a digital cliff face,for screen onlyby andre bianic

PrefaceThese are transcriptions of notebooks from 2018 to 2020.Enjoy.-a digital cliff face,for screen only-

---Summer 2018---june 2ndcrypt key - windhampettibonfringe-headlights3d lensdent – bandfromberkley1363yo! send photos tothese people:- captain snapchat-cross rue de rivoli,take st denisright onrue de la reynieleft on ruequincampolx-catacombes-59 rivoli-petit ceinture-jim morrisons tombe

term3 – d22b lightroomgate 31a2015.12DUEXEPEES 17:45331abus 131ww405 – 570 – 781 couns124a74smc bts meeting,wednesday, aug 2nd2:30 pm -4:30 pmobtain a piercinggun-internships, findout about one,for units-internationalstudies11:15 – 12:35 ah3-a124hagendas – dulce et choc.whole milkorange juicejefferson1363 labrea --weed12 – 2:25 m, w art 120

6pm-9pm – tu, bus 133indeed.comphoto add code.109990597“some photographersnaively charge clients basedon the cost to them, ratherthan the value they’rebringing to their client”- craig mohrmonthly 2700/1600 x bus20, w 6:45 – 9:50 pmbus106line colorflorence venetianlogic emotionmasulinity femininityscience*(shooting starover disneydisney startsto meltslurpedup by a strawof aclown!!!who points

his fingersat you,and theyFLY!!!rightup your noselike a line!!!1015 – 12:20,psych 1,m, tw, thhss254bangkok westacross fromlibrarypico - westgatedouble bldgtexpolingfire hydrants and traffic conesmeter maidscity.jpgphoto books photographerspencil of nature – talbotcoburn – londonwilliam rider – rider – wwiharlem document – siskindatomized nagasaki – yamahatathe americans – robert frank

the sweetfly paper of life – decaravalife is good – and good for youin new york – kleinthe bike riders – lyontulsa – larry clarklooking at photographs – szarkowskiinterior america – chauncey harebeyond caring – paul grahamnicaragua – susan meiselasvietnam inc. – phillip jones griffith,no man’s land – lynne cohenkamel dridion the invention of photographicmeaning – allan sekularegarding the pain ofothers, sontaggarry winograndwilliam egglesteingraciela itrubidesebastiao salgadonaked city – weegeeparis de nuit – braissaiantlitz der zeit – august sanderadam clark vroman.changing new york – berenice abbottthe american west – avedon

crash coursesfall 2018photo 39photoshop w/ withersmonday 5:15 – 10:20pmlighting for people – withersphoto 31 monday – 2 – 5:05wednesday – 2 – 5expose during.backflip w/ camera,ft. photographic framesof it, from a 2ndphotographer(has a back-flip everbeen photographed?)

---Fall 2018-- Photoshop – Photo 39 5:15, bus 131, 5:15 – 10 josh makes videos, unless you dont watch them [arista lustre-]luswacomfreestyle pack85/11, pack(9/6)small pack of13/19un)super b.(sharp5-10 sheetsmask)josh shoots filmphotoshop for photographers2 weeks for aredouse email from sylabusphotoshop and lightroomcan talk to each otherunless you check[automatically write changes[into xmp[catalog settings]preferences – externaleditingcolor managementwe cannot achieve a

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password:ludr5*99[IDE] Requirednotepad br - linebreak – htmlkirghizieblack jacket –gift for mother –lint roller –potential shirts –socks * more sockstoothbrush 0white shortsleevebutton-up for work –more undershirts –vacuum brush buzzer-spinach-masala burger-orange juice?-snagawash-some kind of fruit-finaspecialty-chuckwine-currypasta-sweet chicken-bus 1bus 20, principles of marketin

