North Campus5800 UvaldeAllied Health Bldg.,Room N-17.2112iHouston, Texas 77049281-998-6150 Ext. [email protected] Campus13735 Beamer Rd.Science/Allied Health Bldg.,Room S-1.251oHouston, Texas 77089281-484-1900 ext. [email protected] JACINTO COLLEGEVOCATIONAL NURSING PROGRAM INFORMATIONThe Vocational Nursing (VN) program at San Jacinto College is a one-year training program, leading to a Certificateof Technology in Vocational Nursing. The Vocational Nursing curriculum includes a combination of class lectures,nursing skills training, and clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings throughout the Houstonmetropolitan area. The program includes 560 Classroom and 864 laboratory/clinical hours.The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Board of Nursing (also referred to as “BON”)approves the Vocational Nursing program. Upon successful completion of the VN program, graduates may apply tothe Texas Board of Nursing to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to qualify as aLicensed Vocational Nurse. You may contact the BON at their website or you can call them at(512) 305-7400.ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTSThe following information assists you in completing the steps to apply for admission to SJC & the VocationalNursing Program. It is your responsibility to make sure that the steps are followed accordingly and that theEnrollment Services and Nursing office receives the appropriate paperwork.San Jacinto College RequirementsSubmit a completed San Jacinto College application to the Enrollment Services Office.This can be done online at or All prospective students must be accepted foradmission to San Jacinto College before they are eligible to apply for the Vocational Nursing Program.Note: Admission to San Jacinto College does not guarantee admission to the Vocational NursingProgram.Submit official transcripts to the Enrollment Services office. High School students must show High School graduation or successful completion of all sectionsof the GED. A copy of the high school transcript or equivalent is required by the VN department asa BON requirement.College Transcripts students must submit all previous and current official college transcripts to boththe Nursing Office and Registrar & Records Management and have them evaluated. Official transcriptsneed to be no more than 60 days old from date it was printed.Foreign Transcripts Students that have attended school outside the US must submit an evaluation oftheir High School and/or College instruction from their home land. The evaluation must be evaluatedby a San Jacinto College District approved evaluation site. You may obtain a list of approved evaluationsites from the Enrollment Services office.Attend the mandatory San Jacinto College new student orientation.First Time College Students only: Refer to college website for more information.Revised 2/1/19

Vocational Nursing Program RequirementsPursuant to the Texas Administrative Code Rule 213.27: Good professional character is the integrated pattern ofpersonal, academic and occupational behaviors which, in the judgment of the Board, indicates that an individual isable to consistently conform his or her conduct to the requirements of the Nursing Practice Act.” Students andprospective students must be able to demonstrate good professional characteristics to be eligible for entry andlicensure with the Texas BON.**Note: Effective January 1, 1996, a person who has been convicted of a felony may be disqualified from obtaininglicensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. If you have any questions regarding past incidents, please call the TexasBoard of Nursing at (512) 305-7400. Since August 2004, a criminal background check and/or drug screen has beenconducted by a designated investigative agency at the expense of the student. Effective January 2008 thisbackground check must be completed before registering for classes and only those applicants with a clearbackground will be eligible to register.Pre-requisites:BIOL 2301/2101 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I. Must be taken within 5 years and earned a “C” orBetter.Contact an Advisor in the Career and Professional Planning CenterAll applicants must speak to an Advisor regarding any admission/placement testing that may be needed. Ifyou have already completed your college placement test you may have an Advisor review your test scoresin order to verify skill levels. Once verified your Advisor will issue you a skill level verification form to besubmitted with your application packet.Skill levels must be a minimum of “7” in reading, “8” in math and “7” in writing. Remediation isrecommended for any area, (reading, writing and math), if skill levels are below required levels. You maycontact an Advisor for details in the Counseling Center on each prospective campus.Must have minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25, on all college course work.GPA will be validated with a college transcript during the application process. Applicants are required tosubmit official transcripts during the application process. Official copies must also be sent to the Registrar& Records Management Office. Students submitting transcripts from other colleges/universities will needto request a transcript evaluation from enrollment services.Transfer Courses and Course SubstitutionsThe Vocational Program does not accept transfer credits from other nursing programs, with theexception of the pre-requisite, BIOL 2301/2101 - Anatomy and Physiology I. For courses takenoutside of San Jacinto, please submit the transcript and syllabus for substitute consideration.Proof of Healthcare InsuranceAll students who are applying into the nursing program must submit a copy of the front/back ofinsurance card.HESI A2 ExamApplicants are required to take the HESI A2 entrance exam. It is recommended that you use your SanJacinto email account, if available. Content tested: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary &General Knowledge and Math; critical thinking may also be administered but will not be considered withthe composite score. The cost is 48(price subject to change). Testing fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Youmay only take the HESI once per application period. Previous HESI exams within three years will beaccepted from other campuses/testing facilities. You must score 70% or higher in each of the testedsections to be eligible for admission. Critical thinking has no minimum score. Study resources are on thelast page of this packet. The HESI exam will not be given for use outside of San Jacinto College.Revised 2/1/19

