2020CORPORATE SOCIALRESPONSIBILITYJuly 20211Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report

CONTENTSOVERVIEW01. OUR JOURNEY TO DATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3About This ReportABOUT THIS REPORTA Note from Our CEO, Derek J. LeathersWerner SustainabilityThe Evolution of Our ESG StrategyStakeholder Engagement02. DESTINATION: TEAM BLUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12This inaugural Corporate Social ResponsibilityReport is a culmination of the work we’vebeen doing to carefully and strategicallyhone Werner’s commitment to Sustainability– Environmental, Social and Governance. TheFrom Humble Beginnings to a Nationwide Leader.and Still Humblereport serves as a reflection of our dedicationEmployee Engagementto incorporate socially responsible businessOur Core Valuespractices into our everyday operations.5Ts SIn creating it, we endeavored to includeTrucksinformation for a variety of stakeholders,Trailersfrom our dedicated associates to our loyalTalentcustomers. We are also excited to formallyTerminalsintroduce Werner’s ongoing commitmentTechnologyto ESG, which we branded as WernerBlue.SustainabilityYou can find more information about thespecifics of this commitment on page 34.03. COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE LONG HAUL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24Environmental: Reducing Our Environmental ImpactSocial: Engaging Our People to Be a Positive Force in Our CommunitiesGovernance: ESG Accountability at the Board LevelRecent Awards & Accolades04. THE ROAD AHEAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34OUR COMMITMENTTO ESG IS KEY TOOUR SUCCESS ANDOUR PROMISE TO#KeepAmericaMovingIntroducing WernerBlueNew Commitments & Next StepsCompany Sustainability GoalsUnited Nations Sustainable Development GoalsSustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Disclosure2Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR ReportThe statements included in this document regarding future performance and results, expectations, goals, objectives, plans, strategies, priorities, commitments and other statements thatare not historical facts are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the U.S. federal securities laws. Forward-looking statements are based upon current beliefs, expectations andassumptions and are subject to significant risks, uncertainties and changes in circumstances that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. Readersof this document are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements, since there can be no assurance that these forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate. We expresslydisclaim any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise. Unless otherwise noted, all statistics arebased on Year End 2020.01. Our Journey To Date3

A NOTE FROM OUR CEOWerner was founded 65 years ago from humble beginnings, with the simple belief thatif we do the right thing — for our drivers, associates and customers — the results willfollow. Today, I’m very proud to expand on that belief and add to it our commitment todo the right thing for our planet as part of our evolving sustainability strategy. WhileESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) concepts have long been woven into thefabric of Werner’s history, the release of our inaugural CSR report further elevates ourcommitment to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.This is a particularly meaningful time to publish our first CSR report, as the world recoversfrom the pandemic and certain aspects of life return to normal. We are especially proudof how Team Blue stepped up during this crisis; we’re no strangers to operating inhigh-stress situations — we respond to hurricanes, tornadoes and other naturaldisasters. When folks are faced with a natural disaster or emergency, you’ll often see ourblue trucks arriving to assist and provide essential, life-saving supplies.And it was no different during the pandemic. While most of the public remained at home,we were on the road making sure critical supplies such as N-95 masks, sanitizer, paperhygiene products and food got to the places that needed them most. Before you dive infurther, I’ll leave you with an interesting fact: you may be surprised to know that 70%of all goods moved around the United States come into contact with a truck. Americadepends on truckers. Werner takes pride in knowing how critical our work is to keepingAmerica moving in both good and tough times. We are proud to present this inauguralCSR report as a testament to our ongoing commitment to responsible business practices,and we look forward to sharing how our journey evolves.Safety and service our environment our commitment.This team must have a positive impact on everything we do.It’s also important to be transparent in tracking and reportingour progress to become better. We are pleased to say thatprocess is now formalized.4Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report— Derek J. LeathersChairman, President and Chief Executive OfficerWerner Enterprises01. Our Journey To Date5