w 6:45 – 9:50 pmmedia 1m 2:15 – 6:30 pmsend email to bolus?media I: september20th, 2018monday172:15cmd 203if someone’s in a hurry,always pay by check,photos to beconsumedthe russian lens predicamentm-39 - m-39 -- m42 --- canon t5 dlsr eapBUT!there exists two kinds ofm-39; leica and soviet rus[AND!]--------------------- there mustphoto:musee de ileyseesabine weisslaussannebe aperturecommunicationmatthieu gafson (onlygod canjudgebetween mountagnes geoffrayand body.canton of vaud?hajime soroyamame) - series

living w/ modernity? – ceesdie revolution,not eboom?die anfaenge es bild journalismusmasons?wiren, de reimssaints johnzerbbabel, hiramimhoteprumi?TIJ – ethiopian honey winedas kapital“aime cesaregramscy has a point?foucault –w.e du boissartresimone de beauvoirejudith butlerjudy b.people die faster now media lyftshare smc 18 fcmd[cmd shuttle]240Cwe had enough – mjmedia 10 – race gender882 – Eanthropology/sociology,

oxtailsjeffersonadams,internetmentcamp in lahorror movies sexualize/violenceamerica loves itrope – hitchcockradically divided, culturally unitedculture overlaidemmet til before rosacatalyst] media literacy-who created the message-what techniques-what lifestylesnarrow depictions in mediabreakfast at tiffanys –asian guy played by whiteguycritiquingfocal points of media-audience-production-contenttheorycultivation – consumptionand repetition

girbner-grace tvsocial learning theory-learned behaviourbell hookschapter 1minstrel shows were firstmainstream entertainment[kindly masters, happy slaves]VAMERICAN LIEMYTH OF SAMBOde sexualized mammymammy also discussesgender; a controllerof malesold stereotypes -- newpoliticssystematicevolution of workforce perpetuation of stereotypedistorted modes[escaping racial responsibility]ethel [threaded into culture] [psychological control][exclusion of reality!]al pachino – justicebowling forfor

columbinenetflix aialexander da corteinspector gadgetpre industrial divinity, modern “individuality” andself expressionC O N S U M P T I O N ess“form follows function”vvvProduct to be soldin the post e in)(diversifying and)(rational)(recycling)

dition)(paradox)twilightblackzonemirror“time space”“delight discomfort”all media communication PHONEbecause of theinternet!so,identify strategy-description characters and narrative-analysis isolate patterns,genre, spotlight, topics-interpretation -so what?context-evaluation-engagement-how to apply citizensand consumersproduction ofrefusal ofpeople’s ow”have no real meaningcultural ---------------- dailyexpressionlifedonate the carto kcrwdas bootlegbasques in bakersfield?pumpkincurry redsoup skeptical of art as an institution MAC –mark tansey scantron pencil for media class group chapter presentationsesame oil, ginger marinadeflour, in the pangroup 2 synopsis

chapter 16bon marche“harmonious” chinese statemedia 1] ai wei – no touching sunflower[sunflower dust – no souvenirs](it won’t be fine)nobeverly hills ai weilightbulbfelix gonzalez torreseat installationno one can touchthe sunflower seedstate 98 thousand poundsis [ 49 bag ]larger SPOUTS150made wei big 49 milmillionhandcraftedseeds collected life cycle over is fragile ancienttime form a technique line 2 black world box factory“not the end, the middle”human migrationwei’s floor plansmall symbolic windows

legos duchampgrasshorse-fuckmom.chineseshanghai shanhajingcharacterszodia raft refugees inzodiac boat, crossingthe riverdepartment storewindows, and retrospectiveunited talent agency,oct 4 caojeffrey deitch10 15 people assembledon site,sofalobby.dead tea weis fatherchairsadie smithsurah 4:27supervisor -- floor leadgrassmudhouseguests e[10 windows][wei mri][duchamp mythchineseleg memelego wouldnt

celebrationsell legosof theto ai weichinesestate.[community driven]litmusscriptguest bingoby judydoorlin – smclonmathteacherlodge 47dashiellname,hammettitlethe thindate, yearmanmaterial“the mute appeal of presences”camus[sopas][food on adams]bunny ext – int19mez 2 or 1relic post1post 2aries trajectory20

