ST. MARY MAGDALEN CHURCH7 Sharpley Road, Wilmington, DE 1980312PARISH CLERGYVery Rev. James T. Kirk, Jr. VFPastorDean of Brandywine Hundred DeaneryDirector of the Diocesan Office of WorshipDeacon Howard EckDeacon Justin PollioMASS SCHEDULESunday . 8:30 & 10:30amSaturday . 8:30am & 4:30pm Vigil MassTuesday . 8:30amWednesday . 8:30amThursday . 8:30am1st Friday. 8:30amPARISH STAFF(302) 652-6800Business & Finance Manager. Marc Minnick x113Communications Coordinator . Stephanie Casey x145Director of Music. David Ifkovits x125Director of Religious Education . Karen Yasik x136Executive Assistant .Ryan Ifkovits x114Maintenance & Facilities Manager . Harry Hurst x117Technology & Ministry. Melissa Pollio x139ST. MARY MAGDALEN SCHOOL(302) 656-2745, www.smmschoolde.comSchool PrincipalPatrick TiernanEstablished September 23, 1951WELCOMEA warm welcome is extended to all who come toSMM Parish. We encourage new parishioners toregister by visiting filling out the Parish Registration Form orby calling theparish office during office hours.OFFICE HOURSMonday 9AM - 3PMThursday 9AM - 3PMVoicemail left at 302-652-6800 checked Monday - Friday.SACRAMENTSBAPTISM: Call the parish office to scheduleCONFESSION: 1st Saturday after daily Mass at 9AMMARRIAGE: Call the parish office to arrangeAdditional information on sacraments & other rites (FirstReconciliation & Communion, Confirmation, Funerals,Holy Orders and RCIA) can be found on our website.FUNERAL MASSES: Funeral Masses and Memorial Massesare being offered following current ish

