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Q U A L I T YPRODUCTSoffer thefollowingbenefits:1.Proven designmanufactured toyour requirements as toheat transfer and easyfit-up. Optimized forwater, oil, air, hydraulicand other fluids.2.Cooperativedesign with yourengineers results in aheat exchanger for yourexact heat transferrequirements.Connections and supportbrackets can be tailoredfor compact and simpleinstallation. This willreduce “plumbing” oninstallation to aminimum.P O L I C YThe SEN-DURE goal is to be recognized as the leader in the Heat Transfer industry andto be identified by our customers as the one that all others are measured against.To meet the goal SEN-DURE is fully committed to the continuous improvement of our products and services in accordance with ISO-9000 standards.SEN-DURE realizes that providing products ofconsistently high quality and reliability is thekey to success and it is essential thatmanagement/employee attitude andbehavior support this policy.SupplyingSmall and LargeCorporationsthroughout theWORLD3.Productioncapabilitiesrange from single unitsto OEM quantities.The excellent reputation Sen-Dure enjoys world-wide has been earned through 70 yearsof faithful service to its customers. Sen-Dure looks forward to continuing this servicewith experienced technical assistance and high quality SENsible and DURable products.

www.sen-dure.comHEADLINE HERE14INDIVIDUAL HEAT EXCHANGERSTypical Stock HeatExchangersRing Flange construction, available in 1, 2,3 and 4 pass tube arrangements. A varietyof fluid connections can be furnished.Brackets are rotatable to fit installationneeds.Stock heat exchangers are available in copper and bronze constructiondesignated by the “-5” number. The “-7” number applies to units made of copperand bronze with internal tubes and tube sheets made with 90/10 Cupro Nickel.Copper/BronzePart No.90/10 CuproNickel TubesSINGLE PASS ONLY2A-10"-52A-15"-52A-20"-52A-28"-5.90/10 CuproNickel TubesCopper/BronzePart No.1,2,3, 4 PASS, ETC.2A-10"-72A-15"-72A-20"-72A-28"-71, 2, 3, 4 PASS, /BronzePart R-26"-55R-33"-55R-40"-55R-50"-5.90/10 CuproNickel Tubes1,2,3, 4 PASS, 6R-24"-56R-36"-56R-48"-5.JABSCO:3/8" pump - 5 G.P.M. @ 1500 R.P.M.1/2" pump - 10 G.P.M. @ 1700 R.P.M.1" pump - 25 G.P.M. @ 1700 R.P.M.Other water fitting sizes on special order.5R-36-2P-5 D K1)Tube Side Ftg.2)Shell Side Ftg.3)Material4)No. of Passes5)Bundle Length6)Diameter of ShellHOSE CONNS. ON HEAT EXCHANGERSSHELL & TUBE SIDE(CODE LETTERS INDICATE SIZE OF CONN.)CODELETTERRSWABCDEFGNHPQOUOUTSIDE DIAMETERSIZE OF HOSE TJKLMYXZFEMALE N.P.T.THREAD SIZE1/2"3/4"1"1-1/4"1-1/2"2"2-1/2"3/8"3"Dimensions of “COMPACT” /8"4-1/8"4-1/8"4"4"5"5"6"6"3/8” N.P.T.3/8” N.P.T.1/2” N.P.T.1/2” N.P.T.1” N.P.T.1” R-24"-76R-36"-76R-48"-78R-24"-5 . . . . . . . . . 8R-24"-78R-36"-5 . . . . . . . . . 8R-36"-78R-48"-5 . . . . . . . . . 8R-48"-7V E R T I C A L C O M PA C T - 2 PA S SEXAMPLE OF PART NO. CALLOUT.N.P.T.N.P.T.N.P.T.N.P.T.INLET 1" HOSEOUTLET 1" N.P.T.H O R I Z O N TA L I N T E G R A L TA N K - 2 PA S S************* To be determined by customer.Important! It is a requirement that all heat exchangers, refrigerationcondensers and oil coolers be electrically bonded to the vessel’s bonding system.