(wine doswissjapanese thought,chinese thoughtivan shoot-lamp[teeth[crowding]art center oct 10 6th o 18 870 sraymond ave [100a month][kusama novel][earlflynn]section 315 – equal coverage[centinella]bryon[4:15 group]allens[media economics](-13)[bell hooks]blackcandygirls 7typed outline of chapter,each subject within chapter

-bullet points of main ideas-summary-pictures[10/29 magazine] group name chapter title name name name name date thenpower pointoutlineonwith 3 numeralsgoogledriveintroductionbuttonwillow up the revenuedirect indirectproduct advertisementstructure performancetradition is exclusive /not inclusive/(modern

email wednesday for/art)prof class notes/ (notes)[11:17/18-8:15] mediapodcastcitizens[socially constructed][common sense]LEONARD’S BANANArepublicbrazilian wave,post nina, age ofnina, poom dynasty[cropped out, saved as png]ugo rondinonesend the 23.the refugees bringtheknowledge,deathquotes on the tritioussocietymedia citizens in aninformation economy

production is global scheme[1900-1950] [1950-200]factory officecentralized internationalizedserviceinformation mass target cultivated nicheregulationderegulation *1890 – sherman antitrust act*1914 – clayton anti trust act*1950 – the celleur-kefauver actgramsci; hegemony“deference to power”“engineering of consent”craft folk acrossfrom lacmatoning gottarellihauser wirthmoca[the manwho[would be king]pay to view -- actured

“common sense”[“narrative”]acceptance of dominantvalues by those subordinateto those holding power“by the people, for the people”malevich, modigliani,magritte, seuratedward bernayscitric acid / waterbleach / waterapple preservingmillardreflection paper2 pages – double spacewhat were yourimpressionsmedia 1 chapters 8 14with one page of note,editorial endorsementcitizen kaine[deep space] ariana huffington – 2004hitchcock[newscast] adrian piper at thehammer

hard news,(entertainments(sport(weather(two mediatheories,( everyone oncamera[shattered glass]movie,zine guidebrush layernationality is a westernconcept-joseph rothBUSuniquespreadspreadintro and 4th pagespread whateverthey wantbusphoneworkthree middlels,true true middlewho’se viewing leon arkthe middle of the

middle looks up fromthe phone and environment,2nd page – leonard in theoutside waxis mundigenius lociseville – 1000admunicipleegg merchantbowl of waterfresh mechanismeggs,week oldfloat water, lay flatsink downfresh eggson partyfigured stacknice and springledboxes, on thedime, to the eclaire,box work atcappelis,at the market, talkingto, the guy, pokethe fill outfor air

to lazyjoans on 3rdvarietyx 5plane mapor 3car – freeway, - mapbus – stree – smsstorefront – mannequins amazon *display – luxurios chase bankhouse – (property) emailcamera – photo ) – picture insta8socialsilhouette of windowmoney bankfuturepastdisplaybank* amazon before store, tom* isolated frameswith disorienting“where am i?”* window clues,perspective* onblack skewonlytheglassagainstblackformatx per

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*glasseffect* video spreadshape of window, include hud[telephone drama] soce layershift option command eclick-click-click-wayacross ---------- reduceobjectifobjectifadjective, narrativeapparitive super s communicationutilizedmesh file/ sociology 34[ahis](m) 1:15-2:20(w) -- business?(ur)marketing/t: 2pm-5selling?

media 10 – coleman? mg45-950sociology 01?women’s studies? film?art class? philosophy?2monday 2 wednesday?1afternoon? 1 night?[western art 1 t645-9:50]ged/natural science – anthro?social science – history? poliscilang/rat- bus x3 socioglobal citizenfallm – coleman 6:45-9t – photo40 – 2-5, photo42, 5:15 -8w – bus63 0 6:45 – 9bugfuckidolatrythe fighter- movie[paper for ahis]prompt onlineSUL