WERNER SUSTAINABILITYHQ3.0B OMAHAA SIT-DOWN WITH SHAWNTELL KROESEASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT SUSTAINABILITYNEBRASKARecognizing our genuine commitment to further elevating ourESG strategy, we brought on a new team member to head upour sustainability efforts. Having a dedicated resource allowsus to focus our commitment on what we want to accomplishin both the short- and long-term. Shawntell Kroese joinedMARKET CAPus in March 2021 and brings extensive experience in supplychain management, which is becoming a much larger partof today’s ESG dialogue. Shawntell has been instrumental inmoving us forward on our ESG journey and in the creation of 13Kthis inaugural CSR report.This is an exciting time at Werner, as we put even greater attention and emphasisASSOCIATESon our sustainability strategy. Last year, we launched a codified approach tosustainability organization-wide and unveiled the following key milestones: Reducing carbon emissions by 55% compared with 2007 baseline by 2035 Creating three new associate resource groups by the end of 2021 Introducing a formal diversity leadership program by the end of Q1 2021While we have an established commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, werecognize we need to do more, faster, which is why we set additional ESG goalsdisclosed in this report. After this last year, the world confirmed what we alreadyknew: Werner Enterprises is an essential service business in a unique position to8.2KTOTAL TRUCK FLEET SIZEdrive the reduction in GHG emissions while enabling our customers to achievetheir environmental goals.We are also making progress on achieving greater diversity, equity and inclusionthroughout Werner. This year we introduced new Associate Resource Groups toactively engage associates and celebrate our differences. We also added threenew members to our Board of Directors. Since our announcement of these public2020 REVENUES BY SEGMENT78% TRUCKLOAD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES20% WERNER LOGISTICS2% DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOLS & OTHERgoals, we have taken action to make a difference.”Data as of 7/1/20216Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report01. Our Journey To Date7

THE EVOLUTION OF OUR ESG STRATEGY2013: Received the SmartWay ExcellenceAward from the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA)2020: Launched Werner EDGEtechnology initiative2015-2021: Werner named aMilitary Friendly Employer1998: Became first carrier to receive FMCSA approvalto implement Electronic Logging Device (ELD)technology for managing driver hours of service2006: Celebrated 50thanniversary; developedindustry’s first Truck DriverApprenticeship Program1990s2000s2002:Intermodalservice offered1999: Derek Leathers joinedWerner as Managing Director –Mexico Division1994 & 1995: ComputerWorld listed Werner asone of the “100 BestPlaces to Work”82016: Launch ofthe InnovationCouncil2010sMarch 2021: Allen Parker won the 2021 CVSAInternational Driver Excellence Award for driving4 million accident-free miles2021: Werner celebrates65th Anniversary2020 June 2020: Werner named a2020 Top Green Provider byFood LogisticsF2010 & 2014:Honored as aMost TrustworthyCompany accordingto ForbesJanuary 2020: Werner joined theinitiative to end human trafficking.Werner signs the Transportation LeadersAgainst Human Trafficking (TLAHT)August 2020: Wernernamed Top 30 Bestfor Vet EmployersJuly 2021: Wernerpublishes inauguralCSR reportJune 2020: Werner named one of 75 companiesdesignated as Green Supply Chain Partner2016:Derek Leathersnamed CEO2014: EVP, Treasurer and CFO John Steele becamea three-time winner of the best investor relationsby a CFO in the small-cap company category at theannual IR Magazine U.S. Awards in New York City;Werner driver Charley Endorf won the Citizen DriverAward and had a TravelCenters of America/Petro stopnamed in his honor after reaching the milestoneof driving 5 million accident-free milesWerner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report2019: Tim Deanwon the 2019CVSA InternationalDriver ExcellenceAward for driving4 million accidentfree milesNovember 2020: Wernerannounced Environmental,Social, & Governance program2018-2020: Werner named a TopCompany for Women by the Women inTrucking Association 3 years in a row2018: Honored with ESGR’sFreedom Award for supportof National Guard andReserve service membersFebruary 2021: Wernernamed 2021 MilitaryFriendly Supplier DiversityProgram by VIQTORY Media2020: Werner earned its 7th SmartWayExcellence Award by the United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)May 2021: CL Werner named ChairmanEmeritus and Derek Leathersappointed Chairman of the BoardMarch 2021: Werner hiredan AVP of Sustainability01. Our Journey To Date9