www.sen-dure.com2FRESH WATER COOLING ACCESSORIESZINC PENCILSS U R G E TA N K SF O R E L C T R O LY S I S P R O T E C T I O NOrder Must Specify:1. Style “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”.2. Hose bib size or N.P.T. size of inlet and outletby utilizing style letter plus digit shown inillustrations.Part No.0046 – 3 qt. surge tank.Approx. size 4-1/8"diam. by 10" long, 7lb. pressure cap.Select style “A”, “B”,“C”, or “D”.0030 – 4 qt. surge tank.Approx. size 4-1/8"diam. by 15" long, 7lb. pressure cap.Select style “A”, “B”,“C”, or “D”.Part No.0292-1 .1/4"0292-2 .1/4"0288-2 .3/8"0288-4 /8"1/4"xxxxxx1-3/4" long3/4" long1" long1-1/2" long2" long2" longIN-LINE ZINC PENCILSPart No.5140 .3/4" Hose5141 .1" Hose5142 .1-1/4" Hose5143 .1-1/2" Hose5144 .1-3/4" Hose5146 .1/2" N.P.T.5147 .3/4" N.P.T.5148 .1" N.P.T.5149 .5/8" HoseSTRAINERSOutboard Strainers0031 – 5 qt. surge tank.Approx. size 5-1/8"diam. by 15" long, 7lb. pressure cap.Select style “A”, “B”,“C”, or “D”.0032 – 8 qt. surge tank.Approx. size 6-1/8"diam. by 15" long, 7lb. pressure cap.Select style “A”, “B”,“C”, or “D”.R E C O V E R Y TA N K – C O O L A N TBronzeAluminum0905 .For seacock inlets up to 1/2".5406Ideal for air conditioning, generators or head use.6-1/8" x 3-1/4"0290 .For seacock inlets up to 1-1/4".5405Overall size 9" x 4-3/8"0291 .For seacock inlets up to 1-1/2".5404Overall size 12-1/4" x 5-1/4"0910 .For seacock inlets up to 2-1/2".5403Overall size 15" x 5-7/8"8487 .For seacock inlets up to 4" (Removable Screen)Overall size 9" x 18"Cast Bronze In-Line StrainersSeacock up to 1" . 0029SSeacock up to 1-1/4".0029In-Line Strainer PartsPart No.1490Complete assemblyready for installation.Gasket for #0029 Strainer .0203Gasket for #0029S Strainer.0206Locking Cap Screw for #0029 Strainer .0208Locking Cap Screw for #0029S Strainer.0209Basket & Cap Assy Gasket for #0029 Strainer.0219Basket & Cap Assy Gasket for#0029S Strainer .0220to order call 954 . 973.1260

call 954.973.12603FRESH WATER COOLING KITS & ACCESSORIESUNIVERSALCHEVROLET305", 307", 327", 350" Chevy full system with Camelback or Center Riseexhaust manifolds.Inboard only. Pump not included.K9450Atomic Four 69" 30 HP .K1995BRACKETS & CLAMPSSteel Mounted for Oil coolers & ExchangersPart No.CHRYSLER0245-2 .for 2” diameter shell6673.2” heavy duty clamp0306-1 .for 3” diameter shell5278.for 4” diameter shell7407.for 5” diameter shell7408.for 6” diameter shell7328.angle base for 3”dia.7225.angle base for 4”dia.6680.angle base for 5”dia.6663.angle base for 6”dia.Chrysler Part No. .Chrysler 318" .2847886 .K3570A 2 pass heat exchanger, increasing efficiency, block only.Hose and fitting supplied.FORD302", 351" Ford full system with Camelback or Center Rise exhaustmanifolds. Inboard only. Pump not included. .K9449GASKETSFor Heat Exchanger End Covers & FlangesV O LV OMD 11C, 25 H.P. .K3009MD-11C .Diesel 25 HP .2768-1-5MD 17C.Diesel 36 HP .2769-1-5MD6A-6B-7A .Diesel 10 HP .K2158*#MD-2B .Diesel 25 HP .K2177*MD-3B .Diesel 36 HP .K2157*MD-1B .Diesel 10 HP .K2159*MD-2 .Diesel 25 HP .K2700 AQ 170.Gas .2404-1-5AQ200D/225D/255B .Gas V8.K2835†AQ 130/AQ115.Gas .K2946AQ200/225/260/290BB225/260 .Gas V8.K4108†AQ175A .Gas V6.K4109†AQ200/225/255/260/290 .Gas V8 with Top Mounted.Power Steering Pump .K4966†‡ Not Saildrive.