Background InformationApplicants must have a clear criminal background to be eligible for licensure with the Texas BON.Applicants with a criminal background must resolve the issue with the Texas BON by submitting a Petitionfor Declaratory Order prior to enrollment. This process may take up to 1-year to complete so applicantswith criminal backgrounds are encouraged to start the process early. Additional information may be foundat Applicants will not be admitted without clearance from the Texas BON.Application PeriodThe fillable application will be posted online at .Applications will be accepted in the Nursing office at the prospective campus of your choice. Dates andtimes for application submission will be listed on our website at If you cannotmake it during the days/times listed then please email [email protected](south campus) [email protected] (north campus) to schedule an appointment. Please allow 48 hours advancenotice when emailing to confirm scheduling an appointment. All required documents MUST be submittedas a complete packet to the VN program office in the application period specified.You must submit copies – the VN department will not make copies for you.INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.Selection ProcessYou must meet eligibility requirements; complete all appropriate paperwork and testing in order to beconsidered.Offer of Admission to the program is based on highest ranking applicants per scoring rubric and clinical siteavailability.Applicants who are not selected for admission will be notified, via email and must reapply for considerationin subsequent terms. Students who are accepted, but fail to enroll into the program must also re-apply.Requirements upon AcceptanceAcceptanceApplicants will be notified, via email, of acceptance into the program. Applicants offered acceptance mustcomplete the following, prior to being cleared for enrollment: Attend the mandatory Vocational Nursing Student Orientation: Dates provided in AcceptanceLetter. Submit proof of completed immunization status to program and/or CastleBranch (See list below). CPR - Submit completion of American Heart Association BLS (Health Care Provider) toCastleBranch. BON clearance –Original Blue Card or Outcome Letter (along with a copy of same for our records)must be submitted to Vocational Nursing Office at orientation.Physical ExaminationApplicants must pass a physical examination. The BON must be notified regarding certain mental healthand drug/alcohol dependency. Please review the BON website for further information.Pass Drug ScreenApplicants must pass a drug screen prior to enrollment; applicants may be required to use a third-partyvendor established by the program to schedule the drug screen.Revised 2/1/19

Immunization TrackerSan Jacinto College has partnered with CastleBranch to complete the drug screens, track immunizations,and secondary background check.Applicants who are offered admission into the program will be responsible to submit immunizations toCastleBranch prior to orientation.Accepted students will be given information regarding CastleBranch at orientation.ImmunizationsAll immunizations must not expire during the program. (Applicants are required to submit copies ofimmunization with application packet.) Tetanus/Diphtheria /Pertussis (Tdap) [within the past 8 years] TB (PPD) skin test, Chest X-ray, or Quantiferon test [within the past year] Seasonal flu vaccine (within the last year). Flu mist is not accepted.Titers that show immunity for the following: MMR titer VARICELLA titer (No history of disease will be accepted.) HEPATITIS B titer (A “fast track” series will not be accepted.) HEPATITIS C Titer (this titer should be negative)CPR Certification(Health Care Provider) BLS through American Heart Association or call 1-800-242-8721The requirements for the LVN application period are subject to change each semester; please makesure that you have the most current information packet for the semester you want to apply.Revised 2/1/19

