Maximizing defibrillatorperformancePhilips HeartStart FR2-Series Defibrillator supplies and accessories

Carry casesThere are four carry cases available for the HeartStart FR2-Series Defibrillator:the Standard Carry Case, either semi-rigid Cordura or vinyl; the TemperatureControl Carry Case; and the hard-shell waterproof case.FR2-Series Carry CaseSemi-rigidItem # M3868AA red Cordura, semi-rigid carryingcase holds the device as well as its mainaccessories and supplies.VinylItem # M3869AAn easy-to-clean vinyl carrying case is alsoavailable.Both the Cordura and vinyl carrying casesare intended for use in environments wherethe defibrillator is protected from excessivemoisture and harsh treatment.Dimensions:9.5 (24 cm) w, 8.5 (21 cm) h, 4.8 (12 cm) dTemperature Control Carrying Case*Item # 989803133171With the Temperature Control Carry Caseyou can safely store your HeartStart FR2Series defibrillator in the trunk or storagecompartment of a vehicle during extremewinter and summer temperatures. It providesprotection from temperatures as low as –20 F(–29ºC) and as high as 140 F (60ºC), perfectfor utility trucks, police cruisers and othervehicles in which heating or air conditioningisn’t always available. The case’s thermostatregulated heater can be powered by a 12-voltvehicle battery. The built-in cut-off moduleturns off the heater before it depletes thebattery. And a thick foam insulation layer slowsthe heating effect of hot summer days.Dimensions:9.5 (24 cm) w, 8.5 (21 cm) h, 3.5 (9 cm) d* Not available in all regions.2Hard-Shell Carry CaseItem # YCOur waterproof carry case made of hardshell plastic is suited for more rigorous use,particularly in wet outdoor settings. It canalso accommodate a spare battery, sparepads cartridge, and the contents of the FastResponse Kit.Dimensions:13.5 (34 cm) w, 12 (30 cm) h, 6 (15 cm) d

Wall mounting solutionsPhilips Wall Mount Bracket and Defibrillator Cabinets let you strategically placedefibrillators for fast access and response.Wall Mount BracketItem # 989803170891The Wall Mount Bracket is designedspecifically for housing a Philips HeartStartdefibrillator and its accessories. Thedefibrillator’s carry case can be tethered tothe Wall Mount Bracket with a breakawaySecure-Pull Seal (M3859A) to discouragetampering. A broken seal indicates thatthe defibrillator has been removed fromthe Wall Mount and accessories may needto be replenished. The Fast ResponseKit (68-pchat) tucks neatly behind theDefibrillator Case.AED Awareness PlacardItem # 989803170901 (Red)Item # 989803170911 (Green)Raise AED awareness by putting an AEDAwareness Placard above every AED locatedin a public area. Easy-to-understand graphicsraise awareness of passers-by about howto use an AED in an emergency. Great foroffice settings, sports clubs, public facilities,school settings and more.Dimensions:10.25 (26 cm) w, 4.5 (11 cm) hAED Awareness Poster PackItem # 861476 Opt. ABA (English)Opt. ABE (Spanish)Opt. ABF (French)Place these posters away from the AED,in break areas, copy rooms or lockerrooms – anywhere that employees ormembers of the public can take a momentto raise their awareness about AEDs.Includes space for the AED coordinatorto write-in the location of the nearestAED. Pack of four posters.Dimensions:11 (28 cm) w, 17 (43 cm) hDimensions:10.5 (27 cm) w, 8 (20 cm) h, 6.9 (17 cm) dWeight: 18.4 ounces (0.52 kg)Secure-Pull SealItem # M3859AAED Wall SignItem # 989803170921 (Red)Item # 989803170931 (Green)An AED Wall Sign hanging above a Wall MountBracket or Defibrillator Cabinet gives evengreater visibility to the defibrillator. Can bemounted three different ways to maximizevisibility: T-mount, V-mount or Corner Mount.Face dimensions:9 (23 cm) h, 6.1 (15 cm) d3