* Engine must be equipped with hand cranking feature which is retainedwhen fresh water cooling is installed except on Kit No. K2158.*# To retain hand cranking feature, specify Kit No. K2158-9 for specialP.T.O. Indicates electric salt water pump furnished.† Indicates Half System.PartNo. Series0493.2” Rubber 1-7/8” O.D. .center hole0131.3” Cork 4-1/2” O.D.1 Pass – 8 hole flange0129.3” Cork 4-1/2” O.D.2 Pass – 8 hole flange0332.3” Rubber 2-3/4” O.D. .center hole0132.4” Cork 5-1/2” O.D.1 Pass – 8 hole flange0130.4” Cork 5-1/2” O.D.2 Pass – 8 hole flange0259.4” Rubber 3-3/4” O.D. .1 pass – center hole0138.4” Rubber 3-7/8” O.D. .2 pass – center hole0134.5” Cork 6-3/4” O.D. .2 Pass – 10 hole flange0135.5” Cork 6-3/4” O.D. .1 Pass – 10 hole flange0396.5” Rubber 4-3/4” O.D. .center hole0137.6” Cork 8” O.D. .1 Pass – 12 hole flange0136.6” Cork 8” O.D. .2 Pass – 12 hole flange5029.6” Rubber Gasket .5-3/4” O.D. – 1 pass5068.Gum Rubber WasherPRESSURE CAPSPart No.Part No.0078.7 lb.6582.15 lb.END COVER ASSEMBLIESRemovableYA N M A R D I E S E LK3030Model 2QM15.K2550Model 2QM20.K2553Model 3QM30.K2687 Model SB8 and SB12.K3545Model SB8 and SB12.K2688 Model YSB8 and YSM12 .K3546Model YSM8 and YSM12.K4443Model 1GM.K4621Model 2GM.K4622Model 3GM and 3HM.K4623Model 3QM. Indicates electric salt water pump furnished.5372.Assembly consists of: .2”5373 .Copper End Plate .3”5374 .Rubber Gasket.4”5375 .Gum Rubber Washer, Bolt.5”5376 .and Instructions .6”Dia.Dia.Dia.Dia.Dia.

www.sen-dure.com4COOLING FOR DIESEL ENGINES“Custom Engine and Gear Cooling Equipment”MARINE PROPULSION GENERATORS INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONSCOOLING FOR DETROIT DIESEL . # .ExchangerPort .3536-1-7Starboard .3537-1-7Port .2883-2-7Starboard .2923-2-7Port .3527-1-7Starboard .3526-1-7Port .3534-1-7Starboard .3537-1-7Port .3329-2-7Starboard .3411-2-78.2 .8923146 .3281-1-7.DX110304.4789-1-712V92TA .DX109775 .12V92TA12V92TA .23501253 .4804-1-7. .23501217 .9703-1-712V92TA .TANDEM .10056-1-716V92TA.10070-1-716V92TA.DD121765 .10076-1-78V92TA.10493-1-7671TA .10512-1-76V92TA.DD122321 .10563-1-712V92T .DD122331 .10569-1-716V92TA.DD122342 .10585-1-712V71TA.DD122395 .10624-1-716V92.23504999 .10656-1-7671TI .10765-1-76V92TA.10847-1-76V92TA.DD122859 .10855-1-76V92TA.DD122859 .10884-1-712V92TA .11008-1-712V92TA .11010-1-712V92TA .11012-1-716V-92.23504164 .12007-1-76V-53.23502659 .12010-1-716V92.23512102 .12011-1-78V-92. .TANDEM .12500-1-78V92 .TANDEM .12694-1-7.70627000 .12852-1-76V53TI .12915-1-76V71TA.12921-1-7.TANDEM .12930-1-7.HEX .12940-1-78V92 .TANDEM . 13077-1-7.23505716 .13105-1-7.23505711 .13106-1-7.8532343 .13346-1-7ExhaustManifold4-53N .4-53T.4-71N .4-71T.6-71N or T.{{{{{I N D U S T R I A L A P P L I C AT I O N SEngine .ExchangerEngine 2V-71TA16V-71N}}9438-1-79437-1-78V/12V NATURAL OR T.I. hWaterOutO.D. SEN-DURESize?* Part No.ADETROIT DIESEL REPLACEMENTBCEngine/RPM11434-123" 18"20"8V-71N/1800,8V-71N/23008V-71TI/2100, 12V-71N/180011435-129" TSPart No.11436-1* Specify hose bib size35" 30"34"12V-71TIBracket (exchanger mtg.) for 71 & 92 “V” series.Attaches directly to fan hub mtg. bracket .7538Bracket (exchanger mtg.) for 65V-53 & 53TAttaches directly to front of engine block.7526Holes drilled to individual unit specifications.