ST. MARY MAGDALEN PARISHCOVID-19 UPDATEThese guidelines will be enforced for thesafety of all those attending Mass.Guidelines to follow when attending Mass:Saturday, August 218:30 AMThomas Dudley4:30 PMThe People of St. Mary MagdalenSunday, August 228:30 AMElizabeth Rivers10:30 AMMichael MaloneTuesday, August 248:30 AMBrett ColdironWednesday, August 258:30 AMRobert CarderThursday, August 268:30 AMJohn KozakSaturday, August 288:30 AMKaren Hoppenjans4:30 PMKaren HoppenjansSunday, August 298:30 AMRichard & Patricia Mallon10:30 AMRobert QuinnTuesday, August 318:30 AMPearl FellinWednesday, September 18:30 AMRosemary VerkestThursday, September 28:30 AMJoseph Berger1st Friday, September 38:30 AMLouis Gula1st Saturday, September 4 Confessions after daily Mass8:30 AMFrederick Shamlian4:30 PMThe People of St. Mary MagdalenSunday, September 58:30 AMAileen Peer10:30 AMJames Frances McLaughlinEnter church through the front main doors. Allare encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering.If you are fully vaccinated, you do not have towear a mask in church. If you are not fullyvaccinated, we ask that you continue to wear amask in church. Fully vaccinated is defined as 2weeks after the second dose in a 2-dose series(Pfizer or Moderna) or 2 weeks after a single-dosevaccine (Johnson & Johnson).We ask that families maintain 3 feet of socialdistance between themselves and other families orindividuals.Communion has returned to the proper timewithin Mass. We will utilize 4 EucharisticMinisters (EM) at weekend Masses. Ushers willdismiss the 1st pew in the center aisle ONLY.Then as previously done, aisles that have an EMstationed in front of them can also go once thecenter aisle starts.Exit through any open door at the end of Mass.Congregating in groups before and after Mass isstill not advised.If you would feel more comfortable, we havedesignated a section of pews at Mass on the rightside of church, in front of the piano, that is stillroped off to ensure 3 feet of social distancing.You are welcome to sit there.READINGS FOR THIS WEEK - AUGUST 22, 2021Monday:Please RSVP as soon as possible aswe are trying to anticipate the numberof people attending the receptionfollowing Mass on :Sunday:1 Thes 1:1-5, 8b-10; Ps 149:1b-2, 3-4, 5-6a, 9b;Mt 23:13-22Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-11, 12-13, 17-18; Jn 1:45-511 Thes 2:9-13; Ps 139:7-8, 9-10, 11-12ab; Mt 23:27-321 Thes 3:7-13; Ps 90:3-5a, 12-13, 14, 17; Mt 24:42-511 Thes 4:1-8; Ps 97:1, 2b, 5-6, 10-12; Mt 25:1-131 Thes 4:9-11; Ps 98:1, 7-8, 9; Mt 25:14-30Dt 4:1-2, 6-8; Ps 15:2-3, 3-4, 4-5; Jas 1:17-18,21b-22, 27; Mk 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS:LET US PRAY FOR OUR MEN & WOMENSERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES.ESPECIALLY FOR:2LT Michael Aleixo (Army), CPT David PaulCline Jr. (Army), CPT Matthew Cline (Army),CPT Foster Day (Army), 2LT Patrick Devine(Army), Lt. Cmdr. Jason Erickson (US CoastGuard), Corporal Michael Gallo (Marines), 1LTMadelyne Guerra (Army Reserve), PFC KyleIsakoff (Marines), Sgt Meghan Miller, 1LTMichael Sanzone (Army), PFC Elena Shields(National Guard), 1LT Matthew Stone (USAF),Corporal Cody Turner (Marines), & SeamanMichael A. Zullo (Navy).Please continue to pray for all those who maybe hospitalized, sick, or recovering, especially:Marietta Abello, John Barlow Jr., Karen Batt, AlanBrown, Maureen Byrne, Christine Cavaliere, Ann Davis,Connor Davis, Tom DeLucia, Anne Marie Donovan,Thomasina Finnegan, Linda Finney, Noah Fogg, JosephGawinski, Michael Graham, Helen Hahn, Ed Hunt, Ellie& Levi Jernigan, Mary & Tom Kology, Greg Long,Adelene McDaniel, Peggy McGill, Nancy McGovern,Betty Jo McHenry, Gloria Meyers, Joanne Miller, EdMolnar, Flora Monck, Joe Moussalli, James Mulvena,Dolores Nowak, Marie O’Connor, Lena O’Toole,Annemarie Pavco, Hunter Pinki, Rochelle Ransom,Devon Reed, Debbie Rice, Brandon Shain, Ann Shields,Neil Segil, Beau Smith, Vincent Smith, Becky Yu,Dolores Welty, Leighton Wilson, Melissa Yeatman &Helen Zeroka.Contact the parish office if you would like to add aname or would like your name removed.2022 MASS INTENTION BOOKOPENS SEPTEMBER 9THOn Thursday, September 9th, after daily Mass wewill open the Mass Intention book for 2022. Youwill now have the option to set everything up foryour mass intention online! This new streamlinedsystem allows you to have all the information atyour fingertips and set up a Mass intention and cardat home without having to come into the office. Areceipt will be emailed to you confirming in detailyour Mass intention.You will still be able to comeinto the parish office to setup Mass cards if you prefer.More info about massintentions available online the parish office to add an Armed Forces member.SECOND COLLECTIONSAugust 22 & 29 – No Second CollectionOffertory is collected at Mass but can also be mailedto the parish office or submitted online COUNTERS UPDATEThis October we plan to bring back our offertorycounters on Monday mornings. If you are interestedin joining this team (previous helpers or new ones),please email [email protected] or callMarc Minnick at 652-6800 ext. 113.xImportant information to know beforerequesting intentions:Mass cards with a Mass intention will be availablefor a donation of 10 each.xThere will be a cap of 5 Mass intention requestsper family.xThere will be only 1 Mass intention said per Mass.xWe have 3 weekend Masses (4:30pm, 8:30am &10:30am), and one intention will always be for thePeople of SMM Parish, so there will only be 2weekend Mass intentions available.A warm welcome is extended to all who come to St. Mary Magdalen Parish.All new parishioners are invited to register by visiting fill out the Parish Registration form and email it to Ryan Ifkovits once completed or drop it off in the parishoffice. He will follow up with you once received to ensure we have all the necessary information to completeyour registration here at St. Mary Magdalen Parish. Again welcome!

THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF ST. MARY MAGDALEN PARISHThe celebration year will begin Sunday Sept. 26 th at our10:30am Mass. Bishop Koenig will be the main celebrantand homilist for our 70th Anniversary Mass.St. Mary Magdalen Parish was established on September 23, 1951.We will hold the 70th Anniversary Mass & celebration on Sunday,September 26th at the 10:30am Mass. Following Mass will be areception on the rectory lawn with food and beverages. We are takingreservations now for the reception to anticipate the # of peopleattending. We hope to see you there to celebrate 70 years! See theAnniversary Button on our website for more info and to submit yourRSVP today!We are asking parishioners to submit pictures, theolder the better, of SMM Parish for the 70thAnniversary. We are especially trying to get photosof the beginning days when Mass was either acrossthe street in the basement of the pharmacy or thebasement of the school. We have had very fewpicture submissions, please help us out if you can!If you havepictures,please scanthem & sendto StephanieCasey orstop into theparish officefor us toscan themfor you.On August 22ndwe celebrate amemorial in honorof the Queenship ofMary. This memorialis placed an octave,that is, eight daysafter celebratingMary's Assumptioninto Heaven.Father, You have given us the mother of Your Sonto be our Queen and Mother. With the support ofHer prayers, may we come to share the glory ofYour children in the kingdom of heaven.Dan & Mary Monagle will celebrate their60th Wedding Anniversary on August 26thDo you have a major wedding anniversary comingup? If you do, let us know advance & we willmake every effort to list it in our bulletin. Providenames, years married and anniversary date [email protected].

