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Intuitive Counseling CertificateTable of ContentsContentPageIntroduction to the Intuitive Counseling Certificate2Intuitive Counseling Certificate Syllabus3Submitting Your Work6Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences1

Introduction to theIntuitive Counseling CertificateWe are living in an age of awakening on so many levels. People are seeking out the guidance ofcounselors more than ever before. Traditional counseling provides a vital support service, and there aremany types and styles to choose from. More and more people understand the importance of goingthrough a healing process through counseling, therapy, 12 step programs, or some kind of process, inorder to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.Intuitive counseling is an emerging style of counseling that is becoming increasingly moreimportant as an option, as many people seek out counseling that encompasses their deeper spiritualnature. Methods and modalities for this type of counseling are as far reaching and unique as theindividuals who provide this support. Often this type of counseling has roots in the practitioners ownhealing process, and their own spiritual awakening journey. Practitioners are often self-taught, andthere are many tools being developed and shared as this field expands rapidly. Underlying the desireto be an intuitive counselor is the desire to help clients embark on an inner journey, and through thisjourney gain a deeper understanding of themselves, learn to develop self-love and self-care practices,and through the process begin to find more peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life.This program is designed to support you in developing the skills needed to become an intuitivecounselor, or to further develop your skills and knowledge base for an existing practice. It offers you afoundation of knowledge that will help instill in you the confidence to share your own natural intuitivegifts in a way that will support others on their own journey. Though this is a foundation, the journey isalways ongoing, there is always more to learn. Working as an intuitive counselor is an incrediblyrewarding way to engage more deeply with life.Guidelines for Success in Certificate Completion and BeyondThis certificate program is carefully designed to prepare you for beginning a practice inintuitive counseling. The instructions and requirements are designed with mindful attention towardcreating a powerful process. Please bring your own mindful attention to this process, includingcarefully following all guidelines and requirements. This program is an independent study process. Noone is monitoring you or looking over your shoulder. This is your process. How deep you go with it,how fully you engage in the courses and projects, how much energy you commit to developing yourskills, will determine the outcome and ultimately will influence the success you experience withhowever you choose to use the certificate. The certificates offered in our program can only be afoundation of knowledge and a “tool kit” of practices and methods you can draw on in your work. Theconfidence and motivation it takes to build a private practice will be based on how you feel about yourfoundation of knowledge, your level of personal wisdom and awareness, and your ability to supportclients using your skills. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. We suggest going in with anopen mind and heart, and a willingness to engage deeply in your own transformation. We wish you abeautiful journey and much success!Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences2

Intuitive CounselingCertificate SyllabusThis certificate will help you on your journey to enter the field of Intuitive Counseling. The pathyou will take throughout this process will support you in developing and connecting more deeply withyour own unique intuitive abilities. Keeping a journal throughout the process will keep you engaged,and the final projects will then help you to hone and refine those skills through practicum experience.You will receive a Certificate in Intuitive Counseling upon completion of this program.Please familiarize yourself with the Certificate Requirements before beginning, so that youknow what is expected and how to organize your time for the best outcome.Certificate RequirementsCertificate CurriculumListed below is the course curriculum for the Intuitive Counseling Certificate Program. Courseslabeled with an asterisk ( * ) include meditations. Read all required courses and listen to all themeditations included in the coursework. Study Guides are provided at the end of each course as astudy tool.Meditation Skills *Psychic SkillsAura ViewingChakras and Auras *Divination SystemsDreams and DreamingLucid DreamingChanneling Skills *Hypnosis and BeyondAwakening to the True Self *Channeling Skills *Manifestation Skills *Connecting with Angels *Transpersonal Counseling and HealingSpiritual CounselingGreat Spiritual Masters and TeachersKeep a JournalAs you are reading each course, take note of the information that is most relevant for you,focusing on the skills you are building to use your certificate in your healing practice. As you listen tothe meditations, journal about your experience with each meditation as you go. Keep this journal indigital format, as it will be submitted as a doc or pdf file.Leading a MeditationFor the course Leading a Meditation, follow the instructions and record yourself leading ameditation. Submit this in mp3 format.Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences3