call 954.973.12605OIL COOLERSHYDRAULIC, TRANSMISSION and ENGINECLASS IHOW TO SELECT PART NUMBERS2 " OIL COOLERS3 " OIL COOLERSOil Fittings are standard 3/8" N.P.T.Step 1 –Step 2 –Step 3 –Oil Fittings are standard 1/2" N.P.T.Choose a number for the tube bundle length(5" lg, 6" lg, 9" lg, 12" lg).Choose a number for the end fitting and oilconnection sizes.Choose a number for the type of material(Copper, Cupro-Nickel).Step 1 –Step 2 –Step 3 –EXAMPLES1125 -1- 512 31132-151-7123EXAMPLES1 - Tube bundle, 5" long.2. - End fitting 3/4" dia. hose with 3/8"NPT oil connections.3. Copper Tubes1187-40-712-1209-700-53-1Tube bundle is 12" long.End fitting is 1-1/2" dia. hose with 1/2"NPT oil connections.Cupro-Nickel Tubes11255" LongTube Bundle11266" LongTube Bundle11299" LongTube Bundle113212" LongTube BundleStep 2EndOIL CONNS.FittingSize3/8 NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT3/4" Hose-1-11-1001" Hose-2-21-2001/2" NPT-3-31-3005/8" Hose-4-41-4003/4" NPT-5-51-5001" NPT-6-61-6001-1/4" NPT-7-71-7001-1/2" NPT-8-81-8001-1/8" Hose-10-101-10001-1/4" Hose-12-121-12001-3/8" Hose-14-141-14001-1/2" Hose-15-151-15001-5/8" Hose-16-161-1600Step 3Step 111876" LongTube Bundle1209-5-7CU CU/NI2 31 - Tube bundle, 6" long.2. - End fitting 1-1/2" dia. hose with 1/2"NPT oil connections.3. Cupro-Nickel TubesTube bundle is 9" long.End fitting is 1" NPT with 3/4"NPT oil connections.12 33 - Copper TubesADD A “Z” TO LAST NUMBER SPECIFYING ZINCADD A “Z” TO LAST NUMBER SPECIFYING ZINCStep 1Choose a number for the tube bundle length(6" lg, 9" lg, 12" lg).Choose a number for the end fitting and oilconnection sizes.Choose a number for the type of material(Copper, Cupro-Nickel).9" LongTube Bundle192812" LongTube Bundle12-Step 2Step 3EndOIL CONNS.FittingSize3/8 NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT1" Hose-1-10-1002" Hose-2-20-2001-3/8" Hose-3-30-3001-1/2" Hose-4-40-4001-1/4" Hose-5-50-5001-3/4" Hose-6-60-6001" NPT-7-70-7001-1/2" NPT-8-80-8002-1/4" Hose-85-8502" NPT-9-90-9002-1/2" Hose-95-9501-1/4" NPT-11-111-1000-5-7CU CU/NI2"/3" oil coolers overall length is determined by tube bundle and end caps.Pressure rated 150 PSIG oilside.CLASS IIHIGH PRESSURE COOLERSMade of 90/10 Cupro Nickel tubes, 375 PSIG oil side.3

www.sen-dure.com6DUAL and FUEL COOLERSSpecify partnumber forwater hose bibor N.P.T. size.2"DUAL OIL COOLERSTRANSMISSION/LUBE OILSUPER COOLERS FORFUEL, GEAR & LUBE OILThese shell and tube coolers maintain return fuel to a temperaturethat prevents loss of horsepower due to fuel temperature increase,provide adequate injector cooling and eliminate hot fuel storagetanks. 90/10 Cupro Nickel tubes.Oil Fittings are standard 3/8" N.P.T.Step 3 –(5" lg, 6" lg, 9" lg, 12" lg).Choose a number for the end fitting and oilconnection sizes.Choose a number for the type of material(Copper, Cupro-Nickel).5% HORSEPOWER LOSSStep 2 –EXAMPLES1225-1-5112-2 33-1229-800-71Step 112255" LongTube Bundle12266" LongTube Bundle12299" LongTube Bundle123223123-Tube bundle, 5" long.End fitting 1" NPT with 3/8" NPT oilconnections.Copper TubesRETURN FUEL OIL COOLERSFOR USE ON CUMMINS ENGINES KEEPS FUELTANKS COOLERFor use on Cummins 470, 504, 555, andothers. 1-1/4" water hose connections. 