To help mobilize an emergency medical response or deter AED theft, Philips offersthree different battery-operated, alarmed wall cabinets. The basic cabinet has a simpleaudible alarm. Also available are two premium cabinets: a wall surface mounted cabinetand a semi-recessed cabinet that is inserted into a wall cut-out for a less obtrusive look.*The premium cabinets feature combination audible and flashing light alarms. They aremade of sturdy heavy-gauge steel, and are large enough to accommodate additionalmedical supplies, such as oxygen. You can also connect the premium cabinets’ alarms toyour internal security system so that a more coordinated emergency response can bemobilized centrally.Basic Surface Mounted CabinetItem # 989803136531Premium Surface Mounted CabinetItem # PFE7024DPremium Semi-recessed CabinetItem # PFE7023DDimensions:16.5 (42 cm) w, 15 (38 cm) h, 6 (15 cm) dDimensions:16 (41 cm) w, 22.5 (57 cm) h, 6 (15 cm) dDimensions:Recessed Compartment14 (36 cm) w, 22 (56 cm) h, 6 (15 cm) dFootprint on wall16.5 (42 cm) w, 24.5 (62 cm) h, 2.5 (6 cm) d* The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that objects not protrude more than 4 into foot traffic areas of open aisles and walkways unless the object’s bottom edge isno higher than 27 from the ground.4

PadsHeartStart Adult AEDDefibrillator PadsItem # 989803158211/989803158221HeartStart Adult AED Defibrillator Pads(1-pack: 989803158211, 5-pack:989803158221), recommended for patients8 years and older, or above 55 pounds(25 kg), are optimized for use with PhilipsFR2-series defibrillators. Constructedof a thin flexible conductor sandwichedbetween a protective polymer backing anda hydro-gel adhesive, these pads withstandthe rigors of CPR and harsh conditions.Soft, flexible and oval-shaped, HeartStartAdult AED Pads conform to body contoursfor ample surface contact and adhesion.FR2-series Infant/Child ReducedEnergy Defibrillator PadsItem # M3870AHeartStart FR2 Infant/Child DefibrillatorPads (M3870A) are for treating infants andchildren under 8 years of age or 55 poundswith an FR2-series defibrillator.For smooth handoff to advanced life support(ALS) personnel, the pads connector iscompatible with the hands-free cable ofHeartStart manual defibrillators which haveadvanced capabilities. Once attached, thesemultifunction electrode pads can provideECG monitoring, external pacing, andsynchronized cardioversion, in addition todefibrillation.The pads’ design was carefully thought outto ensure that it is instantly obvious thatthese pads are for children and infants only.This helps ensure that the correct padsare chosen when you need to be preparedto treat both adults and children. Thepackaging, graphics, and pink teddy bearshaped connector clearly communicatepediatric use.These special infant/child pads containelectronics that attenuate, or reduce, theenergy of the defibrillator’s shock from 150to 50 Joules, a more appropriate dosageof SMART Biphasic therapy for infantsand small children.1 And the FR2-seriesdefibrillator can evaluate children’s heartrhythms with outstanding accuracy.21. Tang, et al. Pediatric Fixed Energy Biphasic Waveform DefibrillationUsing a Standard AED and Special Pediatric Electrodes. Supplementto Circulation, Vol 102, No 18, October 31, 2000, II-437.2. Cecchin, et al. Is Arrhythmia Detection by Automatic ExternalDefibrillator Accurate for Children? Sensitivity and Specificity ofan AED Algorithm in 696 Pediatric Arrhythmias. Circulation 2001;103:2483-2488, May 22, 2001.5

BatteriesFR2-Series Standard BatteryItem # M3863AFR2-series defibrillators come with adisposable lithium manganese dioxidebattery, which has a shelf life of five years,plus typical standby life of five years (fouryears minimum).* U.S. airline customersshould order the FAA-certified version ofthis battery (989803136291).FR2 Rechargeable BatteryItem # M3848AIn hospital and EMS environments, wherethe useful life of a defibrillator’s disposablebattery can be consumed in a relativelyshort period of time, the FR2 RechargeableBattery provides a cost-effective option forfrequent-use applications, such as back-toback sudden cardiac arrest responses andmonitoring patients during transport.This Lithium-Ion battery fully charges (usingthe Charger M3849A) in just three hours toprovide 100 shocks (typical) or five hours(typical) of ECG display time. The “fuel gauge”on the FR2 displays the battery’s remainingpower. Under normal conditions, the FR2 Rechargeable Battery withstands 300 charge/discharge cycles or 2.5 years of use. For usewith models marked with FR2 .* Use of the defibrillator, additional battery insertion tests, orexposure to temperature extremes may shorten the battery life.Additional accessoriesQuick Reference GuideItem # M3860-97800The Quick Reference Guide is a briefinstruction guide for defibrillator operators.Its short captions and straightforwarddrawings break down each step of thedefibrillation process.6Fast Response KitItem # 68-pchatThe Fast Response Kit contains toolsand supplies typically needed for patientcare and personal protection: two pairsof hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, a pocketbreathing mask, paramedic scissors, a chesthair razor, and a large extra-absorbent papertowel. These items are housed in a zipperedpouch which attaches securely to the handleof either the semi-rigid or vinyl carry case.Dimensions:9.5 (24 cm) w, 5.5 (14 cm) h