Design an Intuitive Counseling Session PlanFor this project you will design your own process for an intuitive counseling session. The basisof intuitive counseling is the practitioner’s skill in connecting with, listening to, and trusting their ownintuition. Listening for subtle communications from their own body, from their client’s energy, fromnature, from guides. Out of this grows the ability to allow things to flow very naturally and, yes,intuitively. Included in this process will be reading, taking notes on, and summarizing three currentpublished books of your choice that focus on developing and strengthening your intuition. Some othersuggested things to prepare are to take some long walks in nature, or find a tree to sit with, or theocean. Listen deeply to subtle cues and information you begin to receive. Create a plan outlining yourown unique process for preparing for and offering an intuitive counseling session. Will you burn sage,have candles lit, offer tea? How will you start? Will you guide your client through breathing exercisesor guided journeys? Will you have music playing? Will you have the client ask question or will you askthem questions, or both? Having a plan and then working intuitively from that foundation will helpyou feel confident, especially when starting out. Also have a plan for how you will record informationthat you want to remember about the session. Please submit the following: One to two-page Intuitive Counseling Session Plan One-page summary for each book of the most pertinent informationOffer Intuitive Counseling SessionsThis project gives you the opportunity to practice and further develop your IntuitiveCounseling skills. It will also allow you to use your session plan you have created. Working withfriends, family members, or community members as practice clients, design three consecutive,progressive readings or sessions for three different individuals. You will complete nine sessions total.Keep journal notes on what you are learning, your reflections on the process, and what you wouldchange or do differently next time. Ask for feedback from your clients for each session and for theoverall series. Also create short summary of each session and insights gained, which you can also sharewith your practice clients as a follow up to session series.Please submit the following requirements for each client compiled into one document, clearlyseparating the information by client with bold headings: Your notes from each session Client feedback for each session Your own reflections on the overall processFinal Reflection ResponsesSubmit these responses as one document, numbering each response:1. Share your general reflections on your experience with this process in an organized andsuccinct way. Refer to your journal notes. Minimum 750 words.2. Reflect on and share your own ideas about what intuitive counseling is and how it can serveothers. Connect with source and ancestral guidance (crown and 3rd eye chakras) to help you andbe creative and expansive in your response. Minimum 250 words.Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences4

3. How would you describe both differences and similarities between a psychic reading and anintuitive counseling session (subjective reflection, based on your opinion). Minimum 250 words4. Imagine and create the 1st draft written copy for the homepage to your intuitive counselingwebsite. Share about yourself, background and education (bio), and imagine how you wouldlike to share what you will be offering. Minimum 300 words.5. Develop and share a plan for how you will continue strengthening and fine tuning your skillsas an intuitive counselor. Minimum 150 words.Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences5

Submitting Your WorkPlease adhere to the following format before submitting your work: Use 12 pt. font. Proofread for grammar and spelling before submitting your work. All files must be submitted in either doc or pdf format, with the exception recordingswhich will be mp3 files. Use a clear naming format for all files. Use the checklist below to be sure you have all your documents ready for upload. Submit through the form here.Certificate Requirements Checklist JournalingSubmit the journaling you did throughout this process as one document. Leading a MeditationSubmit your meditation recording as an mp3 file. Design Intuitive Counseling Session PlanSubmit as one document clearly separating your session plan and each book summary withbold headings. Offer Intuitive Counseling SessionsSubmit session notes, client feedback, and reflections for each client. Submit as one document,clearly separating each client with bold headings. Final Reflection ResponsesSubmit as one document, numbering each response.Please be sure all work has been completed for this certificate before submitting your final workto University of Metaphysical Sciences. We recommend periodically re-familiarizing yourself with allcertificate expectations outlined in the Certificate Syllabus and using this checklist to keep track of yourprogress.Thank you and many blessings on your Journey!Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences6

Intuitive Counseling Certificate 2018 University of Metaphysical Sciences 4 Design an Intuitive Counseling Session Plan For this project you will design your own process for an intuitive counseling session. The basis of intuitive counseling is the practitioner’s skill in connect