3/8"N.P.T. oil connections, 8" overall 90/10Cupro Nickel Tubes.Part No. 2751-1-7For use on Cummins 300, 370, 903 andothers. 1-1/4" water hose connections. 3/8"N.P.T. oil connections, 12" overall 90/10Cupro Nickel Tubes.Part No. 2752-1-721A “Rule-of-thumb” for estimatingthe effect of fuel temperature onengine power is as follows: Forevery 10 F rise in fuel inlettemperature above 90 F, you canexpect a power loss of up to 1%.Likewise, a power increase willoccur if the fuel temperature isreduced. The graph above showsthe power loss, in percent, as fuelinlet temperature increases.-5-7CU CU/NI12" LongTube Bundle390 100 110 120 130 140 FFUEL INLET TEMPERATURE TAKEN AT HEADStep 3EndOIL CONNS.FittingSize3/8 NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT1" NPT-1-10-1001" Hose-2-20-2001-1/8" Hose-3-30-3001-1/4" Hose-4-40-4001-3/8" Hose-5-50-5001-1/2" Hose-6-60-6001-5/8" Hose-7-70-7001-3/4" Hose-8-80-80040Tube bundle is 9" long.End fitting is 1-3/4" dia. hose with3/4" NPT oil connections.Cupro-Nickel TubesStep 2RECO BEYLI MM ONM E DIT NDS EDStep 1 – Choose a number for the tube bundle lengthFUEL COOLERS FOR USE ONDETROIT DIESEL ALLISON53, 71 & 92 SeriesThese special Super Return Fuel Coolers are designed to meet the specialhorsepower demands of these engines. They provide all of the cool fueladvantages required to obtain maximum horsepower available from thesehigh performance engines.D.D.A. Part No.Sen-Dure Part No.5136348 .For Direct Replacement Order.4898-1-7.For D.D.A.8.2 Engine.4469-1-7.4-71,6-71, 6V-71.and 6V-53.9005-1-7.8V-71, 6V-92.and 8V-92.9006-1-7.12V-71 and 12V-92 .9007-1-7For information on Return Fuel Oil Coolersfor all diesel engines and our newTandem Ultimate Return Fuel Oil Coolers,shown above, contactSen-Dure Products Inc.

call 954.973.12607REPLACEMENT HEAT EXCHANGERS and OIL COOLERSAMERICAN DIESELI . H . PA L M E R H e a t E x c h a n g e r sChris Craft No. .SEN-DURE NO.Chris Craft No. .SEN-DURE NO.11906-3-7.12386-1-7.12851-1-7.12841-1-7CHRIS CRAFT Heat Exchangers.Chris Craft Part No.SEN-DURE NO.283F & 327F .16.99-07698.1051-1-5427F .16.99-08003.1067-2-5431 C.I.D.16.99-07434.1099-2-5307-327-350 -350 K .16.99-08771.2196-4-5Chris Craft part numbers (prior to May 5, 1976) will start with “O” in place of “1”.CHRIS CRAFT Oil CoolersChris Craft No. .SEN-DURE NO.Chris Craft No. .SEN-DURE 1-5CHRYSLERChrysler 360".3675141.3394-1-5Engine block only .4142016.2165-5-7Chrysler CM-6-55 Diesel.Similar to 2165 .9621-1-5440.11607-1-5440 .3675677 -1-5*CRUSADER Heat ExchangersThermo-Electron.SEN-DURECrusader Part No. .REPL. NO.Thermo-Electron.SEN-DURECrusader Part No. .REPL. 05-1-5.10502-1-597930A -1-598236 .97886 .CALL97878 .98123 .}CRUSADER Oil CoolersCopper .90/10 TubesPart No.For Use On .Part No.1014-1-5.V8-549 .1014-1-71015-1-5.I.H. D-188.1015-1-71038-1-5.I.H. 240, 264 .1038-1-71041-1-5.I.H. D-301 Opp. Rotation .1041-1-71042-2-5.I.H. D-301 Std. Rotation.1042-2-71048-1-5.PBV-8, 155 HP.1048-1-71064-1-5.I.H. D-301 Slant Star’d Eng. .1064-1-71065-1-5.D-301 Slant Port Eng.1065-1-7V8-345-5 .I.H. V8-345.V8-3451240-1-5.I.H. 345, 392 .1240-1-71240-2-5.I.H. 345, 392 .1240-2-71240-3-5.I.H. 345, 392 .1240-3-71287-1-5.Albin Diesel .

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