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTWerner’s sustainability story isn’t just ours; it belongs to all our stakeholders. From recruitment effortsto the sales process, our ESG journey is of growing interest to key constituents. As such, we’re evolvingto ensure all our stakeholders understand our journey, how it applies to them and how our ESG effortssupport their ESG story.CUSTOMERSOver the years, we’ve developed strong, longterm customer relationships. Our customers’sustainability journey is intricately linked withour own and as such, we pursue ESG-relatedoutcomes that help customers reach their ownESG-related goals.COMMUNITIESFrom upgrading our terminals – which decreasedenergy consumption and positively impactedthe communities around the terminals – todedicating thousands of volunteer hours tocommunity-related events and local philanthropiccauses, we are committed to investing in thecommunities in which we both live and work.SUPPLIERSUnderstanding the importance of on-time service,safety and teamwork is essential in our effortsto contribute to the economy while deliveringAmerica’s goods, which is why we partnerwith strategic suppliers who help us deliver onour promise to #KeepAmericaMoving. We areparticularly proud to partner with veteran-ownedand minority-owned businesses in our supply chain.ASSOCIATESINVESTORSWe strive to be a better employer for our workforce, focusing onOur Board is experienced and committed to thecommunication with associates and drivers. We support andhighest ethical standards, and we continue toencourage diverse perspectives, and are committed to movingrefresh, diversify and add new capabilities. Wetoward an even more inclusive culture where every associateare financially and operationally well-positionedfeels empowered to bring their authentic self to succeed and achieve long-term, sustainableshareholder value creation.10Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report01. Our Journey To Date11

DESTINATION: TEAM BLUEEMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTWe surveyed our associates using our internal social media platform, which allows for daily collaboration andengagement, and asked them: What does Werner mean to you? and What does Corporate ResponsibilityFROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO A NATIONWIDE LEADER. AND STILL HUMBLECOMPANY HISTORYmean to Werner? Below are some examples of the feedback we received.What does Werner mean to you?Our founder, Clarence L. (CL) Werner, purchased a Ford gasoline-powered truck and entered the truckingbusiness in 1956 when he was 19 years old. CL Werner started hauling cargo for other companies,building our company one truck at a time, and hauling in regional areas. Today, Werner Enterprises is anasset-based logistics provider and one of the five largest truckload carriers in the United States.An industry leadermoving the transportationindustry forwardA place I’ve met many people who started as co-workers andCL WERNERFounder and Chairman EmeritusWerner Enterprisesbecame good friendsAn experienced,solid, long-termcompany that caresabout its peopleWhat does Corporate Responsibility mean to Werner?Being a part of something bigger & using that influence tomake positive changesin theworldDoing your best because you carry theburden of trustBe honest, work hard and treat people right.12Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR ReportIntegrity:in providing for our familieschoosing to do right by theirassociates & community02. Destination: Team Blue13

OUR CORE VALUES5Ts SWerner’s 5Ts S strategy is our commitment to invest in Trucks, Trailers, Talent, Terminals, Technologyand Sustainability. The strategy was crafted to maintain our industry-leading position in associate anddriver satisfaction, which ultimately results in unmatched, superior customer service. The top five areashaving the most significant impact on a driver’s quality of life and productivity were identified and namedthe 5Ts. After identifying the 5Ts in 2015, Werner then allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to beinvested in these areas. In 2020, Werner added “Sustainability” (5Ts S) to reinforce our commitmentto remaining at the forefront of our industry in reducing our environmental impact.Becoming an industry leader in the transportation industry has been a 65-year journey. Transformingthe transportation industry will be our mission as we move TAINABILITYOur Core Values guide the strategies, decisions and behavior within Werner. Integrity isthe foundation for all that we do, and we demonstrate that through our commitment tohonesty and accountability. At the top of our pillars, safety and service form the frameworkfor our values. Safety is more than numbers and statistics; it’s about protecting people.Nothing we do is worth getting hurt or hurting others, while we deliver an exceptionalservice experience.Supporting this framework are our pillars of Inclusion, Community, Innovation and Leadership. Inclusion: respecting people for who they are and valuing the benefits of adiverse organization Community: giving our time and talent to strengthen the many communities we serve Innovation: cultivating new ideas and shifting them into action Leadership: empowering and encouraging others to be their best14Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report02. Destination: Team Blue15

