: Citizens Bank 3.782% 3.750% Fri Jan 30 Est payment: Lend