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Section1IntroductionThis handout is designed to help you prepare for the Madison, WI Fire Department Entry-LevelFirefighter Examination. To be considered for an entry-level firefighter position at the MadisonFire Department, you will need to successfully go through multiple phases of the department’sselection process. This handout discusses the main parts of the testing process including Part 1: FireTEAM Testing SystemPart 2: Structured Community Oral Board InterviewPart 3: Fire Department Oral Board InterviewPart 4: Fire Chiefs InterviewPhysical Ability Test (PAT), Medical Exam, and Background CheckThe information provided in this handout is meant to be helpful and prepare you for the generalnature of the process. The handout includes a general overview of each part of the selectionprocess, general strategies for effective preparation and test-taking, and descriptions ofprocedures and materials you will encounter during each part of the selection process.Disclaimer: The information provided in this handout is meant to be helpful and prepare youfor the general nature of the process. It is not meant to advise you of every question that willbe asked and some aspects of the process may be modified, if necessary. Additionally, theinformation in this booklet is not exhaustive. We encourage you to act upon whateveradditional course of study or strategies you believe will enhance your chances of performingeffectively.Copyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

Section2FireTEAMThe first part of the selection process is a video-based multiple-choice exam, FireTEAM TestingSystem. FireTEAM Testing System was developed to measure specific aptitudes important tothe occupation of firefighter and emergency response personnel. There are four components toFireTEAM Testing System: Video-Based Human Relations TestMechanical Aptitude TestMath TestReading Ability TestAll test items were developed through rigorous research with panels of experienced firefightingand fire service professionals. You don’t need firefighter or emergency response experience toanswer the questions in this test. Common sense is always your best guide.The answer sheet for FireTEAM is machine scored so mark only one answer for each questionand fill in the circle completely. If you mark more than one answer, you will get the questionwrong. If you don’t know the answer to a question, the best strategy is to guess because youmay get it right and you will definitely get it wrong if you don’t answer.FireTEAM Video-Based Human Relations Test(Approximately 60 Minutes)FireTEAM focuses on teamwork and human relations. It was specifically designed for the fireservice. You will watch a video segment and then choose the BEST course of action in amultiple-choice format. This test is presented on video and the items play without stopping.After each question is presented, you will have a brief period to mark the answer you think isbest before the next question is presented. You will see the introduction and each questiononly once.You don’t need fire service experience to answer these questions. FireTEAM is not intended inany way to test knowledge of policies or technical aspects of the job. Any such information thatmay be needed to answer a question is provided in the test. You are not expected to knowanything other than what is stated. Base your answers only on information given in the test andyour own common sense.Copyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

Test InstructionsThese are the instructions for taking FireTEAM. These instructions will also be presented to youat the time of the actual testing.This is a human relations video test that has two parts. In Part I, you will see video scenariosdepicting firefighters. Each scenario is followed by a question with four answers. In part II you’llbe asked your opinion about firefighters you saw in Part I. This is a human relations testfocusing on teamwork and public relations. It’s a test of your common sense.You don’t need experience to answer these questions. This is not a test of your knowledge of anyparticular policy, codes, or technical aspects of the job. Any information like that, that may beneeded to 2 answer a question, will be provided in the test. For instance, at times it is statedthat certain personal protective equipment is required. You are not expected to know anythingother than what is stated. Base your answers only on information given in the test and your owncommon sense.This is a test. It is not in any way intended as training or as an example of how firefighters andrescue personnel should handle their jobs. Firefighters may or may not be demonstrating goodperformance. Sometimes, you will see firefighters who make poor choices about what to do.Answer each question based on everything you have seen and heard in the video up to thatpoint. Choose the BEST option from the four available answers. Don’t get stuck thinking aboutanswer choices that are not available to you.Also keep in mind, there are no trick questions. Although all the answers may not be equal interms of common sense, they would all be choices available to the firefighters in the scenarios.In no case is an answer wrong because the choice would not be possible.Pay attention to the behaviors and actions of the firefighters and supervisors you see in thescenarios, and consider how it would feel to work with these individuals. In Part II, you will beasked your opinion about many of the characters that you saw. Keep this in mind as you watchPart I.FireTEAM Animated Mechanical Aptitude Test(Approximately 30 Minutes)FireTEAM Mechanical Test is a multiple-choice mechanical aptitude test presented on video.You will see an introduction to a simple system, in the form of an animated brick makingfactory, and then be asked questions about the factory. Most of the questions are about basicmechanical objects such as valves, and principles such as water pressure. You will also be askedto answer trouble shooting type questions and observe system operations for problems. All ofthe questions can be answered based on common sense and observation of how everydayobjects work. FireTEAM Mechanical Reasoning Test is also timed. After each question isCopyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

