About the USBCSDThe US Business Council forSustainable Development is anaction oriented and member-lednonprofit business associationthat harnesses the power ofcollaborative projects, platformsand partnerships to develop,deploy and scale solutions toecosystems, energy, materialsand water challenges.

The MaterialsMarketplaceThe Materials Marketplace is anaward-winning regional and nationalplatform to facilitate company- tocompany industrial reuse. Throughthe cloud-based platform, traditionaland non-traditional industrial wastestreams are matched with newproduct and revenue opportunities,ultimately enabling the culture shiftto a circular, closed-loop economy. Inaddition to diverting waste fromlandfills, these recovery activitiesgenerate significant cost savings,energy savings, and create new jobsand business opportunities.

The MaterialsMarketplace wasrecognized with aprestigious“Circulars” Award atDavos 2016

How it worksProjects utilize the MaterialsMarketplace, an online platformdeveloped by US BCSD partnerPathway21 to gather materialsinformation from participants; andto track, analyze, match andexchange available resources.Growing the database helpsparticipants source fromsecondary markets, helps greeneconomy and social entrepreneursobtain materials, and helpsidentify end-users for recoveredmaterials.

BEFORESteel OffalA steel by-product ofGeneral Motor’s stampingoperations. In the US, GMproduces 40,000 piecesper month in about 12different shapes and sizes.Due to its consistent size,quality and predictablequantity, pieces have reusepotential and value beyondtraditional scrap metalmarkets.

AFTERSteel OffalA steel by-product of GeneralMotor’s stamping operations. Inthe US, GM produces 40,000pieces per month in about 12different shapes and sizes. Dueto its consistent size, qualityand predictable quantity, pieceshave reuse potential and valuebeyond traditional scrap metalmarkets.BenefitSupply 513Million USDThousand Tons

Austin Materials MarketplaceScale: cityStatus: active since 2014The Austin Materials Marketplace was launched to the public in August2014 to bring together businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs in theCity of Austin and Travis County to create closed-loop systems in whichone company’s waste is another company’s raw material. The programwas fully-funded by Austin Resource Recovery for the first two contractyears, August 2014 to August 2016, with the intention to graduallytransition to a network-supported, self-funding business model starting in2017.The Austin Materials Marketplace has won awards and recognition as alocal economic development driver, and continues to be one of the City’stop resources for businesses and organizations looking to divert materialsfrom landfill and participate in Austin’s emerging circular economy.Key Metrics:176 transactions26000ft³ Diverted fromLandfill437 MTCO2E Avoided216 Active Businesses andOrganizations 165,000 in DisposalSavings & Value

Ohio Materials MarketplaceScale: statewideStatus: launched Q1 2017The Ohio Materials Marketplace, launched in Q1 2017, is the first statescale project to utilize the Materials Marketplace platform. The Ohio effortis being led and financially supported by the Ohio EnvironmentalProtection Agency, with advisory support from the US BCSD.This project will make the Materials Marketplace platform available to allbusinesses and organizations within the state of Ohio free of charge - asignificant step up in scale.Key Metrics:5,000 target companiesidentified for initialoutreachOther metrics TBA as theproject gainsmomentum

Tennessee Materials MarketplaceScale: statewideStatus: launching Q2 2017The Tennessee Materials Marketplace, scheduled to launch in Q2 2017,will be the second state-scale project to utilize the Materials Marketplaceplatform. The Tennessee effort is being assisted and financially supportedby the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.This project will make the Materials Marketplace platform available to allbusinesses and organizations within the state of Tennessee free of chargefor the first three years.Key Metrics:TBD

State EnvironmentalCommissioners and NationalBusiness Leaders LaunchMaterials Leadership CouncilAs interest in Sustainable MaterialsManagement grows within both the public andprivate sectors, and the Materials Marketplaceplatform has emerged as a leading path toSustainable Materials Management, an historicMaterials Leadership Council is beingestablished among members of theEnvironmental Council of the States (ECOS) andof the US BCSD.The initial purpose of this important publicprivate partnership is to connect the capabilitiesand interests of state and business leaders toscale creative material reuse across industriesand develop policy solutions that support theseshared goals.

United States Materials MarketplaceScale: nationalThe United States Materials Marketplace launched as a pilot project in thesummer of 2015 to test the feasibility of a national-scale Materials Marketplace.The pilot leveraged the expertise and networks of three founding partners: TheUS BCSD, the Corporate Eco Forum, and the WBCSD.Results from the pilot, which ran from June to August 2015, included: 23participating companies, 78 facilities engaged, 150 materials—2.4 million tonstotal—uploaded to the marketplace, 59 materials being sought, 68 recommendedmatches and 19 transactions in development, with another 49 possibilities thatwere still pending action at the close of the pilot. The US Materials Marketplacewas re-launched in Q1 2017, with the goal of engaging at least 20 majorcorporate participants in the first year.Status: pilot project insummer 2015, relaunched Q12017Key Metrics:23 participating companies78 facilities engaged150 materials listings2.4 million tons of material68 recommended matches

Turkey Materials MarketplaceScale: nationalStatus: launched Q2 2016The Turkey Materials Marketplace launched in Q2 2016, as the secondnational-scale project to utilize the Materials Marketplace platform. TheTurkey effort is being assisted and financially supported by the EuropeanBank for Reconstruction and Development.This project will make the Materials Marketplace platform available to allbusinesses and organizations within Turkey free of charge for the first twoyears.Key Metrics:53 engaged companies60 materials listings16 recommended matches

“Recycling is good, butviewing waste as avaluable resource that canbe plugged into youroperations or products iseven better. How do youmake a good, effectiveprogram great? Yousystematize it."John Bradburn, GM GlobalManager of Waste Reduction

As companies recognize the risks ofexisting supply strategies and seethe financial benefits of managingmaterials in a more sustainable way,there will be demand for enablingservices and technology.A critical component of the circulareconomy is business-to-business material reuse:matching process by-products andundervalued resources at onefacility with the needs of anotherfacility.

MaterialsMarketplaceAn ecosystem that drives business-to-business materialsreuse.1. Government AlignmentAn engaged government, regulatory and economicdevelopment ing TechnologyPlatformGovernment Alignment2. Enabling Technology PlatformA reuse program and data platform to facilitate &administer materials market transactions.3.Connected IndustryLocal industry committed to mining the value ofmanufacturing by-product reuse.1. Value-add ProvidersSolutions providers who can provide materialsexpertise or value-add services.

the cloud-based platform, traditional and non-traditional industrial waste streams are matched with new product and revenue opportunities, ultimately enabling the culture shift to a circular, closed-loop economy. In addition to diverting waste from landfills, the