EIMAN\\(UZBEKISTAN))))))sanvitalemonastery propertyWESTWORKstove e:photo 42 and 34capture compositedigital34dayclasstechniques

weekendwrite arch paperfinish retouching for photosign up for summer/fall classesweekfinish reading forarch by monday1296, 1298, 1299. 1295 1966nyc 10days 300 sunday-wednesdayastro?summer botany media 10 polisci/ or hist hist 10? hist 14? polsci 1?// english 1envrn 14\\ bus 45-bus1 FALL acct61media10-colemanonlinem 6:45 – 9:50 163,4,5eng mw6-9egyptianAroman arch, pyramid?A/mass vs space Aorcommunicationstonehenge monolith)egypt monumentbus 63photo40and 42

arena? ritual?63 andspacemedia 10?summerfallactg1-1004 photo 40bng 1- 1296 media -4351 3295 bus63 – 4057 42 4398phot(cant be the loudestif ur the wrongest)-earl buddhism?arch paper(rome, communicator? ) arena-egypt, communicator ) ballcourt-greece, communicator) stonehenge-byzantine – communicator-prehistoric monolithic building--ritual-burial-prehistoric -- egyptian – romanlifestate-church – temple – cave? ---------communication of state ------------ arch roman--------------------------ishtar gate, - persia ---------------labyrinthziggurat – mesoamerica

pyramid?mesopotamiarome -- stonehenge – basilicagreekchurchadministratormalta, hagar qim sitepurgeindia, egypt, romerule by architecturewrelation to xyz?indian cosmos hierarchyegyptian afterliferoman programming,20/30/ toreligious imperative100mount meruanrealm of desirehourrealm of formrealm of formlessness hidden buddha manasara – silpasas trakhmer cambodiadivinely sanctioned monarchy1. grand waterwork2. ancestor temple3. pyramidial state templeangkorpaintπ

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---Winter 2018---when you’re strugglingyou’re prey7.75 – slaw5.75 – beer9.50(950)G.I. joe drop the copstrand me on an islandchained to my vicessinkin thru sandi am just a dronewho wants to pleasetheir parentsnot so popularnow, mistertrashcan man, now, huh?sic em boy.pop their bubble blowtheir high, i am just asick motherfucker, let me byremember buk, “dont try”chase celineguignol knockin on my door15 at a time, with my eye twitchdirty fink down the threatfruit fly twitchy nerve endings

transplanted maggot racoontreasure trove wall blendingsunanswer questions leave fructosebehind drop top forget about timemega funk from the zipperstay awayim a bad tippermonster mangaclaymoreu thuirsserve my tuna to vegetarians,little sad bad lip flippant w/ thegad glib, falls flat like asshaton the cow pat, leave it likethat, cast a dispondant glanceat, that, small talk for uselesswalk, shirk my anxiety sip onsoup, great gloop, fuck offina rubber boat, all thenervous /w a bag 2 tote,sink so much forget to floatremember my iron roperound the neck, keep thosefly fucking embers in checkscraping rocks off the wallwith my part-time check,every two weeks, trying

to smooth that bullshitover, into something marbletrees walking, intoenvironments of abandonedgalore, talk too much likea wobbly door, unhingedfor my nightly bingeburn the rubber inhale thesinge keep me at bay,fucking on the fringepeople have no faces,stare at the grounddrink my fill of hips and thighsno eye contact and i wonder whyfizzlesizzle walk by frictioninforms my go diescience fiction,write romance novels whenthey walk by, passing momentsrelationship thestuff of dreams, neveropen my mouth,just stand by wayside,glanceward reeking itsjust me, energy reachingwrap around tentaclespull it deep, down a slopetoo dark, too steepnever see her again,

among the herd of sheepeye fixed on spotstrying to slip in betweenwalls of a sentryshadow boxing concrete blocksfor speech free easy,tryna just connect,barf it out on their platehope they take it, myemotional ejaculateit seems likeno use no use for themmatch them leave,stay graceful, hold the peacehold that weight dont speakstop it before its out hold itdrown it motherfuckin kill itaborted persons in my mouthin my head, no grave, unmarkedmass burial, twitching corpses,build a hill from theirflesh, climb it home, keep itfresh, lock eyespass my time hangingw/ ghosts, count my finds makethe most, forget my friendsand pour a toast, breakdrumrunning on dark rum tumming,flip a fad into a couple bucks,