presented, you will have a brief period to mark the answer you think is best before the nextquestion is presented. You will see the introduction and each question only once.FireTEAM Math Test(Approximately 15 Minutes)The FireTEAM Math Test is based on the basic math skills one would need to be a successfulfirefighter. Questions are presented aloud, so you must listen carefully. You will be asked towrite your answers on your answer sheet. Questions relate to calculating basic subtraction,division, and multiplication. The last section asks you to figure proportions. After all thequestions are presented, you will be given time to bubble in the answers you have written. Allanswers must be bubbled on your bubble answer sheet to receive credit.FireTEAM Reading Test(6 Minutes)For the FireTEAM Reading Test, you will be asked to answer multiple-choice reading questions.This test is designed specifically for firefighters, a job requiring on-going study of difficult andtechnical materials. The test is based on actual job materials. You will be required to choose theword that best fits in the blank. You will have 6 minutes to complete the Reading Test. Moredetailed instructions will be presented to you on the video before the Reading Test Begins.Here is an example using a sentence from the paragraph above:ExampleChoicesABCDThis test is designed 1 for1.neverspecificallyusuallyasfirefighters, a 2 requiring on-2.jobtestvehiclesuspectgoing study of difficult andtechnical materials.Correct Responses:For each of the blanks, only one of the answers provided makes sense. The only answers thatmake sense in the above example are:Copyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

1. B (specifically)2. A (job)General Test GuidelinesHere are some general guidelines on what to expect during your FireTEAM exam. Arrive early. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to minimize stress. No electronic devices. You are prohibited from receiving or sending pages, texts, photosor phone calls during any part of the testing process. No electronic devices are allowedin the testing room. No chewing tobacco or smoking. You are prohibited from chewing tobacco and smokingat the testing site. Testing material cannot be taken. You are prohibited from removing any material fromthe testing site. Restroom breaks. You are encouraged to use the restroom before entering the testingroom. You will be allowed to use the restroom one at a time during the exam, however,the video will not stop. If you decide to take a restroom break, you may miss parts of theexam.Test Taking TipsFireTEAM consists of multiple-choice questions. To get the highest score, always select the bestchoice listed, even if more than one seems good to you. Be sure to read all answers beforedeciding your final answer. Don’t focus on a choice that is not given to you. Don’t getdistracted by thinking of other possible responses that are not among the choices presented.Don’t get stuck on the idea that you want to combine two responses. Show your judgment bypicking the one answer that, by itself, is better than any other answer, by itself.Prepare yourself physically and mentally for your exam as you would prepare yourself for anyspecial assignment that requires concentration. Get the amount of sleep that will leave youmost alert. It’s also a good idea to eat a nutritious and hearty meal to help you stay focusedthroughout your exam. Unusual changes in your routine may cause you problems during yourexam. For example, consuming more caffeine than usual may make you jittery; less than usualmay leave you listless. Try to remain calm and relaxed before and during your exam. If you feelanxious, take a few moments to calm yourself down. Bring to the test administration sitewhatever personal items you need for the exam, such as eyeglasses or tissues.Copyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

Here are some additional tips to help you during FireTEAM. These simple procedures will helpyou avoid marking the wrong answer when you know the right one.1. Listen to the instructions. Before you begin the exam it is important that you read and/orlisten to all instructions carefully. Ensure you know how to correctly fill out the answersheet. Specific instructions will be provided at the test site.2. Read all of the answers before choosing one. The most common answer people chooseis a, whether it is right or not. That is because they think the first answer looks okay, sothey stop reading. Don’t make the mistake of not reading all of the answers beforemaking a selection. Even if a looks like a really good answer, one of the other answersmay be better. When you read the other alternatives, you may think of something youhad missed at first.3. Use process of elimination. If you aren’t sure of the correct answer use process ofelimination. Eliminate answer choices that you know are definitely wrong. Then focus onselecting the best answer from the choices remaining.4. Do not read something into the question that is not there. On a situational question,assume that everything is normal unless the question tells you differently. Assume thatthe pavement is dry; visibility is good; your supervisor is competent; and citizens arebehaving normally. When something is amiss, the question will tell you. Stick to the factsof the questions.5. Answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing. Even if you don’t know thecorrect answer, you have one chance in four of choosing the right one. If you caneliminate one or two of the alternatives, your chances are even better.6. Fill out your answer sheet correctly. In marking the answer sheet, be sure to fill in theblank that corresponds to the answer you have chosen. If you skip a question, make sureyou skip to the right space on the answer sheet. If you mark the wrong answer and wantto change it, erase your first mark completely. Remember to only mark one answer foreach question.7. Ask your Test Proctor. A test proctor will be available during the exam to help you withthe testing procedures; however, he or she will not explain the meaning of any question,define words, or give information which may be of help in answering a question. If youhave any questions about the testing procedure, make sure to ask for assistance beforethe test begins.Test Your AssumptionsWhen taking your test, don’t compromise your chances of success by trying to follow test-takingtips you may find online. Many of these tips are just bad advice and could cost you points. Usethe following statements to test your assumptions.True or FalseCopyright Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. 2019

TrueFalse1. If you don’t know the answer to a test question, take a guess.True! Guessing is not penalized and you just might get it right.2. Choose the longest answer option.False! General pattern responses like this are a very poor way to approach a modern test.The length of the answer choices is not an indication of an incorrect or correct response.3. Choose the answer option that seems most logical to you.True! Rely on your knowledge of the assigned publications to think critically and logicallywhen answering a question.4. Choose the answer with a middle value when other options are higher or lower.False! This is another piece of bad advice you might come across somewhere. No suchpattern as this is present on Ergometrics’ tests.5. More often than not, the correct answer is B or C.False! Once again, poor advice. General pattern strategy is not a way to p