FR2-series cross-product compatibilityHeartStart Adult AED Defibrillator Pads may also be used with defibrillatorsfrom other manufacturers using Philips HeartStart Adapters. The adaptersallow ALS caregivers to connect the pads to their manual defibrillator.Adapters cannot be used with FR2-series Infant/Child Defibrillator Pads.Permanent configurationRemovable configurationAdapter Model 05-10200Fits Philips hands-free cables M3507A or M1750A/Bfor connection to Hewlett-Packard CodeMaster 100,XE, XL, and XL ; Philips Heartstream/HeartStart XLand XLT; HeartStart MRx and Laerdal HeartStart 4000defibrillator/monitors.Adapter Model 05-10000Removable adapter for Medtronic Physio-Control QuikCombo LifePak 9, 10C, 11, 12, 20, and 500 defibrillators.Adapter Model 05-10100Removable adapter for Zoll 1200, 1400, 1600 andM-Series defibrillators.7

Training solutionsTraining and Administration Packwith chargerItem # M3864A with M3855AWhen equipped with the rechargeabletraining and administration pack, the FR2series defibrillator acts as a trainer. Its shockdelivery capability is disabled while you trainwith nine realistic scenarios. And whenconnected to a simulator or a special trainingmanikin capable of producing an ECG rhythm,the FR2 , with training and administrationpack, will produce realistic responsesto various heart rhythms. In addition totraining, the pack allows you to reconfigurethe defibrillator’s behavior to your specificcardiac arrest protocol.*AED Trainer 2Item # M3752AFor training many responders simultaneously,HeartStart AED Trainer 2 is a more flexibleand economical solution. AED Trainer 2helps your responders learn to use FR2series defibrillators in simulated suddencardiac arrest episodes for an extremelyrealistic training experience. AED Trainer2 looks and behaves like the FR2-seriesdefibrillators, but cannot deliver an actualdefibrillation shock.HeartStart Training PadsItem # 07-10900It is pre-configured with 10 realistic trainingscenarios, developed in accordance withinternationally recognized emergencyresponder training programs. Voice promptsin various languages and additional customscenarios can be configured using theoptional programming kit (M3754A).Remote ControlItem # M3753A* Changes to default values should be done only by authorizedpersonnel under the oversight of a medical professional.8An optional remote control (M3753A) letsthe instructor adjust the Trainer’s volume,select a scenarios, pause and then resumethe scenario in progress to give instruction,and override the scenario to test howstudents respond to a variety of situationsthey may encounter.The AED Trainer 2 comes equipped withone set of adult-size reusable training pads(07-10900), a quick reference instructioncard, a user guide, and a carrying case.FR2 infant/Child Training PadsItem # M3871AProgramming KitItem # M3754A

AED Little Anne Training SystemItem # M3756A with M3755AAlso available is the all-in-one AED LittleAnne Training System, for added realism.In addition to the AED Trainer 2, quickreference card, user guide, and carryingcase, this total training solution also includesthe remote control, special training pads(M3755A) and a Laerdal AED Little Annetraining manikin. The Trainer, AED LittleAnne manikin, and special training pads worktogether to provide feedback on the qualityof pads placement.Instructor's Training ToolkitItem # 989803150291The training toolkit includes instructionalaids, a DVD and CD, for teaching groups ofpeople to operate the HeartStart FR2-seriesdefibrillator.9

