BLOOD VALLEYThe StoryINTRODUCTIONThis game is based on the Duelmaster fightingfantasy adventure books - BLOOD VALLEY.The scenario places you in the evil and sinisterValley of Gad; a harsh land Inhabited byVampires, Trolls, robbers. demons and worstof all, the tyrannous oppressor of the valleythe ARCHVEULT and his deadly henchmen.The game revolves around the annual contestheld in the valley - THE HUNT. This is theArchveult's favourite sport, whereby a slave isreleased and hunted down like an animal bythe evil ruler and his allies. If the slave iscaptured he faces a hideous death. His onlyhope of survival is to find an exit from theValley of Gad and escape to freedom .Blood Valley is a true two player game with asolo option. In the dual player scenario. oneplayer takes the role of the HUNTER - thebloodthirsty ARCHVEULT; the other plays therole of the QUARRY - the slave fleeing for hislife.THE CHARACTERSIn Blood Valley, the main characters are theHUNTER and the QUARRY.KRITOS BLOODHEARTA merciless warrior. Captain of the ArchveultsGuard.THE DEMIVEULTTHE PRIESTThe Archveult's grotesque reptilian son.Prior to the Hunt. the Archveult deploys eachof his Primary Allies at locations within theValley which he thinks the Quarry may attemptto make his escape. Each of the Primary Allieshave areas with which they patrol and arefamiliar.ToToToToKA-RllMTheTheTheTheCity of AskelonMonastery of EoVolcanoForest of the Living DeadKrltos BloodheartThe Barrow WealdThe JungleThe MoorlandWizard Callisto's TowerThe Wall at Gap TownKA-RllMA deadly assassin.defeat the Archveultdestroy Malefice. Prince of Vampiresdestroy the Undead Warrior. Lord Tobiasslay the DemiveultTHE BARBARIANTo defeat the Flame of AcheronTo slay Kritos BloodheartTo slay Ka-riimTHE THIEFTo defeat the ArchveultTo steal the Serpentine Cross from theMonasteryTo steal the Golden Idol of the Flame ofAcheronTo defeat the Flame of AcheronTo steal the Golden Crown from Lord Tobias.Guardian of the Barrow WealdThe DemlveultGAMEPLAY NOTESThe Mountain PassThe Icy WastesThe PlainsThe VolcanoTo give the Quarry a sporting chance. theArchveult can only place one of his PrimaryAllies in any one location.Load the game as detailed in the loadinginstructions for your particular computer.When the ONE PLA YER!rWO PLAYER screen isdisplayed use the SPACE BAR to alternatebetween Onerrwo Players and press RETURNto select your option (or where appropriatedefaults are set use the joystick).THE HUNTERThe ARCHVEULT is from the reptilian race ofFiredrakes, and for years he has tyrannized theValley of Gad with the assistance of his PrimaryAllies:-THE PRIESTTHE BARBARIANTHE THIEFTHE QUARRYAs the QUARRY. you may select to play the roleofone of the three following slaves; each onehas certain quests/objectives that they mustattempt to fulfil in addition to escaping fromthe Valley.ONE PLAYER GAMEMake the appropriate decisions in thepreference screen that follows (whereappropriate) i.e. JOYSTICK/KEYBOARD etc.You play the role of the QUARRY. Select thecharacter that you wish to play:THIEF - BARBARIAN - PRIESTThe lower section of the screen displays thequests that your character has to try to fulfil.In addition to this you must try to escape fromthe HUNTER . his allies. and the other hostileinhabitants of Gad and also. you must try tolocate one of the exits from the valley.As you travel around the valley there aremagical potions. treasure and food and otheritems to be collected. This is achieved byplacing the character over the object andpressing the joystick (or appropriate key) inthe DOWN direction. The object is then addedto your inventory.At certain points in the game you can invokethe role playing elements of Blood Valley.These can only be utilised when there are noother creatures visible in your current location.This is achieved by pressing the joystick (orappropriate key) in the UP direction. A list ofoptions available is then displayed ; theseoptions include :INV - InventoryUSE - Use an item that you are carrying.remember different objects are of differentuse in different locations.QUIT- return to playing the game.In addition to using magical potions etc .combinations of pressing the FIRE BUTTONand differentjoystick movements enables yourcharacter to perform different combatsequences, e.g. LUNGE FORWARD, SWEEPINGCHOP with a sword etc.At this point your attention should be broughtto the small scroll at the right hand side of