eat not much keep tummy tuckeddrink liquor, listen to blues,whiskey gin rum talkin out my headcant stand lyin woman, no monkey mankeep on doggin aintaint gonna treat youright, hey heyoh fuckjust to be ur regularid be your dog,ride me round townhita, hitta nicotine,till the day time,i die,i aint no strangeri,everybody has eyes[blind boy fuller]shepardingsheep intothe artstraighten spine neckget my lovin all the timejesus im a wreckfuckin help me gypsybessy doggone your

bad luck soulim finna besomebodys baby dollim gonna barf if imhere longer than ihave to bedrunk at work like aplant w/ out water,help me, help me fathereveryones a rectangleliving in the looney bin,glass mirror wallssmoke wallpaper peelinglock angle dead feelingmust look neck tautfault bearing clown fairingtrailing acrossgray seastrailing along thesea floor, beneathgray waves[wear mygrey/gray sea[wireswalk in lines,picking up bits as i gopages falling like leaves

*crak* static whip my responseright, copy receive nameposition intent to deceive,out here muggy face waste nospace talk all out my headwhat disgrace, shit face,,beautiful women viahorseback, flitting flancesah, guignol.woodcut babes of blockencut carved curves likesidewards glares glancingoff like rain on the tin roofpat pat rip rap onmy skull keep it droned.gasoline, baby by the bottles neckqueen of the cossackshateful sexroad sportknot tied tightnew pair of monochromesneakerhead toy culture(make your own soda)(im into this thing)hype beast --- craftystreetwear --- whitejeremy deller

happy fat people chucks in cars me creepy,hunchedfuckin fool,methamphetamines to antiochdisplayed map like drawingwhats your last namewhat you born with“your innocencesaves your hopes;i just throwthe dice”-mc ridesome civilians like spotted deerlike fish out the can,swell in my brinelets not pretend this is funi hate a joker butlove a laugh.pick it put it downsnap abreak a crownleafhearing whispers from flowerfairies fuck a flow copt onlow mumble slow aloneon a loan from bonetea sconed

oldies in my bonesmove me coolrigamaroleout on the dolepass it herelet it strollmiaow drowned world j.g ballard closet mice man locked doorinside nice manlanging loose guinol boolinpallin my balance aroundtown like a burial moundcoolin, get down, its alrightbelt on round tight, its acakewalk mama, strutit in the cut, peekinout from my fissure ledgeunder the rug,cherry chuckin me off thegorgesculptress scopin me offthe flag farm, fuck charmsleeping in your clotheswizzards in robes

palm tree witchy wavensickly sid quick–kickenrobber’s nest rodent ravensmuggler quest bob havensliq swakclean shavenfeel like pissin in the wellshouldn’t say nothin tillthey ask, look likefuckin is my only taskfill my only flaskkeep mouth away fromcrab at the bar,bottle-neck clawgrasp,sea-dive cucumberwonder what music shelistens tolike a breeze when boss is watchinproust – remembranceof thingspastblue fleshshorter answers, finer pointsdull edges for tender prodsbut flip cut instant leave em

slit“aint no sand in my pocket,know/no i cant be tied down”“runnin down thehighway ready to sew meup w/ a thread”with goodwill bag,hit the rite-aid storeno moon sky, 210 to hollywoodto tend to hollywood2 10 2 hollywoodpotential will i wouldjackie robinson, its the bus!on the bus, in the whaleclining on rib bonesround necktoaster-tinin the back of thebus where the seatshave vomit, like theback of the gullet-now soaked, mateysoussed, floored, against thewall, none of the crew in sight,abandon ship!!! lest be a buoysinking treasure naught divers suit,empty hand of drying grass,none paper, but the messenger