TRUCKSKeeping our trucks safe, modern and comfortable while minimizing environmentalimpact have always been our priorities. Werner has produced structural and sustainable Newest diesel engine & aftertreatment technologyimprovements to our already modern and efficient fleet. All trucks are equipped withadvanced collision mitigation safety systems and automated transmissions.Telematic units installed on all of our trucks provide smart workflow, best-in-class navigation, improvedsafety features and reduced manual data entry. Werner maintains a low average truck age of two yearsENVIRONMENTALFEATURES INCLUDEand provides a range of trucks including Freightliner, Navistar, Kenworth and Peterbilt.SAFETYFEATURESINCLUDE Air disc brakes Lane departure warning system Automatic fifth wheel release system High-efficiency rear ends & powertrains Computerized truck idling technology Adaptive/active cruise control Collision mitigation systems SafetyDirect with forward-facing cameras & video capture Advanced aerodynamic packagesDRIVERAMENITIESINCLUDE Smart steering wheels Frequently used controls placed close to the driver Ergonomically shaped door top arm rests Switches & buttons are backlit for visibility & etched for longer life Sleepers include opening windowOPERATION FREEDOM TRUCKS16Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report02. Destination: Team Blue17

TRAILERSWith over 24,000 trailers used to transportcustomers’ freight, advancements in trailertechnology are vital to reaching Werner’ssustainability goals. Our trailers feature1GPS trailer tracking reduces empty miles and waittime and assists with routing and fuel optimization.42Trailer skirts minimize wind resistance and improvefuel efficiency.5state-of-the-art equipment and technologyfor safe and efficient rides.3Pre-trip inspection rocker switch, located in thetruck cab, conveniently activates all exterior lightingallowing the driver to safely inspect the vehicle andverify all lights are functioning.Low-rolling resistance tires increase fueleconomy and reduce treadwear.Automated tire inflation system monitors tirepressure and provides air on a continuous basis,maintaining 100% air pressure, creating lessrolling resistance, increasing miles per gallonand adding miles with longer lasting treads.67100% of tires and trailer maintenance-relatedfluids are recycled or repurposed.High-visibility reflective Werner tail stickers topromote highway safety.17218Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report345602. Destination: Team Blue19

TALENT9,342 professional driversWerner is dedicated to supporting our nearly 10,000 professional drivers by focusing5 5 6 skilled mechanics andmaintenance associateson safety and productivity while providing tools for success, including driver training(school network, simulators, etc.).440 independent contractor driversAs a company founded by a driver, Werner is committed to its focus on understanding,1 , 3 49 off i ce a sso c i a tesmanaging trucking operationsrespecting and improving the Werner driver experience. “Professional drivers have always been thebackbone of our company and our entire country,” said Derek Leathers.1 , 0 4 5 office associates forWerner logistics, driving schoolsand other non-trucking operationsBelow: Derek visiting with drivers at a Town Hall meeting. 13,000Associates12% of our drivers are female(double the national average)52% of associates are female /ethnically diverse12%35% of management is female /ethnically diverseof our driver workforce is female(double the national average)14% of non-driver associatesb e l o n g to o n e o r m o reAssociate Resource Groups 20% of our drivers are veteransMore than 8,000 Werner associatesused their GI Bill benefits forthe apprenticeship programRecipient of the ESGR Secretaryof Defense Freedom Award14 years recognized as aMilitary Friendly EmployerOur drivers and associates are our top priority.We ensure they are safe and earning a competitivewage by providing access to modern conveniencesand best-in-class technology.Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Reportof our driver workforce areveterans or the spouse of a vet2020: Accident per MM declinedby 18% (YoY); lowest in 28 years2020: Achieved 3rd best driverretention rate in 20 years28yrsLowest accident/mile rate20 20%2020: Increased the company’scontribution to 401K matching programQ2 2020: Executives voluntarilydecreasedtheirbasesalaries due to Covid-1902. Destination: Team Blue21

TERMINALSWerner has long understood the value of state-of-the-art terminal facilities in keepingdrivers safe on the road while providing a comfortable place to stop and rest, andthe importance of our terminals was amplified during the pandemic. These facilitiesbecame not only a place for truck and trailer maintenance, but also a distributionhub for personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer and other safety products.We take great pride in our drivers and work hard to ensure they are taken care of, appreciated andcomfortable while on the road. Our terminals are equipped with showers, laundry and workout facilities,pet areas, simulator training rooms, drivers lounge areas, free WiFi, ATMs, ice machines, vending areaswith kitchenettes and company stores.SUSTAINABILITYTECHNOLOGYIn 2020, we launchedThe addition of “Sustainability”“ We r n e rtoto our 5Ts strategy (5Ts S) isadvance the performanceanother measure to help keep ourand safety of drivers,focus on continual improvement.shippers, carriers and associates by deliveringWerner has a strong foundation of driving greaterthe transportation industry’s latest technology-sustainability, and our success in reducing ourrich solutions. Werner has implemented Criticalcarbon footprint made us an industry leader.Event Management, which identifies and respondsSustainability is just the beginning. Our Coreto safety events more effectively. A cloud-basedValues and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Visionsolution, Breakdown Management, simplifies theStatement work in conjunction with our ESGequipment repair order process and gets driversinitiatives to publicly communicate our successesback on the road quickly and safely. GPS devicesin Sustainability, Diversity and identify empty trailers through the driver’sWe take great pride in our transparency.EDGE”EDGE Connect tablet, decreasing time spentlocating trailers and adding more time on the road.22Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report02. Destination: Team Blue23

COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE LONG HAULENVIRONMENTALREDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP/CONSERVATION INITIATIVESWerner has long had a corporate focus on the important ideals of reducing our environmental impact. Ourconservation efforts include 100% recycling or repurposing of batteries, tires and maintenance-relatedfluids. We have LED lighting at all facilities and, to conserve fuel, 100% of our truck fleet is equipped withautomated manual transmission. Educating drivers and associates in doing their part for the environmenthas also been a focus. One example includes a campaign, Driving To Be Green, which provides driversand associates simple, but impactful, tips for everyday driving and professional driving to conserve fueland reduce our overall carbon footprint.TRUCK AND TRAILER FLEET-AGE/CONDITIONIN 2020, WE MOVED 41KINTERMODAL LOADSEXPECTEDTO GROW 20% IN 2021By investing in newer trucks and trailers, we notonly provide drivers with the safest and mostcomfortable equipment, but we also significantlyreduce our environmental impact. Our truck fleetAVERAGETRUCK AGE ISYEARS2maintains an average age of two years; our trailerfleet is four years. Both are among industrylow averages and reflect our commitment tocontinually investing in new equipment.AVERAGETRAILERAGE IS4YEARSCONTINUING TO REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINTSince 2007, we have saved over 307 million gallonsSMARTWAY TRANSPORT PARTNERof fuel and reduced over 3.4 million tons of CO2.Werner has been a SmartWay Transport PartnerWe are proud of the progress we’ve made andsince 2004, which has been beneficial in measuring,are committed to exploring and implementingbenchmarking and tracking sustainability innovations to do even better. It is our goalWe are proud to have received the EPA SmartWayto reduce our carbon footprint by 55% by theExcellence Award seven times.year 2035.24Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report03. Committed to Sustainability for the Long Haul25

SOCIALENGAGING OUR PEOPLE TO BE A POSITIVE FORCE IN OUR COMMUNITIESDRIVER PROFILESMILLION MILE ACHIEVERSThe Million Mile Club honors the nearly 2,000Werner drivers who have reached one millionaccident-free miles driving for the company.Werner Enterprises is proud to have these driversas representatives of our organization. The Wall ofHonor (left) is one of the many ways in which wehonor those drivers and their achievements.Some interesting numbers: 1,650 drivers over 1 million miles accident freeCari M. – Werner Driver LeaderAfter 32 years as a dentalassistant, Cari was ready for achange.“Being a female driver in thetrucking industry is empowering –it really is – I get a lot of thumbs up,smiles, congratulations and ‘youreally drive that?’ I feel veryempowered out there. Wernerhas never treated me any differentbecause I’m a woman. Theytreat me like a driver, they respectthat my CDL is the same asevery other driver out there.”Gina J. – 1 million miles accidentfree driverSteve J. – Over 860,000 safemiles driven“I started going to truck drivingschool when I was 50, after myyoungest son left for the Army.So it was the perfect opportunityto join Steve and it’s been a greatexperience.” – Gina“We chose Werner because theyallowed me to be Gina’s Leaderthen go straight into team drivingtogether. I couldn’t be more proudof her.” – SteveDan “Dusty” P. – Driver for 52years, 3.8 million miles accidentfree driver 288 drivers over 2 million miles accident free2021 – TravelCenters of AmericaCitizen Driver Award Winner 1 driver over 5 million miles accident freeDan will have the Petro truck stopin Glendale, KY dedicated in hishonor along with a bronze historicalmarker with his image and storyinstalled on the front of the building. 137 female million mile driversDan is well known among thetrucking community for hisphotography, especially for truckingcharities and other organizations. 41 drivers over 3 million miles accident free 9 drivers over 4 million miles accident free 310 veteran million mile driversData as of 7/24/2021ASSOCIATE RESOURCE GROUPSWerner’s Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) arevoluntary, associate-led groups whose aim is to foster adiverse, inclusive workplace that is aligned with Werner’scorporate goals and values. The groups exist to provideBilly Z.Werner’s OperationFreedom truck 9driver honoring theTuskegee Airmensupport and help in personal and career developmentRetired MarinePurple Heart recipientOur IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountabilityand to create a safe space where associates can speakhonestly and forthrightly. All associates are welcome tojoin any ARG.& Learning) Council leads the creation, direction andgrowth of Associate Resource Groups. This council iscomposed of a diverse mix of 15 associates across theorganization.26Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report03. Committed to Sustainability for the Long Haul27

