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About Nexis Uni・Nexis Uni delivers unmatched depth and quality on content. With 15,000 news, legaland business sources, it helps students, professors and librarians find credible sources.・Offering the simple, intuitive research experience today’s students want on the devicethey prefer such as PC, mobile, and iPad・Option to create individual profiles so they can save searches to re-run in the future,create alerts on topics of interest to improve current awareness, etc.Worldwide print and online journals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires and blogs(256 countries/region, 3,000 newspaper, journal, newswire, TV/Radio transcript, web news)Company Profile (D&B Company Report , Hoover's Company Records, Japan Company Handbook)Industry Analyst Report (BMI Company Analysis Reports , Nikkei Business Trends)Country Report (Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports )Industry Report (MarketLine - Industry Report)Biographies (Marquis Who’s Who Biographies)Legal (Cases, Statutes and Legislation, Law Reviews & Journals)LexisNexis Confidential4

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Practice1:Search over all available contentSearch Term "Softbank Group“Utilise Narrow By Timeline Publication Type Subject Industry Geography Negative News Sources Language People6

Practice 2:Advanced searchSpecify Field and searchNews "Softbank Group”(Title) “Vision Fund”(All Fields) Date Range Language SourceCompany and Financial Company Profiles Analyst ReportsLegal Cases Legal News7

Practice 3:Other way of searchClick here to opendropdown pre-searchfilter menu Narrow by All Sources Discipline page Company Dossier Guided Search8

Practice 4:Boolean searchSearch query Example 1)Person/Company name w/10 (abus! or accus! or alleg! or arraign! or arrest! or assault!or attack! or bankrupt! or beat! or breach! or brib! or ( chapter pre/1 7 or 11 ) or charg! orconspir! or co-conspir! or convict! or corrupt! or court! or crime or criminal! or critici! ordeceiv! or decept! or defendant or defraud! or denied or deny or disciplin! or discrim! ordistort! or embattled or fraud! or guilt! or harass! or illegal! or incriminat! or indict! orinside! info! or insolv! or investigat! or judgement or judgment or launder! or liquidat! orlitigat! or manipul! or misappropriat! or misconduct or misdeme! or mismanag! ormisrepresent! or negligen! or offen! or probat! or prosecut! or racketeer! or revocation orrevoke* or risk! or sabotag! or sanction! or scam! or scandal! or separat! or steal! orstole* or sued or suing or suspen! or terroris! or theft or threat! or unlawful! or verdict orviolat! or violen!) Example 2)Title(Company name) AND Title(merge! or acqui! or buy! or sell! or bought or sold ortender! or offer! or consolidate! or secure! or raise! or partner! or collaborate! oragreement or invest! or joint! or venture or project! or exit! or form! or licen!)9

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Nov 25, 2020 · About Nexis Uni LexisNexis Confidential 4 ・Nexis Uni delivers unmatched depth and quality on content.With 15,000 news, legal and business sources, it helps s