BECOME AN ALTAR SERVERAre you a young person interested inserving the parish as an altar server? Altarserving is a great way to enrich your faith& provide a service to the parish. Studentswho received their 1st Communion & are inthe 2nd grade are eligible to train as servers.We welcome servers with special needs and willwork within a child’s abilities to serve. Trainingsessions are conducted prior to a Saturday evening orSunday Mass. If your child is interested in becomingan altar server, email Deacon Justin Pollio [email protected] to schedule your trainingand complete the registration process.EXTRAORDINARYMINISTERS OF HOLYCOMMUNION (EMHC)Interested in being one of our EMHCin Mass or one of our EMHC for our homeboundand nursing homes? We are always in need EMHCfor our daily and weekend Masses at SMM. EMHCfor the homebound bring the comfort of Christ, inthe form of the Eucharist, to those parishioners whoare unable to come to church for Mass. Both aregroups of parishioners who are certified through aparish program so that they may distribute theEucharist to parishioners. If interested, email or [email protected] or 652-7141.INTERESTED IN BECOMING A LECTOR?Lectors are parishioners who proclaim thefirst & second readings at Mass. Have youever considered becoming one? We arealways looking for new lectors! If you have agood speaking voice & a desire to proclaimSacred Scripture, we encourage you to volunteer. Ifinterested, email [email protected] .W extend our deepest condolences to theWefamily and loved ones of parishioners:Joan McVey & Earl LawnEternal rest grant unto them and letperpetual light shine upon them. Maytheir souls and the souls of the faithfuldeparted rest in peace. AmenDIOCESAN SAFE ENVIRONMENTFOR THE SAKE OF GOD’SCHILDREN (FSGC) CLEARANCEAnyone volunteering in the coming schoolAyear for activities involving the youth of ouryeparish and/or school, you must complete a FSGCvolunteer application by completing a backgroundclearance report, watching videos & submit forms.Visit for moreinformation. To obtain your code to get startedtoday email [email protected] clearances are good for 5 years.WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTERLooking for an in-person or virtual experiencegetting closer to your spouse? We have adapted toseveral formats so that we can meet everyone’scomfort level! Learn tools to revitalize romance &deepen communication in your marriage! (also to register, please call Tony & Linda Massino at302-648-2228.REGISTERED FOR2021 PREP ONLINEYET? IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE:If you are in need of assistance call SMM’s St. Vincentde Paul Society (SVDP) at (302) 652-6800 ext. 170 tostart the interview process.JULY SVDP Statistics:Calls Received: 3, Helped: 2,Poor Boxes: 20, Candles - 101Looking for a service project for youand/or your family?Sign Up for to help make food forthe Emmanuel Dining Room!Volunteer to make pans of beans and hot dogs (&sandwiches too) at home & deliver them to the churchparking lot on the 3rd Tuesday of each month by9:30am. Visit to signup. Click on Patti’s name for her email.

Saint Mary Magdalen Adult ChoirWe are happy to announce that the AdultChoir of Saint Mary Magdalen will resumerehearsals on Thursday, August 26,2021 from 7:00-9:00 pm.Rehearsals will take place in the choir loft. We would like to invite new members who are fullyvaccinated from high school age to adult to join us. We have openings in all voice parts andcould especially use a few more men’s voices. It is NOT necessary for you to be anaccomplished singer, or even be able to read music. All that is needed is the desire to be partof a very special, unique and integral ministry of the parish. All skills and techniques neededare taught at rehearsals. If you have often though of joining this group, now is the time togive it a try. If you’ve always wanted to join but felt your voice was just average, just remember,there is safety in numbers and in the best choirs the majority of the members are averagesingers with a few soloists. If you feel that your schedule will not permit you to attend everyrehearsal or Sunday Liturgy, we are a flexible group and realize that people have lives. Wewill accommodate your schedule. If you are still not sure if this ministry is right for you, cometo a rehearsal and see for yourself. Bring a spouse, a friend, a son or daughter along forsupport. The choir sings at the 10:30 Sunday liturgy. Some of this year’s highlights willinclude singing for the liturgy celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of our parishon September 26th. Singing for Fr. Kirk’s 35th Anniversary of Ordination to the priesthood onSunday, November 14th. Both of these events will also include accompaniment by the CapitolBrass Quintet and the Wilmington String Ensemble. We are also happy to announce that inDecember we will resume our annual Candlelight Vespers where the choir is joined by theMastersingers of Archmere Academy and accompanied by full orchestra.For further information please feel free to speak with David Ifkovits,Director of Music after Mass in the choir loft or at 302-798-6632,extension 774, or email at [email protected], or ifyou know someone who is currently a member of the choir, pleasespeak to them they can also help you with any information that youmight need and answer any questions that you might have.BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS: Information for the bulletin must be in 10 days prior to the publication date.Email submissions to [email protected]

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Very Rev. James T. Kirk, Jr. VF Pastor Dean of Brandywine Hundred Deanery . (Army), PFC Elena Shields (National Guard), 1LT Matthew Stone (USAF), . the street in the basement of the pharmacy or the basement of the school. We have had very fe