San Jacinto College Vocational Nursing CurriculumLevel ll Certificate of Technology45 Credit HoursRubric/CoursesBIOL 2301/2101Rubric/CoursesBIOL 2302/2101VNSG 1327VNSG 1423VNSG 2431VNSG 1260Rubric/CoursesVNSG 1509VNSG 1261VNSG 1331Rubric/CoursesVNSG 1301VNSG 1330VNSG 1334VNSG 2161VNSG 1119Rubric/CoursesVNSG 1226VNSG 1162Pre-RequisitesTitleContact HoursAnatomy and Physiology I96First Semester (Fall/Spring)TitleContact HoursAnatomy & Physiology II96Essentials of Med Admin64Basic Nursing Skills112Advanced Nursing Skills128Clinical I128Semester Totals528Second Semester (Spring /Summer)TitleContact HoursNursing Health/Illness II128Clinical II: Med-Surg128Pharmacology64Semester Totals320Third Semester (Summer / Fall)TitleContact HoursMental Health/Illness48Maternal-Neonatal Nursing48Pediatrics48Clinical IV- Maternal-Child96NursingLeadership and Professional32DevelopmentSemester Totals272*Rotating Courses (Fall/Spring)TitleContact HoursGerontology32Clinical III96Semester Totals128Curriculum Totals1344*Rotating CoursesVNSG 1226 and VNSG 1162 will rotate between the second and third semesters.Revised 1111Credits21345

***Program Progression** The pre-requisite for enrolling in the second and third semesters is successful completion of eachpreceding semester with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.Program Hours: 864 Clinical Hours and 480 Theory Hours for a total of 1344 Program Hours.Revised 2/1/19

CERTIFICATE OF TECHNOLOGY45 TOTAL CREDIT HOURSThe following figures are ESTIMATES and subject to change .Entrance FeesDrug screen, immunization trackerHESI A2 TestingBON Background CheckMiscellaneous Fees (immunizations and physical exam may vary)First SemesterTuitionLiability InsuranceLab FeesMisc. FeesTextbooksUniformsSuppliesNurse PackSemester TotalsSecond SemesterTuitionLiability InsuranceLab FeesMisc. FeesTextbooksSupplies, MiscellaneousSemester TotalsThird SemesterTuitionTextbooksLiability InsuranceLab FeesSupplies, MiscellaneousNCLEX FeesBON FeesGraduation Pin, SuppliesSemester TotalsRevised 2/1/19 100.00 48.00 50.00In-District 1300.00 7.00 116.00 237.00 970.00 400.00 100.00 150.00Out of District 2335.00 7.00 116.00 237.00 970.00 400.00 100.00 150.00 3280.00 4315.00In-District 750.00 14.00 60.00 200.00 475.00 100.00Out of District 1290.00 14.00 60.00 200.00 475.00 100.00 1599.00 2139.00In-District 650.00 290.00 21.00 43.00 100.00 200.00 125.00 70.00Out of District 1,148.00 290.00 21.00 45.00 100.00 200.00 125.00 70.00 1,499.00 1,949.00

ResourcesHESI Study Materials:Books:Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4th EditionHESIPassing your admission assessment exam is the first step on the journey to becoming a successful healthprofessional — make sure you’re prepared with Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3rd Edition fromthe testing experts at HESI! It offers complete content review and nearly 400 practice questions on thetopics typically found on admission exams, including math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar,biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics. Plus, it helps you identify areas of weakness soyou can focus your study time.HESI A2 Secrets: Study Guide [Book]By Media Mometrix - McGraw-Hill - 2017 - Paperback - 179 pages - ISBN 1609710142HESI A2 Secrets helps you ace the Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment Exam, withoutweeks and months of endless studying. Our comprehensive HESI A2 Secrets study guide is written by ourexam experts, who painstakingly researched every topic and concept that you . more » 39 online (price subject to m/studentlife/hesi.htmlAHA CPR ion info.skillsRevised 2/1/19

The Vocational Nursing (VN) program at San Jacinto College is a one-year training program, leading to a Certificate of Technology in Vocational Nursing. The Vocational Nursing curriculum includes a combination of class lectures, nursing skills training, and clinical experience in a