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Hard wateris hard onyour homeWhen your home uses hard,unconditioned water,undesirable elements (calcium,magnesium, chlorine, iron andsediment) enter from wells ormunicipal water supplies. Theytake a toll on your plumbing,appliances, linens, glasswareand more. And that takes a tollon your wallet.The solution is an AvantaPure Professional Series WaterTreatment System by GE. Bysupplying conditioned waterthroughout your home, it letsyou enjoy the rich rewards ofquality water.Thetell-talesignsYou can taste, see and feel theevidence of unconditioned water inyour home: Scratchy towels Stiff bed linens and clothes Fabrics that break down prematurely Chlorine and iron tastes in tap water Soaps, shampoos and detergentsthat lather poorly and rinse slowly Cloudy, spotted glassware that eventhe best dishwasher can’t fix Mineral deposits on bathroom andkitchen plumbing fixtures Hard-to-remove stains in sinksand toiletsThehiddencostsIt’s the evidence you don’t see thatcosts the most. Unconditioned waterdegrades your home’s plumbing, androbs you in other, less obvious ways: Undesirable mineral build-up insidethe water heater shortens its lifeand decreases energy efficiency* Mineral build-up also negativelyaffects other water-using homeappliances* More money is spent on soaps,shampoos and cleaning products Extra time is spent cleaningbathroom and kitchen fixtures, tileand sinksSources: * Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) **Water Quality Association (WQA)

How the AvantaPure Water TreatmentSystem by GE treats your water Water Supply(Untreated)Water to House(Treated) ntreated water containing 1 Uimpurities passes througha bed of extremely smallresin beads. ndesirable minerals are 2 Udrawn to the resin beadsand attach to the surface.142UNDESIRABLE MINERALSTREATEDWATERRESINBEAD irtually all unwanted 3 Vminerals are removedwhen the water reachesthe bottom of the tank. 4 T reated water passes upthrough the riser tube andis distributed throughoutthe house.5UNTREATEDWATER3Chlorine reduction can be achieved withthis system – ask your dealer for details.The AvantaPureadvantage The AvantaPure Water Treatment Systemby GE saves money and conserves resourcesthrough its Upflow Proportional Regenerationprocess. This innovative treatment processonly regenerates the depleted portionof the resin bed, which makes this systemenvironmentally friendly. egenerant from the 5 Rstorage tank is used torecharge the resin beads.

The rewards of conditioned waterQuality conditioned waterenhances your home life in waysboth subtle and significant. Tap water tastes better Towels and sheets feel softer Glassware gets a renewedsparkle Tile shines, faucets gleam Soaps and shampoos havericher lather and rinsecompletely clean Detergents and cleaning agentsperform better Water-using appliances andthe water heater last longer*The reliable AvantaPure systemis designed to deliver thebenefits of comfortable,conditioned water for a longtime to come. Spend less on soaps, detergentsand cleaning supplies up toa 50% savings!** Showering leaves you with afresh, clean feel Machine washables rinsecleaner, feel softer and retaincolor longer Dishes can be rinsed withoutcostly drying agentsIt all comes from the AvantaPure Professional Series WaterTreatment System by GE. It'senvironmentally friendly,conserves energy and hasthe long-term reliabilityyou expect from GE.When it comes to making lifeeasier, saving money and feelingbetter in your own home, thechoice shouldn’t be hard at all.

Quality from a trusted nameAn AvantaPure Water Treatment System delivers the benefit of GE innovation and leadership inwater processing technology. The result is quality water throughout your home.AVANTAPURE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM BY GE NEVER FORGETSMemory back-up retains settingsduring power outages. EFFICIENCY EXPERTOnly regenerates when needed –saves time, energy and money. SMART THINKINGA full digital electronic controller isin command through all stages oftreatment, adjusting in responseto changes in water usage. ONLY THE FINESTComponents constructed of thevery best materials to withstandcorrosion and wear. EXTRA WATER ON DEMANDGot guests? Add extra capacityat the push of a button.FeatureAvantaPure advantage Upflow Proportional Regeneration process. Innovative treatmentprocess only regenerates the depleted portion of the resin bedEfficiency expert Upflow Proportional Regeneration is exceptionally efficient andenvironmentally friendly. Saves water, money and conserves resourcesSmart thinking A full digital electronic controller with large, multi-color display is incommand through all stages of treatment, adjusting in response tochanges in water usageOnly the finest Components constructed of the very best materials to withstandcorrosion and wearA sleek look A contemporary design places the system in a class of its ownThe AvantaPure Water Treatment System by GE is Tested andCertified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI Std. 44.The AvantaPure Water Treatment System by GE is Tested andCertified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI 61 Section 8Material Safety Only.AvantaPure withDownflowRegenerationAvantaPure withUpflow ProportionalRegeneration

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when the water reaches the bottom of the tank. 54 Treated water passes up through the riser tube and is distributed throughout the house. Regenerant from the storage tank is used to recharge the resin beads. The AvantaPure Water Treatment System by GE saves money and conserves resources through its Upflow Proportional Regeneration process.