the screen. The sword icon represents yourpresent energy level, which, when diminishedmust be replenished by eating food otherwise you die. Also displayed on the scrollis a day/hour counter indicating the time youhave spent in the Valley, and also the distancethat you have travelled and the number ofdifferent parts of the Valley that you havepassed through.The bottom most section of this scroll is thepower indicator of the HUNTER.TWO PLAYER GAMEMake the appropriate decisions in thepreference screen that follows (whereappropriate) i.e. JOYSTICK/KEYBOARD etc.PLAYER ONEPlayer 1 plays the role of the HUNTER - theARCHVEULT - and as such, you are not involvedin a deployment sequence prior to the HUNT.(You should not allow your QUARRY to watchwhere you deploy your allies).The purpose of this section is to deploy yourprimary allies:KA-RllMKRITOS BLOODHEARTTHE DEMIVEULTat locations in the valley that you think yourQUARRY will pass through. The introductionexplains which area each creature can beassigned to patrol. The allies are positionedby selecting them one by one. positioning thecross-system over a suitable position on themap of the Valley (which is indicated by thecross-system changing colour at validlocations). At the suitable location, press theFIRE BUTTON or appropriate key to positionyour ally there.The primary allies play a very important rolein the Two Player game. As you will see, thescreen is divided into two main windows: theupper window displays the QUARRY and itscurrent location: the lower window displaysyour current position.If the QUARRY ventures into the vicinty of oneof your primary allies, that particular allyappears in the Quarry's window. At this point,your current position freezes and you taketelepathic control of your ally to do battle w iththe QUARRY in the upper window. Should theQUARRY defeat your ally, you once againcontrol your own reptilian form in the lowerw indow and continue your pursuit.At the extreme bottom of the smaller scroll,on the right hand side of the screen, there isa Day/Night indicator. As you are of the raceof FIREDRAKES your energy levels are fullyreplensihed every Z4 hours. Remember youonly have S days in which to catch and slay theQUARRY and time passes very quickly whenyou are enjoying yourself in the VALLEY OFGAD.PLAYER TWOPlayer Z takes the role of the QUARRY. Thisis the same gameplay as in the One Playergame - the only difference being theappearance of the display screen.HOW TO MOVECommodore 64/128Both players use joystick in the relevant port.AmstradOne PlayerUse joystick or keyboard (user defined keys)Two PlayersIf you have an adaptor to use two joysticksthen player two can also play using ajoystick,player Z must use keyboard .SpectrumOne PlayerSelect between Keyboard (user defined keys) ,Kempston or Sinclair joystick.Two PlayersIf player 1 has selected joystick then player Zmust use the keyboard unless you have aSpectrum z or dual port interface when twojoysticks can be used.Atari STOne PlayerUse joystick in port one.Two PlayersUse joystick in port 0 .OrKeyboardCursor Control - UPCursor Control - DOWNCursor Control - LEFTCursor Control - RIGHTRight Hand Shift - FIREAmigaOne PlayerUse joystick in port two.Two PlayersUse joystick in port 1.OrKeyboardCursor Control - UPCursor Control Cursor Control Cursor Control Right Hand ShiftDOWNLEFTRIGHT- FIREBLOOD VALLEYLOADINGINSTRUCTIONSSPECTRUM 48K:Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Start the tape.The program will load and run automatically.SPECTRUM 128Kl 2Use the TAPE LOADER as normal.SPECTRUM 3Use the DISK LOADER as normal.CBM 64/128KCASSETIE: Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keystogether. Start tape. The program will loadand run automatically.DISK: Insert disk into disk drive. Type LOAD" ",8, t and press RETURN . The program willload and run automatically.AM STRADCASSETIE: Insert cassette into cassette unit .Press CONTROL (CTRL) and the small ENTERkeys simultaneously. Press PLAY on thecassette unit and then any key. The programwill load and run automatically.Disk Users:Type RUN"BLOOD" and press RETURN. Theprogram will load and run automatically.ATARI ST & CBM AMIGAPlace disk in drive. The program will autobootand load on power-up.