anenberg – contact highautry museum american westla brea tar pitssocial musuems.orgbop it on the three point perspectivehey, that move, djarrydemonicfind gravity cyber pinkgibson invented scifi?(coined?)william gibson,anhilationflexus and dada artagainst walls, keep ittogetherdeflecting glancing blowsexasperate through kitchenvent: ah.guignol, hardwoodfloor flickering light,hear people talk aboutme but why,jungle rum in bucketpersonality on tuckit,keep it out of the wayhow to survive social climateits a sims life baby,didnt ask to be born,

what do they go onabout, gave my giftdud library behind couchpen write hunchbackdead neck spent splicetramp man life likeyourshoes i rememberall my cousins worethose free pantsbun n greengot a tic, steam room and asauna, ‘that shit change yourmind?’ “we have shoecarnival”air it, no way im walkinthis damn store, what else.hes got a hot tub spa,fire place, love 5 below,few of those kind of stories,cool sketchbook bought formy laundromat, tonightssketchingexacto bladehello body,this is bullshit,being 26?truly nota cowboy

put back against wall, thinkabout your favorite tv shows,recal math theoremslearned in highschooling pasthere we are.years went on,phobias very rough,now abusing it, continueddespite no reason?do you have this subscription?so and so knowing,“just have to understand”“saturdays in july”nurse jackie is real,not enough researchi was sowhen i watch anythingon the wall man strappedmicroninktrippantstipsdontinstagram accountlookat meink inspiredpeople dont wantmy not nice things

rogue portbritchen sticheswickenbritched in stitchesmistressplay bridge w/fill inkitchesswitnesschizzbriggand mishespay ridge shy stillbeached on planksuper romanbeard oilcost more experiencei dont do this stuffinsular culture is my thingprominent zeitgeistfor decades,forming identities,bad acneorganic restaurantculture, this closedown the coffee routethings that you consumekind of like basic humanimpulse, this is who i amsquare squirrel,identity crisisi am food

drug problemsextremesraw veganbad fish mannot only humanedgywhat do i add to thecampfire?shicken fickness shicken ficknesswishful businesssielfen twitch kisswdrebound stick fistaemich mow is thispnfinch now flish issgtcountdown miss thisrisecond time hit listotduct tape type cystsuyswitch miss flick twist nverbal warning kick thisdwatch your tone hyssusno concept right next uptake the time shifterwhiskus plexityloud ground brevityheavily sound heavyheavenly

breatpump air into the saggingcorpse,staring w/ out lookingfrom across the roomdollhouse window watchinfrom inside,no joke furnituretourniquette laughterwhat are they bringing outstand tall jester boyadjust your woy,pirate brand mess talk it upwhose in bed, mockitupguignol pointtalkabout.they aint got itforget eye contactcity of courquartzbook – la historymike davis-southern california island on the landeditionsclarey mc williamsindigenous – spanishlargesthanging

early LApay moby – photo la--------architectureshimsham pinpointcool mobylast longer, drog tonkerwrong blonker stockflaunker make your monkjonker flonk flonkerpitch tose warmongerwrongeror conquerorflip tych writch wickstick flonger wrongerconqulelor onlycucumber numbersalone in the lotto roomspin the wheelsqueak on edgeno response, fill is deadstay inside in steadmix my drinkwhiskey headoogling ogregrinning ghoulslooks good from here, butit surely will only get worse

no longer shrugging whatkind of man i amdropping from the rockswith a bottle in handrolled raggamuffin cuffstonguein cheek boyscout toughguts rotting from the insidespoiled beforei even spilled them yeta cool calm and clean shaven boydoes not oogle the guestsnoncompute resolutewatchingaspects of myself wearugly on passing byssee myself dashedon the rocks, unknowinglydead, dead meat staggeringalong twitching for meaningcommunicate some thingson whats on the outsideof my vision, gust givingbreaks for freaks whodon’t grin back, bearmy mark break yourback see what i mean,try it out take aspin

weaving new fairytales fromspools of computer wiredigital guts seamsteredfor future dyspofamily quiltpass byunattendedgoneand lostyour head,jack youre deadgoin outta myhead, unfuckinfuckablecentury park east, corporate,the whole affair, fittedto the horizon, deadsetstory building passcadelimit of a lifetime dineand fine fructaise takeone take all its out in thepark, we got grass notfor steppin here a roarinjets above for crystalinetops here, hail the digitalflats silicone catsll saythe reclining meritlining their pockets