SOCIALHealth & Safety and Diversity Equity &DIVERSITY,EQUITY &INCLUSION (DEI)Inclusion are two critical aspects of the Socialcomponent of ESG. We spoke with Jaime Mausand Kathy Peissig who are leading theseefforts at Werner.KATHY PEISSIGAVP, DIVERSITY,INCLUSION &LEARNINGHEALTH& SAFETYJAIME MAUSVP, SAFETY &COMPLIANCEAt Werner, we have always embraced diversity andinclusion as part of our recruitment and retentionefforts, but when recent world events brought to lightthe gender, racial and ethnic inequalities that still existwithin society, we recognized the need to enhance ourTHE BLUE BRIGADEWerner’s Blue Brigade is a team of compassionate and committed associates who volunteer their timeand talent to serve the community. The Blue Brigade, which started in 2011, works with numerousorganizations throughout the country each year, donating their personal time to help those in need. CURRENTLYWORKING WITH80 NONPROFITS12 5,000 HOURSVOLUNTEEREDSINCE 20173 482 MEMBERSDEI efforts by adding a senior leadership role dedicatedSafety is at the forefront of everything wedo at the development of our strategic DEI programs.This is part of our ongoing commitment to create anincreasingly inclusive culture at Werner.Our drivers and trucks keep America movingand it matters that we do it safely. Protectingour associates and the motoring public is theright thing to do.Safety is one of Werner Enterprises’ CoreValues. When speaking to drivers andassociates, our Chairman, President andCEO, Derek Leathers often uses the phrase,“Nothing we do is worth getting hurt orhurting others,” and he means it. This levelof support and focus drives initiatives suchas our 5Ts S and is what truly makes adifference.Werner Enterprises has created a culture ofsafety that starts with valuing drivers, ourmost important resource, from the top down.Our commitment to safety and safe drivingstarts with our drivers and extends to all ourassociates.28Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report6To bring our DEI commitment to life, we’ve establishedan approach with four key pillars of focus:1. Attract, hire and retain diverse talent2. Grow and sustain our Associate Resource Groups(ARGs)43. Solidify our commitment to DEI as part of ourinternal and external brand4. Equip leaders with the tools and knowledge neededto create an inclusive environmentI’m so proud of the work that the team’s been able toaccomplish in our first six months! From unconsciousbias and inclusion training for all managers to DEI Lunch5& Learn sessions and the creation of the IDEAL Council,we’re building a framework that highlights the inclusiveculture at Werner, where associates from all walks oflife can grow their careers and make their mark on ourorganization.Pictured: (1) Heartland Hope Mission; (2) Open Door Mission;(3) The Asociación Mexicana de Ayuda a Niños con Cáncer(Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer); (4) HeartlandFamily Service Generations Community Center; (5) ProjectPink’d; (6) Blue Brigade volunteers cleaning up a local park.03. Committed to Sustainability for the Long Haul29

GOVERNANCEOUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19The pandemic highlighted the importanceESG ACCOUNTABILITY AT THE BOARD LEVELthat supply chain and logistics play in keepingBoardroom conversations are enriched by diversity of thought. Our board members (below) have anthe world moving. At Werner, we are proud ofarray of professional skills and qualifications, including:our role in keeping A

12 Werner Enterprises 2020 CSR Report 02. Destination: Team Blue 13 DESTINATION: TEAM BLUE Be honest, work hard and treat people right. FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO A NATIONWIDE LEADER. AND STILL HUMBLE COMPANY HISTORY Our founder, Clarence L. (CL) Werner, purchas