DUEL MASTERBLOOD VALLEYThe StoryBefore you lies a complete fantasy adventurein which you will strive against your opponentas well as the creatures and strange charactersof the fantasy world of Orb. Tread carefully.In Blood Valley YOU are invited to take partin the annual hunt organised by the Firedrake,ruler of the Valley of Gad. Each year a slave isset free at an ancient circle of standing stonesand hunted down like an animal by the cruelFiredrake. The only chance of survival for theslave is to escape the valley. Will you chooseto be the Firedrake, hated by all his subjectsand desperate to avoid the humiliation ofdefeat? He will go to any lengths to preventthe slave from escaping from the valley. Or willyou choose to be the quarry - the liberatedslave who has been specially selected as a goodsport but who is armed only withresourcefulness and a strong will to live? TheHunter or The Quarry.THE VALLEY OF GADThe HunterYou have chosen to be the Archveult. lord ofthe Valley of Gad. As you sit in the topmostturret of your castle which has been your homefor three hundred years, you survey yourkingdom secure in the knowledge that yoursovereignty is unchallenged. You chose thisvalley carefully as a great ring of mountainsseparates it from the rest of Orb where otherpowerful men might have confronted you.When you began your reign of terror afterslaying the old king, your people renamed yourhome Castle Remorse. They fear and hate yourevil ways. Your appearance alone is enough toterrify even the stoutest of heart. You are aFiredrake. one of the elder races of Orb thatlive north and east of the Mountains of UndyingSolitude. But you are no ordinary Firedrake.You stand eight feet tall and your fierce headis topped by a bony spiked carapace like thatof an ancient giant reptile. Your eyes aresmouldering pits of fire. When you are angeredthey ignite. burning with a deep red flame thatalso bursts out over the blue scales of yourbody. You have large blue wings but unlike ourown son. the Demiveult, you cannot fly. Youare more powerful than he. however. for youare an Archveult, a rare thing even amongstthe powerful race of Firedrakes. The Firedrakesare a naturally cruel race but you have takentheir lust for cruelty to the greatest lengthsand are never happier than whendemonstrating your superiority over yourpathetic human subjects.THE HUNTIt is spring and the month of Weir has justbegun. At this time of year you indulge yourselfin your favourite pastime. the annual hunt.Each year a slave is set free from the standingstones near the castle and hunted down likean animal. If found, the slave is torn to piecesby your Hounds of Hell. giant dogs with flamingbreath which are from the nether planes andwere a gift from a Demonlord. If the slave canescape the valley. you will have been cheatedof your prey. But the slaves seldom escape.This year you have bidden Krites Bloodheartyour ally and only human friend to spare noeffort in acquiring strong slaves who will runfast and far. giving good sport. He has scouredthe slave pits of Upanishad for your prey andhas brought three slaves back to the valley.You will mercilessly hunt down one of these. slaves until at last. exhausted and broken he(or she) will beg you to put an end to hiswretched life. Turning from the window yousee Kritos giving the order to present theslaves.THE ARCHVEULT'SALLIESYou have three allies or henchmen: KritosBloodheart. the Captain of your guard. apleasantly evil and bloodthirsty warrior: Kariim, the Hashishin. your chief assassin; theDemiveult, a large winged reptile which somesay is a Firedrake in its larval form. whileothers believe it is a product of your geneticexperiments. He is actually your son but cannever become a fully-fledged Archveult due toa druid's curse.As soon as you start this game you will begiven the opportunity to place these threeallies in certain areas of the valley to wait inambush. should the quarry pass that way.You can communicate with your allies througha crystal ball, which enables them to tell youwhen they have found the quarry.THE VALLEY OF GADThe QuarryYou have chosen to be a prisoner owned bythe Archveult.You know almost nothing of the Valley of Gadsave that it is ruled by the Archveult and hasa city called Askelon. You know that it is ringedby mountains but that there is a way out ofthe valley at the western end. at the town ofGap. There are rumours of other less wellguarded ways out of the valley but you knownothing of them as yet.It is spring. The month ofWeir has just begun but ti. 1 you feel little joy for as aslave you have been takento a place that isinfamous throughoutOrb as a hell as bad as anyin the lower planes. Theman who led the caravanin which you were but apiece of helplessbaggage, a harsh warriornamed Kritos Bloodheart. revelled in tellingyou your coming fate. At this time of the yearthe ruler of the valley indulges himself in hisfavourite pastime, the annual hunt. One slaveis set free from the standing stones near thecastle and hunted down like an animal. Iffound, the slave is torn to pieces by theArchveult's Hounds of Hell, giant dogs withflaming breath, which came from the netherplanes, and were a gift from a Demonlord. Ifthe slave escapes the valley he will go free.But the slaves seldom escape.Bloodheart has scoured the slave pits of theUpanishad for slaves and has brought threeback