[fake one take all]clear as desert skygravity fails,keep in mycoaster its windy out fronti just want to know ifi can pass thru w/ allthat i own?aggrandizing on future plateausno one knows it, stook my claimecame shook my handbowed fist in twist in snookis flame beat the bushsane and tame flex up forthe stimulis, wish which onewill stick w/ usreaction vs. asthetic“swing in leg boatbooze, lazy syrupsimpin,banana boat pimpquiet kid kimp

running jumping bob dylanthumping hey kidfull tree no stumping,fulla dead, red liquidin my head, all loadedready to forget,man of notation,villainous rotation, explainmy greivous exploitationthink its time to act onconvictions, all mine arerotting, soft meat undermy heels sinking tonothing, no legs likesome fake cripple collectingbottles for mother,pushing my sad sack ahead ofme when i walk likei was something more,all the beautiful inacessiblepeople walking away,sad glances are all imgood forgrazing gazersgabled mangersdidnt they tell you notto talk to strangers?civil stagers quickbookpagers lookbookwagers

non-stick takersfishhook flakers\ humorous cowboy poems -skip the first one tells beb to read instruction aging kitty tips -----/sicks my record flip quickto switch in my felt wickgrip, squash em softlyand keep toepadsunder foot, whisking awayin my flayed skin,melting openlyM O N OLITHICprolifici need norweigian shaggrinning wig disasterpink wiggintoe nail clippingmr. play smoothw/ the cashiercash it baggitthinning hair masculinityno paper no plastic

hot glances, repairmanleaking out the knee fuckerif i read more about beingwill i be more huhwatch ads avoid eyesforget thingsdropped keysalcohol for quietweedslip into no timeforin summer rags,loudim a moose, what a drag.cultivated for harvest,stepping on flowers, sickly,velcro gaze stuck contactmessy runny fucky twitchodorous presence passing,poke my eyes outon these sharp cornersintrude on all calm watergulp it down like therewas none left,open heart surgery inthe room casualarchback sculpt cat bringthat right backsack mat squeak trackall black on black on blacksitting around in hard earnedfreetime, flipping hair

and waiting for things topop offdown on gpchickeninjealously unfuckable, forgetno sex, sucker,about itbacktrack back to motherdont scare the crowd,show sheep skin still,fleece of a differentflock. rolled ankles absorbshockforget all this awful mathalgebra to no wheremustard pizzataxidermysweating bag of flesh twitching offelectric impulse, covered in hairmonstersincorporatedmarch of the penguin-eaten by orcashowling like a houndfor haunchesa shaman responsible for the

mental and spiritual healthof the tribea sinking sailor of dry desertsands, vinegar wickergold change knot hands,peg leg wormwood toy foodpatch brigands, achejaw stacksand wet tooth grab bagstick-saw couth foolchick-run stack upbreak-drum smoke roomfort town me minebreak down shake downfree round red eye snaketownfuck free all downmove it, pig pound, cantcount, fall off bone slideoff plate, roll under table,demonstrate, deep breathbreathe straight, unstressand relatefall dead andburningreceding with timestone smooth by wind,its allleft behind over nowrun from wreckage

sidewalk hybridengine sneezei don’t talk rightwhen mothersgive you choices30fl oxz30 fluid ounces---Spring 2019--Part Iandre2/11/1939-photoshopready at 3new leave time 3:30photoshop-lightroomautomatically preferenceswrite changespsd,xmpadobe rgbbridge8bitcamera raw window – filmstriparista nic.comcopyrightchromaticaberationsensorsm -39eat-

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