Data managementPhilips provides a broad range of tools to help you efficiently and effectively download, transmit,share, analyze, and report resuscitation data, so you and your medical director can fine tune yourresponse to cardiac emergencies. Whether you manage a community public access program, aschool AED program, a corporate emergency response team, an EMS system, or your hospital’sresuscitation committee, the Event Review software suite has the tools you need to manage yourdefibrillator data.HeartStart Review ExpressOur simplest data management product fora quick look at defibrillator data, ReviewExpress lets you download an ECG from yourdefibrillator, view it and print it. The programcan be downloaded from the Philips datamanagement website at no If you need to store or augment cases withannotations, we suggest one of the othersoftware products in the Event Review family:Data Messenger, Event Review, or EventReview Pro.Data MessengerItem # PN 861451 Opt A01HeartStart Data Messenger helps youmove defibrillator cases to where theyneed to be. It’s ideal for fire departmentsand EMS organizations who want todownload defibrillator cases from theirAEDs and forward them on to a centraldata administrator or medical director forretrospective review on Event Review orEvent Review Pro. You can configure it tooperate automatically in the background.Alternatively, you can configure it to be aneasy-to-use wizard that guides you step bystep in downloading, viewing and forwardingcases. Runs on a PC.Event ReviewItem # M3834A (single PC)or 989803141811 (organization-wide)Event Review allows you to downloadpatient data from your defibrillator, andview it on your PC screen, annotateit with your comments, and add basicresponse and patient status information.You can save the case to a file or to a10database, allowing ad hoc case queriesand case reports. It is available with singlePC pricing or unlimited organization-widepricing.Event Review ProItem # 861431 Opt A01 (single PC)Opt A03 (site license)Event Review Pro is our comprehensivecase management tool for the mostdemanding data managers and medicaldirectors, with even more detailed dataentry screens to record every aspect of theresponse, including detailed response times,interventions, and patient observations.In addition to the individual case reports,you get Utstein reporting and graphicalsummaries of your system’s overall responsetimes to help you manage your service levelsmore efficiently.* Changes to default values should be done only by authorizedpersonnel under the oversight of a medical professional. Purchaseof this product requires a prescription.Data Card and TrayItem # M3854AThe data card holds approximately 8 hoursof incident and ECG information, or onehour with voice recording. One card canhold data from multiple cases. A flashdata card reader enables data transferfrom the card to a personal computerfor use with HeartStart Event Review datamanagement software.

FR2 ECG Assessment ModuleIdeal where manual defibrillators and monitors are impractical, the PhilipsFR2 ECG Assessment Module enables the professional responder to usethe HeartStart FR2 Defibrillator with ECG to assess the heart rhythms ofconscious and/or breathing patients who may be in cardiac distress. Withthis reusable unit, caregivers knowledgeable in ECG rhythms can use thedefibrillator’s display to view the Lead II ECG rhythm of a patient who maybe experiencing dizziness, chest discomfort, or becomes unconscious but isstill breathing.* If arrhythmias are observed or the patient’s status changes,the responder can proactively determine next steps. And if the patient goesinto cardiac arrest, the responder can react immediately by switching todefibrillation pads. The FR2 ECG Assessment Module, compatible with moststandard snap monitoring electrodes, including 989803137771, is available intwo configurations:Item # M3873AAAMI color convention with red, whiteand black leadwire connections.Item # M3874AIEC color convention with green, redand yellow leadwire connections.* FR2 ECG screen is not suitable for diagnostic and ST-segmentinterpretation.11

HeartStart AED Services*We provide management tools and resources tosupport the needs of your AED program. Whateveryour needs, we will work with you to find theservices that are right for your situation. We canhelp you seamlessly manage important componentsof your AED program, including: SMART Track online program management Medical direction Training Maintenance Regulatory support Post-event support Customer serviceWorld-class AEDsSMART TrackResponse PlanningResponder TrainingMedical DirectionCustomer ServicePost-event ServicePhilips can help you implement a successful AED* Where available.The HeartStart FR2 requires a prescription.program at a single site or at multiple sites globally.Please visit 2010 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.All rights are reserved.Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time without notice or obligationand will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of thispublication.Philips Healthcare is part of Royal Philips ilips.comfax: 31 40 27 64 887Printed in The Netherlands4522 962 61621 * APR 2010HeartStart Defibrillators 1 978 659 3332800 263 3342 (toll free, US only)

Combo LifePak 9, 10C, 11, 12, 20, and 500 defibrillators. Adapter Model 05-10100 Removable adapter for Zoll 1200, 1400, 1600 and M-Series defibrillators. FR2-series cross-product compatibility HeartStart Adult AED Defibrillator Pads may also be used with defibrillators from other manu