Introduction to Data VisualizationAlark Joshi

Introduction Ph.D. in Computer Science with an emphasis onData Visualization - University of Maryland Postdoctoral Fellow - Yale University Conduct research on developing effectivevisualizations– Neurosurgical applications– Atmospheric Physics– Computational Fluid Dynamics

Why are we here?Large Hadron Collider - European Organization for Nuclear ResearchImage Credits: NYTimes, Infosthetics, FlowingData

Why are we here? Baby Name Wizard– Origin of Species – Edits– Netflix Queues– gion/20100110-netflix-map.html?ref nyregion Unemployment Visualization (NYTimes)– ness/economy/unemployment-lines.html

Goals Understand what makes a visualization effectivethrough the study of core principles Critically evaluate a visual representation of databy looking at various examples in media(newspapers, television and so on) Gain hands-on experience with visualization tools(Tableau, Many Eyes, Prefuse, Parallel Sets) Incorporate visualization principles to build aninteractive visualization of your own data

Data Scientist Professionals responsible for filtering out thenoise and analyzing essential information Integral part of competitive intelligence, a newlyemerging field that encompasses data analysis tohelp businesses gain a competitive edge A shortfall of about 140,000 to 190,000individuals with analytical expertise is projectedby 2018 shows average data scientistsalaries ranging from 60,000 to 115,000Slide credits: Data Scientist: The Hottest Job You Haven't Heard Of – AOL Jobs

What is Data Visualization? Visual Representation of Data For exploration, discovery, insight, . Interactive component provides more insight ascompared to a static imageImage credits: Yahoo Finance, IBM

In-class Reading Seven things you need to know about DataVisualization (5 mins) What did you find out that you about datavisualization did not know?

Types of Data Visualization Scientific Visualization –– Structural Data – Seismic, Medical, . Information Visualization– No inherent structure – News, stock market, topgrossing movies, facebook connections Visual Analytics– Use visualization to understand and synthesizelarge amounts of multimodal data – audio, video,text, images, networks of people .

Scientific Visualization

Information Visualization

Visual Analytics Integration of interactive visualization withanalysis techniques to answer a growing range ofquestions in science, business, and analysis. Making sense of multimodal data -audio clips,video, photographs, transcripts,

Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth

Visualization of Napoleon’s Army

Impact of Visualization Huge impact on policy, planning and disasteravoidance. Florence Nightingale’s visualization of casualtiesduring the Crimean War

Impact of Visualization Hurricane Visualization for the common rredName GustavImage Credits: Stamen Design

Impact of Visualization John Snow’s Cholera Map Snow used a spot map to illustrate how cases ofcholera clustered around the pump

Truth about Crime - BBC

Ushahidi “testimony” in Swahili Developed to map user reported violence in Kenyaafter the post-election fallout at the beginning of2008 Adapted and used by– and–

Good data representation principles Breakout into groups of two and identify five gooddata visualization principles– 5 minutes

List of principles Integrate and distill the principles “Everything should be made as simple as possible,but not simpler.” Albert Einstein

Contact Information Email: [email protected] Office location: MEC 302A Weekly office hours: Tue/Thu 2:30-3:30pm or byappointment

Resources Research Papers Websites/Blogs Relevant book chapters that will be provided wellin advance

Course Details Weekly Reading Response (blog posts) - 10%Two In-class paper presentations -10%Assignments - 30%Final Project - 50%–––––Client interview Project Proposal – 10%Annotated bibliography – 5%Alpha release – 5%Beta release – 5%Final Project Presentation, Report (8-pages), SourceCode and Client Testimonial – 25%

Assignments Use of tools such as IBM Many Eyes and TableauSoftware to visualize interesting patterns in data Familiarize yourself with the Visualization Toolkitand its inherent features/techniques Use the Processing programming language toimplement a visualization technique

Activities for next class Create a blog ( or any hosting serviceof your choice that allows comments) and email methe link Create an account on IBM Many Eyes Look through some of the popular media(websites/newspapers etc.) and post an image of agood and a bad visualization on your blog beforenext class Watch Hans Rosling’s TED talk and post yourreaction on your blog by next week

Next class Design Principles Graphical Integrity Graph IQ Test – Bring your laptops

Reading for next week Links to papers will be regularly posted on theclass website1. How not to lie with visualization, B. Rogowitz, L.Treinish and S. Bryson, 1996.2. 14 Ways to Say Nothing with ScientificVisualization by A. Globus and E. Raible.

Types of Data Visualization Scientific Visualization – –Structural Data – Seismic, Medical, . Information Visualization –No inherent structure – News, stock market, top grossing movies, facebook connections Visual Analytics –Use visualization to understand and synthesize large am